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12:22 asciilifeform welcome violadivias
12:23 asciilifeform violadivias: you were asking re cr50 ?
12:24 asciilifeform violadivias: this is where i left off, re subj.
12:24 snsabot (trilema) 2018-06-25 asciilifeform: (1) (2) (3) (4)
12:26 asciilifeform violadivias: not long after, i found that one of the vendor updates does allow user to re-enable the use of the thing as spi debugger (gotta unplug & then replug the battery inside, then through the serial cable can enable debug.) but this was only 1 of my 2 objectives -- wanted to get 100% control over the cr50 fw, to snip out the google master key bullshit. but never found suitable hole.
12:26 asciilifeform project's been on ice since then.
12:26 asciilifeform i don't need a box w/ masterkeyed fritzchip for anything.
12:28 feedbot << Thimbron -- Costa Rica Servers
12:37 violadivias asciilifeform: thank you. greetings. yes this is what i was curious about. Im researching the second incarnation of this chip which they call titan m. trying to figure out if or how the suzyqable can speak to the chip on a pixel 3a phone or whether ill need other equipment.
12:37 violadivias thanks for the information
12:38 asciilifeform violadivias: i do not know whether that cable works w/ all of their irons, but suspect that yes
12:38 asciilifeform iirc they sell 'official' one now.
12:38 violadivias ive actually ordered the official one from sparkfun
12:39 violadivias although ive heard different stories as to what can be done with them
12:39 asciilifeform mine took a few min to make.
12:39 violadivias do you know anything about this setup?
12:39 asciilifeform ( at that time, they did not sell the cable )
12:40 violadivias i cant find any official documentation
12:40 asciilifeform violadivias: that one looks to be ~same as mine
12:40 asciilifeform verisimilitude: this was how i deduced the pinout .
12:41 violadivias i was about to ask :)
12:41 asciilifeform it wasn't, at the time, in google's docs, but the usb org's had the pictured table.
12:42 asciilifeform as can be seen in linked piece, i made it from a standard 'usb-c breakout' and 2 trimpots.
12:43 violadivias cool i must admit this is new territory for me
12:43 asciilifeform on the other end, you get a usb plug, and when you plug it into a linux box, you get a buncha tty's
12:43 asciilifeform one of'em goes to the cpu debug, another -- bios console, another -- ec (kbd controller) console, yet another -- cr50 .
12:44 asciilifeform when i first built the cable, i had no idea that cr50 existed
12:44 asciilifeform it wasn't in any of the avail. docs.
12:44 violadivias interesting
12:45 asciilifeform violadivias: see also this thread
12:46 asciilifeform ( where some fella claiming to be 'google employee' openly lied to me re cr50 , 'nobody has the master key' etc )
12:46 violadivias hehe
12:47 violadivias what do you make of this
12:48 asciilifeform violadivias: the src is public btw
12:49 violadivias thank you
12:49 violadivias
12:51 asciilifeform violadivias: the 'attack resistance' in the linked piece is an artful distraction/disinfo. cr50 is there specifically to prevent the owner of the machine from getting 100% control over it.
12:51 asciilifeform and with the master key, can rewrite the (standard cpu's) bios, without needing to overwrite the cr50 one
12:52 asciilifeform granted, this requires physically handling the box. but not, for instance, switching it on. can be done via e.g. diddled usb power brick.
12:53 asciilifeform ( the machine charges through the usb-c port, so you cannot simply cement it shut )
12:53 violadivias
12:54 asciilifeform imho the motivations behind cr50 are quite apparent, and fully covered in my piece on subj.
12:55 asciilifeform violadivias: i can entirely believe that some or all of the user-side 'crypto api' functionality of the thing is buggy. however, i don't much care, given as my interest in the item was 100% focused on defusing the boobytrap , and the lock preventing ~that~ , i was unable to find any exploitable bug for.
12:56 violadivias well ive got a mission and ill share what i learn because im standing on your shoulders at this point
12:56 violadivias cheers
12:56 asciilifeform that doesn't mean there isn't one (in a given fw ver; they update'em regularly, and the thing prevents you from downgrading, you're stuck with whichever one you bought, + whatever subseq. upgrades )
12:56 asciilifeform violadivias: plz do post if you find.
12:57 violadivias cool sounds good
~ 5 hours 12 minutes ~
18:09 jurov !!deed
18:09 jurov not here lol
18:18 asciilifeform jurov: #trinque oughta work
18:26 shinohai s/Qntra closed/Qntra exit-scammed/
18:27 asciilifeform shinohai: you had shares ?
18:29 asciilifeform shinohai: come to think of it, iirc they were only worth (in theory) >0 because BingoBoingo had a buy order in there for'em. prolly you oughta have tried asking BingoBoingo whether he'll honour it
18:32 asciilifeform shinohai: aside from that, i'ma repeat what i said in '13 re subj. if you 'own' an 'asset' that consists of some fella saying 'x is worth y', and then all of a sudden he doesn't...
18:33 shinohai had shares, more or less shaking head because outcome was more or less what I predicted.
18:34 asciilifeform shinohai: so wait, yer head-shaking is from BingoBoingo giving up qntra, rather than mp's 'shares now 0, haha' ?
18:36 shinohai It was a lesson learned for sure, and made 'ol shinohai rethink WOT activities. Can't buy *that* with coin.
18:36 trinque jurov: it actually just pooted out the confirmation in #trinque
18:36 asciilifeform trinque: btw imho 'accepted: 1' aint a very informative output..
18:37 trinque this is the very first thing I ever built for once-tmsr you realize?
18:37 asciilifeform right. and it worx.
18:37 trinque but yes, whole thing is overdue a refactor, but that's pretty far down the list
18:38 shinohai "Thank you kind Sir. I have inserted your deed into my robotic butthole and it will be recorded in the next BTC block as per your request."
18:38 asciilifeform shinohai: imho would be better to have link to the input text, lol
18:40 trinque too bad, shinohai beat you to the punch. in it goes!
18:40 trinque :D
18:40 shinohai hue
18:44 shinohai <<< this got lost when I was writing reply, but no, I'm shaking head *exactly* because of mp's 'shares now 0, haha'
18:44 snsabot Logged on 2020-05-05 18:34:20 asciilifeform: shinohai: so wait, yer head-shaking is from BingoBoingo giving up qntra, rather than mp's 'shares now 0, haha' ?
18:44 shinohai BingoBoingo's original promise 2nd to that.
18:45 asciilifeform shinohai: didja ever ask him whether he'll pony up the bitcent or whatever it'd have added up to ?
18:46 shinohai I don't think I've even calculated the total.
18:46 asciilifeform lol, asciilifeform always 1st adds up total before grudging!11
18:47 shinohai Item was declared worthless, so why would I bother considering trilema history in that regard?
18:48 asciilifeform shinohai: my observation was mainly that if it 'was worth' to begin with strictly because the bearded fella thus proclaimed, then had problem to start with
18:49 shinohai On further thought, I came to same conclusion after foolishly accepting shares
18:50 asciilifeform shinohai: for me that moment was when mpex subscription started to cost like boeing
18:50 BingoBoingo shinohai: I'll go through the last statements, and send. I misplaced your paste, so please let me know where to
18:53 * asciilifeform did not have very many imaginary qntra shares, will not bother trying to invoice BingoBoingo . but appreciates that he upheld.
18:53 asciilifeform i doubt it'd exceed the tx fee .
18:58 thimbronion Anyone think something like mpex will exist again?
18:58 asciilifeform thimbronion: depends what means 'like mpex' neh
18:59 asciilifeform thimbronion: in principle mpex 'still exists', you can go an' give mp 100btc and carry on to buy some smg...
18:59 thimbronion Yes well it exists in the same sense gurls exist in USA
19:00 asciilifeform thimbronion: in what sense then 'existed' but no longer ? i doubt pyramids have gone extinct, you can prolly find one to dump coin into if you insist , somewhere
19:02 asciilifeform mp's had the advantage of being truthfully labeled, arguably. like e.g. 'mmm' in ru.
19:03 asciilifeform thimbronion: whereas if you were speaking of 'invest coin in worthwhile efforts' -- there's 0 to keep you from doing it , it dun need mpex or anyffin of the kind
19:04 shinohai <<< yes, scams will exist again.
19:05 thimbronion Mpex is physically there yes, but ded.
19:06 thimbronion Why pay 100btc for access to a market with no buyers or sellers?
19:06 asciilifeform why pay 100btc for access to market, period.
19:06 thimbronion So will something like mpex circa 2012 ever exist again, with actual market.
19:07 thimbronion Afaics mpex died when the satoshi dice guy got cleaned out.
19:08 * shinohai just noticed he was in simultaneous conversation abt old women posting on xhamster and posted wrong link ....
19:08 shinohai (. | .) #titsforevah
19:08 asciilifeform lol shinohai i was looking at that an' trying to puzzle out how it related..
19:09 thimbronion lol
19:09 asciilifeform thimbronion: after demise of dice, it still had another 'dice', 'bitbet'
19:09 asciilifeform thimbronion: another story with 'interesting' ending.
19:10 thimbronion Did bitbet predate Voorhees getting taken to court?
19:10 shinohai asciilifeform: you can fap to it, I won't judge. ^.^
19:11 asciilifeform lol
19:11 BingoBoingo jurov, not especially urgent.
19:11 thimbronion shinohai please accidentally paste links only to hot chix thx!
19:11 asciilifeform thimbronion: bbet was a later and unrelated item. ( and iirc vorhees of sdice was tried for some later and unconnected (w/ sdice) scam of his own)
19:12 shinohai thimbronion: are you aware of my past in "republic"? I had linx galore.
19:13 shinohai Check out #6 in that link btw, I've never seen an ass that far down on a slut before.
19:13 thimbronion shinohai: I don't recall many pix in #trilema other than mp's rando links some kid who got whores to write addrs on their boobs.
19:13 asciilifeform thimbronion: at one time there was a bot that spat out random pr0n linx.
19:14 shinohai I have two of said addrs on boobie girls at my side as we speak.
19:19 thimbronion There's something there: key bitcoin concepts illustrated with porn.
19:22 trinque shinohai: pics of addr tats or gtfo! :D
19:22 asciilifeform thimbronion: world of '09-~'14 bitcoinism was a very... interesting (entomologically speaking) place.
19:23 shinohai lol trinque you saw 'em in trilema!
19:23 trinque haaaa oh those boobs.
19:23 trinque k say what you will about tmsr; the boobening was epic
19:23 shinohai Not the transexual hooker I hired to infiltrate #trilema, the other girls
19:23 asciilifeform for some reason the only 1 of those pics i still remember was the revolting faux trans-whatever critter
19:23 trinque on that subj, asciilifeform plenty of markets have barriers to entry to keep them worth being in.
19:24 trinque but sure, once there's no market, and still barrier, not much left to talk about
19:24 asciilifeform trinque: in principle yes. but i expect the folx who belong participating in such, 'already know who they are'
19:25 asciilifeform i dun expect there are many traders at e.g. nasdaq who saved pennies to buy the membership.
19:25 trinque certainly
19:26 shinohai lol it's still there #27
19:27 trinque history's immortal eh
19:27 asciilifeform trinque: the 'two-thirds of its revenue is from membership sales' bothered me exactly as much when it was 30 btc which in turn was 630 $ as since.
19:28 asciilifeform if mp had been using that 30btc to e.g. build p2p net over oceanic buoys, rather than pyramidism, i'dve bought
19:29 trinque the thing about being rich is you don't have to give a fuck what someone else would've done with your money, definitionally.
19:29 asciilifeform surely
19:31 asciilifeform i simply dislike pyramids. this more or less kept me away from entire subj of btc for yrs.
19:31 asciilifeform didn't give half a fuck how rich (or 'rich' etc) pyramids made whoever.
19:32 asciilifeform sergey mavrodi of 'mmm' was at 1 pt richest man in orcistan. and even sat in parliament. still died broke and folx came to shit on his grave.
19:33 trinque eh bringing in pyramids as some kind of negative symbol doesn't make much sense.
19:34 trinque their function in the ancient world as wonders displaying the power of egypt wasn't pointless at all.
19:34 asciilifeform subj, for the unaware.
19:34 asciilifeform trinque: i've nuffin against the original egyptian kind, lol
19:35 trinque oh derp
19:35 asciilifeform was speaking of the other one.
19:36 asciilifeform ( tho if speaking of the egyptian sort, they're considerably more enjoyable to look at than to build, i suspect..)
19:36 thimbronion Anyways, perhaps the time for an mpex is after the dollar dies.
19:37 asciilifeform thimbronion: '...and with strange aeons, even death may die'(tm)(r)
19:37 thimbronion asciilifeform: appears to be dying faster than I anticipated.
19:37 asciilifeform dollar will die, but another indistinguishable scam will take its place.
19:37 asciilifeform paper 'wealth' is addictive dope.
19:39 asciilifeform thimbronion: i watched ruble die as a boy. suddenly had whole sack full of'em, felt 'rich'. until a little later, when noticed it wouldn't buy even candy bar
19:40 asciilifeform traded that sack before blasting off for 1 $ .
19:43 thimbronion asciilifeform: bitcoin isn't a thing or what?
19:44 asciilifeform thimbronion: is a thing, but observe that 'paper bitcoin' also a thing. and accts for some unknown % of the exch value.
19:45 thimbronion Ah well yes - fiat will have to stick around.
19:45 thimbronion for luzers.
19:45 asciilifeform wasn't speaking of fiatbux
19:45 asciilifeform but of most of what passes for 'bitcoin' in the heathen markets
19:46 asciilifeform i.e. where folx pay but don't hold the keys
19:46 asciilifeform that's quite possibly ~most of it. people do it so that they can 'leverage'. hence periodic mega-crashes where holdings auto-liquidated, etc
19:47 thimbronion Yeah I would agree at least a huge portion of it is on exchanges.
19:47 asciilifeform so, yes, somewhere at the heart of that pile o'shit is actual bitcoin. which a, i suspect, rather small # of people actually have any dealing with.
19:47 shinohai "But they asked for my ID and personal info, no way this exchange will scam me. Above board."
19:48 asciilifeform shinohai: wasn't even speaking of plain scamming where you pay an' get 0. tho this also .
19:50 shinohai
19:50 asciilifeform shinohai: for instance.
19:51 thimbronion Those people will run out of btc eventually though.
19:51 thimbronion I estimate they lose half every 4 years or so.
19:52 asciilifeform thimbronion: they won't run out. it's an ecologically closed cycle.
19:52 thimbronion The waterfall leaks!
19:52 BingoBoingo Less than a week till halving if hashing doesn't go weird
19:54 asciilifeform thimbronion: are you familiar with the 'paper gold' racket ? worx well enuff to keep 'price of gold' in check for ~century nao.
19:55 asciilifeform i.e. it does creep upwards, but not at anywhere near the rate of fiatola buying power dropping.
19:55 thimbronion asciilifeform: I am. Gold bugs are clearly dumb though. It was hard to see how dumb before bitcoin.
19:56 asciilifeform it worx because there's a neverending supply of a) dumb shits who see 'paper gold' as == to actual b) greedy shits who want 'leverage'
19:57 asciilifeform so its existence drives the price of the physical kind down. which is what the paper printing folx want to begin with.
19:58 asciilifeform the 'mass of usd' in circulation ~doubled in last month. w/out, observe, anyffin like a proportional effect on btc, gold, etc
19:58 shinohai that was an airdrop!
19:59 asciilifeform this is because btc did not magically make folx smarter .
19:59 asciilifeform as a rule, they're entirely happy to buy promisecoin, so can 'leverage' and 'play'.
19:59 thimbronion asciilifeform: I know the type personally
20:00 asciilifeform it's the vast bulk of errybody involved w/ the thing in any capacity.
20:00 thimbronion One had 2 mil in shitcoins now down 9x percent or whatever.
20:00 asciilifeform most of the folx who 'bought bitcoin' have never handled a privkey. just like the 'oil futures' folx never touch a barrel w/ own hands.
20:01 asciilifeform wasn't even speaking of the shitcoin enthusiasts. tho i'd be surprised if the observation didn't hold equally for'em
20:01 shinohai Trust me, it does.
20:02 asciilifeform i wouldn't be astonished if the usd exch rate, after a hypothetical complete removal of the 'paper coins', were closer to $10 than the current number.
20:02 asciilifeform but this speculation is outta my pay grade.
20:02 thimbronion Yes there are endless dipshits who believe in technical analysis.
20:03 asciilifeform ( there is no contradiction here, incidentally -- the paper serves both to inflate the perceived value, and to depress, when necessary . the latter is very easy to do w/ a value that is artificial to begin with)
20:03 thimbronion asciilifeform: I don't quite understand the terminology. If coins are removed from the market, wouldn't the price go up?
20:04 asciilifeform thimbronion: near as i can tell, most of the heathen exch rate is accounted for by folx dropping usd, eur, etc. on faux-coin (e.g. #s in spreadshit, rather than privkey)
20:04 asciilifeform if these were to go home, what would remain is the folx who were there in '09-11. at which time was 0..10 $ exch rate.
20:05 thimbronion right so if there were fewer paper coins available, wouldn't the price go up?
20:05 thimbronion Yes if the demand went down, the price would go down.
20:05 asciilifeform only if demand were to stay put, neh
20:05 asciilifeform most of the demand, afaik, is for the faux variant.
20:06 trinque ever look into how commodity markets work?
20:06 trinque gold/oil/whatever isn't being hucked around for every txn
20:06 asciilifeform trinque: right
20:07 asciilifeform trinque: near as i can tell , btc behaves very similarly. didn't think this was an outlandishly controversial notion.
20:07 trinque I'm saying it's quite difficult to remove the speculation in either case
20:07 asciilifeform i thought it was strange, 'holding privkeys is much easier than storing barrels of petro' but later understood that it has ~0 to do w/ difficulty of storing, but rather 'leverage'
20:08 trinque this was the soviet project, eh? if we get the speculation out of the works, imagine the savings
20:08 trinque not saying therefore I love string-theory-of-economics; more like calling both ends a turd
20:08 asciilifeform trinque: funnily enuff su ran on speculators. just like old imperial ru, travelling merchants 'buy cheap , sell dear.' under stalin, there was unwritten decree exempting'em from harassment
20:08 asciilifeform hrusch cancelled it.
20:10 * asciilifeform has nuffin against 'buy cheap, sell dear' sort of merchanting. does it himself. but imho the kind where 1bil loc of src 'leveraging' and folx periodically wake up broke for no human-discernable reason, is idiotic
20:11 asciilifeform at least when robbers come an' take yer wares, it makes some kinda visible sense. rather than 'god of spreadshit turned away his holy face from you'.
20:12 trinque if one find himself so exposed to a goldman sachs spreadsheet, there appears to be a far-upstack problem
20:12 asciilifeform trinque: the rub is that errything's exposed to'em.
20:12 asciilifeform incl. btc.
20:13 asciilifeform pseudo-money is contagious.
20:13 trinque incidentally, and somewhat related, where is your thinking on gossipd these days?
20:13 trinque sure, man is more prone to violent detachment from reality than any creature
20:13 asciilifeform trinque: even now sweating over the numerics , since you mention it.
20:13 asciilifeform there's a 2nd and 3rd part to that ch.
20:14 trinque I have been sweating over an owned distro these past months, and working through FFA atop it is next on my conveyor.
20:14 asciilifeform after ch21 out, can generate keys..
20:14 trinque fucking amazing.
20:14 asciilifeform ch22 will be specifically rsa demo.
20:15 asciilifeform ( incl. keygenning, that is. rsa e.g. verification already worx and ch20 concerned pgp-eatin' )
20:16 asciilifeform thing is already imho fast enuff for a modest 'gossip' etc. i expect w/ the bvt asm massages glued on, will be more obviously fit for the job.
20:16 asciilifeform iirc w/ his variant, ~400msec 4096b rsaism.
20:17 asciilifeform trinque: i'm quite interested in compact distro , yours and the jfw fella's. but presently trying to focus on 1 thing
20:17 asciilifeform i had hardwarisms going, put'em on ice for the time being, to bring ffa to where can be used in anger
20:18 trinque yeah, and ftr not trying to "compete" with jfw. I hope we'll actually merge our efforts at some point.
20:18 asciilifeform trinque: as i understand, yer doing somewhat diff. things there
20:18 trinque I think so. I have for example no intention of supporting X any time soon.
20:18 asciilifeform he has commercial turnkey thing that gotta run x,y,z . rather than attempt 'from gcc4 and busybox' etc
20:19 trinque I think for their project they must.
20:19 trinque mhm.
20:19 asciilifeform aha
20:19 asciilifeform for my part, i have a miniscule x86 thing that boots a box into 'ffa over rs232' but aint ready for primetime.
20:19 trinque incidentally not an attempt anymore; this motherfucker self-builds as of yesterday
20:20 asciilifeform (nor a replacement for a linux, arguably, for general use, obv)
20:20 asciilifeform trinque: neato
20:20 trinque sorting some gnat-specific cruft and then genesis
20:20 asciilifeform this is gcc+busybox item ?
20:21 trinque yep
20:22 asciilifeform defo interesting to asciilifeform . e.g. server dun need x11 for anyffin.
20:22 asciilifeform if can run e.g. trb there, already battlefield-useful right there.
20:23 asciilifeform if you recall, my orig. 'pogo' experiment, where 1st static trb build, was exactly this kind of item -- busybux+kernel, weighed 5MB incl. trb.
20:23 asciilifeform ( had no gcc in it tho , so wasn't self-reproducing )
20:24 asciilifeform for 'M' i built a busybox+kernel+gcc , iirc weighed 200M or so in total
20:24 asciilifeform that was dead end experiment tho, 'run at 486 speed on opteron'.
20:25 trinque yep these are the uses I see for it
20:25 asciilifeform notion was tho to turn the currently-unremovable thompsonian binary deps (e.g. the gnat that builds gnat) into sumthing that runs on fully documented/reproducible pseudo-machine
20:26 asciilifeform for that, built in ~13kB (asm, 0 libs) emulator of 1980s mips32. but arguably as useful as 'eiffel tower from toothpicks' in the end.
20:28 asciilifeform possibly not wholly useless -- anyone who wants to learn to write linux proggy in plain asm, 0 libc, 0 linker, imho would do well to read 'm'
20:28 trinque eh and I spent however long trying to drown gentoo in the bathtub
20:28 trinque and this present item is far superior
20:28 asciilifeform trinque: i'm still drowning mine, lol
20:28 trinque yeah, I have a frozen one I use
20:30 asciilifeform i have just about 2dozen boxen w/ that particular variant on'em.
20:31 asciilifeform it aint 'ecologically clean' (i.e. not musltronic, or especially compact) but at very least free of poettering/gcc5.
20:31 asciilifeform (and permanently)
20:33 * trinque bbl, food
20:33 * asciilifeform also
~ 3 hours 22 minutes ~
23:56 verisimilitude I don't know how the feedbot is managed, and I see it's currently not present, but feel free to add my RSS to it, if anyone would be interested by that.
23:57 asciilifeform defo interested. spyked plz add when you get a chance.
23:57 verisimilitude I just released this a few hours back.
23:57 asciilifeform
23:57 verisimilitude Yes.
23:58 verisimilitude Damn; I even looked first and I still reversed those bracket contents.
23:58 asciilifeform hm interestingly i'm normally able to read aplisms, but this 1 has glyphs that dun display in my console
23:58 verisimilitude I just released this a few hours back.
23:59 asciilifeform aha, was looking at the src linked there
23:59 verisimilitude I've not yet figured out how to have the HTTP server send the proper character set header, asciilifeform.
23:59 verisimilitude I don't particularly care to ever configure it.
23:59 asciilifeform reminds me of 1990s ru www's, where one had to guess 'is it koi8 or win1251' errytime
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