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00:12 vex trb might be of interest to something like Fidelity, prolly need charity status b4 they start donating tho
00:12 dulapbot Logged on 2022-02-02 12:51:08 bonechewer: Mutual fund giant Fidelity declares in report (PDF): "bitcoin should be considered first and separate from all other digital assets that have come after it". Any shitcoiners jump from windows yet?
00:15 vex Is there even a board?
00:23 vex if everyone's 401k holds 5% coin, what's that look like?
00:29 vex everyone can't hodl forever
00:30 vex One of these days, I'll post a fully formed thought
00:32 vex Serious question re trb tho asciilifeform: what's up with trb?
00:35 vex You've seemingly always held the reigns, now also the treasury...
00:40 vex any guesses re man hrs reqd for a battle hard ada trb?
00:47 vex perhaps it's easier to launch shino's `88 into the solarsysterm to sideswipe musk. which would be cool af
00:53 asciilifeform << lol vex, how do you picture this ?
00:53 dulapbot Logged on 2022-02-02 19:12:38 vex: trb might be of interest to something like Fidelity, prolly need charity status b4 they start donating tho
00:54 vex like I said, I usually have half formed thoughts these days
00:55 asciilifeform << atm asciilifeform 'judge, jury, executioner'. see also q4 report. currently notenuff hands to break ground on anyffin interesting.
00:55 dulapbot Logged on 2022-02-02 19:32:35 vex: Serious question re trb tho asciilifeform: what's up with trb?
00:55 dulapbot Logged on 2021-11-10 22:33:43 asciilifeform: !!deed
00:55 dulapbot Logged on 2021-12-17 19:55:22 asciilifeform: !!deed
00:55 vex I suspect every outcome would be heavy graoning from alf
00:55 vex thanks
00:55 asciilifeform np
00:57 asciilifeform vex: asciilifeform would be surprised, but cannot rule out, the possibility that heathen orgs (e.g. the linked one) make use of trb.
00:57 asciilifeform none have written in, mega-unsurprisingly
00:58 vex prolly haven't heard
00:59 vex although it seems the aformentioned has a hoarde of ppl, so I wouldn't be surprised either
01:00 * asciilifeform not aware of any heathen org with a serious interest in bitcoin other than from pov of subverting it, or at least tolerating existing subversions (e.g. segshit), so would be rather odd imho.
01:01 vex your guess is as good, if not better, than mine
01:02 asciilifeform guess is based on 'astronomical' observations and observable political faces.
01:03 asciilifeform if some mega-rockefeller in fact wrote 'own trb', it is being used 'under a blanket, at night' and has 0 detectable network presence.
01:04 asciilifeform << moar than avail.
01:04 dulapbot Logged on 2022-02-02 19:40:55 vex: any guesses re man hrs reqd for a battle hard ada trb?
01:04 vex aha
01:06 asciilifeform most interesting imho trb effort is currently cgra's (focused on the apparently bottomless well of bugola), followed by whaack's yet-unpublished thing
01:06 dulapbot Logged on 2022-01-29 16:06:35 whaack: !e view-block 0
01:07 vex I've been reading cgras insights in the logs
01:07 asciilifeform << most of the req'd pieces -- published a while ago.
01:07 dulapbot Logged on 2022-02-02 19:47:17 vex: perhaps it's easier to launch shino's `88 into the solarsysterm to sideswipe musk. which would be cool af
01:07 dulapbot Logged on 2020-10-01 15:00:29 asciilifeform: gregorynyssa: there's not a thing that'd rise to the level of 'plan'. asciilifeform in particular wrote 3 things: 'nqb', a largely-complete coder/decoder for the formats used in trb; ffa, with which possible to perform the cryptonumerics; and 'cryostat', to implement a o(1) db .
01:08 vex both worthy boardmembers imho
01:08 asciilifeform so far afaik nobody wants the 'unsexy' chores.
01:09 asciilifeform asciilifeform suspects that ~errybody understands that no one will be 'getting rich and famous' from trb.
01:16 asciilifeform vex: the piggy, fwiw, dun amount to much currently.
01:16 dulapbot Logged on 2021-12-18 11:28:20 asciilifeform: ... problem is, is very difficult to increase the amt of useful work with coin (aside from, hypothetically, jailbreaking ~people~, ideally 2-3 people. but piggy -- or 'sandwich-adjusted' exchrate -- would have to be ~10x bigger to make this plausible)
01:18 asciilifeform ( subj, for reference. )
01:18 dulapbot Logged on 2021-11-11 15:39:49 asciilifeform: for reference, piggy, seen through a heathen blockexploder .
01:18 vex better than nothing eh?
01:19 asciilifeform certainly
01:19 asciilifeform but not by much, lol
01:19 vex can't pay salaries, that's for sure
01:20 asciilifeform if asciilifeform (or jurov, prior) had listened to all the folx w/ ideas for blowing it, would already be a memory
01:21 vex fuckin' oath mate
01:23 asciilifeform subj will be a moar interesting one when/if the decimal point moves in correct direction.
01:25 vex fuckin' oath mateury
01:26 vex ? or add a few zeros to the treasury?
01:26 asciilifeform was speaking of exch rate
01:26 vex I know
01:27 asciilifeform wouldn't hold breath waiting for someone (who?) to drop megatonne of moolah in piggy, lol
01:27 vex abilgail, the ceo of Fidelity for instance
01:27 asciilifeform lol why
01:29 vex Dunno, never met the chick
01:30 asciilifeform afaik at no pt has a saecular org 'dropped moolah' on a public project for any purpose other than 'embrace & extend/extinguish' and to any amt other than chickenshit.
01:30 vex she sent that decree that bonechewer linked
01:30 asciilifeform what of it ?
01:31 vex I think she might like bitcoin, just a hunch
01:32 asciilifeform possibly, but dollars to doughnuts thinks gavin's atrocity 'is bitcoin'
01:33 asciilifeform the 1 afaik promising proposal to shock-therapy such sufferers is whaack's. but reqs over9000btc for the detonator.
01:34 vex I reckon she'd wanna have lunch with you.
01:34 asciilifeform ( and might ignite the atmosphere, lol )
01:34 dulapbot Logged on 2022-01-26 20:50:02 asciilifeform: it's rather similar to where e.fermi et al did not have a rigorous proof that 1st nuke wouldn't chain-fission planet3, atmosphere, ocean & all
01:35 asciilifeform vex: it aint as if were a mystery how to mail asciilifeform . who fwiw gets (and occasionally answers) all kindsa heathen strange.
01:37 vex me thinks abby would be paying
01:37 asciilifeform for that matter asciilifeform aint in a tropical pirate island, but right in heart of the fucking reich, if these folx wanted to visit, could walk almost across the street.
01:37 asciilifeform (but not surprisingly, they have not, lol)
01:39 asciilifeform occasionally folx walk in with commercial contracts. but it's always for maintaining industrial shitware, rather than anyffin btc-related
01:39 * asciilifeform shudders at what 'btc-related' might want in typical case. but 0 so far
01:41 vex same.
01:43 vex wall street wants to play tho. it's happening
01:43 asciilifeform from asciilifeform's pov, today just as decade ago, thing's a 'sword in the stone'; there's ~0 public activity in it that doesn't readily reduce to one type of egregious scam or anuther
01:43 asciilifeform and what little there is, is visible right here.
01:44 asciilifeform vex: their 'play' consists of the usual, afaik, invariably
01:44 dulapbot Logged on 2020-05-05 19:59:44 asciilifeform: as a rule, they're entirely happy to buy promisecoin, so can 'leverage' and 'play'.
01:45 asciilifeform i.e. fulfilling reich dictat re damping the exchrate and disrupting organic hawala network formation.
01:45 dulapbot Logged on 2022-01-19 13:03:00 asciilifeform: the reason why various 2010s 'they'll ban goxes!' prognoses (incl. asciilifeform's) came to nuffin, is that turns out goxes are a very effective instrument of exchrate control, and therefore quite valuable to the reich.
01:45 dulapbot Logged on 2022-01-25 14:19:31 asciilifeform: is half of why reich even tolerates goxes -- to put brakes on the development of proper wotronic trade.
01:45 dulapbot Logged on 2022-01-14 20:07:52 asciilifeform: i.e. you go to yer l1 hawaladar.
01:47 asciilifeform in '17 party line was switched from 'try to kill via phorkwarz' to 'embrace & extinguish'.
01:50 vex you're probably right. it's worth noting fedelity can change bc to $ & back in house
01:50 asciilifeform well if you've a bag of both, can 'chance to and back' in house, noshit
01:50 asciilifeform *change
01:51 * asciilifeform not convinced that any saecular mega-org actually possesses -- and makes use of -- a bag of actual coin (rather than promisecoinz)
01:51 vex it changes the game
01:51 asciilifeform changes what, exactly ?
01:51 mats
01:51 asciilifeform if they want to disburse usd somewhere, still end up going through reich organs and kowtowing to 'aml', 'kyc', etc
01:54 vex just
01:54 asciilifeform mats: sounds like replay of oregon thing ?
01:54 dulapbot (trilema) 2016-01-12 ascii_butugychag: << lulzily linked from the fishwrap
01:56 asciilifeform ( these tend to end stereotypically -- reich hands out minor mandarinates to the pliant/literate participants (as in 'occupy') , malcolm-x the rest, arrest sympathizers, whole thing forgotten in 2-3 wks )
01:57 mats maybe, we'll see
01:57 asciilifeform ( recall 'republic of seattle' ? )
01:57 dulapbot Logged on 2020-07-02 09:09:45 feedbot: << The Montevideo Standard -- Seattle Dismantles Autonomous Zone: CHAZ/CHOP Invaded By Police Catpuring 23 After March On Mayor's Home
01:58 mats a hundred mosquitoes on the back of a dying sovereign and so on
02:01 asciilifeform still waiting for 'uprising' that isn't run by the usual mix of provocateurs and semiliterate roomtemp-iq waco fodders
02:01 dulapbot Logged on 2022-01-25 19:33:42 asciilifeform: is funny, how erry time they need to agitate for yr+, bus in over9000 morons of both hat colours into some shithole, and spend 1e8$ on provocateurs, to get 1-2 corpses
02:02 asciilifeform not that it'd be immed. obv. or conspicuous to naked eye, if existed.
02:03 asciilifeform (reich press will mention it 0 times, for so long as at all possible)
02:03 mats the current ukrainian business is interesting
02:03 asciilifeform loox so far like the same endless carousel since '14
02:04 * vex goes to look at '14
02:04 mats if usg doesn't yield, i wonder if ru will sack kiev and leave ukr a smoking crater
02:04 asciilifeform that was, asciilifeform understands, the reich objective to start with
02:04 asciilifeform i.e. 'create a vietnam' for ru
02:04 mats dubious whether they'd want to occupy
02:04 mats too dumb
02:04 asciilifeform hence not bit bait
02:05 asciilifeform only us lizards suffer this degree of down's
02:06 asciilifeform traditional reich playbook where 'force'em to Commit Atrocities, then have International Komyoniti intervene' a la yugoslavia -- failed
02:07 asciilifeform even then, trick only worked because compliant muppet (yeltsin) on ru throne at the time
02:11 * asciilifeform will bbl.
02:11 vex big bada boom on malaya airlines was a fuckup
02:15 vex Imagine being the bloke who's shoulder that thing left
~ 27 minutes ~
02:43 vex When I read the logs I alwyas find my own name and shame
02:49 vex
02:51 * vex starts thinking about his skeleton. wants to jump out
02:52 vex not possiburu
03:01 vex
~ 27 minutes ~
03:28 mats
03:30 asciilifeform 'In Second Largest DeFi Hack Ever, Blockchain Bridge Loses $320M Ether' << a++lol
03:32 asciilifeform '“We noticed you were able to exploit the Solana VAA verification and mint tokens,” the message said. “We’d like to offer you a whitehat agreement, and present you a bug bounty of $10 million for exploit details, and returning the wETH you’ve minted.”' << lol, 'wouldntcha like some taxolade and maybe swat team visit in trade for the pinched goodies?'
03:33 asciilifeform aand oblig note re the '$320M'.
03:33 dulapbot Logged on 2021-08-10 11:00:15 asciilifeform: i.e. the creator of whatever supposed-bug enables the 'ohnoez $xxx mil is gone' (and notice how always reported as an imaginary usd loss, RIAA-style!)
03:35 asciilifeform 'distributed phinance' is own punishment, like sniffing glue.
03:36 * asciilifeform ftr still not convinced re any of these lolcases involving any party other than the orig. author of the 'buggy' dao-clone-of-the-day
03:37 asciilifeform ultra-convenient method of harvesting chump moneys.
~ 44 minutes ~
04:22 vex if asciilifeform sits down to lunch with buterin. I want to sell tickets
04:24 asciilifeform famous scammerz are busy folx, vex. all that cocaine won't snort itself.
04:25 vex i don't think buterin snorts cocaine, but I understand your position
04:26 * asciilifeform off to horizontal position, will bbl.
04:26 vex good idea. /me also expects horizonal soon
04:28 vex why I don't live in snowy locales. never know when the horizontal hits
04:35 * vex never tried coccaine. never been to america at all
04:36 vex I do have an appreciation for eric claptons' song
04:37 vex clocked mp @ early
04:40 vex which I will regeil with a youtube link
04:41 vex it's a hard mistress i'm told
04:49 vex huffcoiners who ever interfaced with uniswap got 400uni for every wallet hey ever used
04:50 vex worth knowing
~ 31 minutes ~
05:22 verisimilitude So, what do ye think of my latest article?
05:22 vex evryonethinksitgreat
05:22 verisimilitude Plenty of relationships aren't worth having.
05:22 dulapbot Logged on 2022-02-01 12:15:47 dulapbot: Logged on 2021-11-08 17:30:55 asciilifeform: all anonymity does is to destroy the very possibility of human relations.
05:23 verisimilitude Everyone here isn't touched in the head?
05:23 dulapbot Logged on 2022-02-01 17:32:22 asciilifeform: observes that in not one instance did asciilifeform ever see a 'x programs competently, tho damaged person(tm)', dig in, and 'hm yes we could never do without x's $program'
05:26 verisimilitude I see little wrong with this, so long as I write the rules.
05:26 dulapbot Logged on 2022-02-01 18:00:09 signpost: my view is that there's a type of human that actively seeks out "the rules", lives to enforce them upon self and others.
05:27 verisimilitude All of these can be problems simultaneously, asciilifeform.
05:27 dulapbot Logged on 2022-02-01 18:15:13 asciilifeform: ftr asciilifeform's cosmography re subj.
05:29 verisimilitude RISC-V is a stupid cult of masturbating academics who think spending ten years on the description of a shitty toy instruction set is anything resembling a reasonable action; it's naught, but stupidity.
05:30 verisimilitude All of RISC is a cult.
05:31 vex
05:33 vex lol
05:35 vex what time is it worm?
05:43 scoopbot New article on A Syndication of Verisimilitudes: Intelligent Idiots
05:54 signpost verisimilitude: you don't, evidently.
05:56 signpost but yes, these wish "you" did, on some level.
~ 8 hours 44 minutes ~
14:41 asciilifeform << i dun follow your syllogism, verisimilitude . 'some not worth having' ergo 'none are' ??
14:41 dulapbot Logged on 2022-02-03 00:22:51 verisimilitude: Plenty of relationships aren't worth having.
14:44 asciilifeform << the academitards are only half of the orchestra, the 'useful idiots'; they aint the prime mover there. the latter -- ic vendors salivating at the chance to slip in various vendorlockisms and [][sell '486'-level performance at
14:44 asciilifeform a 'ryzen' price]
14:44 dulapbot Logged on 2022-02-03 00:29:41 verisimilitude: RISC-V is a stupid cult of masturbating academics who think spending ten years on the description of a shitty toy instruction set is anything resembling a reasonable action; it's naught, but stupidity.
14:44 dulapbot Logged on 2022-02-02 13:40:07 asciilifeform: PeterL: for the most part, cosmetically. but lulzily offloads various functionality to unspecified liquishit which pseudo-'open' vendors are free to patent/withhold
14:44 dulapbot Logged on 2022-02-01 20:41:25 asciilifeform: i.e. you get effectively similar level of 'openism' if you buy an rk. the main diff is that the rk is ~50 $ while similar calibre riscv is ~1000$+
14:45 asciilifeform grr
14:45 asciilifeform ... and sell '486'-level performance at a 'ryzen' price.
14:45 dulapbot Logged on 2022-02-01 20:41:25 asciilifeform: i.e. you get effectively similar level of 'openism' if you buy an rk. the main diff is that the rk is ~50 $ while similar calibre riscv is ~1000$+
14:47 asciilifeform intel et al, asciilifeform suspects, also quite pleased with the nonsense breathing up all the oxygen which might otherwise support an actual alternative to the x86 crapolade.
14:47 dulapbot Logged on 2022-02-01 20:43:52 asciilifeform: vaguely suspects that the riscv thing is, for lack of a better term, a 'stopper' -- i.e. exists to occupy the market niche just enuff to prevent the appearance of the real thing.
14:50 asciilifeform << we're all small change, afaik, next to the asylum-napoleon grade cases which populate opensoresdom.
14:50 dulapbot Logged on 2022-02-03 00:24:08 verisimilitude: Everyone here isn't touched in the head?
14:55 asciilifeform << see also. most of what's passed off as opensores is actually a product of elaborate psychopathology, not unlike the scribbles of schizos on bus station walls
14:55 dulapbot Logged on 2022-02-03 00:43:31 scoopbot: New article on A Syndication of Verisimilitudes: Intelligent Idiots
14:55 dulapbot Logged on 2021-11-17 19:35:30 asciilifeform: it's a terrifying egowound to the typical derpware author (esp. if addicted to 'feeling significant' -- 'how will i stay at the center of things if a proggy can be finished??!!' )
14:55 dulapbot Logged on 2022-02-01 17:45:11 asciilifeform: signpost: the apparatus maintains a caste of parasites with chronic ennui, these spin in place agitproping, 'opensoresing', etc. on own steam, attempting to quench unquenchable thirst of 'feeling significant'
14:59 asciilifeform 'behold and respect my railway bridge made of toothpicks'.
~ 2 hours 49 minutes ~
17:48 thimbronion proposal for no cap gains under $200 on "virtual currency" sales
17:52 asciilifeform lol, apparently not typo, 200 $, not 200k, not 200 btc...
~ 19 minutes ~
18:11 thimbronion Just legalizes what everyone is already doing
18:16 asciilifeform thimbronion: well, what redditus is doing at any rate
18:16 dulapbot Logged on 2022-01-10 13:33:43 asciilifeform: these can 'get away with it' for potentially infinite time, simply by remaining usd.paupers
18:16 asciilifeform if yer 200k rather than 200, they'll collect.
18:19 thimbronion seems not all bad, anyway.
~ 35 minutes ~
18:54 signpost there's definitely a small, vocal group of folks holding btc in congress.
18:55 asciilifeform can believe that some 'hold'.
~ 15 minutes ~
19:10 signpost unfortunately the insider-trading fed-pump-and-dump folks outnumber, and likely overlap.
~ 17 minutes ~
19:27 billymg is that $200 per year? or per day, per hour, per minute?
19:28 billymg if it was 200/day wouldn't be that bad, could freely use on gas and groceries without ever paying a dime in tax
19:32 billymg i expect to see more of this as time goes on and people's hodls stay buried
19:32 bitbot Logged on 2022-01-19 17:24:22 billymg: "fine fine, you dun have to pay the tax, just give us the btc"
19:39 signpost per transaction.
19:39 signpost however there's such a thing as "structuring", which is illegal, and is defined as whatever the prosecutor likes.
19:40 signpost "structured transactions to stay beneath the limit"
19:41 signpost isn't unique to this particular proposal. see also:
19:42 billymg yeah, well aware of that one
19:43 billymg but if just used for gas and groceries not sure how'd they'd make the case you were structuring to avoid. "what, i don't drive a semi truck, filling up costs less than $200"
19:43 billymg how* they'd
19:43 signpost just saying that "safe harbor" limits are in practice only useful if you're harmless.
19:44 billymg right right, in reality there is no rule of law and they can hang you for whatevre
19:49 scoopbot New article on Loper OS: The Three Reasons For Source Code Publication.
19:53 asciilifeform signpost et al : faux-'amnesties' to lure folx outta hiding are as old as the state.
~ 1 hours 26 minutes ~
21:19 thimbronion asciilifeform: how would you know it's not faux?
21:19 asciilifeform how do you know when a brooklyn bridge sale is genuine, lol
21:19 thimbronion not an answer but mkay
21:21 thimbronion I think it is a stretch, like a huge stretch, to compare this to "let a thousand flowers bloom" from Mao or whatever
21:23 asciilifeform thimbronion: inviting btc users to give up the entire point of the thing, in exch. for some promisetronic 'legitimization', is an entirely expected move on the part of the reich imho. some folx always foolish, fearful, or conformist enuff to bite.
21:23 dulapbot Logged on 2022-01-15 12:03:03 asciilifeform: imho ~whole point of bothering with the extremely gnarly rube goldberg apparatus is to piss on the reich in various ways.
21:24 thimbronion asciilifeform: how would you know if the legitimization were real?
21:24 thimbronion or is it not possible for bitcoin to be legitimate?
21:24 asciilifeform a 'promise' from the reich today is worth tomorrow less than a fart in the wind.
21:24 dulapbot Logged on 2022-01-19 12:55:46 billymg: asciilifeform: this one?
21:24 asciilifeform thimbronion: depends what means 'bitcoin'. if this bitcoin -- then no, definitionally impossible.
21:24 dulapbot Logged on 2021-11-19 11:19:42 asciilifeform: signpost: re 'why pest' -- asciilifeform is a btc aficionado of the (nearly extinct, possib.) old school -- would like to live in world where can get paid in uninflating, untaxable coinz, and buy necessities of live in same. doubt that anyone living nao will live to see such thing, but asciilifeform specifically interested in work which could make it at least conceivable.
21:26 thimbronion I mean in a world where still have to pay taxes.
21:26 thimbronion That bitcoin.
21:26 asciilifeform ... ~other~ 'bitcoin's, i.e. say 1 where erry tx is ratted out to, and conditionally approved, by gestapo -- yes, can 'be legitimate'
21:26 * asciilifeform wants 0 to do w/ any such 'bitcoin'
21:27 asciilifeform thimbronion: reich tax is presently collected in (and levied on) reich scrip.
21:28 thimbronion The whole point of bitcoin is you own it
21:28 thimbronion You choose to pay tax or not.
21:28 asciilifeform that you own it, and that no one can necessarily demonstrate that you own it.
21:29 thimbronion mhmm anonymity
21:29 asciilifeform observe that it still largely worx w/out any anonymity as such
21:30 asciilifeform ( 'couldn't possibly', superficially, like the old quip re 'bee cannot fly per modern aerodynamics', but does, nevertheless )
21:31 thimbronion how is this different than redditus life?
21:31 thimbronion no thanks
21:31 asciilifeform which 'this' , thimbronion ?
21:32 thimbronion know one knows you've got any, because you don't spend any, live like pauper, etc
21:32 asciilifeform thimbronion: well for 1 thing, there's >1 way to 'not live as pauper'
21:33 asciilifeform for anuther, it aint required that 'no one knows'. as iirc thimbronion pointed out, on asciilifeform's www effectively 'brass band plays' and makes 0 seekrit of using bitcoin etc
21:34 thimbronion Sure you can not live as a pauper by feeding off the fiat spigot
21:34 asciilifeform for instance, nobody needs to know precisely how tall is yer 'hodl', unless yer foolish enuff to expose all of it publicly
21:35 asciilifeform no one but the folx yer tx'ing with, have any biz knowing who yer tx'ing with
21:35 asciilifeform and so on
21:35 asciilifeform all of this still worx 100% same as did in '09.
21:35 thimbronion The government will know you bought tide whether you use btc or not
21:36 asciilifeform of course, given that you buy it w/ reichcard in a reich univermag
21:37 asciilifeform there aint a magick pill against snoops as a class.
21:38 asciilifeform the life of a 'hodler' aint, incidentally, very different from that of captain kidd. yes, you can liquidate some treasure, but then the proceeds will be on your person, and someone ~could~ club you over the head & take it
21:39 asciilifeform how much liquidate, and how much to remain buried, is personal matter for capt.kidd.
21:39 asciilifeform observe however that at no point, not even at his hanging, does it make any kinda sense for him to 'show where it all is'.
21:39 asciilifeform even if 'promised' some sort of 'legitimization'.
21:40 asciilifeform promises from enemy are worth less than nothing.
21:41 thimbronion So don't show where it all is.
21:41 thimbronion You're aware of the boating accident meme yes?
21:41 asciilifeform understandably, not erryone wants to be capt.kidd. would be better of course to be the king, whose hodl is beyond reproach and no one may safely question 'legitimacy' of.
21:41 asciilifeform thimbronion: quite aware.
21:41 dulapbot Logged on 2020-12-16 22:10:16 asciilifeform: as for the coin, the correct algo to 'hodl' is exactly same today as was in '09. i.e. your hdd has what's indistinguishable from rng output. and as for the key, maybe you once had it, but now lost in boating accident. and forgot where boated. (and if you can't stick to the story, will have to carry cyanide.)
21:45 asciilifeform at any rate, asciilifeform's pov on subj: by taking an 'amnesty', yer helping the otherwise quite sclerotic and feeble reich bureaucracy in ways which may later come to regret.
21:45 dulapbot Logged on 2022-01-10 14:24:00 asciilifeform: << great q. the correct response is individual matter (but generally some variant of this formula )
21:45 thimbronion Anyway, Mao isn't in charge yet, and we're not in the Killing Fields yet, and if we were, there are many more things they could execute me for than Bitcoin.
21:46 asciilifeform thimbronion: ever consider how much sheer effort takes to organize a killing field ?
21:46 asciilifeform scarcely any modern folx up for the work.
21:46 thimbronion Indeed, which is why it's best to be in a country fully of lazy people
21:46 asciilifeform see also thrd.
21:46 dulapbot Logged on 2022-01-18 16:24:27 asciilifeform: is rather about whether to unnecessarily make work of seekritpolice over9000x easier. which, when easily avoided, avoid.
21:47 thimbronion Don't want to find yourself in a Germany or Japan
21:47 asciilifeform be the gnarly, fungal blade of wheat, not the tall and shiny 1 screaming for harvester.
21:48 asciilifeform this dun have to reduce to straw man of 'become redditus'
21:48 asciilifeform in fact is no different from the advice given for 100+yrs to folx e.g. spying for foreign crown and paid in suitcases of moolah
21:49 asciilifeform don't buy ferrari if yer nominally a train conductor.
21:49 asciilifeform (or if you do -- dun be surprised)
21:50 thimbronion << see
21:50 dulapbot Logged on 2022-01-25 18:22:57 thimbronion: if you are driving a nice car, better be paying a fuckload of taxes
21:50 asciilifeform aaha.
21:50 asciilifeform and if you ~must~ ferrari -- 1st save up the pennies for a new passport. ~then~ ferrari.
21:52 asciilifeform wb pete_rizzo_
21:52 pete_rizzo_ i come in and out. i'm still just so bad at IRC
21:52 asciilifeform pete_rizzo_: log's right there.
21:55 pete_rizzo_ asciilifeform do you know where i can find the binaries for this?
21:55 pete_rizzo_ or does someone host those somewhere?
21:57 asciilifeform pete_rizzo_: there are no binds published. quite deliberately.
21:58 asciilifeform pete_rizzo_: user is expected to build it.
21:58 asciilifeform *bins
21:58 pete_rizzo_ ah, i see
21:59 asciilifeform pete_rizzo_: if you can stay tuned, e.g. shinohai will likely help you build. if he's absent -- asciilifeform , tho the latter quite busy these days
22:00 pete_rizzo_ yeah, that would be great. i am still interested in testing a few hypothesis about how the client works and interfaces with the bitcoin network at large
22:00 asciilifeform !w poll
22:00 watchglass Polling 14 nodes...
22:00 watchglass : ( Alive: (0.021s) V=99999 (/ Jumpers=0x1 (TRB-Compat.) Return Addr= Blocks=721700
22:00 watchglass : Alive: (0.023s) V=99999 (/ Jumpers=0x1 (TRB-Compat.) Blocks=721700 (Operator: asciilifeform)
22:00 watchglass : ( Alive: (0.082s) V=70001 (/ Jumpers=0x1 (TRB-Compat.) Blocks=721700
22:00 watchglass : ( Alive: (0.112s) V=99999 (/ Jumpers=0x1 (TRB-Compat.) Blocks=721700
22:00 watchglass : ( Alive: (0.097s) V=99999 (/ Jumpers=0x1 (TRB-Compat.) Blocks=721700 (Operator: asciilifeform)
22:00 watchglass : Alive: (0.143s) V=99999 (/ Jumpers=0x1 (TRB-Compat.) Blocks=721700
22:00 watchglass : Alive: (0.151s) V=99999 (/ Jumpers=0x1 (TRB-Compat.) Return Addr= Blocks=721700 (Operator: whaack)
22:00 watchglass : ( Alive: (0.261s) V=88888 (/ Jumpers=0x1 (TRB-Compat.) Blocks=721700
22:00 watchglass : ( Alive: (0.289s) V=99999 (/ Jumpers=0x1 (TRB-Compat.) Blocks=721160
22:00 watchglass : ( Alive: (0.314s) V=99999 (/ Jumpers=0x1 (TRB-Compat.) Blocks=721700
22:00 watchglass : ( Alive: (0.602s) V=99999 (/ Jumpers=0x1 (TRB-Compat.) Blocks=721700
22:00 watchglass : Alive: (0.472s) V=99999 (/ Jumpers=0x1 (TRB-Compat.) Blocks=721700
22:01 asciilifeform ^ does work.
22:01 asciilifeform pete_rizzo_: see e.g. cgra's www for exploration of known bugs.
22:01 watchglass : Busy? (No answer in 100 sec.)
22:01 watchglass : Busy? (No answer in 100 sec.)
22:02 pete_rizzo_ hm yeah. not sure I can make much sense out of that as I can only really articulate my higher level questions
22:02 asciilifeform pete_rizzo_: post'em here, they'll get answered.
22:03 asciilifeform then read answrs in log at yer leisure.
22:05 billymg pete_rizzo_: re: trb build, iirc you were on a mac? did you ever find a proper linux box?
22:05 asciilifeform ^ linux atm the only officially supported os.
22:05 pete_rizzo_ nah. i was attempting to get a more tech-saavy friend to lend a hand. I don't really have any programming experience
22:06 pete_rizzo_ i'm a serf person
22:07 billymg pete_rizzo_: i'll be publishing a guide soon with step-by-step instructions for the complete setup, including a gentoo os that you can also install e.g. firefox on and use as a daily driver
22:07 pete_rizzo_ maybe warmer
22:08 billymg pending that, the fastest/easiest is to follow asciilifeform's dulap guide and put a trb on that
22:08 billymg though dulap isn't really the type of gentoo you're gonna be putting firefox on
22:08 asciilifeform asciilifeform's trb noades in fact constructed precisely this way
22:09 billymg if you follow asciilifeform's guide and build a dulap, you can then follow the trb guide verbatim
22:10 asciilifeform recipe in fact worx on most heathen linuxes tho
22:11 billymg asciilifeform: not on newer ones with glibc > 2.28
22:11 bitbot (therealbitcoin) 2020-07-08 jurov: For the record, I should mention that rotor needs glibc <2.28 on build system because it moved some include files which break the bootstraping of m4.
22:11 asciilifeform interesting
22:11 asciilifeform worth noting in the instructions, when asciilifeform gets around to rebaking tbf www.
22:12 asciilifeform the Final Solution as i understand will necessarily involve signpost's system.
22:12 billymg yeah, looking forward to true republican os
22:13 asciilifeform or even simply a perma-stable gentoo.
22:13 asciilifeform dulap-gentoo is only an approximation of subj.
22:15 billymg dunno how tf there are over9000 linux enthusiasts using e.g. alpine, void, and other boutique distros yet no one willing to work on one without any systemdisms
22:16 asciilifeform billymg: there are a few attempts, none afaik 100% clean
22:16 dulapbot Logged on 2021-05-17 09:29:27 asciilifeform: did try a purportedly systemd-free 'modern' linux -- 'artix'. needed to serve a commercial client who traditionally used 'arch'.
22:16 dulapbot Logged on 2021-05-17 09:30:33 asciilifeform: 'artix' indeed is systemd-free. but many of the packages (e.g. 'cups') do not work; and device hotplugging is mysteriously broken (mass storage -- worx; usb-to-serial -- not; and this despite a known-good kernel. it's whatever the thing has instead of udev that's a dud)
22:18 asciilifeform notably, all (incl. above, and the current Official 'systemd-free' gentoo for that matter) infected with 'logind'.
22:18 dulapbot Logged on 2021-08-29 15:00:47 asciilifeform: ( do NOT permit systemd-logind, it is a supposedly-neutered but in fact complete copy of systemd , that the traitorous gentoo maintainers force-install on explicitly 'non-systemd' setup)
22:19 billymg yeah, i meant a distro that adhered to asciilifeform's crapolade banlist
22:19 asciilifeform afaik currently this consists strictly of dulap-gentoo. (and soon, signpost's thing, tho afaik the latter aint a gentoo, i.e. throws out 'portage' and req's hand-cranked builds of all 3rdparty proggies)
22:22 * asciilifeform must bbl.
22:22 billymg pete_rizzo_: you'll learn a lot just by diving in and building one, even if you don't understand fully what it is you're doing every step of the way
22:23 billymg i was in the same boat back in '18, have slowly learned a lot over the last few years, still consider myself a noob but at least no longer helpless
~ 39 minutes ~
23:02 signpost asciilifeform: thing grew a simple dependency mechanism as of a few days ago, so not so hand cranked.
23:03 * signpost is incorporating the things he most liked from gentoo as needed, when the need arises, rather than pulling in everything.
23:04 signpost but yes, no systemd, no logind, no any of the systemd-by-another-name-if-you-squint
23:05 signpost << current wip pbuild for gcc, which displays some of the features (i.e. deps, use flags)
23:06 signpost my concept of deps is build-level, since everything built is statically linked, so there's not in principle much reason to worry about install-deps.
23:07 signpost if you want just an emacs, or a variant gcc, etc., in some dir, you should have that with no questions asked, and nothing hauled in you didn't request.
23:08 signpost e.g. USE=shared /src/pbuild install gcc -d /opt/gcc-musl-mips -j16
23:09 signpost "run the gcc pbuild, install to /opt/gcc-musl-mips, build with 16 processes, enable 'shared' use flag (not pictured in ebuild, but can imagine adding it with default off)"
23:12 signpost soon as I get this dependency thing cleaned up a bit, I'll probably start writing up a poast, and cut a first release.
23:13 signpost after that, gotta grunt the whole cuntoo installer into it, which is perhaps a few wks hacking.
23:26 asciilifeform << very nifty, looking fwd to tasting
23:26 dulapbot Logged on 2022-02-03 18:03:01 signpost: asciilifeform: thing grew a simple dependency mechanism as of a few days ago, so not so hand cranked.
23:27 asciilifeform in rather unrelated lulz, asciilifeform 'lived in cave' and never knew impact driver tool existed. finally bought and 'wtf where has this been all of life'
23:29 asciilifeform << hmm does the ada flag in fact produce a working gnat ?
23:29 dulapbot Logged on 2022-02-03 18:06:03 signpost: << current wip pbuild for gcc, which displays some of the features (i.e. deps, use flags)
23:38 asciilifeform << is there xorg tho ?
23:38 dulapbot Logged on 2022-02-03 18:04:17 signpost: but yes, no systemd, no logind, no any of the systemd-by-another-name-if-you-squint
23:38 * asciilifeform had to go through a # of contortions to build xorg recently on dulap-gentoo
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