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10:03 signpost << update: this trashed sync rate, lol
10:03 bitbot Logged on 2023-05-24 10:50:08 signpost: I changed the return to false, and made the inventory update conditional on block acceptance, and am seeing whether that does anything
10:03 signpost the convoluted semantics in this thing are offensive!11!11 reeee
~ 32 minutes ~
10:36 asciilifeform signpost: whole spittoon's like that
10:37 asciilifeform signpost: asciilifeform had n cycles of putting it down, then ~yr or whatnot later starting to think it's a 'reasonable' proggy that can be despaghetti'd, rinse, repeat
10:38 asciilifeform see also cgra's notes re subj.
10:39 asciilifeform the 1 and only Right Thing to do with trb is to rewrite it sanely, but that sword is still firmly in the stone and likely to stay there.
10:39 dulapbot (asciilifeform) 2022-02-19 asciilifeform: 'not quite bitcoin', asciilifeform's demo of adaistic ab-initio mechanisms for hypothetical replacement of trb
10:45 signpost yeah, just reacquainting myself with the turd. nqb is the right thing, and I will help build it in retirement barring all else :p
~ 59 minutes ~
11:44 asciilifeform signpost: it's a vehehery small piece of what is imho Right Thing
11:45 asciilifeform ( 'knows' the block & tx format, but no attempt at the script state machine much less the hashes, ecdsa, etc , not even to mention the noad protocol )
11:46 * asciilifeform orig. intended to bolt it to trb in place of the laffable db there. gave up 100% -- makes separating conjoined twins look trivial in comparison
11:52 asciilifeform the unfortunate fact is that approximately nobody has any serious incentive to go on that 'mars mission'.
11:52 dulapbot (asciilifeform) 2022-02-02 asciilifeform: not aware of any heathen org with a serious interest in bitcoin other than from pov of subverting it, or at least tolerating existing subversions (e.g. segshit), so would be rather odd imho.
11:52 dulapbot (asciilifeform) 2022-02-02 asciilifeform: asciilifeform suspects that ~errybody understands that no one will be 'getting rich and famous' from trb.
11:52 asciilifeform ( and it being 1 of those missions that if done 'unseriously' -- worse than not at all )
11:55 asciilifeform e.g. phinance 'industry' runs on over9000 piles of shit, and just about all of'em even moar rancid than prb, replacing the latter is somewhere near dead last afaik priority in their pov
12:00 asciilifeform see also e.g. and of course phf's threads.
12:00 dulapbot (asciilifeform) 2022-03-31 asciilifeform: but larger point, dun matter whether have 3 tandem cpu and provably correct avionics stack, or hemp ropes like wright brothers, if the failed society doesn't in fact need (or can afford) airplane in any kinda mass
12:00 dulapbot (asciilifeform) 2022-03-31 phf: but i also stand by my words. it is larping, of the kind that you yourself often ranted against. using ada doesn't make you an avionics engineer, nor does it sprinkle your code with some magic of serious meaning
~ 2 hours 15 minutes ~
14:15 asciilifeform !!ticker btc usd
14:15 deedbot $26,661
14:18 asciilifeform ^ needs anuther 0 ( in current reference frame! ) befoar asciilifeform could 'pull sword'. ( can't speak for other folx, obv. )
14:18 dulapbot (alethepedia) 2020-10-11 asciilifeform: thimbronion: the altcoinists -- sure . but i was speaking of the fact that the exch rate prolly aint growing another 0 -- or rather, not w/out the dollar price of archaetypical sandwich also growing a zero.
~ 19 minutes ~
14:38 asciilifeform meanwhile! the folx in parallel universe still kickin', catch up to where we were in '21.
14:38 dulapbot Logged on 2023-03-23 13:27:45 asciilifeform: meanwhile, in sumthing completely different: this d00d apparently still in biz, sweating to bake own FG ( complains about 'unreadable schematics'
14:40 asciilifeform compleat with 'ratbox' etc.
14:41 asciilifeform 'Registrations will mostly be granted on a first come, first served basis, but we may recognize some prior claims of the elite. This amounts to a hand-cranked, embryonic stage of a new JWRD-centric Web of Trust, providing support for efficient evaluation of text found both in the channel and beyond, based on its source.'
14:41 asciilifeform didjaknow.
14:48 * asciilifeform saw they've purportedly a mempool viewer. ( asciilifeform not tried )
14:53 asciilifeform variously interesting gibblets -- e.g. d00d bakes a protocol where finds that 'Other ISPs (both cable and fiber, in Panama) succeed in delivering 1472 byte payloads while the maximum that gets through on +Movil is 1464.'
14:56 asciilifeform (possibly other tidbits, but asciilifeform maxed out snore)
15:00 * asciilifeform wonders whether there are yet other mp cargocult sects in biz sumwhere, outside of asciilifeform's light cone
~ 2 hours 34 minutes ~
17:35 phf deus vult
17:41 asciilifeform lolyes
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