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03:55 vex fuck I love crtdaydreams, fuck, my arse is doing to sleep sitting at this desk, I'd better go and grab the manitou and lift the old gal up a hew holes
03:55 dulapbot Logged on 2022-06-24 18:46:24 crtdaydreams: holes and pins on this unit
04:09 vex I'd like a big stainless desk frame I can bolt to the concrete. 316 50x50 with a 50 mil slab of something nice on top
04:11 crtdaydreams << prick of a thing to weld
04:11 dulapbot Logged on 2022-06-27 00:07:00 vex: I'd like a big stainless desk frame I can bolt to the concrete. 316 50x50 with a 50 mil slab of something nice on top
04:11 vex I've ever tried, I thought you might know a thing or two
04:12 crtdaydreams thing is, it's pretty well the same thing I had in mind, except running pulleys on aluminimum rollers inside the legs
04:12 crtdaydreams so can lift up and down
04:13 vex how does it stop?
04:13 crtdaydreams ratchet cable winder
04:13 crtdaydreams rests on the tension
04:13 vex kinda clunky for at $10k item
04:14 vex is it gonna wobble around and shit?
04:14 crtdaydreams heh, aforementioned dun move it much
04:14 crtdaydreams it's 50x50...
04:14 vex yeah, I think I only want one height
04:14 crtdaydreams if yer bolting it the concrete fair enuff
04:15 vex Where are you getting these big slabs of silky from anyway? or did I overestimate the size of `scool desk'?
04:16 crtdaydreams well the one I'm working on is 25x25 over 20x20 2mil thick
04:16 crtdaydreams the actual box is 610x420x165 or something like that
04:17 crtdaydreams the slab on top is wider than the box
04:17 crtdaydreams can't give ya a measurement off the top of my head
04:17 crtdaydreams I welded up the frame for it last night
04:17 vex yeh, I was imagining bigger. sounds cool. those rhsections fit together do they?
04:18 crtdaydreams yup with about a .25 mil gap either side
04:18 crtdaydreams fits perfectly
04:18 vex gonna chuck a few grease niplles on her?
04:18 crtdaydreams nah, just some dry silicon lube after painting
04:18 crtdaydreams shouldn't be moving it up and down all the time, this one is just holes and pins
04:19 crtdaydreams no fancy pulleys etc
04:19 crtdaydreams satin black to match the brass and silkyoak
04:19 vex ooh.. brass?!
04:20 crtdaydreams brass hinges and a sliding bevel to angle the lid/drawing board
04:20 crtdaydreams brass screws etc.
04:21 crtdaydreams It fits in the frame with not a thou to spare
04:21 vex sexy. and it is a drawing board too?
04:21 vex does it come with matching tsquare?
04:22 crtdaydreams yup and sorta (tsquare is sadly not silkyoak, and needs a bita love)
04:23 crtdaydreams I'll have some pics on my site in due course
04:23 vex cool. are you keeping it?
04:23 * crtdaydreams has yet to paint, assemble and polish
04:24 crtdaydreams damn right I'm keeping it
04:24 vex sounds like it'd be worth half a bc to the hipsters in melbourne
04:24 crtdaydreams probably
04:25 crtdaydreams I dunno if I'd sell it right away though, the wood hasn't be laquered or polished etc. merely oiled.
04:25 crtdaydreams I don't have the equipment to do a proper finish (yet :P)
04:26 crtdaydreams gtg, o/
04:27 vex cya cunt :)
~ 45 minutes ~
05:12 vex i'd put a lttle inlaid brass cdd logo where the title box might be, over time the graphite rubbings might report it
~ 17 minutes ~
05:30 vex cool rundown. I didn't remember
05:30 dulapbot Logged on 2022-06-24 14:45:18 asciilifeform: became a hobo (given as 'stanford is run by morons', 'turned on, tuned in, dropped out'); took to hiding out on rooftops ('the guards are morons'); took to eating stims by the kg ('to finish my lispm! any day nao!'); hallucinated, fell off roof, broke foot; 'doctors are morons, i'ma self-amputate'; then vanished, and not seen on net in some yrs, likely rip
05:35 vex even if rock bottom sober, still rip
05:37 vex I think he's chained by his one good leg to an assembly line in mexico making hyroiotic acid 247
~ 22 minutes ~
06:00 vex I don't like to speak ill of the dead, but macacamias don't grow overnight
06:04 vex achtung bingoboingo; I'm making things up.
~ 32 minutes ~
06:36 vex I'll reconsider things untill the summer is almost over
06:39 vex prolly rock up right when the pool is closing, in the smallest speedo
06:39 vex that's when the bitches are horniest
06:41 vex front pike to whiskey
06:45 vex australie
06:45 vex 1 dive only
06:48 vex thirsty
06:51 vex embrace the disgrace
06:52 vex frowns abound
06:53 vex dat flop
06:57 vex
~ 25 minutes ~
07:23 vex
07:28 vex
07:34 vex
07:43 vex
~ 3 hours 14 minutes ~
10:57 crtdaydreams asciilifeform: would like to know what happened with this, i recall someone mentioning the limiting factor being speed
10:57 dulapbot (trilema) 2017-08-31 asciilifeform: phf et al : to briefly continue -- picture an a4-sized plinth, of, e.g., 32 dimm slots. each can contain a card of sram, or alternatively of 4 ice40-8k's, or some peripheral ( e.g. nic magnetics. )
10:59 crtdaydreams (specifically in reference to e.g. ice40s)
11:04 crtdaydreams shelved til pest et cetera 'solved' i presume
~ 3 hours 3 minutes ~
14:07 asciilifeform << shelved after experiments suggested that this approach doesn't win
14:07 dulapbot Logged on 2022-06-27 06:55:22 crtdaydreams: asciilifeform: would like to know what happened with this, i recall someone mentioning the limiting factor being speed
14:07 dulapbot Logged on 2022-03-29 09:12:44 asciilifeform: << obv. can connect >1, but they won't 'behave like larger array', given propagation delays and sparseness of i/o
~ 1 hours 59 minutes ~
16:07 phf man chromebooks are utter junk
16:14 asciilifeform phf: yours finally let out magick smoak ?
16:14 * asciilifeform still has the original which pictured in the articles, tho sans the mousepad, ripped its cable at some pt during the various vivisections
16:15 phf nah, spent couple of hours trying to get some intel asus to boot into linux
16:15 asciilifeform aa, the x86 ones
16:15 phf got convinced that
16:15 dulapbot Logged on 2022-06-23 15:21:03 phf: tbf even messing with a chromebook is kind of a mistake
16:15 * asciilifeform not tried those
16:16 asciilifeform phf: i can sorta see wai to fiddle with the arm32 ones, but wat's the use of the ultralowend intel boxen ?
16:16 asciilifeform ( do they also somehow 12h emacs ? seems unlikely )
16:17 phf it's just fust enough to play early 2000s games in wine :>
16:19 asciilifeform x60 also justabout
16:19 asciilifeform (tho the fan is annoying imho)
16:20 phf it's just touch slow for e.g. vtmb
16:21 asciilifeform a
16:22 phf which is about my cutoff point, e.g. thief deadly shadows from about same period, or like return to castle wolfenstein
16:23 phf i no longer have any gaming machine, openbsd doesn't play wine, etc.
16:24 phf oh, a perfectly usable chromebook, nope!
16:24 * asciilifeform in '17 'wainot i'ma build a mswin box w/ fattest gpu, maybe games' -- shortly after turned it into a commercial test toilet, lol, and ever since been that
16:25 phf i have a back of a truck top of the line nvidia from last year, which i've been meaning to build a gaming computer around, but somehow fucking with rear differential is more interesting.
16:25 phf *back of the truck
16:26 phf *fell of the truck
16:26 phf i give up
16:26 asciilifeform lol
16:27 * asciilifeform for last 6mo also deep in equiv of 'rear differential' but with ancient house, rather than truck (truck, for nao, ~worx w/out much fiddle)
16:27 asciilifeform tho considering 1 of those micro cranes for truck
16:28 asciilifeform ( and e.g. backhoe )
16:31 asciilifeform ( pet: 'let's install a 2nd pet in this room' a: 'i was gonna put the board line there, lol' etc )
16:31 dulapbot Logged on 2022-06-17 16:44:26 asciilifeform: meanwhile, in misc. irons, apparently a complete chinese-style production like (x-y paste jetter, pick'n'place, conveyor, reflow oven) can be had naodays for ~15k $ , comes in 1 shipping container
~ 1 hours 8 minutes ~
17:40 * signpost stood up a VR setup with nvidia and valve index to see whether infinite wall o' terminals was possible yet.
17:40 signpost verdict is still "nope"
17:40 asciilifeform signpost: does that one still suffer the 'pixels the size of tea saucers' problem ?
17:40 signpost had fun with a few VR games for a bit, and item's now collecting dust as one'd expect.
17:41 asciilifeform ( i.e. '4k'(tm)(r) when spread out over yer whole retina aint in fact much )
17:41 asciilifeform not for text work, that is
17:41 signpost right, resolution is too low, and far too low to have some of the "screens" at an angle for quick glancing to the side.
17:42 signpost let alone that "glancing" isn't possible without turning one's whole head.
17:42 signpost it's going to need enough detail across the entire motion of the eye to work.
17:42 asciilifeform if had working eye tracking, and proper electronics (i.e. vector graphics representation and rasterization in realtime, in iron) -- in principle '4k' enuff to cover central vision
17:43 asciilifeform afaik all the off-shelf vrvisors geared to 3dshoot/pr0n, tho, so not holding breath
17:44 signpost most fun I've had with the thing has been "SUPER HOT", a bullet-time shooter, and star wars themed space-shooter.
17:45 signpost both not more than "yeah, this will be cool in 10 more years".
17:45 asciilifeform signpost: interestingly, was at that stage in '90s
17:46 asciilifeform like '3d movie' , is in a kind of endless disappearance/reappearance loop
17:47 asciilifeform meanwhile the req'd tech for 'vr for text' exists, but in mysterious patent limbo 4evah
17:47 dulapbot (trilema) 2014-03-22 asciilifeform: kopin corp. had microdisplays with ~1600x1200 in fingernail sized element, for ages
17:47 signpost we are probably the wrong personality type to enjoy it regardless of level of tech.
17:47 asciilifeform oblig vintage asciilifeform piece
17:47 signpost this was way more fun than VR will ever be.
17:47 dulapbot Logged on 2022-06-22 00:08:45 signpost: out in nc at uncle's atm to drink and plink.
17:48 asciilifeform dunno, asciilifeform would buy a programming helmet.
17:48 signpost just got back
17:48 asciilifeform (if only to make his setup with 100kg of eizos + 200kg of desk, portable)
17:48 signpost I'd also buy, but every time I use VR I get the sense of uncanny valley, like I've been tricked by something obscene.
17:49 * asciilifeform not interested in 'virtual rooms' etc. idjit skeumorphisms; just fucking plain text on retina plox
17:49 signpost mhm, as a tool for work, will likely be mighty useful.
17:50 * asciilifeform suspects that the highres retina displays -- which were demoed in '80s -- are being 'sat on' on acct of being perceived coldwar 'wunderwaffen'
17:51 signpost not familiar, but facebook's demoing some interesting stuff. might just be a matter of there not being a civilian market for $100k/headset.
17:52 asciilifeform sure there is. asciilifeform or for that matter errybody who spends 14h+/d in cockpit, would buy in a heartbeat, if the thing actually worked
17:52 * asciilifeform bought arsebook's headsets, unsurprisingly found to be rubbish
17:53 signpost yeah, but they're $1k, and I'm talking about a "market" in which no company can plan anything further out than a few quarters, and denominated in a currency that'll buy half next year.
17:53 asciilifeform << 'phf's horse' lol
17:53 dulapbot Logged on 2022-06-27 13:45:16 signpost: this was way more fun than VR will ever be.
17:59 signpost best thing about the trip was that our phones didn't work for shit.
18:00 * asciilifeform once did time in a salt mine w/ a fella who spent coupla wks erry spring in ru taiga. 'best thing, pnoje dunwork' etc. still had to come back errytime to salt mine unsurpris.
18:00 signpost full disconnection will remain impossible while there's still such a thing as property tax.
18:01 signpost which is somehow not a poll tax because, I suppose, one could choose to live in a sewer.
18:01 asciilifeform well if yer genuinely loaded and it's effectively 'penny', then wainot
18:03 * signpost has grown cautious watching those who were "genuinely loaded" in the 80s and 90s implode when the environment shifted around them.
18:04 signpost in hyperinflation I expect that property taxes (or rents) will probably make short work of most people's retirements.
18:06 asciilifeform signpost: considering that the entire purpose of engineered inflation is to confiscate savings..
18:07 asciilifeform the folx on the trigger-pulling end of that crime will, unsurprisingly, make bank, rather than starve
18:08 asciilifeform (i.e. erryone who owns 'growing', with inflatola, income-generating assets. at the expense of erryone who not)
18:09 asciilifeform 'stable society dun need a middle class'(tm)(r)(mats) or how did it go
18:09 asciilifeform 1917 was a while back, lizards not in any sense afraid of payback naodays
18:10 asciilifeform nor are their bootlicks
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