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15:08 d4
~ 38 minutes ~
15:47 asciilifeform d4: fwiw asciilifeform's (limited) experience w/ fancy SIMD coprocessors was not an epic win.
15:47 asciilifeform doesn't mean they're useless. but all asciilifeform has to report re their use, personally, is the above.
15:48 * asciilifeform suspects that, like most 'hot new cpu pheatures', they are optimized for benchmark routines but meh in most practical applications
15:49 asciilifeform particularly on x86/64, where takes 'over9000' cycles to shove inputs into / outputs outta the coprocessors.
15:53 d4 asciilifeform: appreciated
15:53 asciilifeform np
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