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00:42 verisimilitude I may be done with my POSIX Sockets Ada binding now. I still need to test it.
00:42 verisimilitude The package body is less than one hundred and fifty lines long.
~ 1 hours 11 minutes ~
01:53 shinohai Dunno if useful to any present, but found nifty archive of older linux, might mirror a few of these.
~ 5 hours 33 minutes ~
07:27 verisimilitude Well, it works. Now I simply need to refine it.
07:28 verisimilitude I tried to send and receive a packet, but it doesn't get sent back to me properly. This may be my local network setup, however.
07:29 verisimilitude Still, how nice.
07:29 verisimilitude I got frustrated with the Access attribute, so I just started using System.Address instead, as asciilifeform did. I may return and change that later, however.
07:30 verisimilitude Still, my library uses no C language whatsoever, beyond the Ada Interfaces.C mechanism.
~ 3 hours 7 minutes ~
10:37 crtdaydreams might have webshit up soon if anyone's interested, currently looking for dyndns provider
10:38 verisimilitude That's nice.
10:38 verisimilitude I use RamNode and Moniker, but have no special appreciation for them.
10:41 crtdaydreams I prefer to self-host.
10:41 verisimilitude Go for it.
10:42 crtdaydreams Just hope I'm boring enough to not get pwned.
~ 4 hours 58 minutes ~
15:41 asciilifeform << neato.
15:41 dulapbot Logged on 2022-03-05 17:37:29 billymg: !c trb-status
15:42 asciilifeform << defo worth mirroring, esp. the multi-dvd sets which actually have all the packages
15:42 dulapbot Logged on 2022-03-05 20:53:11 shinohai: Dunno if useful to any present, but found nifty archive of older linux, might mirror a few of these.
15:44 asciilifeform << cryostat similarly 'no c', i'ma guess you have hardcoded constants similarly tho
15:44 dulapbot Logged on 2022-03-06 02:30:05 verisimilitude: Still, my library uses no C language whatsoever, beyond the Ada Interfaces.C mechanism.
~ 1 hours 54 minutes ~
17:38 verisimilitude Yes, asciilifeform, but only a few.
17:39 verisimilitude I tried to make another comment, spyked, but it was seemingly eaten.
17:42 verisimilitude Some of the type modelling is also hardcoded, such as ssize_t.
~ 1 hours 19 minutes ~
19:02 mats amazing front page self flagellation
~ 56 minutes ~
19:58 asciilifeform mats: lolcattube already fulla lulzy clips showing behaviour of ukr runaways in europistan
19:59 asciilifeform syrians et al looking rather civilized in comparison
20:00 asciilifeform meanwhile in orc lulz.
20:02 asciilifeform $ticker btc usd
20:02 busybot Current BTC price in USD: $38684.47
20:02 asciilifeform ^ waterfall alive & well
20:02 verisimilitude That's what I've been telling others, mats. Why care about Ukraine, but not what goes on elsewhere, and all of that.
20:03 verisimilitude I recall when Japan let in similar such refugees, and one raped a woman within the week, asciilifeform.
~ 16 minutes ~
20:20 mats because they have white skin, isn't that your thing
20:21 mats logically consistent isnt it
20:21 verisimilitude I needn't be logically consistent about anything.
20:22 verisimilitude I'm not a machine.
20:25 thimbronion asciilifeform: if waterfall is working, why isn't btc 3800?
20:26 verisimilitude Articles such as this amuse me.
20:28 thimbronion it's ok not to know exactly why btc has it's current price
~ 21 minutes ~
20:50 billymg it's funny how at this point you already know the slant of an article/opinion simply by how they spell kiev
20:50 verisimilitude Explain.
20:52 billymg see pediwiki entry: "Kiev is the traditional English name for the city,[25][28][29] but because of its historical derivation from the Russian name, Kiev became disfavored in many Western media outlets after the outbreak of the Russo-Ukrainian War."
20:56 billymg basically to signal allegiance with the regime you better be sure to spell it "Kyiv" which is now its preferred pro^H^H^Hname
21:00 billymg re: btc price, i think some of it is waterfall and some of it is gamblers losing to the house via leverage and alt coins. this hunch makes a lot of sense from a pure self-interest POV. if i were a billionaire and wanted to acquire btc i'd do so otc and occasionally dampen the exchange rate as i continue buying
21:00 bitbot Logged on 2022-03-01 03:25:15 asciilifeform: ( buy, naturally, 'from dark', dump -- on public goxes )
21:11 verisimilitude That explains the Kyiv jokes I've seen, then.
21:11 verisimilitude I appreciate it, billymg.
21:13 billymg verisimilitude: np
21:15 * billymg just went to press a new patch for the crawler and realized there's a typo in the root directory, will have to regrind the first two
21:27 verisimilitude This amused me.
21:27 verisimilitude ``Deprecation is an essential part of language and SDK maintenance. If you find a programming language that hasn’t done it, you’ve found a trivial or dead language. (Or one that’s just gone ahead and removed the features without any warning.)''
~ 18 minutes ~
21:46 verisimilitude I've noticed an odd Wordpress flaw twice now. Sometimes my first comment in a long while is eaten.
~ 23 minutes ~
22:09 asciilifeform << would if could. lizard strat aint 'drive it to 1$' tho, but to dump as much as needed to keep btc-usd from obviously trashing reich.paper 'investments' quarter after quarter
22:09 dulapbot Logged on 2022-03-06 15:25:30 thimbronion: asciilifeform: if waterfall is working, why isn't btc 3800?
22:09 dulapbot Logged on 2021-11-22 13:23:33 asciilifeform: ( the lizard strategy is interesting imho: to mask the inflation shelter aspect of btc by artificially pumping it up and 'burying' the rise with paperola)
22:09 asciilifeform so far working.
22:10 asciilifeform objective, can suppose, is simply to keep the idjit hill climbers from going all-out into btc.
22:13 * asciilifeform suspects that waterfall dumps are normally triggered by leveraged positions at goxes going over some threshhold of mass/vulnerability, given as enemy has access to ~all gox positions in realtime
22:13 dulapbot Logged on 2020-05-05 19:59:44 asciilifeform: as a rule, they're entirely happy to buy promisecoin, so can 'leverage' and 'play'.
~ 28 minutes ~
22:42 billymg asciilifeform: what does 'hill climbers' mean in this context?
~ 34 minutes ~
23:16 thimbronion exchanges can't not be colluding to crash, knowing exacactly when every trader moron is gonna be liquidated
23:24 mats thats a tall claim, implying every exchange incl binance has opened their order books to the reich
23:25 thimbronion mats: I'm specifically not making that claim, to clarify, although I believe asciilifeform is.
23:25 mats causing crashes dries up orders, which costs them fees
23:26 thimbronion mats also works for short squeezes, I would assume
23:29 mats sure
23:32 mats im more inclined to believe that goxes are compliant to the extent regulators can pressure them, but giving crown representatives accounts with unlimited balances for waterfalls is just not plausible anymore
23:32 mats goxes wont even shut out all russian nationals despite reich attempts to do so
23:33 mats the reich needs legislative remedies to make it stick
23:33 mats they are weak and exchanges defect whenever possible
23:34 vex karpeles sure seemed to enjoy funny business when gox was ~only game in town
23:35 mats maybe the reich had this power before mp drowned, but it doesnt look it anymore
23:36 verisimilitude What's so great about Binance, mats?
23:39 mats
23:39 dulapbot Logged on 2022-01-25 02:06:38 mats:
23:41 mats
23:41 dulapbot Logged on 2022-01-21 15:40:05 mats:
23:46 mats bitcoins are too big to be pushed around by national sovereigns
23:47 verisimilitude Is that article supposed to make me think Binance is cool?
23:47 vex shit, 1trilly per month?
23:49 verisimilitude Doesn't government regulation directly oppose what Bitcoin was intended to be?
23:50 verisimilitude ``I want to send coins to this wallet.'' ``No.''
23:51 mats thats your fault for buying gox coin and asking them to send to a prohibited address
23:51 mats doesnt have anything to do with bitcoins
23:54 mats if that friction persists, i expect goxcoins to trade at a mild discount compared to realcoin
23:54 mats like eurodollars have a premium
23:56 billymg mats: already do. if you want to buy from an ATM there's usually a +10-12% spread
23:56 mats thats the reverse effect
23:57 verisimilitude What's so great about Binance, mats?
23:57 billymg yes, so you could argue the gox coins are at a discount compared to the ATM coins
23:57 mats no, the atm coins are discounted
23:57 billymg because they don't carry the markup
23:57 mats ok, i follow now, but its not exactly the same thing
23:58 billymg really? pretty sure they're discounted when *selling*
23:58 mats the atm operators are extracting a premium to make markets
23:58 billymg sure, but the net effect is "pay premium for non gox coins" i.e. gox coins essentially have a discount
23:59 asciilifeform << 'people' who behave amoebically (i.e. follow gradient of 'tastier right there right now'). and see also.
23:59 dulapbot Logged on 2022-03-06 17:41:44 billymg: asciilifeform: what does 'hill climbers' mean in this context?
23:59 mats kyc free atms in usa are going away by end of year anyway
23:59 mats my surveys indicate theyve been evaporating in advance of the mandate
23:59 billymg mats: yeah, kyc free everything seems to be drying up
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