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01:12 adlai ben_vulpes: literally nothing: "If a defpackage form appears as a top level form, all of the actions normally performed by this macro at load time must also be performed at compile time."
01:21 ben_vulpes looked nutty, ty asciilifeform adlai
01:22 adlai << it's in more than one volume of taocp, but "discusses" is a drastic overstatement. he just gives a few "port the aforementioned binary algorithm" exercises. if you're still curious - it's in "Seminumerical Algorithms"
01:22 a111 Logged on 2017-01-07 23:33 gabriel_laddel_p: also, if you could locate the precise knuth book where he discusses balanced ternery, and then find me a warez copy, that would be useful
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01:53 gabriel_laddel_p Incidentally, I have a copy of that volume and don't need a link.
01:54 gabriel_laddel_p For those who don't read everything, here is the message adlai either ignored or cribbed.
01:54 a111 Logged on 2017-01-07 23:40 netmonk: gabriel_laddel_p: first part of your request is basic google search :
01:59 gabriel_laddel_p A task for anyone who has the time: people have recently (re?)discovered that when you run visible light into a "nanomaterial" with a "grating" whose components are less than the wavelength of light, you get interesting effects.
01:59 gabriel_laddel_p
01:59 gabriel_laddel_p Are these effects generalizable across all types of EM wave?
01:59 gabriel_laddel_p If not, why?
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02:33 * adlai should start a collection of these
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04:28 netmonk
04:28 netmonk cash restriction proposal from European commision
~ 19 minutes ~
04:47 netmonk In view of the development of cryptocurrencies and the existence of other means of payments ensuring
04:47 netmonk anonymity, an option could be to extend the restrictions to cash payments to all payments ensuring anonymity
04:47 netmonk (cryptocurrencies, payment in kinds, etc.).
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10:04 asciilifeform << paywall
10:04 a111 Logged on 2017-01-30 06:59 gabriel_laddel_p:
10:05 asciilifeform fwiw metamaterial lens was promised years ago
10:05 asciilifeform i suspect that reduction to practice is nontrivial.
10:07 asciilifeform in other lulz:
10:08 asciilifeform 'Debian Bug report logs - #852751
10:08 asciilifeform [cryptkeeper] Sets the same password "p" for everything independently of user input'
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10:29 mircea_popescu netmonk hey, it worked so well for india... and moreover socialist "europe" SO VERY MUCH wants to be just like india that i'm not at all surprised.
10:29 mircea_popescu asciilifeform lol sounds about right.
10:31 mircea_popescu the above being the ENTIRETY of "usg cyberwarfare capacity" by the way. that it got idiots (schneier, koch, weimer etc), to write software that sets p as password everywhere independent of user input and then ten million imbecile lusers to use that "because it's what everyone does" where everyone is so defined to exclude everyone sane.
10:31 mircea_popescu supposedly this is an achievement, dunno.
10:38 asciilifeform that and overflows.
10:38 mircea_popescu overflows are pretty much that.
10:39 mircea_popescu but, be that as it may, overflows are actually republic/other fiats speciality. it's how the usg gets owned in general.
10:41 mircea_popescu and i submit the "fappening" is a fine example of how the usg-ustards close coupling works in practice, because it is. so : usg got all sorts of idiots, including for instance dreamer asset sarah schneider, to take pics of their ass and put on cloud. like so :
10:42 mircea_popescu she did this, no matter how stupid, because usg told her to ; and when usg says, she does, no matter how stupid. this is the core of her identity, she's not a woman, or a person, or a mother, or anything. she's, first and foremost, good soviet ; and anything else to the degree there's space (and usg tells her to).
10:44 mircea_popescu then the republic owned the platform known as "the cloud" and published her naked ass. and the ustards, to quote, " Even if it is her and something gets leaked let's give her and everyone listed the respect to their privacy. Though on this subreddit I'm sure it goes without saying."
10:44 asciilifeform did i sleep through announcement from obummer where '50 percent off tax if you post yer arse and you're a hot chick' ?
10:44 asciilifeform how did usg 'told her to'
10:44 mircea_popescu "i was in the situation room" hillaric clinton's case was no different ; just that in the case of that old hag / usg asset nobody is interested in ass.
10:45 mircea_popescu asciilifeform "gotta use smartphone".
10:45 mircea_popescu how did "islam" tell woman to wear shit on her face ?
10:46 asciilifeform afaik smartphone caught on ~because~ lusers like taking photos of own arse; rather than imposed so that such.
10:47 mircea_popescu so then, this exact idiocy repeats itself time and again. 1. tells ustards to use $item-which-sets-all-passwords-as-p-independent-of-user-input ; 2. ustards do. 3. republic owns them, and puts them to whatever use more adequate to their tard genes, such as fap fodder, lulzcow, whatever. 4. the usg comes up with a color of your bits "goes without saying".
10:47 mircea_popescu that's the whole comedy, and it's playing again and again and again and again. republic decides us elections ? usg claims putin did it!
10:47 mircea_popescu hurr durr.
10:47 mircea_popescu asciilifeform recall the discussion re apple/"apple" recently ?
10:47 asciilifeform which one?
10:48 asciilifeform we have one maybe every other day
10:48 mircea_popescu usg does not exist and is not held here to signify anything but the "collective abject idiocy" aka "the female mind" aka "the community consensus" etc. it is specifically NOT the case that there exists something even vaguely in the vein you think of (ie, a powerful and directed, self-conscious usg, the "lizard hitler" or such)
10:49 mircea_popescu asciilifeform << there.
10:49 a111 Logged on 2016-12-31 18:18 mircea_popescu: "apple", does it make it better if it's "apple" in quotes ?
10:49 asciilifeform 'conscious usg' consists of 1) the weapons systems that still, in some fashion, work 2) the folx servicing them.
10:49 mircea_popescu no weapons systems work.
10:49 mircea_popescu and nobody services them.
10:49 mircea_popescu this was 1990s. 25 years change things.
10:50 asciilifeform i suspect that it will not be long to wait, to find out which, if any, work.
10:50 mircea_popescu !#s deterrent
10:50 a111 16 results for "deterrent",
10:50 * asciilifeform brb, teatime
10:51 mircea_popescu
10:51 a111 Logged on 2017-01-25 16:10 asciilifeform: in other lulz, 'US urged Britain to keep Trident blunder secret. Obama administration ‘feared missile failure put American nuclear deterrent at risk’.'
10:57 mircea_popescu anyway. there do exist utterly imbecile "revolutionaries" and "Activists" in the vein described for instance by that article. but these are not either powerful ; or self-conscious.
10:57 a111 Logged on 2017-01-25 23:42 ben_vulpes: in other gabriel_laddel comments that have babe army swooning:
10:58 mircea_popescu they have all the self-determination of the average ferret : if you keep hens in a henhouse it will try and sometimes succeed to get in and suck blood off a few of them. that's it and that's all. there's no ferret poetry, no ferret philosophy, no ferret tools even. exactly like in the case of any orcs, if you see them wearing armor or wielding actual weapons as opposed to "random shit they found in their immediate surrounding
10:58 mircea_popescu s" you know there's a human somewhere helping them. because they, on their own power, are not capable. monkeys, entirely.
~ 16 minutes ~
11:15 gabriel_laddel_p < full text
11:20 mircea_popescu << quantum effects!
11:20 a111 Logged on 2017-01-30 15:05 asciilifeform: i suspect that reduction to practice is nontrivial.
11:24 asciilifeform gabriel_laddel_p: i get 'connection refused'
11:26 asciilifeform mircea_popescu: there is ~always 'a human somewhere helping them'. recall the sakharov thread.
11:26 mircea_popescu not that i've seen.
11:27 asciilifeform or, more recently,
11:27 a111 Logged on 2016-12-16 14:31 mircea_popescu: japan got buldozed chiefly because of the utterly immoral attitude of thinking people at the time.
11:27 mircea_popescu amusingly the whole "he's black so of course he knows what he's doing" thing in the 70s (which yes, was an actual thing in the heads of all the retarded jew princesses, sarah schneiders of their time both felt they're personally insufficient and imagined they can find the missing parts on their own)
11:27 mircea_popescu is a fine example in this vein. womenz keep looking around for men, can't find any.
11:28 mircea_popescu so it is with the orcs, and so it is with all the inferior life.
11:28 mircea_popescu it's necessarily more abundant than what it lacks ; and it does after a fashion shamble about looking for a head to screw on
11:28 mircea_popescu BRAAAAINZZZZZ
11:29 asciilifeform ...for a head to screw on ? or instead for a lion to skin and wear the skin ?
11:29 mircea_popescu from the perspective of the dogvomit these aren't meaningfully different.
11:29 asciilifeform consider obummer, the long-awaited, at last found, 'black head'
11:29 gabriel_laddel_p asciilifeform:
11:30 asciilifeform ty gabriel_laddel_p , loads
11:30 asciilifeform gabriel_laddel_p: you really oughta get an actual box to put these on
11:30 asciilifeform (and for other warez in general)
11:31 gabriel_laddel_p asciilifeform: Yep. Over CLIM-beirc-wotnet, eventually.
11:31 asciilifeform gabriel_laddel_p: were you involved with the experiment described in this link ? any thoughts on replicating same in jungle conditions ?
11:32 gabriel_laddel_p asciilifeform: I was not. And presently have no ideas as to how this would be done in jungle conditions.
11:33 gabriel_laddel_p I wonder how hard it would be to "brain parasite" a community college..
11:34 asciilifeform gabriel_laddel_p: dunno that electron beam nanofabrication happens at typical 'community college'
11:34 asciilifeform and didntcha already infiltrate stanford ? do it there.
11:36 gabriel_laddel_p ftr, I was asking if there are comparable effects at EM frequencies other than visible light. I presently have no use for said technology, though it would be fun to replicate.
11:37 asciilifeform or hm, nm, you need atomic layer epitaxy rig. you will need to infiltrate a semiconductor fab.
11:37 mircea_popescu dude, fun is for rich people. go work.
11:38 asciilifeform gabriel_laddel_p: you can test this with bare hands. a metamaterial for long waves is also known as... ordinary waveguide. chandra bose made these in 1890s!
11:40 asciilifeform gabriel_laddel_p: i recommend to take the advice of mircea_popescu ! in the sense where it is a waste of brain cycles to , past certain point, design 'atomic dirigible' if you haven't with what to make it, and have no foreseeable approach to it
11:42 asciilifeform the best that can be had from such work is to leave behind 'davinci's notebook'
11:42 mircea_popescu not anymore. that worked then because relatively rare written production.
11:42 asciilifeform aha, modern 'davinci's notebooks' drown in liquishit.
11:43 mircea_popescu there's an overproduction of written material today ; writing something of that nature is exactly akin to braying in the public market. it helps no one and degrades a scarce resource.
11:43 asciilifeform consider the difficulty of getting thinking folx to so much as consider al schwartz's parity violator.
11:43 gabriel_laddel_p asciilifeform: I'm not designing an atomic dirigible. I'm catching up on all the learning I've forsaken over the past four years to build Masamune. Yes, the eventual goal is to make a lispm, but it isn't as if I'm skipping meals to do CPU design.
11:44 asciilifeform gabriel_laddel_p: 'catching up on missed learning' would look more like, say, working through exercises in feynman, say
11:44 asciilifeform rather than salivation over cutting-edge chemistries
11:45 mircea_popescu lol fabulous, he's dropped that to find a deeper fold to retreat into. who's gonna tell him he's wasting his time NAO BITCH!!!1
11:45 gabriel_laddel_p Dropped what?
11:45 mircea_popescu dude, just because you're male doesn't imply you should try and emulate ascaris lumbricoides.
11:46 mircea_popescu gabriel_laddel_p you're going the wrong direction. you don't need something MORE abstract to dick around with.
11:47 gabriel_laddel_p I'm still confused about what I dropped.
11:47 asciilifeform gabriel_laddel_p: actually i somehow assumed that you wanted the metalens so as to enable chip microphotography in kitchen conditions
11:47 asciilifeform (i.e. without electron microscope)
11:47 asciilifeform it seemed like the obvious reason.
11:47 mircea_popescu << what's this ?
11:47 a111 Logged on 2017-01-30 16:43 gabriel_laddel_p: asciilifeform: I'm not designing an atomic dirigible. I'm catching up on all the learning I've forsaken over the past four years to build Masamune. Yes, the eventual goal is to make a lispm, but it isn't as if I'm skipping meals to do CPU design.
11:48 shinohai !~later tell BingoBoingo plox to PM regarding possible submission when available thx
11:48 jhvh1 shinohai: The operation succeeded.
11:48 gabriel_laddel_p mircea_popescu: me not dropping anything?
11:48 mircea_popescu this is a contradiction.
11:49 gabriel_laddel_p I was adding support for shapefiles and svgs earlier today because the "base layer" of masamune is complete, and I can now rely on it to grow with me moving forwards.
11:50 mircea_popescu o you were ?
11:50 trinque hmph!
11:50 asciilifeform gabriel_laddel_p: out of curiosity, how did you go about this? (wrote svg parser from scratch? ...or welded on heathen crapola?)
11:51 asciilifeform and why svg? why not own vector graphics format, made of sexpr ?
11:54 mircea_popescu asciilifeform incidentally i fully expect whoever does the graphing work to end up with the core of what will be tmsr sexpr svg in the end.
11:55 mircea_popescu speaking of which phf you still working on that ?
11:55 gabriel_laddel_p
11:56 gabriel_laddel_p asciilifeform: I'm updating an incomplete svg parser someone else wrote + tying it to open government datasets.
11:56 gabriel_laddel_p .svgs are essentially paths you can feed to CLIM:DRAW-POLYGON*
11:57 gabriel_laddel_p shapefiles are heathen nonsense, but it turns out they can be easily converted to json, which CL has plenty of parsers for.
11:59 mircea_popescu mkay. i don't think this is working out for me.
11:59 mircea_popescu !!rated gabriel_laddel_p
11:59 deedbot mircea_popescu rated gabriel_laddel_p 1 at 2016/12/01 18:38:14 << Crazed Cali Kid, but at least banging his head against a goldmine rather than a brick wall.
11:59 mircea_popescu !!rate gabriel_laddel_p -1 turns out the appeal was mostly to bang the head.
11:59 deedbot Get your OTP:
12:00 mircea_popescu !!v 28C3E30ED398C25E1278E3DA033B40FB223310615BBD27A87B3E2512D89559BB
12:00 deedbot mircea_popescu updated rating of gabriel_laddel_p from 1 to -1 << turns out the appeal was mostly to bang the head.
12:08 asciilifeform in other shitwares,
12:09 asciilifeform 'The usual advice given on the forums now is just to start Gimp running and then leave it alone - don't even touch the keyboard or the mouse, just get up, walk away and go do something else for at least an hour.(Yes, really!) When you come back, Gimp will probably be up and running and you will then have no further problems.'
12:09 gabriel_laddel_p mircea_popescu: ?
12:10 gabriel_laddel_p mircea_popescu: Would you mind explaining why what I'm doing constitutes "banging my head"?
12:20 asciilifeform in other lulz, << finally found practical use for thermocamera: fast search for bad caps..
12:32 BingoBoingo lol, well done alf
~ 20 minutes ~
12:52 asciilifeform in other noose, << i dun think i can make'em cheaper than this.
12:53 asciilifeform ^ anyone test this particular part ?
~ 24 minutes ~
13:17 mircea_popescu asciilifeform nope
13:17 mircea_popescu how did you find it anyway ?
13:18 mircea_popescu !~later tell gabriel_laddel_p review your record. what have you made that i currently use ? useful means useful, and you're not it. that you're not it in spite of allegedly being capable rather than because incapable does not speak in your favour ; but on the contrary.
13:18 jhvh1 mircea_popescu: The operation succeeded.
13:19 asciilifeform mircea_popescu: yandex iirc.
13:20 asciilifeform found also others but that one is cheapest. (though could, now that i think about it, be cheaper still if it omitted the max232 and just spoke raw ttl 0-5v instead of proper rs232.)
13:20 mircea_popescu asciilifeform ah, no, i did test it. the converter is cheap, which means cheap. low q optics.
13:20 asciilifeform mircea_popescu: the application i am considering does not call for ultra-sensitive optics, though. 'normal people' use fiber to talk over multiple km. in my case -- a few metres, max.
13:21 mircea_popescu perfectly adequate for even 10 meter long lines. i dunno why in my head it was "multikm"
13:22 asciilifeform also apparently toslink comes with ~terrifyingly~ bad receivers, they have too much jitter to work with raw unprocessed rs232, need a manchester encoder.
13:22 asciilifeform and also they have large (comparatively) plugs, which means a ~1cm hole in shield enclosure.
13:22 asciilifeform better imho to use standard fiber and screw jacks, as seen in linked item.
13:22 mircea_popescu if you're going to do this, better use led epoxy'd into laser cut (or sharp exacto knife cut) fibers.
13:23 mircea_popescu then you only need hole as big as the fiber.
13:23 asciilifeform you don't need laser for 'few metres'
13:23 mircea_popescu well no, but if you have it already.
13:25 mircea_popescu asciilifeform ftr i have nfi what gimp these people use, but it does not sound like anything i ever used.
13:26 asciilifeform mac
13:28 mircea_popescu yeah well.
13:28 mircea_popescu the best advice for mactard is to walk away from the box ; for an hour, a day or ideally forever.
~ 18 minutes ~
13:46 asciilifeform << finally, what i had in mind.
13:47 asciilifeform ^ with schematic.
~ 18 minutes ~
14:05 * asciilifeform bought a set, will test and post result.
14:06 trinque asciilifeform: top sekret project?
14:06 asciilifeform trinque: just obvious line of inquiry
14:06 asciilifeform tested a 'BUD Industries' cast aluminum and elastic conductor gasket rf box , recently, incidentally.
14:06 asciilifeform worx great.
14:07 asciilifeform (most elementary test: place pnojes, and other small but reasonably powerful rf-emitting gadgets inside, and try and connect to'em)
14:21 * asciilifeform idly wonders if at the end of this experiment he will end up with physically ~same box as what mircea_popescu made.
14:24 mircea_popescu seems to be going that way.
14:28 asciilifeform oddly enough, the biggest conundrum in 'make a microwaveable comp' seems to be... the power switch
14:28 asciilifeform so far best i can think of is a third fiber (on top of usual rx and tx) connected to phototransistor and power fet.
14:29 asciilifeform runner up is reed switch and magnet.
14:31 asciilifeform there is also mercury tilt switch, then entire unit becomes own power switch
14:31 asciilifeform but has down-sides, can waste battery during transport.
14:31 asciilifeform and will probably get the owner gassed immediately in any airport.
14:31 asciilifeform (picture what this'd look like on xray)
~ 15 minutes ~
14:47 mircea_popescu a... bomb.
14:55 asciilifeform aha, stereotypical, 'not even trying to be subtle' bomb
14:55 asciilifeform probably adequate even for the automated image recognition nonsense to ring the bell.
14:56 asciilifeform (ever see the test boxes the scanner vendors include ? they're more or less this, iron box with battery, wires, mercury switch...)
14:56 BingoBoingo !!up walter_
14:56 deedbot walter_ voiced for 30 minutes.
14:56 asciilifeform betcha you couldn't even ~mail~ this gadget, much less take on airplane.
14:56 BingoBoingo walter_: Who is your daddy and what does he do?
14:59 walter_ I quite didn't expect that question
15:03 mircea_popescu !!up walter_
15:03 deedbot walter_ voiced for 30 minutes.
15:03 walter_ Hi all. Thanks for the +v. Missed this channel.
15:03 mircea_popescu and who might you be ?
15:04 walter_ right now I'm a reader wondering why this:
15:04 mircea_popescu !~google "ia_archiver"
15:04 jhvh1 mircea_popescu: Alexa's Web and Site Audit Crawlers – Alexa Support: <>; ia_archiver user-agent / bot - <>; ia_archiver : to block or not to block? - Alternative Search ...: <>
15:04 mircea_popescu heh. because piece of shit.
15:05 trinque ??
15:05 a111 Logged on 2016-12-05 13:54 walter__: phf, what's special about 2005 ThinkPads?
15:06 trinque
15:06 a111 Logged on 2016-12-05 14:07 mircea_popescu: in which vein, register a key first.
15:07 walter_ mircea_popescu, I would ban that too, but looks it also affects*/*
15:07 mircea_popescu that is a benefit.
15:07 mircea_popescu belongs the same place belongs.
15:08 walter_ the USA?
15:08 mircea_popescu same place the written record left by the hittite empire went.
15:09 mircea_popescu they call it lethe.
15:09 mircea_popescu it's a river down south.
15:10 walter_ "the Lethe flowed around the cave of Hypnos and through the Underworld, where all those who drank from it experienced complete forgetfulness"
15:11 walter_ sorry not sure I understood
15:11 BingoBoingo Are you sure?
15:12 mircea_popescu he just said he's not sure
15:15 walter_ I'm too stupid for the puzzle. What's wrong with
15:18 mircea_popescu run by terrorists. i prefer
15:22 walter_ I'm archiving important stuff recently, and noticed responses do not contain Last-Modified header. Is it on purpose?
15:30 mircea_popescu not really
15:30 mircea_popescu though trilema articles don't actually change. do you mean the root ? or the comments ?
15:31 walter_ any page
15:32 walter_ e.g.
15:33 mircea_popescu yeah '; what i'm asking is, are you trying to get a signal when there's new comments ? because otherwise trilema articles do not change.
15:33 walter_ oh, no. I'm using wget to save websites locally. It relies on Last-Modified to know if it should re-download the page.
15:34 mircea_popescu so it shouldn't.
15:34 mircea_popescu !!up walter_
15:34 deedbot walter_ voiced for 30 minutes.
15:34 walter_ but it does, because the header is missing
15:35 mircea_popescu so is it buggy then ?
15:36 walter_ from HTTP and wget perspective, I'd say yes
15:36 walter_ but this is so common in the internet to ignore Last-Modified that you could argue ;)
15:37 mircea_popescu your tool i mean. since it's redownloading when it shouldn't.
15:38 mircea_popescu if a website doesn't provide "last modified", is it logical to assume that it never changes or that it just changed ?
15:38 walter_ there's no way to tell
15:38 mircea_popescu and if a girl is passed out, is it logical to assume she's not into getting laid, or that she's really wet for you, or also no way to tell ?
15:46 walter_ I'd say the proper way would be for articles to "change" when new comments are added, so the page would be re-downloaded
15:53 mircea_popescu the problem would be that because of how the theme works with the recent comments thing all articles "change" whenever a new comment is added/
15:54 mircea_popescu i dunno. in truth the maintenance of mp-wp is a bit in the air right now ; but if you want to make a patch by all means.
15:54 walter_ oh I get it now. There's a "recent comments" section that ruins the idea
15:55 walter_ since its dynamic content
15:55 mircea_popescu kind-of.
15:56 walter_ I'm afraid I cannot patch a PHP website. I can only suggest that it gains the ability to respond Last-Modified, perhaps at the cost of removing the dynamic section (should be fine as a separate page)
15:56 mircea_popescu well ok, but what's that do.
15:57 walter_ that would allow to optimize syncing of local website copy with the origin
15:57 mircea_popescu no i mean, the suggesting.
15:57 walter_ oh.. nothing I guess
16:00 walter_ what I'm thinking is how to efficiently replicate and update a copy of a website, to protect from e.g. somebody taking down the site, and banning in my country
16:00 mircea_popescu well, run a wget, you have the whole list of articles conveniently given in archives.
16:00 mircea_popescu then burn it on a cd or such
16:01 walter_ right. That's what I'm doing usually. The problem is updating for new articles. The "sync" takes thousands of HTTP requests
16:01 walter_ I usually add delays to not overload the server, so it runs quite long
16:02 mircea_popescu there must be some way to tell wget to not get files you already have.
16:02 walter_ there is
16:02 walter_ its doable even without Last-Modified
16:02 walter_ but not as good ofc
16:03 mircea_popescu it's not just the recent comments ; headers change daily also.
16:03 asciilifeform mircea_popescu: iirc there is only 'no-clobber'
16:03 asciilifeform which isn't quite it, iirc it still fetches (why? nfi) the unwanted files.
16:05 asciilifeform << the last wget thread.
16:05 a111 Logged on 2016-06-16 01:12 mircea_popescu: they're on a different domain, as per wordpress idiocy. and wget is apparently written by imbeciles.
16:06 mircea_popescu heh i c
16:06 asciilifeform quite typical opensores proggy.
16:07 mircea_popescu anyway, i guess in desperation bash script to curl for and then hit each article once.
16:08 asciilifeform meanwhile, in monkeystan,
16:08 asciilifeform 'Impeachment is gaining ground because it is the only way to get him out, and because Republicans are already deserting this president in droves, and because the man is psychiatrically incapable of checking whether something is legal before he does it.'
16:08 mircea_popescu heh
16:08 mircea_popescu unlike bahamas, of course
16:08 mircea_popescu who had the da lie before the supreme court.
16:09 mircea_popescu "the tax that's not a tax" very psychiatrically sound.
16:09 asciilifeform 'They are running for cover on how to kill ObamaCare without killing patients or Republican re-election hopes.'
16:09 asciilifeform lulzy piece.
16:10 mircea_popescu it is safe to say the non-sanctioned republican party wll spend the remainder of its short, unappy life running for an ever more evanescent cover.
16:10 mircea_popescu which isn't particularily surprising, who the fuck actually wants kerry or mccain.
16:12 trinque so, it's gaining ground because an online "petition" ?
16:12 trinque great job, huffpo
16:12 mircea_popescu don't tell me you don't understand "how the world works".
16:13 mircea_popescu they're gonna say it as if it's fact ; on the basis of the hordes of idiots they spawned not being capable of distinguishing fact from writ from fiction. if it catches on good ; if not the "democrat" socialist horde has no memory anyway, so they'll be right there next week importantly sprouting a novel ream of nonsense. as if it were fact ; as if they mattered.
16:14 trinque by now "we did it, reddit!" has leaked into every other rag on the net
16:14 mircea_popescu then walter_ is gonna ask me about standards, apparently on the basis of his impression that such a thing as standards can even exist without l1 signing off.
16:17 mircea_popescu and, of course, no matter what fucking happens,
16:18 mircea_popescu because, of course, "Sepan los nacidos y los que van nacer que nacimos para vencer y no para ser vencidos."
16:18 mircea_popescu and bla bla.
16:20 mircea_popescu incredible that we're still stuck fighting the fucking spanish. won't these idiots just go die already ? they fucked up an empire five centuries ago ; they're still here looking for gifted empires to fuck up.
~ 1 hours 27 minutes ~
17:48 asciilifeform in other heathenlulz,
17:48 * asciilifeform somewhat astonished that litecoin still exists
17:52 BingoBoingo asciilifeform: BBQcoin to my knowledge still "exists"
17:53 deedbot << Qntra - Reminder: Hussein Bahamas Banned Iraqi Refugees By Executive Order In 2011
17:59 asciilifeform BingoBoingo: still emits blocks regularly..?
17:59 BingoBoingo asciilifeform: Don't care enough to look
18:01 mircea_popescu republic of china also still exists!
18:04 BingoBoingo But the shitlords at the UN took their seat away and gave it to the Chicoms!
18:04 mircea_popescu aha
~ 1 hours 5 minutes ~
19:09 BingoBoingo Diesel piss injector fluid
19:12 ben_vulpes going to bounce a few times here shortly
19:16 asciilifeform !~later tell danielpbarron your www is down ?
19:16 jhvh1 asciilifeform: The operation succeeded.
19:17 ben_vulpes asciilifeform: for a few days now, i think he's waiting for me to cough a mp-wp up
19:19 asciilifeform aah
19:21 danielpbarron yz
19:21 danielpbarron sorry about that, but all of my posts are'd if you need something in particular
19:24 ben_vulpes (maint over)
~ 1 hours 19 minutes ~
20:43 deedbot << Recent Phuctorings. - Phuctored: 1651...8113 divides RSA Moduli belonging to ' (ssh-rsa key from (13-14 June 2016 extraction) for Phuctor import. Ask asciilifeform or framedragger on Freenode, or email fd at mkj dot lt) <>; ' (Unknown CZ ST)
20:43 deedbot << Recent Phuctorings. - Phuctored: 1357...2489 divides RSA Moduli belonging to ' (ssh-rsa key from (13-14 June 2016 extraction) for Phuctor import. Ask asciilifeform or framedragger on Freenode, or email fd at mkj dot lt) <>; ' (Unknown CZ ST)
20:49 * ben_vulpes waves at asciilifeform
20:51 ben_vulpes <<
20:51 a111 Logged on 2017-01-28 04:46 asciilifeform: or nm, just drops 'actions'
20:51 ben_vulpes pheexd.
21:00 trinque oya?
21:01 asciilifeform ben_vulpes: neato
21:10 ben_vulpes trinque puzzlingly enough subclassing logbot and defining an ircbot-connect :after method to add the relevant hook (ctcp-action-message, in case anyone is looking for cl-irc action message hooks later) did not result in a hook landing in the connection object that the message-dispatcher would poop into
21:11 ben_vulpes so the patch is currently sitting in logbot code
21:14 trinque dunno why an :after wouldn't work
21:14 trinque there's an :around but it's politely calling call-next-method
21:16 trinque I don't think I'd want to subclass for that though, whole thing just needs to fart raw protocol lines into the db
21:16 ben_vulpes no disagreement on that point.
21:18 simonpenner so what all bitcoin stuff do you all get up to here
21:18 simonpenner since I'm noticing this trend
21:18 mircea_popescu wow that was a broken question. try again ?
21:18 asciilifeform from the dept. of wtf :
21:19 mircea_popescu and in other news opengl managed to break my machine. gooo team gui!
21:19 asciilifeform this has gotta be the most elaborate heathen shannonization of the l0gz to date
21:19 ben_vulpes asciilifeform: wowee
21:19 ben_vulpes ada /and/ cardano?
21:19 ben_vulpes "why don't they like us yet?!"
21:20 asciilifeform and who knows wat else
21:20 mircea_popescu asciilifeform i think we should just stop playing now, dat usg is just too competent.
21:20 asciilifeform apparently!!
21:20 mircea_popescu suspicious lack of pr0n though.
21:20 asciilifeform i can't picture this being the only one , also
21:21 asciilifeform ZILLION GOSSIPD EXCHANGED!!
21:21 mircea_popescu i like the font.
21:21 ben_vulpes nanananananananan
21:21 ben_vulpes WATMAN
21:21 trinque where's the upward inflecting graph? hacks
21:21 mircea_popescu i also like the game development <-> apple / google arrow schematics.
21:22 mircea_popescu i think it has potential.
21:22 ben_vulpes my dong has potential
21:22 ben_vulpes trinque: i don't have the appetite for the protocol-level patch atm
21:22 asciilifeform wonder if this was kako's Seekrit Project
21:23 mircea_popescu ben_vulpes your dong actually has offspring what.
21:23 ben_vulpes i thought that was an ice cream shop
21:23 ben_vulpes mircea_popescu: moar spawn, moar potential
21:23 asciilifeform ben_vulpes: nah that was pre-braindamage kako
21:23 mircea_popescu this is a good point
21:24 ben_vulpes trinque: i briefly looked at but it smells like new
21:25 asciilifeform oh hey hey hey lbj:
21:25 asciilifeform
21:25 ben_vulpes lolwtf
21:26 asciilifeform 'A decentralized network system fully-utilizing Blockchain in every aspect, aims at solving current difficulties faced by key cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, preventing from frauds and money-laundering, ID management and being a mediator with taxing/administrative system in various countries.
21:26 asciilifeform In this network system, Blockchain is used for managing development and release of game applications, players matching, game fairness and payment function.'
21:26 ben_vulpes there is so much js on that page my poor computer cannot cope
21:26 trinque ben_vulpes: I'd rather get some gossipd work rolling than put any more effort into hugging the IRC turd tighter
21:26 ben_vulpes scrolling at three frames per second!
21:26 ben_vulpes trinque: aye, witcha
21:26 ben_vulpes the odd surgical cut ain't so bad
21:26 trinque we could implement the stuff ircbot actually uses in cl-irc as one macro, a socket, and a ping/pong loop
21:26 asciilifeform ben_vulpes: it's optimized for crapplepad
21:26 trinque but, works
21:27 asciilifeform ben_vulpes: where it renders beautifully
21:27 asciilifeform brain-melting.
21:27 ben_vulpes this is a crapbook!
21:27 ben_vulpes no man js like that is never optimized
21:28 ben_vulpes it is always cobbled together out of five different wordpress themes and four javascript libraries
21:28 mircea_popescu ^
21:28 ben_vulpes i recently saw a wp plugin also pull some near-mb of jsolade in to serve a modal
21:28 ben_vulpes *present* a modal
21:28 mircea_popescu which one is the modal again ?
21:28 asciilifeform at any rate, if somebody feels like a bit of exercise -- would be hilarious, to learn whothefuck, and wai
21:29 asciilifeform and when
21:29 mircea_popescu asciilifeform nobody because why not. you're welcome.
21:29 asciilifeform mircea_popescu delivers.
21:29 mircea_popescu there's also a band which thinks it's tmsr ; and other such things. there is, as previously mentioned, a small island thinks itself "the republic of china".
21:29 mircea_popescu way of the usg.
21:30 mircea_popescu there's a "ukraina" which does ~same as the "us army" does, ie steiner angriffs every other day.
21:30 asciilifeform polish government in exile!!1111
21:30 mircea_popescu which reminds me, i had a dream last night, mosul had been actually conquered by teh coalitioderacy of dounces and they were rebuilding it.
21:30 mircea_popescu in kansas.
21:31 ben_vulpes living arab museum! complete with sectarian warfare!
21:31 ben_vulpes put it a mile down the road from the amish
21:31 ben_vulpes wcgw (tm) (r)
21:32 mircea_popescu myeah. the locals were kinda wtf, why does there have to be an "artificial river" ie this muddy trench and they gotta wear weird clothes
21:32 mircea_popescu "but whatever, benefits are ok, i got dental..."
21:33 asciilifeform hey there's already williamsburg.
21:33 ben_vulpes renn fair derps could work the gate for food
21:33 mircea_popescu nobody could speak arabic but "they had been told" by a politruk it's ok to go blawhahelabalawala while waving arms in air
21:33 mircea_popescu so they mostly did
21:33 asciilifeform (18th c. theme park)
21:34 mircea_popescu asciilifeform yeah i think this was mostly dreamscape reinterpretation of my one time at some renaissance faire.
21:34 asciilifeform mircea_popescu: ever hear the ru they 'speak' in american films?
21:34 asciilifeform i always wanted to know, who came up with that.
21:34 mircea_popescu hey, you should hear the latin they speak at "ivy league" "classics".
21:34 asciilifeform unfortunately i have
21:35 mircea_popescu possibly same person came up with both.
21:35 mircea_popescu blawhahelabalawala!
21:35 asciilifeform hey it was on!!!
21:35 asciilifeform must be tru.
21:35 mircea_popescu i think the is actually or something.
21:36 asciilifeform nope?
21:36 asciilifeform it's a null it seems
21:36 mircea_popescu oh ? im sure there was something
21:37 asciilifeform at any rate, Unknown Hero wins asciilifeform's bronze trololol'o'today medal
21:37 ben_vulpes "First, we're releasing a database migration tool that lets you migrate data from your Parse app to any MongoDB database" << oh that's kind of you
21:38 ben_vulpes "our developer finger trap didn't work at all, so we're going to get you stuck in this other one"
21:38 asciilifeform 'Parse' ?
21:39 asciilifeform wassat
21:39 ben_vulpes near as i ever figured out, some heinous mishmash of "totally not localstorage" and "mongo" "in the cloud"
21:39 ben_vulpes "db for mobile apps"
21:40 ben_vulpes i mean what, a rest api can't be *that* damagingly expensive for a well-funded sv startup
21:40 ben_vulpes and if it is, compiling libpq into your app and generating keys client side is trivial
21:40 * mircea_popescu imagines how sad things would have been if the computers of the 1990s were tablets instead.
21:40 ben_vulpes blech
21:40 ben_vulpes asciilifeform: it's all inane insider baseball from the gilded cage
21:40 ben_vulpes > insider babble
21:41 ben_vulpes anyways, survived train ride without rupturing bladder. now to sea of dopamine, ttyl
21:46 asciilifeform mircea_popescu: i actually had an msdos tablet
21:46 asciilifeform i shit thee not
21:46 asciilifeform 'ncr penpad', from dumpster
21:47 mircea_popescu was it any good ?
21:47 asciilifeform it got me into badhabit of 'comp in bed'
21:47 asciilifeform so in that sense, terrible
21:48 asciilifeform otherwise spiffy. 20MB hdd!
21:48 asciilifeform b&w lcd, 640x480 with reflector (no lamp)
21:48 asciilifeform 386 20MHz iirc.
21:49 asciilifeform sufficed for plenty of things.
21:50 asciilifeform << heeere we go
21:50 asciilifeform photo.
21:52 asciilifeform that thing was ~glorious~.
21:53 asciilifeform esp to a kid who never even saw a laptop close-up
21:55 mircea_popescu i can see it
21:58 asciilifeform << vintage propaganda re subj
22:00 asciilifeform lulzily, the only i/o was... laplink!
22:04 mircea_popescu i had a ~9 lb laptop cca 1995 that could almost play master of orion
22:04 mircea_popescu the thing sucked.
~ 29 minutes ~
22:34 asciilifeform games were a ~nonstarter on old lappies, dualscan lcd!
22:34 asciilifeform 'snail trail'
~ 1 hours 11 minutes ~
23:45 asciilifeform btw i nearly forgot, that pen box had 100% STEEL case
23:45 asciilifeform hence the astonishing weight
23:46 asciilifeform where do i buy a steel lappy nao?
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