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00:01 deedbot << Qntra - Trump Issues Ultimatum To GOP Senators: Start Selling!
00:03 BingoBoingo So, apparently a lot of Lichs do the coinbase thing and don't keep sole/soul possession of their phylacterys
00:05 mircea_popescu awwww
00:08 mircea_popescu wikipedia is such a lulz. after the earlier "ddt from an usian perspective" lulz, here's jewish manhood from an old woman's lens :
00:08 mircea_popescu If Jewish gangsters still thrived today, if they hadn't gone legit, if Jews of my generation didn't regard them as figments, creatures to be classed with Big Foot and the Loch Ness monster, I think the Jewish community would be better off.[11] ”
00:08 mircea_popescu Following Cohen's line of reasoning, one could say that Jewish-American organized crime played a role in the emancipation of the Jewish-American community from the ancient stereotypes. However, Cohen's description of Jewish gangsters ignores their criminality and immorality. These tough characters were still gangsters who extorted, exploited and murdered other members of the Jewish-American community for profit. They forced J
00:08 mircea_popescu ewish women into prostitution,[6][page needed] and were generally considered a scourge within their own community.
00:09 * mircea_popescu is all for an organised effort of "their own community" forced goat prostitution. why exactly is hillary clinton not naked in the barn atm ?
00:09 mircea_popescu keep the ewes for meat and the goats for the hilarities.
00:10 BingoBoingo You forget the Jewish peculiarity. If you knock up a Jewish woman, even if the baby comes out dark chocolate, it is still 'on their team' jewfro and all.
00:11 mircea_popescu so let there be a lot of goat-headed new jews, what.
00:11 mircea_popescu how is mccain any better ?
00:12 BingoBoingo McCain is not better. McCain apparently gave away the phylactry and is no longer invulerable to the natural immortaility of his oldgender.
00:13 BingoBoingo *mortality
00:13 mircea_popescu heh
00:13 BingoBoingo Shouldn't have trusted phylacterybase.soros
00:19 mircea_popescu asciilifeform incidentally re the sub dreams you certainly know of fainberg ?
00:21 mircea_popescu
00:22 mircea_popescu (the defense attorney name kicks all possible ass)
00:26 asciilifeform lol sure does!
00:26 asciilifeform and yes heard
00:26 asciilifeform who hadn't heard
00:27 asciilifeform if only he scored the sub, too.. i dun think usg coast guard carries depth charges
00:27 mircea_popescu smells of usgtronic nonsense miles away ; much like the usg-organized kidnapping and extorsion of orthodox rabbis in the "divorce torture plot"/
00:27 mircea_popescu goes well with the iirc discussed "sex scandal" of the lessee
00:27 asciilifeform goes best with the 'death ray of new york' 'plot'
00:28 mircea_popescu hmmm i never put this in the logs ?!
00:28 asciilifeform not iirc
00:30 asciilifeform !~google divorce torture plot
00:30 jhvh1 asciilifeform: 2013 New York divorce torture plot - Wikipedia: <>; U.S. Accuses 2 Rabbis of Kidnapping Husbands for a Fee - The ...: <>; Rabbis Accused in Kidnap, Torture Plot to Gain Divorces - Newser: (1 more message)
00:31 mircea_popescu a there we go
00:31 a111 Logged on 2014-12-12 05:24 mircea_popescu: << check out the pics lol
00:32 mircea_popescu teh good old teitelbaums, owning a larger school sytstem than the state, helped along to "dynastic disension" etcetera.
00:34 asciilifeform what's the reason to suppose that the rabbis did not do what they were accused of ?
00:34 BingoBoingo <asciilifeform> if only he scored the sub, too.. i dun think usg coast guard carries depth charges << Some bigger boats likely do
00:35 asciilifeform it seems, from my distant perch at least, 'in character'
00:35 mircea_popescu asciilifeform what's the reason to suspect you're not "holding woman against her will" ?
00:35 mircea_popescu the usg has no title and no right to ascertain such "crimes".
00:36 asciilifeform on the day that it stops chasing after folx playing usg-in-miniature , may as well close shop neh
00:36 mircea_popescu nevertheless. it's not whether they did or did not do. that consideration can't be reach for lack of standing.
00:36 asciilifeform monopolist.
00:37 asciilifeform but tru, asciilifeform was not in the warehouse, has nfi whether buncha rabbis wires some schmuck to the mains or not
00:38 mircea_popescu and if they did -- asciilifeform also not in a position to say if this is good or bad.
00:38 asciilifeform mild bias to 'good' but dunno what diff it makes
00:38 asciilifeform i dun work there
00:39 mircea_popescu there shall be no banning of words. this does not reduce to my saying nigger ; or for that matter to
00:39 a111 Logged on 2015-01-30 05:51 mircea_popescu: which is why i am not ever giving it up. the freedom to threaten is not merely my fundamental, unassailable sovereign property, but moreover essential for the construction of effectual instruments to squash the socialists and their golums.
00:39 asciilifeform was the rabbi trial about words, tho
00:39 mircea_popescu there's no proforma ban to my gouging babies eyes out and shoving them up self-same babies arseholes unlubricated.
00:39 asciilifeform or deeds
00:39 mircea_popescu there can never be a proforma ban.
00:40 asciilifeform the 'rule of law' racket is exactly about pro forma ban tho.
00:40 asciilifeform where , e.g., 'he needed gouging' is not a defense
00:41 mircea_popescu yeah well. and dirtyness is exactly about the lice.
00:43 asciilifeform however, i gotta ask, what happened to ? usg beat and imprisoned the rabbis, at the end of the day. so how come it does not 'prove superiority' in mircea_popescu's lens ?
00:43 a111 Logged on 2017-07-17 18:54 mircea_popescu: the man who, walking into a room, overpowers all present, is entitled, by right of force, to whatever he may extract.
00:43 asciilifeform if strength is what matters.
00:44 asciilifeform 'treason never prospers.. none dare call it..' etc
00:44 trinque which man is usg?
00:45 asciilifeform trinque: read the original subj -- buncha rabbis accused of 'torture for hire', jailed
00:45 asciilifeform by feds
00:47 mircea_popescu (incidentally -- sheldon adelson, who is remarkably not ever mentioned by the sort of people who keep going "koch brothers!!!", but otherwise chiefly famous for a) helping trump get 25mn to win the election and b) being involved in a very typically shakedown and then buying newspaper to attack presiding judge and also making the "charge" go away.
00:47 a111 Logged on 2017-02-27 12:30 mircea_popescu: (story there was, olympus "hired" aka finally accepted its first foreign devil ceo (michael woodford) in 2011 ; and fired him two weeks later as the dude was principally dedicated to the job of, how can we finance usg out of this japanese corp. the usg however didn't go home, but started "legal proceedings", which eventually resulted in the above theft, plus whatever office supplies woodford managed to take home. apparently 6
00:47 trinque asciilifeform: did read, my question went the other direction.
00:47 trinque usg isn't a he.
00:47 BingoBoingo In other news: Miners signaled for SegWit 'Lock In" UASF averted, network turbulence expected
00:48 mircea_popescu the substance of the usgtronic "moral panic" was all about how sheldon adelson's macau operations force local girls into prostitution and deal with triads and so on.)
00:49 asciilifeform trinque: this is a convenient device but is nonsense. robber who uses 'laws' is not somehow distinct from robber who uses knife.
00:49 asciilifeform BingoBoingo: let the anyonecanspendolade bloom? what does it do to actual btc users
00:49 asciilifeform ?
00:49 asciilifeform afaik 0
00:49 BingoBoingo AHA
00:50 trinque wasn't there some derping about 2mb blocks too?
00:50 BingoBoingo But because of SPV mining expect some orphans
00:50 trinque I admittedly didn't follow any of it
00:50 BingoBoingo trinque: Still derping, only really Silbert seems to be pushing atm
00:50 mircea_popescu asciilifeform robber who uses "laws" is properly known as whore, not robber.
00:50 asciilifeform trinque: there is eternal 'megablox' derp, never goes so far as to fork for some odd reason
00:50 mircea_popescu there's a difference between theft and robbery.
00:52 asciilifeform trinque: segshitness was in re 'we'll stop signing our tx so as to fit Moar in per block, and rando can Never! spend'em because of this other turd we shat out nowhere near the actual blockchain but Miners Will Enforce' approx
00:52 mircea_popescu (for completeness )
00:53 mircea_popescu ^ the above is exact summary of "segregated witness".
00:53 trinque asciilifeform: right, so miners are the invoice bot I'm releasing later in the month, but without my character.
00:54 mircea_popescu trinque "not a he". dream of all the losers making up the sea of dumb since forever.
00:54 mircea_popescu "act -- but not respond!"
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00:54 trinque wassat?
00:54 mircea_popescu trinque yes, the miners are the bot without the name. because that's what the tards want of this world -- to act, without responsibility. to be famous, but unknown. stuff.
00:55 trinque ah right
00:55 asciilifeform miningisabug.jpg
00:55 trinque I'm still chewing on this "usg is a man" thing, wondering if I'll hock up anything to spit
00:55 trinque even allowing the "man", *nobody* obeys when it's in the room
00:55 trinque would appear that's the entire point of it, pervasive scam
00:56 asciilifeform trinque: a beehive is not a man. but there is such a thing as a bee-keeper.
00:57 mircea_popescu it is a pervasive scam. if you can be made to believe bullshit, it may exist.
00:57 trinque corruption thread comes right back to mind. when bezos is head pantsuit, or whoever, will he look more like it, or it more like him?
00:57 mircea_popescu as the wise jew once said, "here's a bunch of pennies, let god keep what he needs and let the rest fall back down"
00:57 mircea_popescu trinque what of bezos is not entirely hillary ?
00:58 mircea_popescu she also hassled her maids, what. we're going to go by "how hard work is" nonsense on derpy blogs by derpy faux-media aspiring chicks ?
00:58 trinque no distinct male voice, can't be any men in there.
00:59 asciilifeform ocean dun have male voice either. dun help the drowned men.
01:00 mircea_popescu but it also doesn't make "drowning" some sort of ocean-agency.
01:00 mircea_popescu however many it drowns -- its score does not increase. however many go and return -- their score does increase.
01:00 asciilifeform nope. it's simply how reality reimposes itself on the strutting ballsack.
01:00 mircea_popescu this is in a word all of the original most serene republic.
01:01 asciilifeform the ancients did give impression of giving sea 'score' tho
01:01 asciilifeform this 'not increases', is modern
01:03 mircea_popescu well, the ancients had no venice.
01:03 mircea_popescu romans sucked at sailing for all the ocean scoring.
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01:03 * asciilifeform not the first or the last to wonder if living by the sea makes for vastly less idiotic cultures 'automatically', from close and regular contact with unforgiving reality
01:04 mircea_popescu nah. central america, retarded as planks. polynesia, dumber than the average horse. coast of africa off zanzibar ? i think i saw cupcakers with more iq.
01:05 asciilifeform 'by the sea' more specifically sailing. rather than sitting like beached whale.
01:05 trinque asciilifeform: is usg one of the gods in this metaphor? smothered the jewish strutting ballsacks?
01:05 trinque suppose to besos clinton it is.
01:05 asciilifeform trinque: you're far ahead of me on this train of thought, can't yet say
01:06 asciilifeform was thinking of the actual sea.
01:06 asciilifeform but mircea_popescu is right, the savages gained ~nothing from their sea.
01:07 mircea_popescu "usg as god" is about as laughable as all the iconodule fare. really, you've made this god-box ? you did ?
01:07 trinque look it has a very official sticker on it!
01:07 trinque we couldn't afford stitching
01:08 asciilifeform i'm not particular interested in trinque's straw men.
01:08 asciilifeform ftr.
01:08 trinque baw, you went from USG to ocean, not me.
01:08 mircea_popescu now, iconoclasm is necessarily a sort of bullshit. but this does not make the iconolater anything more than the common dog, seriously now. manufactured gods ? and what, with a family ?
01:08 a111 Logged on 2017-07-21 04:40 asciilifeform: the 'rule of law' racket is exactly about pro forma ban tho.
01:09 asciilifeform trinque's picture, not mine.
01:09 mircea_popescu the ocean stays the ocean in this discussion for just as long as no one made it ; and not a minute longer. electricity, witness, no longer any kind of god.
01:09 asciilifeform usg -- artifical bee hive.
01:09 mircea_popescu the lion no kind of god either, not since its continued existence depends entirely on human gift-giving.
01:09 trinque << was in reference to this.
01:09 a111 Logged on 2017-07-21 04:43 asciilifeform: however, i gotta ask, what happened to ? usg beat and imprisoned the rabbis, at the end of the day. so how come it does not 'prove superiority' in mircea_popescu's lens ?
01:10 trinque which amounts to a reference to USG as a thing with singular agency.
01:10 mircea_popescu ftr, i dun beleive in any kind of new york hasidim superiority. for one thing i fear the jews are congenitally retarded. for the other, the time for that item came and went in the 30s.
01:10 asciilifeform mircea_popescu: they have ~bulletproof 'omerta' tho . gotta be worth something
01:11 mircea_popescu and very slutty teenagers, too. also worth something.
01:11 asciilifeform i dun particularly like the hassidim aesthetically, which is neither here nor there, but respect the omerta.
01:12 asciilifeform and the willingness to cut the inca out of the loop.
01:12 mircea_popescu large part of it is cultural. imagine, alf captured by africans. "tell us the trilema secrets!!1"
01:12 mircea_popescu "bitch... even if i wanted to..."
01:12 asciilifeform can easily picture, having as it happens already been 'captured by africans'
01:13 asciilifeform 'show us how to write without bugs..'
01:16 asciilifeform i also readily buy the 'congenital reatarded' item. just say no to cousinfucking, folx. it dun do any good.
01:16 mircea_popescu which is the point here. divinity -- corupts.
01:16 mircea_popescu anything else -- is corrupted.
01:16 mircea_popescu which is how the xtian god ended up married with picket fences and an obnoxious wife. it got corrupted.
01:16 asciilifeform 'regression to mean'
01:18 mircea_popescu if you will. happens everywhere though. divine boy will make the girl let all her articles of clothing go down the river one by one, and spend the rest of the weekend naked among the trees. base boy will be struck with the girl's beauty, marry her and raise her children.
01:18 mircea_popescu divinity -- corrupts. everything else, is corrupted.
01:21 asciilifeform and i pictured the halflingfaggotgodonastick got 'married with fishwife' when fishwives started praying to him
01:21 asciilifeform how else could it work
01:21 mircea_popescu when fishwives corrupted teh priesthood.
01:22 mircea_popescu see, that;s the item there. not when they started praying ; but when the priests started fearing their not praying any longer.
01:22 asciilifeform fwiw classic hassids did not have this problem, didnt permit females within a cannon's shot of temple or talmudery
01:24 mircea_popescu the hassids permitted. it's complicated, but, in the context of judaism (which is STRICTLY an eastern european affair, just as "united states" will not be a thing of hawaii even long after the continent is no longer us and the island still clings to history), hasidism was a sort of 1800s 1960s. flower power all the way.
01:24 mircea_popescu "love of god as dancing" and what have you.
01:24 mircea_popescu "joy of faith"
01:25 asciilifeform it is mistake to picture it as 'living fossil' of 1700s j000z ?
01:25 mircea_popescu i would say it is. it was a genuine reform movement, and it was shockingly liberal for the early 1800s born.
01:26 asciilifeform hm.
01:26 mircea_popescu and it permitted women in the first and fundamental sense of, allowing they are human. not as rabbis, and not usually educated in the formal yeshiva sense. but it did teach them to write and read, which was entirely novel.
01:27 mircea_popescu the whole concept was to make the wife more of a domestic partner and less of a domestic animal, with better results wrt the control of the young hussies.
01:27 mircea_popescu if you've seen cabaret with liza minelli, i would propose that the rich jewish chick there depicted is a very correct rendition of the hasid maiden.
01:27 asciilifeform hm..!
01:27 mircea_popescu very german, yes, but still.
01:27 asciilifeform makessens
01:28 mircea_popescu now, manwhile goym went to shit making hasids look ultraorthodfox whatever. but not what they were back when they actually carried meaning rather than mere tradiiton.
01:29 asciilifeform and before germans 'cut off the flower, leaving the stem' (tm)(r)(trilema)
01:29 mircea_popescu the germans -- also congenitally retarded -- managed to go to war with all their natural allies in fucking order. the sight, it boggles the mind.
01:30 mircea_popescu there was no better demographic to support nazism than the jews, is the truth of 1935.
01:30 asciilifeform and truly nuked. asciilifeform never once saw j00 'in costume' or in any other culturally relevant sense before usa.
01:31 * asciilifeform bbl
01:36 mircea_popescu this is no small matter, but touching to the very trunk of the tree of wisdom. inept schoolboy hitler saw WORDS proferred by anglo-sybils in new york as DEEDS of the jews. instead of embracing germany's jews and putting forth the god-obvious "those anglo muppets are jews like ford made tin cans are cars", cut them at the knees of their entirely absent legitimacy and then let the experts (all on his side) wipe the floor with t
01:36 mircea_popescu he upstart 1/3 of new york small time pimps and coffin sellers, he gutted his economy.
01:36 mircea_popescu i dunno how one could be dumber. literally.
~ 26 minutes ~
02:02 deedbot << Qntra - Miners Signal Segwit Via BIP 91 "Lock In" Avoiding "User Activated" Fork
02:03 mircea_popescu !~ticker --market all
02:03 jhvh1 mircea_popescu: Bitstamp BTCUSD last: 2800.0, vol: 35350.00751910 | BTC-E BTCUSD last: 2637.67, vol: 17372.40298 | Bitfinex BTCUSD last: 2820.0, vol: 104783.35848556 | BTCChina BTCUSD last: 2795.608758, vol: 30030.56970000 | Kraken BTCUSD last: 2810.299, vol: 20226.5504777 | Volume-weighted last average: 2796.88128489
02:03 BingoBoingo !~google pointless and witless
02:03 jhvh1 BingoBoingo: The story of Pointless and Witless on Trilema - A blog by Mircea ...: <>; The Artful Critic: "Project X" alternately outrageous, fun, daring ...: <>; Why do we pay for this pointless witless Z-grade? | Daily Mail Online: (1 more message)
02:03 mircea_popescu strange, i thought the stupid shit marttered and was needed and whatnot.
02:03 mircea_popescu and i guess the next round of these idiots will not "know" how to find the previous round in the logs.
02:09 trinque heh, some idiot central american dude just tried my front door.
02:10 trinque I opened it, asked him if he was having trouble with the lock.
02:11 BingoBoingo lol
02:11 BingoBoingo Did you try his backdoor?
02:12 trinque he turned and ran, but wasn't an ass worth chasing
02:13 mod6 mega l0g
02:13 mod6 trinque: da faq?
02:14 BingoBoingo Man, people gotta learn ettiquette. If you challenge someone's door, and someone on other side meets your challenge then you gotta offer your own door for their challenging.
02:20 trinque mod6: hey maybe there's some tight white girl pussy inside to visit.
02:20 trinque turns out there is, too
02:20 * trinque back to bed
02:21 mod6 ni ni
~ 23 minutes ~
02:44 BingoBoingo Sweet dreams of challenging salvadoran backdoor trinque
~ 3 hours 21 minutes ~
06:05 ave1 I've put up the adapted musl-cross files for building gnat here:
06:06 ave1 well, I did not, but have looked at it now, I like the static story but fail to understand why they need to have their own faux systemd
06:08 ave1 it will build adacore's gpl 2015 by default, cd into dir, run ./ /absolute/build/dir
06:10 ave1 after 3 hours or so, you'll have a tar file there with static gcc/gnat tools that are all based on musl
06:11 ave1 it does not yet contain the asis based tools (gnatelim for example)
~ 2 hours 10 minutes ~
08:21 diana_coman thank you ave1, that looks great
~ 1 hours 4 minutes ~
09:26 ave1 you're welcome! I'm working on getting the gnat gpl code to work with the gcc 4.9.4 release (now they are using a special version of 4.9)
09:27 ave1 p.s. was in reaction to:
09:27 a111 Logged on 2017-07-21 10:06 ave1: well, I did not, but have looked at it now, I like the static story but fail to understand why they need to have their own faux systemd
09:27 a111 Logged on 2017-07-19 16:17 asciilifeform: !~later tell ave1 have you ever used 's musltronic linux ? or have any idea who maintains it ? invite'em here.
09:33 shinohai I thank you also ave1 .... will try this sometimes this weekend
~ 17 minutes ~
09:50 asciilifeform ave1: pretty compact, too
09:50 asciilifeform neato
09:53 mod6 mornin'
09:53 asciilifeform heya mod6
09:54 * asciilifeform testing ave1's thing. it is an ultra-compact thing, in the style of my original 'stator'
09:54 asciilifeform aaaaand...
09:54 asciilifeform it barfs.
09:54 mod6 huh.
09:55 asciilifeform or hm
09:55 asciilifeform wanted ~absolute~ path, let's try it again..
10:04 ave1 as said, it's mostly + patches to get ada to work in it
10:06 ave1 bbl
~ 19 minutes ~
10:25 asciilifeform ave1:
10:25 asciilifeform ^ eggog
~ 49 minutes ~
11:14 asciilifeform !~later tell mircea_popescu << i laid this out on paper and it worx.
11:14 a111 Logged on 2017-07-20 19:23 mircea_popescu: but -- the fact that A happens to already have a connection to B and therefore B can S for him does not imply or require either A or B be not behind a nat.
11:14 jhvh1 asciilifeform: The operation succeeded.
11:14 asciilifeform theoretically.
11:17 shinohai “… the U.S. homeland, individual American citizens, and U.S. public opinion and perceptions will increasingly become battlefields.”
11:17 shinohai bwahahahaha
11:19 asciilifeform 'Observing that U.S. officials “naturally feel an obligation to preserve the U.S. global position within a favorable international order,” the report concludes that this “rules-based global order that the United States built and sustained for 7 decades is under enormous stress.”'
11:19 asciilifeform lol!!
11:20 shinohai Long live the Kyklos
11:22 asciilifeform '“Fact-toxic” information pertains to actual truths which, the document complains, are “exposed in the absence of context”, and therefore poison “important political discourse.” Such information is seen as being most potent in triggering outbreaks of civil unrest , because it: “… fatally weakens foundational security at an international, regional, national, or personal level. Indeed, fact-toxic exposures are those lik
11:22 asciilifeform eliest to trigger viral or contagious insecurity across or within borders and between or among peoples.”' didjaknow!!
11:25 asciilifeform << see also thread.
11:25 a111 Logged on 2016-04-11 17:05 asciilifeform: they have a phrase they use amongst themselves, 'societal security'.
11:35 trinque << relevant
11:44 phf << mostly age, the few years that i'm younger than you i think made all the difference in the 90s scheme of things. by the time i "queuing up in the recruitment strip" it was tail end of the epoch
11:44 a111 Logged on 2017-07-21 01:35 mircea_popescu: << and why not ?
11:44 asciilifeform phf: hey, at least you dun have to live with narrowly missing ww1 trenches, like orwell did
11:45 asciilifeform ( it was his formative trauma )
11:46 phf the point i was trying to make here is that people that i had family/friends contact to that could've been "дядя ваня устроит, поработать" were suddenly!1(tm)(c) all
11:46 a111 Logged on 2017-07-21 00:04 phf: i.e. a handful of arrests, a handful of "demoted and moved to a different department" etc. and at least one death that we knew was no longer "bratki"
11:47 asciilifeform 'reallocation of capital' was done..
11:48 trinque what's the quoted ru part, for the peanut gallery?
11:48 asciilifeform trinque: 'uncle vanya will giveya some work'
11:48 asciilifeform ( foot-soldiery, naturally )
11:49 trinque ah ty.
11:49 phf "unlce vanya will take you in, for a bit of work"
11:50 phf russian has this neat property of packing double triple meanings into the phrase by using subtle word modifications and word order, which is what asciilifeform tried approximating with "giveya" :)
11:51 * asciilifeform does try
11:51 asciilifeform << see also.
11:51 a111 Logged on 2017-07-15 19:15 asciilifeform: translating to engl always feels like hand-compiling to risc asm
12:01 phf amusingly enough all the mil crowd that was quietly sitting out the 90s are the ones that were making real bank on the sly, and that's the people i should've been reaching out to (considering...)
12:05 phf but the 90s was such a shoulda-coulda-woulda decade, looking at it in retrospect can only reveal your own limitations. so i can understand mp's sentiment
12:12 trinque I'm 30 now; 90s amount to a vague memory of "people might've done things before. maybe in the 80s?"
12:15 phf << i'm not sure that's a criticism that can be leveled at pelevin, he's got other traps though. he has a keen eye for the present, but then he adds a layer of interpretation very much in the style of This Is What's Really Happening, which is usually of esoteric nature. his bratki take psychedelic mushrooms "to get fucked up next level!1" and accidentally break into the a shared buddhist realm of higher being, t
12:15 a111 Logged on 2017-07-21 01:28 mircea_popescu: << the problem is that the russian intellectual pose is very irritating to me. the whole fucking text exists so that the author can "roll his eyes" however you say that in russian, aka to bake in somehow unobservedly the proposition the speaker and all those like him aren't horse's asses. it doesn't amuse me in 16yo usian chicks ; let alone in 36 yo russian doods.
12:15 phf hat sort of thing.
12:18 phf but then i was at a potomac jew book club where they were discussing generation p (or one of the earlier novels anyway), and they couldn't get past THE HORROR OF THE 90s, literally entire conversations were about omg so much crime. all these people emigrated right after the collapse, where's for me the staple of 90s (oh there's a dead body on the corner, because petya shnur couldn't share the territory with vasya kulak, shrug) were the norm
12:18 trinque can say that "ah I read some alan watts and huxley, my getting high has a point" *was* that kind of signaling in my younger stoner circles, can see how mp would get there.
12:19 phf so reading pelevin back then might've had a very different effect from reading him now. chapayev and pustota then blew my mind because i read it when it came out and it was very present time, but his 2000s stuff i don't get at all (because i read it in u.s. perhaps), and some things didn't age that well.
~ 1 hours 1 minutes ~
13:20 mircea_popescu and in other passions,
13:26 mircea_popescu asciilifeform "as good as it ever will" sort of thing.
13:26 a111 Logged on 2017-07-21 15:14 asciilifeform: !~later tell mircea_popescu << i laid this out on paper and it worx.
13:26 mircea_popescu the scheme DOES for instance require people maintain non-internet connections, and in general : multimedium links. because otherwise the night of no internet means the end of the republic as such.
13:30 mircea_popescu asciilifeform + die 'Failed to build gcc-4.9.5' << you clearly have the wrong one. because this is a thing now, "wrong 4.9"
13:31 mircea_popescu << aw look, brightest minds of the empire tracking trilema a few years late. isn't this cute.
13:31 a111 Logged on 2017-07-21 15:17 shinohai: “… the U.S. homeland, individual American citizens, and U.S. public opinion and perceptions will increasingly become battlefields.”
13:32 trinque I've got a gentoo box that's severely tangled due to it having hauled in >gcc-5 with whichever portage gnat, something something ABI change C++2017 bright future (TM)
13:32 trinque attempted a downgrade back to 4.x, how naive!
13:33 shinohai I retardedly did the same thing trinque during one of my earlier attempts w/ ada
13:34 mircea_popescu good thing you two decided to put it in the log, sounds exactly what the baked-in "reasonable" move would be, who knows how many souls it claimed.
13:34 asciilifeform << same barf on whole platoon of boxes with differing gcc here
13:34 a111 Logged on 2017-07-21 17:30 mircea_popescu: asciilifeform + die 'Failed to build gcc-4.9.5' << you clearly have the wrong one. because this is a thing now, "wrong 4.9"
13:35 trinque did the "revdep-rebuild" and "" and apparently none of these ever conceived of a man that wished to go back
13:35 mircea_popescu asciilifeform maybe they just don't happen to have the magic one. it's my story an' i'm sticking to it till ave1 pops back in.
13:35 mircea_popescu trinque accidentally on purpose.
13:35 trinque mmhhm
13:35 asciilifeform << shortwave!!1!
13:35 a111 Logged on 2017-07-21 17:26 mircea_popescu: the scheme DOES for instance require people maintain non-internet connections, and in general : multimedium links. because otherwise the night of no internet means the end of the republic as such.
13:35 mircea_popescu shortwave, cuntwave, the works.
13:36 shinohai Hey we make mistakes so you don't have to! (tm)
13:36 mircea_popescu let it be clearly stated that there's no such thing in nature as the isolated republican. true thay you may be busy working for a long time, but in the end, isolated citizen == cpu without i/o.
13:37 * asciilifeform at one point considered 'distributed shortwave' via 'accidentally bad cable' vga cards
13:37 mircea_popescu this is not at all a bad idea. possibly more expensive than the originally contemplated.
13:37 asciilifeform idea being -- hardware everyone already has in the cellar
13:37 asciilifeform muchc cheaper than actual station in antarctica or whatevers
13:38 asciilifeform and less 'star topo'
13:40 asciilifeform phf: how do i say стрёмный in the king's engl
13:40 * mircea_popescu is somewhat nonplussed phf sits around "hackerspace" derping with baloons instead of making the shortwave-nat-over-other-peoples-cars thing fore instance.
13:40 mircea_popescu just who's corrupting who!
13:40 asciilifeform that's what 'adult' sw station is. стрёмный. so donotwant
13:40 asciilifeform mircea_popescu: i sorta assumed the ballons were for antennae
13:40 mircea_popescu the young nazi is supposed to be the natural direction of any ruminant herd, and !!!
13:41 mircea_popescu asciilifeform i think he said as much.
13:41 asciilifeform lol i luvv that scene
13:41 mircea_popescu aha!
13:42 mircea_popescu asciilifeform stromniy works lol.
13:42 phf hmm, perhaps sketchy? dodgy? but yeah, some dimension is lost
13:42 asciilifeform looking for the other added flavour, 'gives away your position'
13:43 mircea_popescu calibanesque is teh only possible english word
13:44 asciilifeform mircea_popescu: you dun get much range with unmodified vga card. but! with ~tenbux of added plug-in and long wire...
13:44 mircea_popescu "frightfully loud in presentation and dubiously effectual in activity"
13:44 asciilifeform the hard part ~used to~ be the: receiver. but! nomoar
13:44 asciilifeform rtlsdr is 10bux and ubiquitous
13:45 mircea_popescu yes, but plenty of people live in the by now soviet traditional
13:45 a111 Logged on 2017-07-13 18:40 mircea_popescu: << this incidentally is a fine example of what i mean by : bed-door clearance ? exactly enough to fit a standing chick, if were thin, AND NO MORE.
13:45 mircea_popescu no space for cables.
13:45 asciilifeform i had sw in uni dorm
13:45 asciilifeform doable
13:45 mircea_popescu alright. consider my piddly objections withdrawn.
13:46 asciilifeform and anywhere you can spread a clothesline, you get princely reception
13:47 mircea_popescu speaking of "why the fuck aren't your clotheslines connected to anything, lamer" : why the ef are they still not making aluminum books ? use 5 mils say, ruberized/siliconized edges...
13:47 asciilifeform waiwat
13:47 mircea_popescu which part ?
13:47 asciilifeform books?
13:48 mircea_popescu yes.
13:48 asciilifeform with aluminum cover?
13:48 asciilifeform wai
13:48 mircea_popescu PAGES
13:48 asciilifeform sounds nasty
13:48 mircea_popescu aluminum will go down to 5 micrometers np. this means 1k pages book = 5mm = 1/5th inch thickness.
13:49 asciilifeform oh hey i got 1 here
13:49 mircea_popescu can make PAGE arbitrarily thick so all books are the same thickness throughout, if you want. can do all sorts of things./
13:49 asciilifeform except it ain't a book, it's a 1980s capacitor from su
13:49 mircea_popescu how is it not a book. will fucking outlats ANY paper support.
13:49 asciilifeform it nicely illustrates the down side
13:49 mircea_popescu by 5mn years or so.
13:49 asciilifeform mega-pain to separate'em
13:49 mircea_popescu ruberized/siliconized edges...
13:50 asciilifeform this one is mylarized. still pain, because static.
13:50 asciilifeform sorta why it worx as a cap
13:50 asciilifeform but this book would be great, easily hold enough charge to nuke unwary thief
13:50 mircea_popescu are you telling me someone tried and hated it ? because hey, tin foil is in every house, no pain to separate.
13:51 mircea_popescu asciilifeform you don't use electrically isolated pages.
13:51 asciilifeform meh then, that's the 1 megafeature
13:51 asciilifeform ( not 4evah either, al oxidizes at stp. just -- slowly )
13:52 mircea_popescu right, alf has decided "permanent book, never will rot away" and "1/10th the thickness and 1/3rd the weight of current afid traps" no features./
13:52 mircea_popescu asciilifeform oxidation dun matter, you don't write in aluminum on it wtf.
13:52 asciilifeform not perma, see above
13:52 mircea_popescu you can use pre-oxidized alum anyway.
13:52 asciilifeform pages will fuse
13:52 mircea_popescu not more than tin foil fuses.
13:53 ag3nt_zer0 g'day fellas...
13:53 mircea_popescu hi.
13:53 asciilifeform mircea_popescu: gotta try this. i do want one.
13:53 asciilifeform now where to get nanoleaf al...
13:53 mircea_popescu asciilifeform i had taken you for a man who has and lived with a library. i am one of those also, and i have nfi how you can not immediately think of the
13:53 mircea_popescu DUST
13:53 asciilifeform oohyea
13:53 mircea_popescu motherfucker, my library in ro could produce a pail a week. a FULL pail.
13:53 asciilifeform i got filters here
13:53 mircea_popescu yeah well.
13:54 asciilifeform but obvious limits.
13:54 mircea_popescu much better to not have 5 trillion little afid shits eating away at the deliuciouys desert innit now.
13:54 asciilifeform tru!!
13:55 asciilifeform one catch : ain't nobody printing b00kz worth reading, nao
13:55 asciilifeform all them bookz, are old.
13:55 mircea_popescu so you repriont the old ones and need not worry about them.
13:55 asciilifeform may as well scan then, neh
13:55 asciilifeform if reprint and throw out paper.
13:55 mircea_popescu
13:55 a111 Logged on 2017-04-05 23:00 asciilifeform: but as a massively-distributed long-term backup, aluminum is ~unbeaten -- it's probably the only reason asciilifeform was able to find a copy of genera
13:55 asciilifeform this yes.
13:56 mircea_popescu you will want to note them on aluminum anyway. ANYWAY
13:56 mircea_popescu might as well make them optoinspectable neh.
13:56 mircea_popescu at a certain loss of density, surely.
13:56 asciilifeform i'll point out that the al in cd is not exposed to atmosphere.
13:57 ag3nt_zer0 mricea_popescu I know your response to my question is run my own node... but if I currently do not have one set up and wanted to be safe with my coins during this nonsense (i.e. take them off of coinbase & store safely), would following pete_dushenski's guide to creating an offline brainwallet utilizing 13 words arrived at through the dice method using only english dictionary be sufficient until I get an up and running trb node? B
13:57 mircea_popescu asciilifeform you can get single-atom coats nowadays.
13:58 ag3nt_zer0 I dont know if there is a risk in transferring NOW seeing as this segwit stuff is going on... is there any kind of chance my coins won't be signed properly or something like this?
13:58 mircea_popescu ag3nt_zer0 i would say so, yes. make sure you use the dicelist method correctly, and make sure the privkey is not exposed to third parties.
13:58 mircea_popescu ag3nt_zer0 nothing is going on. go right ahead and generate a proper privkey, compute safely its associated address, and move your coins there.
13:58 ag3nt_zer0 OK!
13:58 ag3nt_zer0 TY
13:59 ag3nt_zer0 :)
14:00 * phf goes wherever party tells him to go
14:00 ag3nt_zer0 hehe
14:01 asciilifeform mircea_popescu: upstack, imho 'pirate radio' ( for tmsr , not rando pseudomusic ) is fertile green field. plenty of idle spectrum for confiscation from its supposed 'owners'. and if done correctly ( see saddam jammer thread ) -- ungassable.
14:02 mircea_popescu asciilifeform you could gild the pages at no extra cost. or you know, plutonim them, platinum them...
14:02 mircea_popescu asciilifeform no, i fully agree. that's why i'm nudging the not-entirely-desocialized elements to bring teh light to the masses already.
14:02 asciilifeform mircea_popescu: recall the hypohetical pcb businesscard asciilifeform drew
14:02 asciilifeform even had gold.
14:03 phf but my electronics knowledge is limited, so for me durping with one radio transmitter/receiver is no different than another, because the result is going to be my improved understanding but very little in terms of practical results
14:03 mircea_popescu electromagnetics + power of the republic =
14:03 a111 Logged on 2017-07-21 04:09 mircea_popescu: keep the ewes for meat and the goats for the hilarities.
14:04 mircea_popescu phf we're nowhere near political trials yet.
14:04 phf i'm a soviet man, i prepare my own defense even before i start thinking about doing it
14:04 asciilifeform lol
14:04 mircea_popescu my vrag naroda cards aren;t erven back from the shop yet.
14:06 asciilifeform i thought about very basic 'tmsr cicada' - for 84,399 seconds of the day, box listens for rsa-signed packet; 1 second - transmits latest known
14:06 asciilifeform 86.. lol
14:07 asciilifeform ( prolly dun even need whole sec )
14:07 asciilifeform triangulate ~that~.
14:08 mircea_popescu could by now make ACTUAL bug-sized and looking item, with metal pike, insert into tree. solar + etc. triangulate and what, congrats you found a $15 prize ?
14:08 asciilifeform aha, we discussed this
14:08 mircea_popescu right.
14:09 asciilifeform it was what i got those lithium sulfide cells for. got prototype, veerry threadbare
14:09 asciilifeform they dun care about heat, frost.
14:09 mircea_popescu night. yeah, useful itam.
14:09 asciilifeform and 59yrs of ping pong easily.
14:09 asciilifeform cheaper than solar, incidentally. and less conspicuous.
14:10 asciilifeform ( and similar life... )
14:11 asciilifeform one gotcha is that the immediate practical ( vs 'fleet in being' ) value of such a thing is ~0.
14:11 mircea_popescu not quite so 0.
14:11 mod6 <+asciilifeform> aha, we discussed this << ya, cool idea
14:11 asciilifeform say asciilifeform scatters these about. ends up... talking to self
14:11 mircea_popescu phf explains to you above -- it has significant training value. BOTH technical and political.
14:11 mircea_popescu it further has artistic and emotional value.
14:11 asciilifeform this yes.
14:12 asciilifeform btw asciilifeform is STILL, 3y !! after the original thread, looking for a supplier of RAW esp8266
14:12 phf also can probably string them as far as adams morgan zoo from your bunker, have a secondary effect as definitely getting labeled as terrorist when caught (lizard territory)
14:12 asciilifeform and 0 dice
14:13 asciilifeform phf: drop'em from the illicit chopper. 'may as well hang for sheep as for lamb'
14:14 mircea_popescu asciilifeform ideally, buy a fucking chinese drone, just for the hell of it.
14:14 mircea_popescu (no, as it stands, you could fly it over white house and nobody would know specifically what's going on. they can only detect them when landed in open air.)
14:14 phf drop them from the balloon glider
14:14 asciilifeform ( and before anyone asks, NO i am not interested in paying moar per raw chip than the pcbs cost now. which is 1 $ )
14:15 mircea_popescu phf you realise that me + daisy rifle = pest control for a fleet of 5k baloons/hour or somesuch ?
14:15 asciilifeform mircea_popescu: where do i buy this rifle, that works for 20km
14:15 asciilifeform i want
14:16 asciilifeform ( death ray!!1!! )
14:16 mircea_popescu yeah, right, he's gonna disperse his launch pads over a 1200km area
14:16 asciilifeform balloon is 60km vertical easily
14:16 mircea_popescu he's goingto have one launchy spot, and ima sit in a chair across the street from it.
14:16 phf see, sergey, that's why launching at night!
14:17 asciilifeform but yes you can kill anything, e.g. icbm, if you know which 'street to sit across '
14:17 mircea_popescu oh, i gotta get the stage whores get me a spot light too ?! say it's not so, inconvenience unthinkable.
14:17 asciilifeform sorta how launching anything worx. it's slow.
14:18 mircea_popescu o look, the daisy 499b (200 bux) actuallyu does 73mps muzzle velocity. i can even sit across parking lot.
14:18 asciilifeform these are neat, it was recced to me for squirrel control
14:19 asciilifeform almost as good as the old austrian 18th c thing
14:20 mircea_popescu aha! wars were fought in such
14:20 mircea_popescu now if they only made the spiked bb already.
14:20 asciilifeform incidentally i am picturing mircea_popescu's balloon hunt scene literally in my head, and wonder, suppose balooonist puts asymmmetric fin on. so goes up - spiraling. now aim.
14:20 mircea_popescu asciilifeform you're kidding me aren't you ?
14:21 mircea_popescu i can shoot fucking squirrels your fined baloon is gonna do anything ?
14:21 asciilifeform squirrels sit put
14:21 mircea_popescu ahahaha
14:21 mod6 :D
14:21 mircea_popescu you've never actually tried have you ?
14:21 asciilifeform at any rate this'd make great sport
14:21 mircea_popescu they run-stop, it is optimized for antishooting.
14:21 mod6 anyway, finned ballon follows pattern; you just learn to lead 'em
14:21 asciilifeform 1player makes baloon, other - shoots
14:21 mircea_popescu mod6 he's not a hunter, it shows.
14:22 mircea_popescu fucking squirrels. try leading those for a nervewracking experience.
14:22 mod6 yeah they turn on dimes.
14:22 asciilifeform mircea_popescu: city squirrel is stupid tho
14:23 mircea_popescu only until you start shooting at it.
14:25 mircea_popescu this convo with the "fin!!!" thing is eerily reminescent of early crypto discussion s, at that.
14:25 mircea_popescu "i will derive my entropy from physical processes nearby!" "o aren't you cute"
14:25 asciilifeform ( other obvious recipe for headache for balloon hunter - bouquet'em , with 5x redundancy. now he needs a machine-gun )
14:25 mircea_popescu or a friend. or nothing at all, his bb goes 70 meters a second, your baloon maybe .5
14:26 ben_vulpes "plink until it pops!"
14:26 mircea_popescu you could prolly get the street urchins involved, if only you can provide rifles for them. this is becoming a sort of "isis in mosul" deal
14:27 asciilifeform the obvious pill is to not get into the position of where olympic skeet shooters are following you around the world..
14:27 mircea_popescu ahahahaha!
14:27 mircea_popescu ima link to this next time you say anything in the vein to me.\
14:27 mircea_popescu "the obvious solution to acoso callejero is to not go around where horny males can see you"
14:27 mircea_popescu "why thank you most profusely, kind science man sir!"
14:27 mircea_popescu "would a spherical vacuum do ?"
14:28 asciilifeform ( and must also ask, if they are already here, why wait for baloon, wai not my head )
14:28 mircea_popescu no crime to shoot balloons.
14:28 asciilifeform depends. inca balloon may cost dearly, dearer than asciilifeform's head
14:29 mircea_popescu if it costs dearly it's gonna be a chopper noit a balloon.
14:29 asciilifeform recall the $billion balloon of all-seeing sauron from 2014
14:29 asciilifeform ( deflated like toy )
14:30 mircea_popescu aha. just how many kinds of spherical vacuums do you have in that belt of yours ?
14:30 asciilifeform only 1, installed in arse
14:30 asciilifeform instead of anal oracle from yest. thrd
14:31 mircea_popescu well stop flavouring us with it then!
14:33 asciilifeform upstack : if anybody knows where to get esp8266 , or knows who knows, etc.., plz write in
14:34 asciilifeform i'd personally buy, say, 5k @ 25c ea.
14:35 asciilifeform maybe in another 3y..
14:36 mircea_popescu gotta talk to teh chinos.
14:37 asciilifeform i did, but must be doing it wrong, they only offer a) the pcb 2) chip, but for >= price the pcb sells at.
14:37 asciilifeform even in qty 10
14:37 asciilifeform K
14:38 asciilifeform nao if mircea_popescu knows how to get to the ~right~ chinos...
14:38 mircea_popescu it's iffy. i suppose by now we actually should employ a china-based supplies expert ?
14:39 mircea_popescu by the time it'll be 5 years old, like the "we should have isp expert" thing is, we'll have it just as solved as the isp thing is solved.
14:39 asciilifeform i dun actually know whether this has any hope of working.
14:39 asciilifeform gotta have, i suspect, a real, live cn fella in wot.
14:40 asciilifeform who can navigate.
14:40 asciilifeform hey wasn't mats chinese..?
14:41 mircea_popescu yeah but he lived in us neh ?
14:41 asciilifeform ( now i recall, he found the 1$ pcb people for me earlier. but that was as good as it got then )
14:41 asciilifeform ah yea.
14:41 mircea_popescu need someone lives in beijing. maybe hit the want ads
14:41 mircea_popescu sort-of like the manul chick, except moar dedicated.
14:42 asciilifeform alternatively we bake adhoc , simpler radio, from 25c microcontroller.
14:42 mircea_popescu is this something the foundation may maybe consider ? open us an embassy in beijing, hire a chick to sit there 4 hours/day or such ?
14:42 asciilifeform without 802.11
14:42 asciilifeform what do we need 80211 for anyway.
14:42 ben_vulpes interesting
14:43 asciilifeform mircea_popescu: hiring a hireling for a l1wot work is recipe for evaporatiing money and no moar imho
14:44 mircea_popescu why ?
14:44 mircea_popescu i hired chicks to write on their tits. also recipe ?
14:44 asciilifeform cn rando will happily take yer money and sit pretty and 'sorry, no result today, lets try tomorrow '
14:44 mircea_popescu asciilifeform o no. sits for specified 4 hours, has link here, gets specific tasks...
14:44 mircea_popescu im hiring a uci.
14:45 asciilifeform aah
14:45 asciilifeform could then, work
14:45 mircea_popescu biosac candi_flesh
14:45 mircea_popescu we could even call her that.
14:45 asciilifeform 'get sample party of 8266 by next tues' etc
14:45 mircea_popescu you... never did this, did you ?
14:45 asciilifeform which this
14:46 mircea_popescu this, candi_flesh herding. if you say what you just said you merely pump up her anxiety. no, it's "make list of so and so websites. make list of so and so items." etcetera.
14:46 mircea_popescu gotta give proper tasks, there's no imperative c.
14:47 asciilifeform i only ordered bois
14:47 mircea_popescu aite
14:47 asciilifeform they gotta get in the format 'by next tues' etc
14:47 mircea_popescu works better for well understood tasks in well mapped spaces.
14:47 asciilifeform tru
14:48 asciilifeform iirc ben_vulpes still herds 'human compilers' , knows
14:51 ben_vulpes not any more
14:55 asciilifeform ben_vulpes: now only own 2 hands ?!
14:55 mircea_popescu in any event, the business case is right here : if hireling gets 2k/month and takes less trhan a week to find alf's above 5k esp8266s at 22cents each, we in fact have positive roi on the scheme (for that week).
14:55 asciilifeform actually the 8266 episode taught me to eschew 'magic, rare' ic
14:56 mircea_popescu we can use her to i dunno, open a booth at chinese university distribute flyers.
14:56 asciilifeform gotta find how to make do with ordinary ones.
14:56 asciilifeform as i did for, e.g., FG.
14:56 mircea_popescu asciilifeform not a bad strategy but not immune to augmenting.
14:56 asciilifeform it wouldn't hurt to get illicit cheapo cn knockoff cpld either.
14:56 mircea_popescu besides, a mail point in the empire of the future can't hurt anything, and so on and so forth.
14:56 asciilifeform verytru
14:57 mircea_popescu so the bidniss case is here. mostly a matter of whether we can get the ops together.
14:58 ben_vulpes asciilifeform: something like that
15:01 mircea_popescu << is this the orange revolution come home to roost ?!
15:01 a111 Logged on 2017-07-21 15:22 asciilifeform: '“Fact-toxic” information pertains to actual truths which, the document complains, are “exposed in the absence of context”, and therefore poison “important political discourse.” Such information is seen as being most potent in triggering outbreaks of civil unrest , because it: “… fatally weakens foundational security at an international, regional, national, or personal level. Indeed, fact-toxic exposures are those lik
15:03 mircea_popescu << i believe.
15:03 a111 Logged on 2017-07-21 15:44 phf: << mostly age, the few years that i'm younger than you i think made all the difference in the 90s scheme of things. by the time i "queuing up in the recruitment strip" it was tail end of the epoch
15:05 mircea_popescu i was ungodly young, by all accounts, to the point of giving the older people pause. and this was WITH my great benefit of easily passing in person for significantly older than i actually was.
15:08 mircea_popescu << the ww1 trenches were no fucking party. foot rot and malaria, nevermind. narrowly missing out on the 20s, now that i can see. be like 17 in 1928 sorta shit.
15:08 a111 Logged on 2017-07-21 15:45 asciilifeform: ( it was his formative trauma )
15:08 asciilifeform he wanted in, wat.
15:08 mircea_popescu i do not believe.
15:08 trinque wait, you were saying his trauma was not going to ww1?
15:08 asciilifeform trinque: or so he said
15:08 mircea_popescu trinque that's blair's own version.
15:08 asciilifeform selling it for same price i bought it for.
15:08 mircea_popescu aha.
15:08 trinque just curious
15:09 asciilifeform according to his b00k re spain, most of the other folx who went -- similar
15:09 mircea_popescu supposedly hitler also, formative trauma.
15:09 asciilifeform yeah but for him ~end~ of ww1 was the trauma.
15:10 mircea_popescu asciilifeform i believe he is correct re similar, but incorrect in the anchor. he, and most other folks who went, were actually looking for the golden excuse.
15:10 asciilifeform y'mean the release of the kiss of the magic bullet ?
15:10 mircea_popescu no. but the acting as if.
15:10 asciilifeform he got his -- but a little too low, into the neck
15:10 asciilifeform lived
15:10 mircea_popescu there's great relief, you see, in my own mind, by simply noticing that, "hey, i was dead about twenty years ago ANYWAY. what do i care".
15:11 mircea_popescu this is something a certain sort of mind can simply take or leave ; but another sort absolutely desperately craves.
15:11 asciilifeform it's appealing yea
15:11 mircea_popescu "everything from here on end is just gravy", as it were.
15:11 asciilifeform 'bonus level'
15:12 mircea_popescu right. "wasn't supposed to get this far anyways."
15:12 mod6 "borrowed time"
15:13 asciilifeform << briefly revisiting this thread, imho ideal masquerade is... cheap lost pen. just the right length, fits quarter-wave or so antenna inside, plus lithium batt etc. and looks entirely unremarkable wherever it falls.
15:13 a111 Logged on 2017-07-21 18:08 mircea_popescu: could by now make ACTUAL bug-sized and looking item, with metal pike, insert into tree. solar + etc. triangulate and what, congrats you found a $15 prize ?
15:13 asciilifeform ( bonus if it IS a pen, writes. )
15:13 phf also shoots one bullet
15:13 asciilifeform lol that's a diff project
15:14 mircea_popescu i have a naked girl in my livingroom on all fours with a brush going at the carpet. whom should i call ?
15:14 * asciilifeform pictures the scene from 'numbers'
15:14 asciilifeform with the dildo + pen
15:14 mircea_popescu speaking of whch, i so don't fucking understand why ~all female cosmetics don't come in dildo packages anyway ?
15:14 asciilifeform i thought they did
15:15 mircea_popescu you know it's the only common element in the preteen masturbatory history of all girls i met ?
15:15 asciilifeform lipsticks, creams, etc. -- just about all of'em
15:15 mircea_popescu not rly, if you look closely most have dumbass ridges lips etc in the way.
15:15 phf still they try
15:15 asciilifeform file edges with nail file
15:17 mircea_popescu why not you know, dick-mold the things from the get go
15:18 mircea_popescu i naively thought industry is all about serving the market ; not about trying to impose strange ideologies upon it.
15:18 asciilifeform lol!!
15:18 asciilifeform see also naggum's 4-ring notebooks.
15:18 mircea_popescu ikr ?
15:18 mircea_popescu BUT THEY TAUGHT ME IN SCHOOL!
15:18 ave1 asciilifeform: for, it looks like you are building with adacore 2016 edition, could you try with the 2015 edition (no need to do a real install, just unpack it and set path to the bin dir will be enough)
15:18 a111 Logged on 2017-07-21 14:25 asciilifeform: ^ eggog
15:18 asciilifeform ( << )
15:18 a111 Logged on 2013-12-22 16:56 asciilifeform: 'what people “want” is a function of what they learn is available. e.g., do Americans want three-ring binders, and Europeans four-ring binders? or do they want binders and take whatever number of holes they come with? or do they want something that can help them organize their papers and take whatever is available? or do they really want a less cluttered office and ease of storage and retrieval of the infor
15:19 ave1 I'll look into getting it to work with 2016 in the mean time...
15:19 mircea_popescu really, having one working point is all the job.
15:20 mircea_popescu dun worry about the rest unless you for some peculiar reason actually want to
15:21 mircea_popescu trinque << uncle vania will give you A COSTUME and something to do.
15:21 a111 Logged on 2017-07-21 15:48 asciilifeform: trinque: 'uncle vanya will giveya some work'
15:21 mircea_popescu livery being apropos.
15:22 asciilifeform ave1: it's pretty odd, the path IS valid and DOES contain the includes
15:23 asciilifeform ave1: can you tell me why it insists on having hg around, also /
15:23 asciilifeform ?
15:23 asciilifeform fuck that
15:23 asciilifeform i thought we were cremating the dependency maggotry
15:23 ave1 hmm, the musl-cross repository was hg but should not be needed, will remove
15:24 ave1 asap
15:24 asciilifeform ( on a box where i already happened to have it, it got past the hg thing. but pretty ridiculous that it even exists. )
15:24 ave1 as I had it too, it skipped my attention
15:29 ave1 I see it was just so that a little id could be printed in the end, very stupid
15:29 asciilifeform lol!
15:32 mircea_popescu << there was no real us 90s. whole thing was just a derpy kumbaya of inept hipsters crawling out of the lousy studios with "i told you so" placards. is about all of it.
15:32 a111 Logged on 2017-07-21 16:12 trinque: I'm 30 now; 90s amount to a vague memory of "people might've done things before. maybe in the 80s?"
15:33 mircea_popescu he "followed moskva" dontchaknow.
15:33 asciilifeform usa 90s were really part of usa 80s, which lasted until 9/11/01
15:33 mircea_popescu right.
15:34 asciilifeform ( just as '60s' in usa were period from '58 to '74 )
15:34 mircea_popescu even the shitty "i'm not even trying" melody is part of the experience.
15:34 mircea_popescu fucking mosquat. rhymes with cumquat.
15:35 mircea_popescu cuz it's exotic, see. exotic flies like fruit.
15:35 trinque strikes me every time when I get a whiff of the apparent.. "placehood" what american folks would've referred to as the "post-soviet collapse space" of the 90s, had
15:35 trinque meanwhile the dirt that "won the cold war" no placehood my entire lifetime.
15:36 mircea_popescu the cold war was won in the manner of soccer game behind the apt building being won by other team's mom calling kids in for dinner.
15:36 mircea_popescu "soo... i guess we won huh."
15:36 asciilifeform ^
15:37 mircea_popescu "totally... and tomorrow in school these assholes are gonna have sukhois and we'll get an F in algebra"
15:37 trinque hah, paints a picture.
15:37 mircea_popescu such wins i'd rather let for the enemy.
15:39 mircea_popescu ahahahaha! o shit i forgot how epic this is
15:39 mircea_popescu "let your balalaika sing what my guitar wants to say"...
15:39 mircea_popescu "and don't forget to release the nuclear dancing bear..."
15:39 mircea_popescu "to the magic of the moment on a glory night... here's more words without any particular meanings... it's the way of tomooooroooo"
15:40 mircea_popescu "dream awaaaayyy... in the " etc.
15:43 phf <<
15:43 a111 Logged on 2017-07-21 19:32 mircea_popescu: << there was no real us 90s. whole thing was just a derpy kumbaya of inept hipsters crawling out of the lousy studios with "i told you so" placards. is about all of it.
15:44 mircea_popescu imo that was pretty good.
15:44 mircea_popescu the mockery is like aspic all over it.
15:44 mircea_popescu very good band to do it, too, the mannerists.
15:45 mircea_popescu i suppose the period was ironclad to sarcasm...
15:47 phf heh, you know for how iconoclast petshopboys were i never even thought about "go west" being tongue in cheek. at the time pet shop boys were moscows bards of freedom so of course they would sing go west in earnest. fwiw, they tried warning us, but you had to be in the know to get it
15:48 mircea_popescu it was transparent to me, at the time. but then again i'm weird.
15:48 mircea_popescu it IS shocking to revisit, though. "quite ?!" overpowers the mind.
15:49 mircea_popescu phf in fairness might be an age thing again. a few years make all the difference in humor like in war.
15:50 mircea_popescu somehow 15yos are always spoken to in earnest.
15:50 mircea_popescu especially if you ask them.
15:59 mircea_popescu << and you don't see how this is exactly curtis yarvin crap ?
15:59 a111 Logged on 2017-07-21 16:15 phf: << i'm not sure that's a criticism that can be leveled at pelevin, he's got other traps though. he has a keen eye for the present, but then he adds a layer of interpretation very much in the style of This Is What's Really Happening, which is usually of esoteric nature. his bratki take psychedelic mushrooms "to get fucked up next level!1" and accidentally break into the a shared buddhist realm of higher being, t
15:59 mircea_popescu "keen eye for the superficial" is not much of a qualification.
16:00 phf "helllooo springfield!!!1 --- omg it's us, he's talking about us"
16:01 mircea_popescu lol
16:02 mircea_popescu in other youboobs,
16:02 mircea_popescu apparently i'm developing an amy winehouse interest.
16:02 mircea_popescu chick's actually pretty cool.
16:03 mircea_popescu she -- also tried to warn.
16:04 trinque > feel like a lady, and you my ladyboy
16:04 trinque great
16:05 mircea_popescu says the fucking words, you know ? "you should be stronger than me". dood...
16:05 mircea_popescu drunk self to death, age 28. literally.
16:11 asciilifeform << see also!11
16:11 a111 Logged on 2017-07-14 19:08 asciilifeform: << 'at your age, sergei lazo was already circling around the locomotive!'
16:12 phf 27, she's a member of the 27 club
16:12 mircea_popescu ah
16:16 mircea_popescu !~google "bondage crazed amy just can't beehive in bed"
16:16 jhvh1 mircea_popescu: Bad girl Amy | Perth Now: <>; Amy Winehouse 'begged to be tied up during sex', claims ex ...: <>; 45 of 99 DOCUMENTS Copyright 2007 NEWS ... - Sex Degrees: <
~ 24 minutes ~
16:40 asciilifeform in other mircea_popescutronic lulz, >> 'U.S. prosecutors on Friday said they plan to drop criminal charges against two former JPMorgan Chase & Co (JPM.N) derivatives traders... ... Prosecutors said their efforts to extradite the defendants have been unsuccessful or deemed futile..'
~ 49 minutes ~
17:29 deedbot << » Contravex: A blog by Pete Dushenski - What is Israel anymore?
17:39 mircea_popescu aww
17:43 mircea_popescu << especially tyhe genius of having the 2nd standing up to be that fairzuka balk sow-esque girl, all small eyes and animal zeit.
17:43 a111 Logged on 2017-07-21 17:41 asciilifeform: lol i luvv that scene
17:43 asciilifeform aha!!
17:44 mircea_popescu
17:44 a111 Logged on 2017-07-21 02:15 mircea_popescu: and they existed very much because ro girls, unlike russki stupid cunts, did NOT perceive themselves at some kind of liberty to not whore up for the gangster class.
17:44 asciilifeform i thought the springs were springy, but ratchets rusty, or how it went
17:45 mircea_popescu wrong parts mounted on the chassis, car dun werk.
17:45 mircea_popescu correct parts have been ordered.
17:45 mircea_popescu poppenkorken expected thereupon.
17:45 asciilifeform gefingerpoken, gemittengraben!111
17:53 BingoBoingo <trinque> I'm 30 now; 90s amount to a vague memory of "people might've done things before. maybe in the 80s?" << AHA
17:53 a111 Logged on 2017-07-20 02:50 BingoBoingo: <mircea_popescu> no. i recall the faggots, not yet VERY overweight, going to the things that meanwhile got captured by apple, much like coca-cola captured xmas << In elementry school historical context for the then present was established to be "on the verge of paradise, if only we stop littering"
17:57 BingoBoingo <mircea_popescu> now if they only made the spiked bb already. << They do sell for air rifle.
17:57 mircea_popescu really ? does it shoot out of lise barrel ?
18:08 mircea_popescu meanwhile in the latest DoD studies as to things and matters wrt AMERICA!!!,
18:08 asciilifeform lolswordswallower
18:09 mircea_popescu pro tip : most rapists prefer the body subdued but still warm.
18:09 mircea_popescu the us splendidly qualifies.
~ 19 minutes ~
18:29 mircea_popescu and back to cabaret, it's plain to everyone joel grey's role is quite literally morte, the ace of spades, the xiiith card ? which is why he's in the morgige tag scene right at the end.
18:34 BingoBoingo <mircea_popescu> really ? does it shoot out of lise barrel ? << Shoots out of .177 caliber barrel, standard ammo for air pellet rifle
18:34 mircea_popescu this i gotta see. link or anything ?
18:35 BingoBoingo One variation
18:36 BingoBoingo Unarchived link
18:36 BingoBoingo Also variations without lip
18:36 mircea_popescu ah ah. no, i meant spiked. you know, all over :D
18:36 shinohai ^ I love those crossman destroyers ... perfect for taking out varmits
18:36 BingoBoingo AHA not seen yet
18:36 mircea_popescu for obvious reasons yes
18:37 BingoBoingo !~later tell pete_dushenski So, question of the day. How does infant car seat handle in Blackzilla?
18:37 jhvh1 BingoBoingo: The operation succeeded.
18:37 mod6 im just lucky that the woodpeckers go after the trees as opposed to the structure, or i'd be spending a lot more time in the backyard like rambo
18:39 mircea_popescu aaand in romanian accents,
18:43 BingoBoingo In other Yesterday on Qntra , as of noon-ish today Sean Spicer is out as Trump's press secretary.
18:43 mircea_popescu he wasn't very good.
18:44 BingoBoingo Well, legacy GOP appointee recommended by Priebus
18:44 mircea_popescu anyway, the old "gop" dorks fell over like so much paper candles, the traditional senatorial refuge in disease and bodily weakness. guy won his home front, no question.
18:44 BingoBoingo Of course he was going to suck. Didn't believe in "The Great Again" and tried repping Trump like a Lindsey Graham oldster.
18:45 mircea_popescu curious if he finds a workable goebbels.
18:45 BingoBoingo Well, I put in my application this winter.
18:45 mircea_popescu ehehe
18:46 BingoBoingo If he fails to find me through having the wrong rats read applciations, it is his failure. Unlike Obamacare he owns this failure to hire.
18:46 mircea_popescu should be interesting.
18:48 asciilifeform why in satan's name wouldja want a spiked-all-over musketball
18:48 asciilifeform vs normal human bullet
18:48 mircea_popescu asciilifeform it's a concept.
18:48 asciilifeform ain't like the spikes not facing the motion vector will do anything but drag
18:48 mircea_popescu you don't understand the humour.
18:49 asciilifeform is it variant of spherical horse?
18:49 mircea_popescu aha
18:49 asciilifeform lolk
18:49 asciilifeform one never knows with mircea_popescu-tech
18:49 mircea_popescu pressure-driven ordnance can't be stupid profile.
18:49 shinohai
18:49 trinque but dakka driven ordnance needs more dakka
18:49 mircea_popescu ^
18:49 * asciilifeform pictures em-launched 'ninja star'
18:50 asciilifeform hey not-pressuredriven!11
18:50 mircea_popescu dakka is formed out of spike.
18:52 mircea_popescu er blockt hinauf in himmels au'n wo heldengeister niederschaun'n -- alle schiessen stachelig kugeln!
18:52 BingoBoingo In other quotes from the wild: “The question that needs to be answered is, was this shooting a mistake or was it a “cultural seizure” by a Muslim officer who snapped and acted irrationally at the sight of a woman in her pajamas?”
18:52 mircea_popescu see, women naked indoors == no such problems.
18:53 asciilifeform Eine jede Kugel, die trifft ja nicht! Denn träfe jede Kugel apart ihren Mann, Wo kriegten die Könige ihre Soldaten dann? (tm)(r)
18:54 mircea_popescu that's because they weren't spiked approprioately.
19:06 BingoBoingo !~ticker --market all
19:06 jhvh1 BingoBoingo: Bitstamp BTCUSD last: 2680.0, vol: 23505.77466807 | BTC-E BTCUSD last: 2585.999, vol: 9272.31027 | Bitfinex BTCUSD last: 2677.0, vol: 66199.91207557 | BTCChina BTCUSD last: 2721.236616, vol: 20625.93920000 | Kraken BTCUSD last: 2679.913, vol: 13673.6021251 | Volume-weighted last average: 2678.34291775
19:07 mircea_popescu o noes
~ 16 minutes ~
19:24 BingoBoingo And the latest from the delusionists: "If Trump abuses his presidential powers to pardon in a way that obstructs justice, he could be prosecuted under a future administration."
19:29 mircea_popescu bwahaha
19:29 mircea_popescu what future fucking administration.
19:29 mircea_popescu really, not obvious this is the last one ?
19:40 asciilifeform i recall when obummer was supposed to be the last.
~ 16 minutes ~
19:56 mircea_popescu and bush!
19:59 BingoBoingo << His was
19:59 BingoBoingo Trumpreich is not an administration
19:59 BingoBoingo It is a sentence!
19:59 BingoBoingo Of Great Again!
~ 1 hours 24 minutes ~
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~ 19 minutes ~
21:43 mod6 <+mircea_popescu> what future fucking administration. << 'tis kinda true, with each successive one the twilight wanes.
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