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00:07 vex or we have to be soberish at 2 am to call the publisher "how's it going mate"?
00:08 vex noone understands us
00:17 vex 2.05 her knickers are charmed right off and it's on it's way for $5 shipping, all paid in aud. now that's a discount
00:19 vex for second hand I use abe
00:20 verisimilitude I live in the United States.
00:22 vex neat. I've never been
00:23 vex I'd like to go, but it's a bit frightening
00:23 verisimilitude Just think of them like the aboriginals, vex.
00:24 vex lol, there's many frightening aspects
00:28 vex probably the surveillance machine is the most. i'd be sweating bullets at the border
00:30 vex not that I think I've done anything wrong, but I can't surely remember
00:37 vex perhaps my dislike for bezos equals indefinate detention. you guys change the rules so often
00:38 vex I would like to see those east coast forests tho. I must've read my side of the mountain 30 times
00:41 shinohai vex: Amazon would ferry you off in one of their prime vans, then make you spend 3 days in a wellness chamber until you come and out and tell Bezos "You wanna hug it out bitch?".
00:42 vex eek. the stuff of nightmares
00:42 shinohai << I think they should have made suicide booths instead, but you know me.
00:44 vex lock before entering? what the fuck?
00:46 shinohai See I'd get fired my first day, catch some soyjack walking into one then go and toss him about with the forklift for a few.
00:48 vex haha, topshelf meditation
00:57 shinohai It'd be more cathartic for me than them!
00:59 vex in australia, i'f someones having a wank break in a porta potti, that's exactly the procedure, you don't go and invent wellness pods
01:02 vex shinohai will pick you up with the forklift, and shake that shit til your blue and poo
~ 16 minutes ~
01:18 asciilifeform << fwiw asciilifeform used to (before ukrowank killed postal service b/w ru and reich) order b00x (incl. 'new old stock' obscure sov-era technical lit ) from 'ozon', and often enuff get'em within week, somehow. for next to nuffin.
01:18 dulapbot Logged on 2022-05-29 19:55:30 vex: $50 book, plus shipping and handling, that'll be $230 please sir, expect your book in an unkown number of months and or years
01:18 asciilifeform so geography not excuse.
01:19 vex what do you mean asciilifeform?
01:20 asciilifeform vex: 'ozon' is a mega-booxstore in ru. shipped happily and very quickly to usa for next to nuffin
01:20 asciilifeform ( whereas lulazon->au apparently similar to lulazon->uruguay re cost/speed )
01:21 vex one of the benefits of usa I suppose
01:23 vex this was 10ish years ago, but i've got a bad taste in my mouth re amazon
01:23 asciilifeform << many yrs ago asciilifeform did time in a salt mine which had a 'meditation room' (we referred to as 'medication room'), had sofas, cacti, not clear why existed
01:23 dulapbot Logged on 2022-05-29 20:40:18 shinohai: << I think they should have made suicide booths instead, but you know me.
01:24 vex 5 minute peyote break?
01:24 asciilifeform iirc only 1 fella habitually went there, and (suspected) to drink vodka
01:25 vex noones looking
01:25 asciilifeform older fella, suffered from having programmed for too long, drank 'on the job'
01:25 vex it's a thing
01:26 shinohai I would have just fucked in it.
01:26 asciilifeform eventually set up a full-sized btc miner on his desk ( 20amp! ), at that pt co. was collapsing and no one gave a shit
01:26 vex how to blow your hair back in the office
01:26 asciilifeform shinohai: there wasn't anyffin for (straight) fella to fuck there afaik
01:28 vex bring from home presumably
01:29 vex hey shinohai forgot his lunchbox again, must be heavy. 2 girls bring it!
01:31 shinohai "These are my meditation assistants!"
01:31 shinohai I guess a true masochist could have shoved the cactus up their ass if all else failed asciilifeform
01:32 asciilifeform wouldn't have been astonished
01:42 vex having your own place to shit is pretty much invaluable
01:42 shinohai << did the cacti in question look like so ?
01:48 vex pristine porcelein is premium primate perogative
01:51 vex misspelling, swaeting and sqeezing
01:53 verisimilitude Alliterations aren't always appropriate and appreciated, asshole.
01:54 vex abi see what you did there
01:56 vex ablutions, ablated, an half arsed attempt
01:58 verisimilitude Similar such sentences show succinctness, silly.
01:58 vex fuck you're good
02:05 verisimilitude Considering current conversations: correct.
02:06 vex it's a pity you chanelled bezos when you forgot the importance of japanese honorifics
02:10 vex can you write a proper haiku in latin?
02:15 vex if it can be about gabriell laddel's life and death, that's be awesome, but I'll accept all subissions
02:15 shinohai verisimilitude cacator (not a haiku but let's throw Latin insults)
02:15 shinohai nn folx o/
02:17 vex sometimes constraints are good
02:19 vex do you know any famous haikus?
02:21 vex i think they're usually about the natural world
02:26 vex I can never understand them
02:29 verisimilitude Says shinohai ``STVLTVS SVM''.
02:31 vex VENI VIDI VICI
02:34 vex
02:38 vex
02:40 vex don't download the first one, it's the worst traslation I've ever heard
02:46 vex ab incunabalis
02:48 vex shinohai, have you got a line to shkreli?
~ 45 minutes ~
03:33 vex cat did nothing wrong
03:34 vex just romantic
03:35 vex obviously being romantic with a president's wife is insta van, but fuck
03:37 vex smart enuff to plead guilty
03:39 vex shit's fucked
03:40 vex
03:48 vex far centre
03:50 vex a craic through the forest
03:50 vex it's not funny
03:51 vex someone dies
03:53 vex every beast you take was a gret mind
03:57 vex
04:00 vex We have feral deer. I've tried to clean on or two
04:01 vex gimme a roo anyday, thick skin
04:03 vex such a monkey
04:06 vex have you ever read any of my literotica verisimilitude?
04:07 vex it's much more accessible than mp's bullshit
04:08 vex millions of sluts get off to it
04:09 vex sneaky undercovers
04:15 vex
04:16 verisimilitude No.
04:18 verisimilitude Mine's masterful, matches most, maybe mocks.
04:20 vex I kinda assummed you were alone
04:21 verisimilitude Yes.
~ 27 minutes ~
04:49 vex you'll have to introduce me
04:50 vex no mrs verisimilitude he'll come to no harm. back soon
04:51 verisimilitude Alone and apathetic, always am.
04:51 vex fair enough
04:52 vex do you like boys or gals or none?
04:55 vex has ur mom got kik? i'll ask her if you're allowed to come to freance to shoot pigs with a very gentle bow & arrow
04:56 verisimilitude NIHIL
04:56 vex STHIL
04:57 verisimilitude NĒMŌ
04:58 vex dory?
04:58 verisimilitude No.
05:00 verisimilitude NĒMŌ NĒMINIS
05:01 vex mu chainsaw says explain it in modern english
05:02 vex mu keyboRD DOESNT HAVE THE UMLAUTS
05:04 verisimilitude NĒMŌ NĒMINIS: Nobody
05:04 vex mhm. /me takes notes
05:05 vex thta's everything?
05:06 verisimilitude No.
05:07 vex how much notpaper did you grind thru learning latin?
05:08 vex *note
05:08 verisimilitude None.
05:10 vex
05:11 vex
05:12 verisimilitude Stop submitting shit.
05:22 vex rawlins learned to box in the kitchen
05:23 vex awesome defence
05:24 verisimilitude Protective, Perhaps.
05:26 vex I like her
05:28 vex not pregnant by musk yet
05:31 vex
05:35 vex zehani also not verisimilitude
05:36 vex
05:39 vex
05:46 vex when the plumbing is correct; it's a golden toilet
05:48 vex meanwhile, on the back of my seadoo
05:51 vex and a 223
05:52 * vex goes to find meat
~ 2 hours 8 minutes ~
08:00 crtdaydreams << Bsides, cybersecurity conference. Not quite sure I want to pursue a career in an industry I intend to obsolete.
08:00 dulapbot Logged on 2022-05-29 18:06:52 vex: what's the topic? anything I might be interested in?
08:02 crtdaydreams But I thought it would be interesting to go along, perhaps an opportunity to expand my WoT.
08:03 crtdaydreams Might be quite bizarre for some of the city folk to see a bush mechanic snooping around in a cybersecurity conference
08:06 crtdaydreams << is that how your purchase of monsoon dervish went down?
08:06 dulapbot Logged on 2022-05-29 20:05:50 vex: or we have to be soberish at 2 am to call the publisher "how's it going mate"?
08:09 crtdaydreams this fucking wind man
~ 26 minutes ~
08:36 crtdaydreams lamb chops tonight?
08:36 dulapbot Logged on 2022-05-30 01:50:47 vex: goes to find meat
~ 10 hours 14 minutes ~
18:50 phf hmm, openbsd's httpd keeps crashing, and i can't find the source of bug
18:50 phf but so much for "small code bespoke software"!
18:51 asciilifeform phf: not familiar with subj, but how 'small' ?
18:51 * asciilifeform from cursory look into openbsdism remembers concluding 'same c liquishit hairball as errywhere else'
18:53 * asciilifeform got nowhere near as far as phf with practical use of openbsd, barfed rather early in the process
18:53 dulapbot (trilema) 2017-01-13 asciilifeform: i soured almost totally on openbsd when i labouriously set up a box, with all of the proggies i rely on for daily use, and found that emacs COULD NOT be de-poetteringized without eschewing the ports system entirely
19:00 phf everything's a compromise. i've hacked on linux kernel in the early 2000s when i didn't know anything from anything (i had major patches against orinoco wifi driver, mac ppc), but i wouldn't attempt that now. openbsd's kernel is still "hacked by frens" with no bigco pajeet branches. i quite like that. but lack of flavors in ports is annoying, considering that they functionality is there
19:02 phf most bsd tools are smaller compared to their gnu counterparts (i'd say on average 1/3 of all possible flags), and openbsd did a handful of tool rewrites and integrations that i quite like, even if some of them verge on the border of "modern!1"
19:05 phf e.g. one of my favorites is that "wpa_supplicant" is part of ifconfig, i.e. `ifconfig nwid foo wpakey bar up`. it's small feature, but it's kind of obvious
19:09 phf i quite like that openbsd (and that comes from freebsd) preserved oss, and extended it in a sensible way to support the various features that were used as excuse to do the original poetterism, pulseaudio. openbsd still has /dev/sound to which you can cat a sun au and get audio. or you configure its byte/sample/etc size and stream something else
19:11 phf tbh i don't think it'll last, i've migrated to openbsd from freebsd which imho went to shit
19:15 phf (i'll let you know re size of httpd in a second, out in the deplorables land have been having electric issue, because of a recent storm. electric been going in and out, so i decided fuck it, brought all ups, systems down, waiting for openbsd to check out to the laptop i'm on)
19:22 phf obhttpd 7k c, 2k yacc, 1k header loc
19:23 phf compared with lighttpd 77k c 30k bash 12k header 11k m4 ...
19:24 phf smallest practical c httpd daemon i have is althttp.c which is 2k c loc, that's from sqlite guy
19:30 phf and to clarify obhttpd is enough to run mpwp, including the named redirects
19:30 phf e.g.
19:31 signpost yeah, that's what I'm running on too
19:31 signpost same box as my blog
19:32 asciilifeform phf: interesting. sorta like 'linux from 10y ago' at any given time
19:32 * signpost doesn't expect to get an urge for minimalism satisfied by anything that can do useful work as a server, but openbsd does at least usually work out of the box with minimal wtf
19:32 * asciilifeform can see why one might want to revive bsd
19:33 signpost ran business servers on the thing too, zero complaints.
19:38 * asciilifeform has 1 remaining openbsd box -- toshiba 'libretto'. was the 1 and only thing could get reasonably runnable on it, as support for truly ancient irons evaporated from linux long ago
19:39 phf i too have openbsd running on a libretto. in fact when i got trb working on openbsd in 2016 or so, immediately attempted to run the executable on libretto, and realized that unlike linux, openbsd doesn't have stable abi. trb booted, but then choked somewhere in threading code
19:41 verisimilitude OpenBSD's only obstinate, obviously.
19:43 verisimilitude Offhandedly, OpenBSD's obstinate or obnoxious.
19:45 verisimilitude Anyway, all attempts at alteration are agonizing.
~ 1 hours 26 minutes ~
21:12 asciilifeform << fwiw asciilifeform as recently as '18 was patching 'for own kitchen' ( baked a kernel compat. with 'M' , iirc to this day not published patch from lack of detectable interest , tho the bootable image is there in the 1st article ) , did not take over9000 elbow grease
21:12 dulapbot Logged on 2022-05-30 14:58:11 phf: everything's a compromise. i've hacked on linux kernel in the early 2000s when i didn't know anything from anything (i had major patches against orinoco wifi driver, mac ppc), but i wouldn't attempt that now. openbsd's kernel is still "hacked by frens" with no bigco pajeet branches. i quite like that. but lack of flavors in ports is annoying, considering that they functionality is there
21:13 asciilifeform ( took 1 of the off-the-shelf mips kernel 'machine' sets, put in routines for the basic 'devices' in 'm' )
21:14 asciilifeform err, '19
21:15 asciilifeform arguably this is why over9000 obscure irons supported by linuxkernel -- because not in fact difficult to glom'em on
21:27 phf asciilifeform: this could also be the case of "the fuck is this faggot ass shit" which is usually followed 1-2 hours later by "oh hmm well maybe maybe, i get it, it's shit but i get it" followed by another two hours of "well, i don't know if it can be done any other way really"
21:27 phf i just haven't bothered to put those first two hours with recent linux kernel yet
21:28 asciilifeform phf: entirely. and there's rarely any reason to do it (how often one bakes de novo irons, or even excavates an ancient one for which 0 existing module, that even needs one)
21:28 phf by the time i was tmsr i was already running mac os for like a decade
21:28 asciilifeform iirc at one pt someone ( bvt ? ) was trying to wire fg into kernel
21:29 phf ironically switched to mac os because "if poeterring might as well something that just works", now at a point where mac os doesn't just work anymore
21:29 asciilifeform aha!
21:30 * asciilifeform still has a crapple in the rack, moar or less reserved for 'toilet' chores -- runs printers, scanners, the occasional misc. piece of shit periph
21:30 asciilifeform video conferencing bullshit, etc
21:31 asciilifeform can't wait to throw that thing out -- it bloats like botulismic tinned can ~erryyr like fucking clockwork, 'needs new battery' despite ~never running off the battery
21:32 asciilifeform ( but won't boot w/out one , either, Because Reasons (tm) )
21:33 * asciilifeform recalls decade+ ago thinking similarly to phf's , 'hey almost a commercial unix', 'iron justworx(tm) but can open a bash , unlike winblowz box' etc
21:34 asciilifeform but at this pt moar or less exactly same 'feel' as a microshit box, except with even moar flaky iron
21:36 * asciilifeform recalls travails of folx trying to get fg going under crapple. where, apparently, can't switch off flow control from serial port (or, at any rate, no one found precisely how)
21:37 asciilifeform iirc thing ate 'stty' w/ the correct args, then proceeded to... do nuffin
21:37 asciilifeform (quite typical behaviour of crapple's os when asked to 'behave unixfully' in some corner case)
21:39 asciilifeform ( ftr -- with flow control 'on', one gets spurious control chars in yer random soup, catastrophically blowing the uniformity of the output )
21:39 asciilifeform ( or, to be pedantic -- they get ~omitted~ from the set of possible bytes outputted, as they get interpreted )
21:40 asciilifeform ( see also re crapple victims )
21:40 dulapbot Logged on 2021-08-31 13:41:55 asciilifeform: pete_rizzo_: consider a lulzy pete_d incident: in '17, he buys a FG, but unable to get it going, largely because he had purchased it simply as 'in-group signal' i suspect. in '19 [][turned his unit into a 'modern art' install
21:51 verisimilitude Unimaginative underachievers unknowingly use utterly ugly UNIXen, unfalteringly.
21:51 dulapbot Logged on 2022-05-30 17:25:09 phf: asciilifeform: this could also be the case of "the fuck is this faggot ass shit" which is usually followed 1-2 hours later by "oh hmm well maybe maybe, i get it, it's shit but i get it" followed by another two hours of "well, i don't know if it can be done any other way really"
21:55 asciilifeform verisimilitude: unappealing, undead unoperatingsystem; unremarkable
21:55 verisimilitude Unsurprisingly.
~ 1 hours ~
22:56 phf verisimilitude is of course posting his deep insights from an apl machine, get the fuck out here.
22:56 asciilifeform lol
23:06 phf there's of course a periodic thread on subj
23:06 dulapbot (trilema) 2015-02-06 asciilifeform: 'Violent criminals often use an expression auxiliary to “My head went” when explaining their deeds: “It wasn’t me.” Here is the psychobabble of the slums, the doctrine of the “Real Me” as refracted through the lens of urban degradation. The Real Me has nothing to do with the phenomenal me, the me that snatches old ladies’ bags, breaks into other people’s houses, beats up my wife and children, or repeatedly
23:06 dulapbot (trilema) 2015-02-06 asciilifeform: inks too much and gets involved in brawls. No, the Real Me is an immaculate conception, untouched by human conduct: it is that unassailable core of virtue that enables me to retain my self-respect whatever I do. What I am is not at all determined by what I do; and insofar as what I do has any moral significance at all, it is up to others to ensure that the phenomenal me acts in accordance with the Real Me.'
23:08 phf :q
23:09 verisimilitude It's irrelevant, isn't it?
23:10 phf err, asciilifeform is there a way to search your logs by an uinterupted sequence of characters, e.g. btcbase lets you search "real me" (though at also greps lots of `real men`), but on logs it seems to do something odd
23:14 phf verisimilitude: no, there's of course a point, but like with the proverbial flies in eyes, can't see they are there cause they are there
23:19 verisimilitude Enlighten everyone, emissary.
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