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00:16 shinohai greets vex
00:16 vex heya shino
00:19 * vex feels decidedly slovenly for not attempting to build alf's rng, particularly considering that I asked for extra notes more than once. Erry time, were promptly published.
00:19 dulapbot Logged on 2021-11-11 19:03:23 asciilifeform: surprisingly tricky (if no one to crib from , lol)
00:23 vex How many smoke detectors do I need for your thing shinohai?
00:23 shinohai like 72 or something
00:24 shinohai Don't stop until ur skin starts to itch as a general rule.
00:26 vex sounds powerful
00:33 vex I sure would like one of those og snsa tshirts
00:39 dpb i give them free with purchase of fg
00:40 vex I thought nubs still had the box
00:41 dpb yeah i never got those ones, but i already had a box of them
00:41 vex cool
~ 27 minutes ~
01:09 vex how long do you propose the trb coffers to last asciilifeform?
01:10 vex 34 pieces won't last forever
01:13 vex a long time, but not forever
01:18 vex if you're planning to disperse it; there will be less
01:22 vex I'm preaching to the choir here. I underestimated the sanwich cost. that printer sure goes brrr
01:30 vex meanwhile in testnet, cdd, who is your daddy and what does he do?
01:30 vex pls don't say nfi, coz 19 years ago....
01:31 vex prolly won't even read it.
01:35 vex you're spooking me out kid
01:43 vex
~ 41 minutes ~
02:24 vex
02:28 asciilifeform << this is an interesting q with an interesting answr.
02:28 dulapbot Logged on 2021-11-15 20:09:32 vex: how long do you propose the trb coffers to last asciilifeform?
02:29 asciilifeform a properly-adaized replacement-trb (i.e. with ZERO traces of derpcoad and demonstrably bug-free) would be what one could call 'permanent software'
02:29 dulapbot Logged on 2020-10-01 15:00:29 asciilifeform: gregorynyssa: there's not a thing that'd rise to the level of 'plan'. asciilifeform in particular wrote 3 things: 'nqb', a largely-complete coder/decoder for the formats used in trb; ffa, with which possible to perform the cryptonumerics; and 'cryostat', to implement a o(1) db .
02:29 asciilifeform i.e. the kind that can be left alone for all time.
02:30 asciilifeform ergo the primary mission of tbf is a finite one.
02:30 asciilifeform which is convenient because neither asciilifeform nor afaik any other prospectice participants are immortals
02:31 asciilifeform 'Ihr Racker, wollt ihr ewig leben?'(tm)(r)(frederick ii)
02:33 asciilifeform << i recently found anuther bag of'em. possibly even someone asked for it, and i neglected to get'em out, but i fughet who it was...
02:33 dulapbot Logged on 2021-11-15 19:33:11 vex: I sure would like one of those og snsa tshirts
02:33 asciilifeform (and can't seem to find in the log either)
02:35 asciilifeform anyways to round off vex's thread -- after permanent-trb is complete, i expect the remainder of the coffer is to be used to support noades , as well as maintenance of our gnat, signpost's miniature linux, and whatever other components req'd to revv up the kit on off-the-shelf irons.
02:35 asciilifeform i.e. so that it remains runnable.
02:36 asciilifeform ( aaaand it is conceivable that folx (incl. asciilifeform) will at some pt put ~into~ the piggy, rather than only take out ! )
02:38 * asciilifeform also is in favour of use of tbf piggy in re: efforts to e.g. unwind segshit, if at some pt this appears practical and the necessary resources require coin
02:39 asciilifeform ... if, speculatively, such an exercise yields coin, naturally said coin oughta end up in the piggy.
~ 2 hours 16 minutes ~
04:55 scoopbot New post on A Syndication of Verisimilitudes: A Review of ``Computing Machinery and Intelligence'' by Alan Turing
04:56 verisimilitude Say, I may as well ask, have ye any recommended reading for better understand S-boxes and other such things? While I could implement the Serpent cipher already, I'd prefer to have a better understanding of it.
04:56 verisimilitude s/understand/understanding/
~ 29 minutes ~
05:25 cdd << Not the kind of attitude I intended to portray. No, I do not have daddy issues.
05:25 dulapbot Logged on 2021-11-15 20:30:23 vex: meanwhile in testnet, cdd, who is your daddy and what does he do?
05:26 cdd << What is nfi?
05:26 dulapbot Logged on 2021-11-15 20:30:55 vex: pls don't say nfi, coz 19 years ago....
~ 2 hours 14 minutes ~
07:40 vex no fucking idea, also bbl is be back later
07:43 vex this is generally considered common knowedge
07:51 vex all i'm saying is I hope you know your daddy coz I was pretty prolific in oz 19 years ago
07:53 vex it's a small space
~ 4 hours 10 minutes ~
12:04 cdd << I don't text people much, spend most my time jacked in with a keyboard so shortcuts are unnecessary, I'll keep that in mind.
12:04 dulapbot Logged on 2021-11-16 02:43:38 vex: this is generally considered common knowedge
12:05 cdd << Is that a threat???
12:05 dulapbot Logged on 2021-11-16 02:51:38 vex: all i'm saying is I hope you know your daddy coz I was pretty prolific in oz 19 years ago
12:06 cdd Legitimately confused at what you're trying to infer.
12:07 shinohai buenas dias cdd
12:07 cdd 'morn shinohai
12:08 shinohai $ticker btc usd
12:08 busybot Current BTC price in USD: $60427.19
12:09 cdd << We'll see just how small when the census results are published.
12:09 dulapbot Logged on 2021-11-16 02:53:52 vex: it's a small space
12:11 shinohai << if anyone tuned in gets this working, lemme know. the mode code is broken but u dont need that where *were* going anyway
12:11 dulapbot Logged on 2021-11-14 11:53:11 asciilifeform: meanwhile, in misc. finds : a quite compact cl ircd, possibly usable as a pestron frontend.
~ 2 hours 47 minutes ~
14:59 jonsykkel 14:55 < jonsykkel> if anyone else using irssi:
14:59 asciilifeform jonsykkel: ty!
15:06 thimbronion A suggestion for a possible debugging technique for those who are not able to peer: create a separate net with only yourselves. much less noisy.
15:07 thimbronion Obvs. if you're both behind a nat, one of you will need to know their ephemeral port first.
~ 25 minutes ~
15:33 BingoBoingo cdd Have you ever seen Kindergarten Cop, the classic film?
~ 26 minutes ~
16:00 whaack << cool. what exactly are you doing though? Linking to a view-txn call? I want to update the api eventually but don't want to break anything already being used
16:00 dulapbot Logged on 2021-11-15 00:01:08 signpost: also, added a link to whaack's explorer for txn info
~ 43 minutes ~
16:43 signpost whaack: nah do w/e makes sense, and I'll fix my literally one line with a URL in it
16:43 signpost I'm just linking to the page that comes up when you search for a txn
16:44 signpost bahahaha cdd for fuck's sake, relax
16:45 signpost
16:45 signpost life's short, have a chuckle now and then.
16:46 signpost btw "crtdaydream" is a way cooler handle than cdd
16:47 * signpost been meaning to ebay himself a trinitron sometime
16:51 whaack signpost: sounds good. atm i don't plan to change the link address, just the format of the output, so you likely won't even have to do that 1 line change
16:53 whaack for anyone who may be interseted: i took a cortisone shot yesterday in both hands, and unfortunately today i have mild/no symptom relief
16:56 signpost hm, that sucks
16:58 whaack it possibly needs a few days to kick in, but the success stories i've heard from people always mentioned how it worked immediately on application or at most 1 day after
17:02 signpost ever been checked for allergies? might have a source of inflammation of some kind
17:02 signpost I'm about to start the round of shots to alleviate mine, allergic to just about every damned plant in texas
17:03 signpost amusingly, allergic to just about none of those in new england
17:03 signpost (where family hails from)
17:03 whaack i have seasonal allergies , cat allergies, and i recall i had a bad soy allergy when i was younger
17:04 whaack and yup, in CR luckily the seasonal allergies are very mild / non existant, the seasonal allergies mostly affected me in spring/fall in nyc
17:05 signpost I'm going to do the food allergy thing next, bad heartburn that seems food-specific.
17:06 * signpost blessed with the genes for celiacs, which wouldn't shock me if they're actually the genes for e.g. glyphosate issues
17:21 signpost re: soy they put that in damned everything these days.
17:21 signpost my wife does an awesome job sourcing actual food for us, at ever-greater cost.
17:22 * signpost likes to joke that she thickened up my beard doing so, but probably just getting old
17:28 punkman whaack: did you try any diet/supplement interventions yet?
17:35 * signpost also points out that black market weed is often covered in pesticide.
17:39 whaack punkman: yes, i was taking vitamin b supplements for a while, i take collagen and tumeric regularly, and i tried eating an 'anti-inflammation' diet for 2 weeks, which primarily consisted of no meat or dairy products, no sugar (besides that coming rom fruit smoothies) , no caffine, and lots of 'leafy greens' as iirc trinque pointed out
17:40 whaack i also almost entirely gave up drinking, bar a glass of wine now and then, and have picked up/revived a ganja habit
17:41 * signpost gave up pot until living in a legal jurisdiction
17:44 punkman I used to have 2-4 day incidents of carpal pain in early twenties, had to avoid writing/typing. was really worried then that it'd get worse. Perhaps some combination of overuse and bad diet, but never really looked into it.
17:45 punkman can't remember last time I had one of those, maybe once a year tops
17:47 punkman 2 weeks for new diet, seems kinda short though
17:48 signpost ^
17:48 signpost iirc the anti-inflammatory diet is measured in months
17:48 punkman no meat or dairy also sounds like a bad idea
17:51 punkman
17:54 whaack punkman: thanks for the tips and link, i'll take a look and consider increasing the diet timeline
17:58 punkman lots of interesting articles on that website
17:59 punkman might also want to search at Google scholar for ideas
18:00 punkman if the doctors aren't helping, no other choice
18:02 punkman excessive anxiety about the issue also won't be helping, gotta work on that too
18:09 signpost yeah, holding oneself tensely really fucks with bloodflow.
18:10 * signpost in years past thought the weed was helping mellow out, definitely did not.
18:10 signpost not that I have any moral aversion, shit's fun. just builds up in you with too much of a habit.
18:10 punkman I remember getting quite depressed by the carpal pain
18:11 signpost punkman: yep, when my left hand was going numb I figured it'd be career-ending.
18:11 signpost anyway I figure whaack has a brain, just sharing perspective.
18:12 signpost incidentally punkman I'll get the ticker checked out, but my history of heartburn suggests it was probably that.
18:12 signpost my body's favorite reaction to the unfamiliar is hives, boiling gut, etc
18:13 * signpost at least mends quickly when his immune system has something real to chew on.
18:14 punkman not uncommon for folks to confuse bad case of heartburn with heart attack even
18:17 thimbronion was able to fix my hearburn issues by cutting out tobacco, caffeine, and getting a bed that can incline.
18:18 signpost if I give up coffee they're going to send me the mormon underwear
18:18 signpost interesting re: bed though; I apparently snore like hell so that might solve two problems
18:18 thimbronion signpost: I can have like 1 cup a week. I could have more but then it would snowball.
18:19 * signpost drinks one per day, has a pour-over ritual
18:19 thimbronion glorious
18:19 punkman I got a bunch of niacin (B3) and melatonin today. wanted to have at hand in case of chinese flu, but gonna try it daily for a bit, see if it improves anything.
18:20 punkman had to order regular niacin from EU, was impossible to find the regular niacin locally. could only get no-flush, extended-release and such
~ 1 hours 46 minutes ~
20:07 jonsykkel re: "Must be the first/second/third command", ftr irssi seems to send in order PASS,NICK,USER
~ 28 minutes ~
20:35 signpost it's doubtful specifying the order here gains much
20:36 signpost probably enough to say that when all three are provided, the pest node and irc frontend proceed to the connected state
20:37 jonsykkel would think so, dunno if some specific reason why that in spek
20:37 signpost sensible thing to specify if not trying to avoid rebuilding clients at this juncture.
20:38 signpost (but in that case, we'd just make connecting a single step)
20:39 jonsykkel inded
~ 16 minutes ~
20:56 verisimilitude I've been doing better lately, due to my new keyboard, but I'm still having some relatively minor issues. I believe taking vitamins and exercising has been helping.
20:56 verisimilitude I still need to find a suitable voice system, preferably one I can just install from a package manager; I hate playing system administrator for software I didn't write.
20:58 verisimilitude Anyway, here's something stupid and perhaps amusing: I will pay you cash to delete your npm module
20:59 verisimilitude ``npm's culture presents a major problem for global software security.''
20:59 verisimilitude I loathe this attitude of ``Your problem is magically my problem, so fix it now!''.
21:00 verisimilitude The article is satire, but the first sentence isn't.
21:03 verisimilitude I be not the only one here drinking six or eight cups of coffee each day, right?
21:04 verisimilitude A cup for me is roughly the imperial cup measurement unit.
~ 1 hours 35 minutes ~
22:39 bonechewer I expect asciilifeform will be too disgusted by the segshit'ism to do more than flame this, but I thought a from-scratch reimplementation of bitcoind in C might be newsworthy, even if only as an organ donor for useful coad
22:40 verisimilitude I didn't investigate that at all, so tell me if there be a catch to it or not, bonechewer.
22:43 bonechewer *shrug* I'm far from an expert on bitcoin, so not really qualified to have an opinion. But anytime I see a plain C version of a bloated C++ mess, I applaud.
~ 42 minutes ~
23:26 shinohai << but this thing builds and if ya need a lightweight way to do enemy txn this is a nice thing
23:26 dulapbot Logged on 2021-11-16 17:39:56 bonechewer: I expect asciilifeform will be too disgusted by the segshit'ism to do more than flame this, but I thought a from-scratch reimplementation of bitcoind in C might be newsworthy, even if only as an organ donor for useful coad
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