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08:36 cgra << agreed it's a perfectly fine example of a target not worth mentioning alongside the other candidates
08:36 bitbot Logged on 2023-01-29 18:39:45 signpost: would sooner make sure ocpy works on dulap, for example, but you're on ???buntu
08:40 cgra << thanks for this clarification. and your input was appreciated. perhaps a handful of braincells were properly re-oriented as a result
08:40 bitbot Logged on 2023-01-29 18:39:08 signpost: what's miswired is a bunch of d00ds all using different sanctified versions of these things.
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09:02 cgra fwiw, got ocpy running on my random-platform, and getting similar results to signpost's. and while not done looking yet, not expecting to find obvious improvements
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10:06 signpost cgra: cool! what's the diff look like?
~ 59 minutes ~
11:06 awt I don't believe I personally have the resources (or inclination) to continuously backport security fixes to python 2.7.
~ 2 hours 27 minutes ~
13:34 signpost awt: yeah, I don't think anyone should.
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14:07 * asciilifeform still curious what folx mean concretely by 'security fixes for python'
14:10 asciilifeform ( e.g. cve catalogues plenty of bugs in py libraries, but not afaik in the runtime per se )
14:12 asciilifeform ... loox liek there's this that'd fit the description, but is re ancient (i.e. < 2.7.7), even older than dulap's
14:16 signpost point's that it's not sane to take a longterm dependency on an object of python's complexity without also monitoring whether the thing's been owned. the one I saw was
14:17 signpost that this one happens to not apply to the old versions people have chosen is a matter of chance.
14:17 asciilifeform linked above aha
14:19 * signpost uses all kinds of tools he'd like to deprecate in time.
14:19 asciilifeform signpost: sadly this applies to erry 'kilometres of open sores' pile o'shit, not only python
14:19 signpost bazel say, for builds in professional work.
14:21 signpost I'm poking at this "sanctified wordpress version" unspoken ideological emanation of tmsr.
14:22 signpost would be better to take a utilitarian approach and realize that we're gonna be sinning for a long time, sin less over time.
14:22 asciilifeform signpost: relatedly, was thinking re hypothetical 'fits-in-head iron pestron' appliance in re potential to cure the 'if it's networked, it's prolly pwned' affliction in a permanent way
14:22 signpost yeah, I bought that fpga item with nic you mentioned a while back
14:23 signpost if can't cure the kid's immunological disease, bubbleboy engineering seems like next best
14:23 signpost "my house isn't fire-proof, but my friends typically don't set fires in the living room"
14:23 asciilifeform signpost: didja ever have a chance to 'hello world' it ? ( asciilifeform broke teeth chasing down the toolchain )
14:24 signpost not yet. most recent hardware fiddling was with some cameras I bought in re: discussion with billymg and others on possible non-bezos security systems.
14:25 * asciilifeform recalls thread re geophones. afaik still 0 konsoomer offerings re subj
14:25 signpost oughta mention that pest looks useful as a component of a physical security system for org with multiple sites
14:26 signpost and multiple observers
14:26 asciilifeform signpost: the part where it doesn't care re ip addrs is an obvious win in said application imho
14:27 signpost yep. potentially a way to johnny-appleseed pest nodes too.
14:27 signpost internal side of the thing ends up serving up a chat interface to owner
14:27 asciilifeform elaborate?
14:28 signpost suppose you go installing these security systems for people. there's a hardware device you place at network edge at secure site, and at observer sites. that network edge device could also serve as a comms terminal for the operators.
14:29 signpost just stating obvious that both alarm alerts and human communication can happen over the same nodes
14:29 signpost billymg thinks there is an expat community in CR that may buy this type of product.
14:30 asciilifeform imho the most interesting part is that the protocol is simple enuff that it could be hardwareized (and fully de-vonneumanized) in readable implementation, potentially
14:30 signpost worth talking about more here. I became disinterested with the project in thinking that there aren't many Americans that give a shit.
14:30 signpost pretty cool if so
14:31 asciilifeform signpost: the critical lack of givers of shits re sane softs prolly aint going away
14:33 asciilifeform ditto irons
14:33 * asciilifeform at one pt had naive notion that bitcoinism could change this, but in fact went in ~opposite~ direction, i.e. goxification, where the tards give even ~less~ shit
14:34 signpost yep, would like to hear more thoughts from billymg. I'm still sorta in get fiats, convert to buttcorn, ammo, and land mode, but not impossible to persuade.
14:34 asciilifeform ( and see also )
14:35 signpost cheap hardware comms device helps us all not die as well as this other idea, so good thing to pursue in either case.
14:35 dulapbot (asciilifeform) 2020-12-16 asciilifeform: cgra: i ought to make clear that i do not atm have any plans to mass-produce any kind of irons (beyond handful of prototypes for own use.) simply because it -- afaik -- cannot be done economically.
14:36 asciilifeform the unfortunate thing is that the only 'cheap' iron is likely to be whatever you currently have, + what's in scrapyard
14:36 asciilifeform errything else costs over9000 a la FG.
14:38 signpost not to be a downer, but the obvious fact is there's probably not a lot of time.
14:38 signpost to say boot up a business or bake irons.
14:39 asciilifeform aaha
14:39 signpost everybody decides the crash is over about 1/3 of the way in, then splat.
14:39 signpost and the last couple didn't have a looming world war.
14:39 signpost no reason to stop rowing though.
14:39 asciilifeform while it's still possible to make custom irons at sumthing like reasonable cost, there are things that could be made. but afaik would have to be from ideological or immed. practical consideration, to 'biznis' it afaik is simply quick way to lose shirt.
14:40 asciilifeform ~nobody wants to pay the sort of dough that'd recover fixed dev cost, for ~anything nontrivial.
14:49 asciilifeform 1st casualty of civ collapse is anyone's ability to bake anyffin new, 'weird', or even any such thing doesn't help 1 illiterate club and eat anuther and in such a way that can be explained in 3 minutes
14:49 asciilifeform it aint clear to asciilifeform that the folx in 'land & ammo' mode give half a rat's arse re throwing bits , 'securely' or otherwise (or even oughta)
14:50 asciilifeform ( if the bitcoin folx didn't, then who ? )
14:51 asciilifeform * any such thing as doesn't ...
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15:08 signpost
15:08 bitbot (asciilifeform) 2022-03-30 signpost: I won't cry if all I get is a toast with my internet frens when I let y'all know I just saw the flash.
15:09 signpost "what's your strategy?" "why... luck! it's worked so far!"
15:11 * signpost bbl
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16:11 cgra << the kind of hack one'd likely expect
16:11 bitbot Logged on 2023-01-30 10:06:55 signpost: cgra: cool! what's the diff look like?
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16:28 signpost "py3.11 hashlib.file_digest() replacement, of the crudest kind" << lol!
16:29 signpost yeah, this is the kind of stuff I'd rather not obscure the code with, as the point of the code is to provide a reference for implementations in other languages
16:29 signpost hopefully reads like a description of the algo as much as possible, rather than ifdef soup
16:29 signpost really didn't take much, that said
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17:09 cgra yeah, made a good practical demonstration to your earlier point
~ 1 hours 17 minutes ~
18:26 awt << This is not enough for me. I need more than superficial reasons to act from any cause.
18:26 bitbot Logged on 2023-01-18 11:23:46 phf[deedbot]: *this* place is now a hangout spot for frens, and some people who i guess missed out on the original run and are in it for the various projects. projects that maybe continue in the vein of tmsr thought, but only in a superficial way
18:28 awt Perhaps to my shame I find the lack of an MP to be demotivating.
18:30 asciilifeform awt: wouldn't have guessed this, fwiw, from awt's output of mp era vs. current
18:43 awt asciilifeform: yes up until the last year or so of tmsr I was an eater and secret blogger.
18:45 awt Nonetheless in private I was spending vast amounts of time on things motivated by mp - learning ancient greek, for example.
18:47 awt It is disappointing that by the time I dug myself out of the hole I was in, the thing went kaput.
18:50 awt I am still working from the cause of sound money.
18:54 signpost that's what happens when you live for someone else.
18:55 * signpost grateful for the dunk back into tradition, and would've liked to see tmsr last longer.
18:55 signpost but was working on my own liberation before, during, and now after
18:56 signpost futility aside. because the answer to that is "fuck you"
18:56 bitbot Logged on 2023-01-20 22:10:00 phf[deedbot|awt]: so like when gotcha people say "oh you saying you're only good because sky daddy told you so", the answer is "fuck off"
18:58 signpost that said, awt owes his day's work to no one but himself.
18:59 awt << no objection to this at all
18:59 bitbot Logged on 2023-01-30 18:54:04 signpost: that's what happens when you live for someone else.
19:00 awt << I owe my liberation almost in full to tmsr.
19:00 bitbot Logged on 2023-01-30 18:55:28 signpost: but was working on my own liberation before, during, and now after
19:05 signpost this is that meaning-crisis thread again from another way in.
19:06 signpost awt: hope life's good otherwise
19:08 asciilifeform << the greeks are still there to read, even after mp kaput...
19:08 bitbot Logged on 2023-01-30 18:45:21 awt: Nonetheless in private I was spending vast amounts of time on things motivated by mp - learning ancient greek, for example.
19:08 awt signpost: life is pretty good. Almost out of the hole. Divorce should be resolved this year.
19:09 * asciilifeform recalls, for sumreason, t.dalrymple (brit prison shrink, author of some lulzb00kz) accounts of his patients asking, 'doc, where do i find sumthing that feels as good as heroin?'
19:11 asciilifeform awt: which hole was it that you're almost out of ?
19:12 awt Concerning the greeks - a couple of tragedies took the wind out of my sails there. I used to attend a meetup hosted by a UC Berkeley classics professor. Sadly he committed suicide. Then mp drowned. Took some of the fun out of it I suppose.
19:12 awt asciilifeform: bad marriage.
19:12 asciilifeform a
19:13 asciilifeform as far as asciilifeform concerned, mp drowned in '18. but already noted this at length.
19:14 asciilifeform dunno what e.g. awt was hoping to do with post-'18 mp... wait to be the next to be 'unpersoned' and yer work plagiarized ?
19:17 asciilifeform ( ... polish holy php turd ? )
19:17 bitbot Logged on 2023-01-29 18:17:54 signpost: "the master's ass graced this particular wordpress version. you can still see the crease and smell his cigars."
19:17 awt asciilifeform: yes it's all very clear now. IMO doesn't really matter precisely when but the bitbets debacle was the end.
19:19 asciilifeform fella had a 'substances' problem. unfortunate, but followed typical progression.
19:19 signpost anyway, go drown in free agent pussy for a while on the beach. just stay away from mixing riptides and rum!
19:19 signpost nothing kills the joy of life like a bad relationship
19:20 * signpost mega-grateful for blatta's existence. earlier commentary was about standardizing tooling so folks who want to can collaborate without pointless toil.
19:23 signpost as for me, I like talking with asciilifeform and getting yelled at by phf, and will stick around for that.
19:23 signpost can hump along some software as time permits. window for world domination is closed and was probably never open.
19:36 awt << Alas!
19:36 bitbot Logged on 2023-01-30 19:23:18 signpost: can hump along some software as time permits. window for world domination is closed and was probably never open.
19:39 awt << Ty and yes I understood. I'm just at a point where I only have like a decade of declining productivity left. Gotta choose wisely.
19:39 bitbot Logged on 2023-01-30 19:20:21 signpost: mega-grateful for blatta's existence. earlier commentary was about standardizing tooling so folks who want to can collaborate without pointless toil.
19:42 asciilifeform dunno that window for 'world domination from desk' was ever open, lol
19:42 signpost yes yes, I was trying to be polite!
19:43 asciilifeform ( 'from cr beach & fine restaurants' similarly )
19:44 asciilifeform ( see also )
19:45 dulapbot (asciilifeform) 2022-03-29 asciilifeform: << imho 'expectations inflation' was a serious & ultimately fatal disease of #t
19:46 asciilifeform << generally folx 'give up' long before actually weak from old age, is the thing (vs., e.g. paul erdos was still doing his thing when died, in his 80s)
19:46 bitbot Logged on 2023-01-30 19:39:58 awt: << Ty and yes I understood. I'm just at a point where I only have like a decade of declining productivity left. Gotta choose wisely.
19:47 asciilifeform mp barely 40 when gave up.
19:59 awt asciilifeform: I ain't giving up. In fact more determined than ever. Had some weird sort of chronic fatigue that took me out for almost 2 years. I've slowly recovered and holy shit you really don't appreciate your health until it's gone.
~ 1 hours 40 minutes ~
21:40 asciilifeform awt: entirely tru re health. happy to hear that you recovered.
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