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00:00 awt signpost:
00:02 crtdaydreams awt I see that, I'm just trying to figure out what's happening, that's what killed shinohai's station the other day if it does it again it's more than just %unpeer
00:02 awt crtdaydreams: I just released a patch that fixes %unpeer
00:02 awt crtdaydreams: I get it it's just that I already tested unpeer several times tonight
00:03 signpost awt: patched with 9974
00:03 signpost yup seems ok now
00:03 crtdaydreams awt righto. I ought to set up testing w/ blatta myself and try and replicate it
00:04 crtdaydreams I'll have a go tonight, gtg for now
~ 7 hours 32 minutes ~
07:36 crtdaydreams PeterL: may I ask for my sites rss to be added to scoopbot please?
~ 1 hours 12 minutes ~
08:49 PeterL crtdaydreams: sure, what is the feed?
08:50 crtdaydreams PeterL:
08:50 crtdaydreams http only
08:54 PeterL OK, I'll get that added in just a bit
~ 41 minutes ~
09:35 PeterL hmm, it looks like I already added your site a while ago
09:37 crtdaydreams PeterL oh oki, all good, I haven't uploaded in yonks but will probably be throwing something up soon
09:38 PeterL although, looks like the bot is down at the moment.
09:41 PeterL gave it a kick, back up again.
09:46 awt 9974:
~ 44 minutes ~
10:30 shinohai Running 9974
10:31 awt 👍
~ 43 minutes ~
11:15 phf << let me belaborate on this point for a second. an unreliable or otherwise mobile node might go down for arbitrary periods of time. when it comes back, afaiu right now the only form of communication it can do is ignore packet, to establish proper AT, and then wait for
11:16 phf broadcast OR prod to figure out what's missing. question is, why, when a mobile node comes back, not allow it to ask for packets forward? i'm not saying that this needs to be done, but more like what's the justification for doing a poll in this case, instead of pull?
11:18 PeterL isn't that what prod does?
11:20 PeterL IIUC, the response to a prod message will include the latest nethash, so once you get that you just use getdata until you work back to your lastest message
11:21 asciilifeform PeterL: correct
11:21 phf ah see i misunderstand prod. i thought that it's periodically sent by the counterparty, and it contains latest hash, which you then can check against your packets, and do a request. so in other words you connect and wait for a periodic prod to come in, rather than initiate prod.
11:22 phf *misunderstood
11:23 PeterL prod and getdata will each generate a single line of response, if you just say 'give me everything after ##' then you could get a response of unlimited size
11:25 phf or you could put an N on a request, and at get most N packets. as of right now you're at parity, 5mb of data requires 5mb of request
11:29 phf asciilifeform: at this point of practical pestronics you have to be pretty careful about what you respond to :> e.g. your "PeterL: correct" confirms two different messages on bitdash and on nosuchlabs
11:31 phf pestronic proof of work, you want 5mb of data! you send 5mb of request!
~ 30 minutes ~
12:01 asciilifeform << this lul existed in fleanode era fwiw. but good point
12:01 bitbot Logged on 2022-07-11 11:29:15 phf[billymg]: asciilifeform: at this point of practical pestronics you have to be pretty careful about what you respond to :> e.g. your "PeterL: correct" confirms two different messages on bitdash and on nosuchlabs
12:14 asciilifeform << asciilifeform dun like 'ddos amplifiers' (even given that we have message expirations and deduplication), imho oughta know exact mass of what yer asking for in advance
12:14 bitbot Logged on 2022-07-11 11:25:14 phf[billymg]: or you could put an N on a request, and at get most N packets. as of right now you're at parity, 5mb of data requires 5mb of request
12:22 phf << why wouldn't you know exact mass in my example? you ask for n packets you get n packets. or you mean just in general that trading 1 packet for n packets is that?
12:22 bitbot Logged on 2022-07-11 12:14:53 asciilifeform[billymg]: << asciilifeform dun like 'ddos amplifiers' (even given that we have message expirations and deduplication), imho oughta know exact mass of what yer asking for in advance
12:23 asciilifeform phf: the latter
12:24 asciilifeform poses a problem if replayed ( and yes, theoretically deduplication prevents, but in practice implementing the spec has not been trivial for the folx attempting... arguably asciilifeform's sin, for failing to make it trivial to implement )
12:28 asciilifeform the other thing, phf : the logic whereby getdata responses bypass the timestamp expiration filter requires knowing the hash of expected msg ~in advance~
12:28 whaack morning
12:28 asciilifeform which is incompat. with 'send me N'
12:29 asciilifeform wb whaack
12:30 * asciilifeform recognizes that the spec loox to readers like a chaotic spew, but in fact actually did attempt to think it through as a logical whole
12:31 signpost hm, can't see phf now.
12:32 signpost oh wait, yes I can.
12:32 asciilifeform wb signpost
12:32 signpost howdy asciilifeform
12:33 signpost for some reason still not exchanging packets with ya directly.
12:33 asciilifeform hm asciilifeform's at entry for signpost is stamped 6 jul
12:35 signpost mind trying ?
12:35 * asciilifeform added
12:35 signpost cool, looks like worx now
12:35 signpost ty
12:35 asciilifeform odd that it didn't update automagically
12:36 signpost I apparently had an old entry for you in my own AT.
12:36 * asciilifeform spent weekend on moar seeming interminable meat plumbing
12:36 signpost or incorrect in either case
12:36 asciilifeform a
12:37 phf << there was no implication of that, but you know just because thought through doesn't mean thought through well. in this particular case the question was philosophical, because clearly that decision was intentional
12:37 bitbot Logged on 2022-07-11 12:30:38 asciilifeform[billymg]: recognizes that the spec loox to readers like a chaotic spew, but in fact actually did attempt to think it through as a logical whole
12:38 asciilifeform phf: encouraged to point out seemingly nonsensical moving parts tho, there's no guarantee that the thing is in fact properly reduced
12:38 asciilifeform asciilifeform not had , unfortunately, much time to return to the chalkboard & refine
12:39 whaack hm yeah i can't see phf
12:39 whaack erp nvm
12:40 whaack my chat just has a different order than
12:40 signpost schrodinger's phf
12:40 asciilifeform lol
12:41 phf i'm connected at different times through asciilifeform or awt, because i can't multichat yet :>
12:41 phf any criticism is with respective relays!
12:41 asciilifeform a, phf still shooting single-action via slime eh
12:41 signpost lol
12:41 asciilifeform ... bolt-action pestron lol
12:42 phf at this point the slime part i have least objection to :D once (br"... became muscle memory…
12:42 awt phf is vietcong, sniping the pest patrol one by one
12:44 phf
12:45 asciilifeform cheap&angry
12:46 signpost solves asciilifeform's multi-line paste gripe, so already ahead of weechat.
12:47 asciilifeform indeed
13:01 signpost hey billymg, the links in your log that point to ossasepia for trilema logs no longer work.
13:02 * signpost looks forward to linking messages by message hash.
~ 43 minutes ~
13:45 billymg << added
13:45 bitbot Logged on 2022-07-10 23:42:22 crtdaydreams[signpost]: and billymg; peering info
13:47 billymg signpost: do you mean log links that start in
13:53 billymg if that's what you meant i wasn't able to do "ilog tunneling" with ossabot links because her logger at one point got out of sync with dulapbot
13:53 billymg same with eric's
13:54 signpost yeah, I clicked one that went nowhere on her site.
13:54 * billymg needs to disable this feature for bitbot/dulapbot when in #pest, but the way it's currently implemented is by bot, not chan
13:54 signpost not a big deal
13:54 signpost solves itself when folks quote lines by message hash in the future.
13:55 signpost hey awt, what do you have in your AT for billymg?
13:55 asciilifeform signpost: indeed does, but q was re historical logs. afaik there aint any clean solution (other than asciilifeform's 'solution', where declared own log 'canonical' and invited folx to send in whatever's missing)
13:56 billymg signpost: yeah i brought that up recently also, and then went to look for the previous thread (because i remembered it being discussed before)
13:56 bitbot Logged on 2022-06-20 16:33:35 billymg: asciilifeform: regarding syncing of line indices between logotrons, what if we added a field containing the hash of speaker (minus hearsay), chan, timestamp, payload to the db?
13:56 bitbot (ossasepia) 2020-04-20 diana_coman: in other things, since I am looking again at the annoying issue with log lines and numbers and whatnots - my current thinking is to ditch that source of trouble entirely and simply use hashes for each line to identify it uniquely AND across whatever bots
13:56 signpost yeah, somebody'd have to retroactively munge harder identifiers into historic log
13:57 signpost but this getting harder is part of the history, not a big deal imho
13:57 signpost some historian can sit down and solve if they feel motivated.
13:57 asciilifeform signpost: so long as the archived line is actually in there somewhere, you can find it, in a pinch, via text search
13:57 signpost yup
13:58 asciilifeform the only historic chan that aint in asciilifeform's db at all is #o, where at one pt bot was unceremoniously kicked and asciilifeform went 'wai log them if they dun want'
13:58 asciilifeform err, #e
13:58 asciilifeform #o is in
14:12 awt signpost: billymg 2022-07-11 11:10:53.076080
14:12 awt billymg: 9975, 9974 might be interesting to you - fixed a bug where %unpeer deleted random keys
14:13 signpost wonder if that's the issue, that maybe my key got nuked on billmg's end
14:13 awt could have been at least at some point
14:13 billymg signpost: i've got a key for you still
14:14 billymg starting in 'DHq'
14:14 awt billymg: are you seeing this key using the %wot command?
14:14 signpost those bytes of the key are now leaked to the internets, lol
14:15 billymg did i miss something where commands changed from /command to %command?
14:15 awt yah
14:15 signpost slash still works apparently; I'm using it
14:15 signpost with weechat's setting to send unknown commands
14:15 billymg yeah, that's why i was confused
14:16 billymg awt: shows same key whether via /wot signpost or %wot signpost
14:16 awt I left slash in because why not
14:17 awt billymg: ok just wanted to make sure they peer_id for the key was associated with the correct peer and that there aren't multiple floating about in the db.
14:17 signpost I typically move to another buffer to issue sensitive commands, lest I accidentally fart a whole key to the wrong one.
14:17 awt it's bound to happen
~ 52 minutes ~
15:10 asciilifeform signpost: asciilifeform found only 1 'final solution' for the 'missile codes into wrong buffer' problem -- separate boxes / kvm
15:17 jonsykkel wat if ur kvm fails and sends codes to wrong box
15:17 asciilifeform jonsykkel: what if yer ceiling fails and drops yer roof on you, similarly
15:17 jonsykkel indeed
15:17 asciilifeform (suspect, moar likely)
15:18 jonsykkel i gotta get that ceiling fixd up asap
15:23 phf test
15:24 phf don't know why i think that it makes sense to write custom binary parser every time..
15:26 PeterL you just need to install a second ceiling under the first one to catch it if it happens to fall down
~ 2 hours 20 minutes ~
17:46 crtdaydreams random
17:47 shinohai /dev/random
17:48 crtdaydreams echo "echo"
~ 27 minutes ~
18:16 awt !!help
18:21 signpost !!help
18:21 deedbot
18:22 signpost awt: ^ oughta be usable now. seems like it gets stuck.
18:22 signpost might be a bug on the deedbot side, not sure. I'm at some point going to get a pest station feeding directly into its postgres db to remove complication.
18:23 * signpost leaves deedbot logs up for now.
18:26 whaack !e uptime
18:26 whaack !e uptime
18:27 trbexplorer whaack: time since my last reconnect : 2d 22h 42m
18:28 whaack !e view-height
18:29 trbexplorer whaack: time since my last reconnect : 2d 22h 44m
18:31 billymg check
18:31 whaack signpost: doesn't look like it's just deedbot that gets stuck.
18:31 billymg !c uptime
18:31 billymg !. uptime
18:31 bitbot billymg: time since my last reconnect : 8d 1h 48m
18:31 trbexplorer block_height: 744613
18:31 trbexplorer mins_since_last_block: -2
18:32 whaack it often seems as if my bot wants one more message before it sends a reply
18:33 shinohai $uptime
18:33 * shinohai now reminded he needs to update bot station
18:33 busybot The bot has been up for: 22 days 3 hours 50 minutes and 11 seconds
18:35 billymg !c uptime
18:37 billymg !c uptime
18:39 billymg !c uptime
18:40 billymg ok, one more time
18:40 billymg !c uptime
18:40 crawlerbot billymg: last reconnect: 1m ago; last restart: 1m ago
18:40 billymg there we go
18:41 billymg in working on this i updated the crawlerbot pairing for billymg, forgot to revert
18:41 bitbot Logged on 2022-07-09 12:02:30 billymg: i have it on my todo list to move my pest station to a local box, possibly that'll fix some of the lingering issues (not being able to peer with some people, join/part)
18:44 whaack !c net-summary
18:44 crawlerbot Bitcoin Network (IPv4 Nodes Active Within the Last 48 hours) Global: 7343; TRB-Compatible: 29; TRB: 15
18:44 crawlerbot TRB-Compatible by Country: United States: 7; Germany: 4; Romania: 3; Singapore: 3; Brazil: 1; Canada: 1; Italy: 1; Algeria: 1; France: 1; Andorra: 1; Sweden: 1; United Kingdom: 1; Belgium: 1; Ukraine: 1; Spain: 1; Bulgaria: 1;
18:45 crawlerbot TRB by Country: United States: 9; Canada: 1; Romania: 1; Lithuania: 1; France: 1; New Zealand: 1; Norway: 1;
18:51 billymg that's an all time high for TRB nodes (since the crawler started keeping track of the stat)
18:52 billymg !c trb-status
18:52 crawlerbot (Alive), h=744612, v=99999, United States - peers: 267 - last probed: 29m ago
18:52 crawlerbot (Alive), h=744612, v=70001, United States - peers: 70 - last probed: 30m ago
18:53 crawlerbot (Alive), h=744612, v=99999, Norway - peers: 68 - last probed: 31m ago
18:53 crawlerbot (Alive), h=744612, v=88888, France - peers: 68 - last probed: 30m ago
18:54 crawlerbot (Alive), h=744612, v=99999, Canada - peers: 66 - last probed: 30m ago
18:54 crawlerbot (Alive), h=744612, v=99999, Romania - peers: 53 - last probed: 30m ago
18:54 crawlerbot (Alive), h=744612, v=99999, United States - peers: 44 - last probed: 30m ago
18:56 crawlerbot (Alive), h=744612, v=99999, United States - peers: 39 - last probed: 32m ago
18:57 crawlerbot (Alive), h=312191, v=99999, United States - peers: 26 - last probed: 30m ago
18:57 crawlerbot (Busy? (No answer in 15 sec.)), h=744343, v=99999, United States - peers: 34 - last probed: 30m ago
18:57 crawlerbot (Alive), h=744612, v=99999, United States - peers: 15 - last probed: 30m ago
18:57 crawlerbot (Busy? (No answer in 15 sec.)), h=744609, v=99999, Lithuania - peers: 24 - last probed: 30m ago
18:57 crawlerbot (Alive), h=744612, v=99999, United States - peers: 32 - last probed: 30m ago
18:57 crawlerbot (Alive), h=743581, v=99999, New Zealand - peers: 15 - last probed: 29m ago
18:57 crawlerbot (Alive), h=744612, v=99999, United States - peers: 4 - last probed: 30m ago
19:08 signpost $ticker btc usd
19:08 busybot Current BTC price in USD: $19919.9
19:08 signpost sub-20k corn again
~ 19 minutes ~
19:28 shinohai evenin' signpost o/
19:41 awt whaack: for some reason bots seem often to be behind.
19:41 awt pestbot: ping
19:41 pestbot pong
19:41 awt whaack: for some reason pestbot is usually up to date
19:43 awt Something about being connected to only one other station. Not sure what's going on though.
19:48 shinohai awt ... latency issue?
19:48 shinohai (Mine only connected to me but lately have noticed a bit of delay)
19:48 awt shinohai: depends on what you mean by latency
19:50 awt In any case, the current set of bots we have don't really care about history. The order buffer for them is really just an annoyance.
19:58 awt for bots, setting order_buffer_check_seconds and order_buffer_expiration_seconds to like 10 should speed things up quite a bit.
20:05 phf broadcast pkt using new packet parser/generator (take 4, maybe without selfchain?)
20:06 phf ok, works
20:12 phf broadcast pkt using new packet parser/generator (take 3)
~ 21 minutes ~
20:33 asciilifeform phf: neato
20:34 * asciilifeform loox fwd to reading phf's wunderwaffe
~ 2 hours 50 minutes ~
23:24 phf it's pretty gnarly, but that's by design
~ 33 minutes ~
23:57 phf la la la, test noise
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