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2023-09-04 discord_bridge (awtho) Yw shinohai!
2023-09-03 discord_bridge (awtho) I can publish the discord bot source
2023-08-21 discord_bridge (awtho) signpost: I found the forests there to be magical, or maybe like in a fairytale.
2023-08-15 discord_bridge (awtho) asciilifeform will have to answer that
2023-08-15 discord_bridge (awtho) What brought you here?
2023-08-15 discord_bridge (awtho) Mind introducing yourself?
2023-08-15 discord_bridge (awtho) Wish I had been trained in Latin. Learned Greek much later.
2023-08-15 discord_bridge (awtho) Welcome simonstylites
2023-08-15 discord_bridge (awtho) I accept your challenge
2023-08-14 discord_bridge (awtho) Yes
2023-08-14 discord_bridge (awtho) Lol
2023-08-14 discord_bridge (awtho) also searchs
2023-08-14 discord_bridge (awtho) signpost: search command in the console
2023-08-13 discord_bridge (petermlambert) Hmm, interesting, the name bridge-bot shows is the username, not the handle shown in discord?
2023-08-13 discord_bridge (petermlambert) I'm sitting in the woods eating smores. Having this as an option to connect is pretty cool.
2023-08-13 discord_bridge (petermlambert) Hi from Interlochen!
2023-08-13 discord_bridge (awtho) Gotta fix url parsing in discord. Their shitty matcher catches the bracket.
2023-08-13 discord_bridge (awtho) Discord bridge bot back online now and hosted in the "cloud" so should be up permanantly.
2023-08-05 discord_bridge (awtho) gregorynyssa: yes. No more updates to blatta.
2023-08-05 discord_bridge (GPT Assistant#6224) Increasing Bitcoin's block size could potentially improve scalability and transaction throughput.
2023-08-05 discord_bridge (awtho) @GPT Assistant In 10 words, what would happen if Bitcoin's block size were increased?
2023-08-05 discord_bridge (GPT Assistant#6224) Serpent encryption: secure, symmetric block cipher with 128-bit block size.
2023-08-05 discord_bridge (awtho) @GPT Assistant explain the serpent encryption algorithm in 10 words.
2023-08-05 discord_bridge (GPT Assistant#6224) The sum of 2 + 2 is equal to 4.
2023-08-05 discord_bridge (awtho) @GPT Assistant what is 2 + 2?
2023-08-05 discord_bridge (awtho) There’s a space in the name. Annoying.
2023-08-05 discord_bridge nductors. Superconductors have numerous applications, including in magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), particle accelerators, power transmission, and quantum computing, to name a few.
2023-08-05 discord_bridge s, allowing current to flow indefinitely without any energy loss.
2023-08-05 discord_bridge (GPT Assistant#6224) Superconductors are materials that can conduct electric current without any resistance when cooled below a critical temperature. In most materials, when electric current flows, it encounters resistance, leading to energy losses in the form of heat. However, in superconductors, this resistance disappear
2023-08-05 discord_bridge (awtho) @GPT Assistant what are superconductors?
2023-08-05 discord_bridge (GPT Assistant#6224) Hello! I'm a helpful and friendly AI assistant here to assist you. You can ask me questions, seek information, or request assistance with various tasks. Just let me know how I can help you!
2023-08-05 discord_bridge (awtho) @GPT Assistant introduce yourself.
2023-08-04 discord_bridge (awtho) With parens.
2023-08-04 discord_bridge awtho: Will try parens
2023-08-04 discord_bridge hortulanus#5682: PeterL: I've been seeing his comments for a while, that one too
2023-08-04 discord_bridge hortulanus#5682: signpost: I first found out about asciilifeform on Scott Locklin's comment section. Just reading through his blog now. Might try to run Pest on my device
2023-08-04 discord_bridge WillHaack#3379: I have yet to update pest I guess I don't need to exchange keys again though
2023-08-04 discord_bridge WillHaack#3379: _gets nervous_
2023-08-04 discord_bridge WillHaack#3379: yup
2023-08-04 discord_bridge WillHaack#3379: howdy
2023-08-04 discord_bridge WillHaack#3379: heya, now i can say hi without vpatching , laziness prevails!
2023-08-04 discord_bridge s1gnp0st: !!help
2023-08-04 discord_bridge hortulanus#5682: I just followed a few links from and ended up here
2023-08-04 discord_bridge hortulanus#5682: I swear I'm not a bot
2023-08-04 discord_bridge clumpy_lemons: Neato btw
2023-08-04 discord_bridge clumpy_lemons: This is lobbes
2023-08-04 discord_bridge clumpy_lemons:
2023-08-04 discord_bridge s1gnp0st: neato, ty
2023-08-04 discord_bridge awtho: welcome!
2023-08-04 discord_bridge s1gnp0st:
2023-08-04 discord_bridge awtho: Discord invite link for any who wish to use the channel:
2023-08-04 discord_bridge awtho: Hello from ipnoje
2023-08-04 discord_bridge awt#1146: Hello from discord.