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2024-07-13 discord_bridge (awtho) Check any news outlet
2024-07-06 discord_bridge (awtho) Printing t-shirts and transfers.
2024-07-06 discord_bridge (awtho) DTF printer
2024-06-26 discord_bridge (awtho) Could also check the bounce count.
2024-06-26 discord_bridge (awtho) That said, there is a pretty bad bug in blatta in which netchain can be wrong in certain circumstances. This can cause problems when requesting missing messages. It’s fixed in Akris, but obviously that won’t help you here.
2024-06-26 discord_bridge (awtho) You’d have to dig into the SQLite db and trace netchain and selfchain.
2024-06-25 discord_bridge (awtho) You can build your own power supply easily. Or yes you can buy one.
2024-06-25 discord_bridge (awtho) Panic can achieve a great deal
2024-06-25 discord_bridge (awtho) Desire or motivation.
2024-06-25 discord_bridge (awtho) Oscilloscope comes in handy when debugging frequency related issues, among other things. For the voltage source you need a transformer if you want to use wall power.
2024-06-25 discord_bridge (awtho) Order a bunch. I burned several figuring out resistors.
2024-06-25 discord_bridge (awtho) I guess in that case you can get some LEDs to test the output.
2024-06-25 discord_bridge (awtho) I would suggest starting with something very simple, like getting a bread board, chip, and oscilloscope, and supplying it with power.
2024-06-25 discord_bridge (awtho) This is awt btw
2024-06-25 discord_bridge (awtho) Well, other than building a z80 based computer. Kindergarten stuff though.
2024-06-25 discord_bridge (awtho) Ah ok. I have no experience with that.
2024-06-25 discord_bridge (awtho) What is your goal?
2024-06-25 discord_bridge (awtho) Yes. They communicate via sockets.
2024-06-25 discord_bridge (awtho) That’s how I implemented Akris - used portions of smalpest for the .so.
2024-06-22 discord_bridge (petermlambert) Gregorynyssa: I've never used Mastodon, was not from me
2024-06-08 discord_bridge (awtho) Nice!
2024-05-21 discord_bridge (shinohai) It was Shin Bet operative Eli Kopterberg.
2024-04-30 discord_bridge (shinohai) aha
2024-04-30 discord_bridge (shinohai) Goddamn I wish Qntra was still around
2024-04-25 discord_bridge (awtho) Doesn't expire and good for 10 uses
2024-04-25 discord_bridge (awtho) billymg:
2024-04-22 discord_bridge (awtho) Found billymg's guide here though:
2024-04-20 discord_bridge (awtho) The blockchain has become an ad platform.
2024-04-07 discord_bridge (awtho) This surely isn’t going to blow up and take everything down with it at some point:
2024-03-30 discord_bridge (tenebras.lux) Thanks guyss, i try!
2024-03-30 discord_bridge (tenebras.lux) I will start with this tutorial, hoping to succeed!
2024-03-30 discord_bridge ntance!
2024-03-30 discord_bridge (tenebras.lux) Hello, everyone! I've been following you for a few months now, devouring your blog posts and WoT with keen interest. Despite my enthusiasm, I haven't managed to set up my own blog yet. I've just gotten my hands on a Raspberry Pi, sparking a new adventure. Greetings from Romania! Delighted to make your acquai
2024-02-15 discord_bridge (awtho) Came across my twitter feed.
2024-02-02 discord_bridge (awtho) << works sort of like that but much more powerful
2024-01-30 discord_bridge (awtho) Not sure if already posted:
2024-01-14 discord_bridge (awtho) Looks like I'm enduring 2nd round of covid (after 4 years). This time with hives.
2024-01-12 discord_bridge (awtho) lol
2023-12-31 discord_bridge (awtho) billymg: yes, still california.
2023-12-31 discord_bridge (awtho) billymg: just across town to a bigger place
2023-12-31 discord_bridge (awtho) Congrats on the move btw. Just moved house here as well.
2023-12-31 discord_bridge (awtho) Only places I've been near Houston are Sugarland and Conroe
2023-12-24 discord_bridge (awtho) Merry Christmas!
2023-12-13 discord_bridge hat would be created, which is a bit laborious, but if its intended, hey, i have an entire christmas)
2023-12-13 discord_bridge (_relue) i apolagise for being a pain, would i need to give my wot before being able to download the provided bin file? it returns an error when i try to download it. the reason i mention it is that the vpatch is accessible and i could use vdiff (it's just i would need to look through the vpatch and add all the new files t
2023-12-13 discord_bridge (_relue) and thank you, it has been a little troublesome finding which projects are the 'standard' implementations, but for something like this, thats not quite fair
2023-12-13 discord_bridge (_relue) well i found your website through about a week ago, and it was both active and had something interesting on it, and i found a post in regards to it again on, so i thought i could read up on the pest spec myself
2023-12-13 discord_bridge (_relue) im going through the fun that trying to find a V implementation (which i found, and the bootstrapping gprbuild as my repository doesn't have it (or GNAT for that matter), just so i can apply some silly vpatches but oh well, that's the point, right?
2023-12-13 discord_bridge (_relue) hiya
2023-12-13 discord_bridge (awtho) Try this:
2023-11-30 discord_bridge (awtho) billing: Yes. Some interesting discussions. Best relayed in an article I think.
2023-11-20 discord_bridge (awtho) Outside the center it seems like vast agglomerations of pueblos built out of concrete instead of mud.
2023-11-20 discord_bridge (awtho) Maybe in some areas. Roma, Condesa, and Polanco - panaderías, pastelerías, cafés, gelato, everywhere. Even decent kbbq.
2023-11-20 discord_bridge (awtho) Mexico City is Californian heaven.
2023-11-19 discord_bridge (awtho) Hola de México
2023-10-12 discord_bridge (awtho) There is no budget limit until 2025. Thus no pressure on the fed to reduce rates until then or until unemployment is up significantly or inflation is down to target.
2023-10-11 discord_bridge (awtho) Interesting thread re: paper btc:
2023-10-05 discord_bridge (awtho) gregorynssa: still would like to read your book on Chinese.
2023-09-04 discord_bridge (awtho) Yw shinohai!
2023-09-03 discord_bridge (awtho) I can publish the discord bot source
2023-08-21 discord_bridge (awtho) signpost: I found the forests there to be magical, or maybe like in a fairytale.
2023-08-15 discord_bridge (awtho) asciilifeform will have to answer that
2023-08-15 discord_bridge (awtho) What brought you here?
2023-08-15 discord_bridge (awtho) Mind introducing yourself?
2023-08-15 discord_bridge (awtho) Wish I had been trained in Latin. Learned Greek much later.
2023-08-15 discord_bridge (awtho) Welcome simonstylites
2023-08-15 discord_bridge (awtho) I accept your challenge
2023-08-14 discord_bridge (awtho) Yes
2023-08-14 discord_bridge (awtho) Lol
2023-08-14 discord_bridge (awtho) also searchs
2023-08-14 discord_bridge (awtho) signpost: search command in the console
2023-08-13 discord_bridge (petermlambert) Hmm, interesting, the name bridge-bot shows is the username, not the handle shown in discord?
2023-08-13 discord_bridge (petermlambert) I'm sitting in the woods eating smores. Having this as an option to connect is pretty cool.
2023-08-13 discord_bridge (petermlambert) Hi from Interlochen!
2023-08-13 discord_bridge (awtho) Gotta fix url parsing in discord. Their shitty matcher catches the bracket.
2023-08-13 discord_bridge (awtho) Discord bridge bot back online now and hosted in the "cloud" so should be up permanantly.
2023-08-05 discord_bridge (awtho) gregorynyssa: yes. No more updates to blatta.
2023-08-05 discord_bridge (GPT Assistant#6224) Increasing Bitcoin's block size could potentially improve scalability and transaction throughput.
2023-08-05 discord_bridge (awtho) @GPT Assistant In 10 words, what would happen if Bitcoin's block size were increased?
2023-08-05 discord_bridge (GPT Assistant#6224) Serpent encryption: secure, symmetric block cipher with 128-bit block size.
2023-08-05 discord_bridge (awtho) @GPT Assistant explain the serpent encryption algorithm in 10 words.
2023-08-05 discord_bridge (GPT Assistant#6224) The sum of 2 + 2 is equal to 4.
2023-08-05 discord_bridge (awtho) @GPT Assistant what is 2 + 2?
2023-08-05 discord_bridge (awtho) There’s a space in the name. Annoying.
2023-08-05 discord_bridge nductors. Superconductors have numerous applications, including in magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), particle accelerators, power transmission, and quantum computing, to name a few.
2023-08-05 discord_bridge s, allowing current to flow indefinitely without any energy loss.
2023-08-05 discord_bridge (GPT Assistant#6224) Superconductors are materials that can conduct electric current without any resistance when cooled below a critical temperature. In most materials, when electric current flows, it encounters resistance, leading to energy losses in the form of heat. However, in superconductors, this resistance disappear
2023-08-05 discord_bridge (awtho) @GPT Assistant what are superconductors?
2023-08-05 discord_bridge (GPT Assistant#6224) Hello! I'm a helpful and friendly AI assistant here to assist you. You can ask me questions, seek information, or request assistance with various tasks. Just let me know how I can help you!
2023-08-05 discord_bridge (awtho) @GPT Assistant introduce yourself.
2023-08-04 discord_bridge (awtho) With parens.
2023-08-04 discord_bridge awtho: Will try parens
2023-08-04 discord_bridge hortulanus#5682: PeterL: I've been seeing his comments for a while, that one too
2023-08-04 discord_bridge hortulanus#5682: signpost: I first found out about asciilifeform on Scott Locklin's comment section. Just reading through his blog now. Might try to run Pest on my device
2023-08-04 discord_bridge WillHaack#3379: I have yet to update pest I guess I don't need to exchange keys again though
2023-08-04 discord_bridge WillHaack#3379: _gets nervous_
2023-08-04 discord_bridge WillHaack#3379: yup
2023-08-04 discord_bridge WillHaack#3379: howdy
2023-08-04 discord_bridge WillHaack#3379: heya, now i can say hi without vpatching , laziness prevails!
2023-08-04 discord_bridge s1gnp0st: !!help
2023-08-04 discord_bridge hortulanus#5682: I just followed a few links from and ended up here
2023-08-04 discord_bridge hortulanus#5682: I swear I'm not a bot
2023-08-04 discord_bridge clumpy_lemons: Neato btw
2023-08-04 discord_bridge clumpy_lemons: This is lobbes
2023-08-04 discord_bridge clumpy_lemons:
2023-08-04 discord_bridge s1gnp0st: neato, ty
2023-08-04 discord_bridge awtho: welcome!
2023-08-04 discord_bridge s1gnp0st:
2023-08-04 discord_bridge awtho: Discord invite link for any who wish to use the channel:
2023-08-04 discord_bridge awtho: Hello from ipnoje
2023-08-04 discord_bridge awt#1146: Hello from discord.