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15:46 asciilifeform $ticker btc usd
15:46 busybot Current BTC price in USD: $29205.29
~ 1 hours 12 minutes ~
16:58 punkman
16:59 punkman "important-package" heh
~ 17 minutes ~
17:16 shinohai lmao .... but I imagine plenty of folks never bother to look what's in `requirements.txt` before running pip.
~ 31 minutes ~
17:48 asciilifeform lulzy
17:51 asciilifeform the morons who, when shown vtronics, react w/ e.g. 'arduous crackpottery' -- let'em enjoy the rm -rf or backconnect shell 'libraries', wainot
17:57 verisimilitude Everyone here still trusts someone. Prove no older version of the Linux kernel lacks a flaw useful specifically in 2025, say.
17:58 phf is there a keccak implementation in c that produces equivalent result to what diana's ada does?
17:58 asciilifeform phf: jfw's 'keksum'
17:58 phf a ty
17:59 asciilifeform
17:59 phf why look at that
18:00 phf !rating jfw
18:00 phf i forgot who that was, i also forgot how to get a rating
18:01 asciilifeform '!!rated'
18:01 phf but how get all ratings?
18:01 verisimilitude Don't get rated, get irritated.
18:01 phf would be nice to get a paste that has nick rating comment\n
18:02 asciilifeform phf: that fella. 'lieutenant onoda' of mpism
18:02 dulapbot Logged on 2022-04-19 13:10:25 asciilifeform: phf: recall how there was a pair of young fellas (jfw & dorion) who were still there at 'lights out', thought could 'carry whole thing'
18:02 dulapbot Logged on 2020-07-02 22:17:59 asciilifeform: this incidentally is why i regard jfw & co's proj. of 'sell trb kit to rich morons' as ill-conceived. ( if it were to succeed, will likely get the participants killed, moron will make inevitable coarse error of pilotage & blame the 'helper', whom else, mp types are biologically incapable of introspection and coming to terms with own intellectual limits in any other way )
18:02 dulapbot Logged on 2020-05-02 13:26:15 asciilifeform: in other noose, i was a little surprised to learn that jfw's optoisolator product is literally the same kit as my lab bench one. i wouldn't have done that; that thing is pretty fragile.
18:05 asciilifeform !!rated jfw
18:05 deedbot asciilifeform rated jfw 2 at 2019/12/11 16:10:43 << maths fella, industrial FG user.
18:06 asciilifeform d00d purchased entire 'warehouse' of FG, buncha irons from piz, etc
18:07 asciilifeform iirc even nao maintains 'hostile fork' of trb
18:08 * asciilifeform at one pt tried to read his materials, did not find anyffin of interest
18:13 phf i am curious how far they've gotten with the whole project of selling and promoting it to outsiders. i can totally see their operation becoming one of those "bitcoin experts, will help you with opsec of holding coins!"
18:14 phf without necessarily even the possibly not inevitable theft ending
18:16 asciilifeform phf: nominally still in biz, can try & write to him. (iirc normally lives on his own variant of dulapnet, but w/out the 'guest door', so prolly best bet is via www comment)
18:17 asciilifeform last asciilifeform knew, jfw et al's kit made FG look like 'bestseller' in comparison; but whoknows, maybe nao finally rich&famous...
18:20 asciilifeform ( see also e.g. )
18:20 dulapbot Logged on 2021-11-11 18:52:50 asciilifeform: i recall d00d was 'definitely gonna' make 'own' over9000ximproved fg etc.
18:20 dulapbot Logged on 2022-05-11 14:19:27 asciilifeform: naively pictured that 3+y is moar than enuff time to bake a sane client, for N d00dz who otherwise not occupied w/ anyffin, and realize the need for such
18:20 asciilifeform maybe in fact did all of this, and not bothered to say. nfi
18:21 asciilifeform seekrit wunderwaffen of werwulf.tmsr.
18:25 shinohai Prolly has no motivation now there isn't a cock for 'em to gobble.
18:26 asciilifeform shinohai: asciilifeform has genuinely nfi. maybe he's hoping to get in diana's pants. who knows.
18:28 phf i suspect it's also a hard sell, but i also suspect they have one or two clients. i've done "selling superior stack" at various points in my career, it usually attracts 60yr old men with some money who want to invest in something exciting while feeling still with it. that direction doesn
18:28 phf 't go anywhere, though it'll provide a very thin trickle of money
18:28 asciilifeform last knew, was exactly what they had
18:29 asciilifeform (complained even, that these 'pay and then won't attend 2nd lesson')
18:32 asciilifeform afaik 0 people ever 'got rich' tutoring, quasiliterate alzheimer patients or otherwise. so not clear to asciilifeform what was 'the clever plan' there.
18:34 asciilifeform iirc jfw co. was charging 3-4k$ for the gear (while FG supplies last). not exactly mercedes.
18:44 busybot >.>
18:46 shinohai billymg: is logbot down on pestnet?
~ 58 minutes ~
19:44 billymg just got my new server in the mail, from the same ebay vendor. this time it worked, unlike last time
19:44 bitbot Logged on 2022-03-31 18:23:43 billymg: so i finally got the raid card and correct 2.5 to 3.5" sled adapters for my server but i can't get the thing to boot a gentoo install disk. worst part is nothing seems obviously wrong (gives single "all good" post beep, bios appears to work fine and doesn't show any errors, ram check on post passes)
19:44 billymg << checking...
19:44 bitbot Logged on 2022-05-20 18:46:11 shinohai: billymg: is logbot down on pestnet?
19:46 billymg strange, i didn't do anything except connect in weechat and issue a test message (which the bot logged properly)
19:46 bitbot (pest) 2022-05-20 billymg: test
19:48 shinohai I've got this weird little net going by myself then I reckon, was testing jonsykkel 's newest smalpest - I can see messages from my phone, and the bot recognizes my cmds but naught else it appears.
19:48 billymg shinohai: ah, for the log bot to see you you'll have to be peered with asciilifeform or myself
19:49 shinohai am peered with same keyz as before best I can tell, might nuke 'em and try again.
19:49 * billymg doesn't mind peering the bot with others, if they want a direct link
19:50 billymg shinohai: iirc our peering never worked properly, so the bot was seeing your messages through asciilifeform
19:50 shinohai billymg: yeah I always kept seeing you as hearsay ... everyone else worked fine :/
19:55 billymg shinohai: yeah, i haven't gotten around yet to digging into that (also never successfully paired with signpost or mod6 -- or my own crawlerbot!)
19:56 shinohai O.o
19:56 billymg but for other 60% of peers, worked fine, with the same steps, so dunno
19:57 billymg when i get the new server set up i'll try from there, maybe will magically work, then can try and see what the hell is the difference
19:58 shinohai Sounds good, and luck with setup - hope you got one that isn't broken this time.
19:58 billymg yes, already tested and boots into gentoo livecd!
19:58 billymg even with all 256gb of ram plugged in
19:59 shinohai \o/
20:01 billymg i think alf's first guess was right
20:01 bitbot Logged on 2022-03-31 18:26:54 asciilifeform: a then sounds like a dud mb
20:02 billymg so notbad in the end, now i have a set of spare matching cpus/fans
20:02 billymg and power supplies, sata backplate, pci riser, etc.
20:02 shinohai billymg: once I added asciilifeform to address table bot now sees me, must have been missing.
20:03 billymg shinohai: nice!
20:03 * shinohai just used ugy hack with sed/awk to sump info from blatta ....
20:03 shinohai *dump
20:03 phf no such thing as ugly sed/awk, kind of like the point of that whole thing
20:07 verisimilitude Oh, so there's no such thing as smelly shit either, phf?
20:11 shinohai billymg: strangely enuf using smalpest I no longer see you as hearsay!
20:12 billymg shinohai: from 'u0_a280'?
20:13 billymg `/at` still shows 'no packets received' from shinohai
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