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08:39 awt !!ticker btc usd
08:39 deedbot $29,493
08:45 gregorynyssa !!ticker btc usd
08:45 deedbot $29,474
08:47 gregorynyssa !!ticker btc usd
08:47 deedbot $29,493
08:48 gregorynyssa asciilifeform: awt: Are we aiming to support the transferring of files in the 0xFA version of Pest?
08:50 gregorynyssa Will there be a "side channels" mechanism eventually, in order to support audio- and video-streaming?
09:05 awt gregorynyssa: I will let asciilifeform answer re: spec. signpost has been working on an implementation of online codes that can be used as the underlying mechanism for file transfer, and I believe various proposals for pest message types to enable it have been discus
09:05 awt sed.
~ 1 hours 18 minutes ~
10:24 shinoa ahahaha I forgot to download the images when building akris last night, just now noticed the flag in console ^_^
~ 17 minutes ~
10:41 awt shinoa: lol yeah when adding the image I neglected to consider that diff can't handle binaries so had to make some last minute adjustments
10:41 asciilifeform gregorynyssa: see awt's reply. these will go in 4.2.4 'Binary Message' eventually.
10:44 shinohai I can't remember, but can't you save images as base64 and embed them in python3 ?
10:44 signpost you can, but that'd be kind of a wank to jam it into a vpatch
10:44 awt shinohai: pretty sure you can
10:44 signpost resulting patch would be as human hostile as it gets
10:46 shinohai Point, since nfi what that base64 string contains.
10:57 shinoa gm asciilifeform! o/
~ 55 minutes ~
11:53 gregorynyssa Hello, I am testing the GUI client.
11:54 gregorynyssa It is working.
11:56 gregorynyssa
11:56 gregorynyssa
11:57 asciilifeform both of these 404
11:58 gregorynyssa It appears that is not working. Is there an image-hosting website which anyone can recommend?
11:59 signpost least pain in the ass is just standing yourself up an nginx somewhere and scp'ing screenshot files to it
12:04 gregorynyssa
12:04 gregorynyssa
12:05 gregorynyssa Here you go.
12:06 signpost would be nice to set proper mimetypes on these so they display in browser rather than download
12:06 signpost just nit-picking over here
12:06 signpost anyway, cool to hear that your client is coming along too, gregorynyssa
12:08 awt very cool gregorynyssa!
12:09 gregorynyssa << You are right. My nginx(1) skills are still insufficient.
12:09 dulapbot Logged on 2023-07-27 12:04:41 signpost[asciilifeform]: would be nice to set proper mimetypes on these so they display in browser rather than download
12:10 gregorynyssa signpost: awt: Thanks for your encouragement.
12:14 gregorynyssa If anyone wants a copy of the Java implementation, which is tentatively named ChinaPestProgram, please send me an email.
12:16 gregorynyssa Alternatively, send me a GPG message using with your email-address indicated.
12:20 signpost gregorynyssa: << sure I'll take a look
~ 1 hours 6 minutes ~
13:26 asciilifeform gregorynyssa: from screenshit, loox like yours might be the 1st mswin pestron?
13:33 asciilifeform gregorynyssa: are you currently in china? ( may be interesting to test pest vs. the 'great wall' )
13:34 asciilifeform ( in particular, in light of this thrd )
13:34 bitbot Logged on 2023-07-01 12:14:53 asciilifeform[5]: re: censors, was thinking : possibly pest oughta take 1st 496 bytes of incoming packet (i.e. permit rng padding to random size within some range), station ops may need to trade 'no frags' for 'not making pesticity obvious to snoops by size'
13:43 billymg pressed akris and got it running, can't seem to submit any commands in the gui. can type/clear text just fine, can switch tabs between "broadcast messages" and "console", but pressing 'enter' does nothing. gentoo/xorg/dwm
13:46 billymg some initial feedback/requests for the GUI: have it respect Xft.dpi or include a flag for setting a custom font size (text looks tiny on my 4k monitor), bind ctrl-q for killing the application
13:52 billymg copy/paste works, from the right-click context menu or ctrl-c/v, and uses the same buffer as other X apps (neat!)
~ 37 minutes ~
14:29 awt billymg: hmmm. The text fields are bound to the '<Enter>' event. Maybe needs to check for another? Would be good to know what event is being sent when you hit enter. Not sure how to capture that.
14:33 billymg awt: here's what 'xev' gives me for my enter key:
14:35 billymg possibly that it's 'Return' and not 'Enter'. xev shows my number pad enter key as 'KP_Enter' and that also didn't work in akris
14:49 awt billymg: Oh shoot, I was wrong - the text fields bind to Return, not Enter. For the broadcast messages tab, the code is in line 51. For the console, it's in line 55.
14:50 awt May need to add an enter button or something.
14:50 billymg i'll check those lines, but at the moment neither the qwerty Return key or the numpad Enter key work in either tab
14:52 billymg to clarify, my main enter key sending 'Return' event (shown in this output)
14:52 bitbot Logged on 2023-07-27 14:33:07 billymg: awt: here's what 'xev' gives me for my enter key:
15:01 awt billymg: there definitely needs to be a way to adjust the font size.
~ 1 hours 48 minutes ~
16:50 gregorynyssa << I have received your message and will send you the tarball through email.
16:50 dulapbot Logged on 2023-07-27 12:18:25 signpost[asciilifeform]: gregorynyssa: << sure I'll take a look
16:52 gregorynyssa << The UDP-related code and IRC bridge work on Linux, but the GUI portion is aimed at Windows.
16:52 dulapbot Logged on 2023-07-27 13:24:42 asciilifeform: gregorynyssa: from screenshit, loox like yours might be the 1st mswin pestron?
16:52 gregorynyssa << Yes, I moved to China earlier this year.
16:53 dulapbot Logged on 2023-07-27 13:32:14 asciilifeform: gregorynyssa: are you currently in china? ( may be interesting to test pest vs. the 'great wall' )
~ 44 minutes ~
17:37 gregorynyssa I am looking forward to seeing Vex come to this channel.
~ 54 minutes ~
18:31 gregorynyssa
18:32 gregorynyssa I found this to be an informative essay.
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