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13:15 jonsykkel whaack: peer'd. didnt see until now
~ 20 minutes ~
13:35 whaack jonsykkel: damn, seems to not be working tho
13:36 whaack last 3 people who tried to peer with me failed
13:40 jonsykkel strange
13:41 whaack jonsykkel: just checking, the port you have for me is 7780?
13:41 jonsykkel yep
13:42 * whaack shrugs
13:43 whaack i can see from my handles table that 1-4 are peered but 5 is not peered, then 6-8 are jonsykkel, mod6, and peterl, the people who couldn't peer with me
13:55 whaack when i run 'ss' i don't see the port 7780 in use, seems like there's a possibility that there's a thread that listens to new connections that has since died, but iirc there is no threading in blatta atm
~ 22 minutes ~
14:17 whaack hrm, nvm, netstat -ul shows i'm listening for udp packets on port 7780, and i must be, since i'm receiving msgs from my peers
14:20 whaack mod6, jonsykkel, and Peterl: I am getting martian packets from,, and - do these belong to you?
14:22 whaack as far as i can tell, there is something going wrong with the encryption/decryption
14:26 billymg i had 55565 for PeterL, just updated
14:27 * billymg is in a similar boat to whaack, peering mysteriously works for some but not others
14:27 billymg i manually went through all my tables in the db yesterday and couldn't find anything that looked out of the ordinary, or any differences between the peers that work and the peers that don't
14:28 whaack billymg: which peers are not working for you?
14:29 billymg jonsykkel, PeterL, shinohai (and we've tried peering twice), signpost, mod6
~ 16 minutes ~
14:45 jonsykkel is me, yep
14:58 asciilifeform billymg: pretty strange, asciilifeform is successfully peered w/ all of these (and he's behind nat, tho did need to set up an incoming fwd rule)
14:59 whaack asciilifeform: per my investigation it seems like the problem is that the packets are not able to be decrypted
15:00 asciilifeform billymg: iirc checked yer clock ?
15:00 asciilifeform (imho debug log oughta indicate if rejects on stale. does it?)
15:00 billymg yeah, not the clock
15:01 asciilifeform for that matter billymg peered w/ asciilifeform , so clock ruled out
15:02 awt if it were the clock there would be a corresponding error message
15:03 asciilifeform billymg: yer on 9983 ?
15:03 billymg yep
15:04 asciilifeform billymg, whaack : how didja determine that packets from the given peers in fact reach billymg's station and then get tossed as martians?
15:05 billymg asciilifeform: whack's talking about his own station, he's also having trouble peering with some people
15:05 asciilifeform oh hm
15:05 awt whaack: I will add the key you pasted the other day shortly
15:05 billymg it's possible i have a different problem, yesterday searched logs for shinohai's IP, found only entries where i'm sending packets to him
15:05 billymg no martian packets received *from* shinohai
15:06 asciilifeform billymg: and you verified that you have valid AT entries for ea. other ?
15:06 billymg yep
15:07 billymg checked all tables in my db manually
15:07 bitbot Logged on 2022-01-12 14:27:59 billymg: i manually went through all my tables in the db yesterday and couldn't find anything that looked out of the ordinary, or any differences between the peers that work and the peers that don't
15:07 billymg and this is rather fresh db too, blew away and started new a few days ago
15:08 whaack asciilifeform: i'm only reporting my findings, not billymg's, i have log lines 'discarding x as martian' from certain peers, such as jonsykkel
15:08 asciilifeform a so possib. 2 entirely diff bugs
15:09 asciilifeform seems to asciilifeform that in both cases, blatta needs moar detailed max-verbosity debug output
15:09 whaack asciilifeform: yes
15:09 whaack to be fair it does have lots of logging
15:09 awt whaack I peered with your new key
15:09 whaack awt: hm and it appears still no luck
15:09 asciilifeform i.e. oughta be able to see readily whether packet received recently from $peer, and if rejected, why
15:09 awt I'm still not getting immediate messages from you
15:09 asciilifeform from $addr rather
15:10 billymg ah, so for jonsykkel, am seeing martian packets
15:10 billymg (yesterday only checked for shinohai since we recently rekeyed)
15:12 billymg from PeterL - no martian packets, from signpost - no martian packets, from mod6 - no martian packets
15:13 asciilifeform billymg: which peers do you have succesful peerings with atm ?
15:13 billymg in all cases logs show that my station is sending packets to them
15:13 billymg successfully peered with: awt, asciilifeform, bitbot, whaack
15:14 asciilifeform is errybody currently on 9983 ?
15:14 * asciilifeform is
15:14 asciilifeform and billymg
15:14 asciilifeform anyone isn't ?
15:15 awt whaack: I'm not getting any rubbish messages from you
15:19 whaack awt: that makes sense, you peered using my info, and i haven't received any msgs successfully from you, so how would my station even know where to send you msgs
15:19 asciilifeform whaack: you can try adding him to your AT
15:21 whaack asciilifeform: i will try shortly, but i want to first see if i can find out the bug
15:21 asciilifeform aite
15:21 * asciilifeform sadly not had time for a deep dig into blatta src w/ own hands just yet
15:22 asciilifeform not since coupla versions ago at any rate
15:22 awt whaack: did you comment out the if clause in update_at on 218?
15:22 * asciilifeform ftr not yet applied the adhoc AT patch
15:23 awt the logic there is busted and prevents at from being automatically updated
15:25 asciilifeform hm i thought this only affected the timestamps
15:26 asciilifeform (rather than the addrs per se)
15:26 * asciilifeform brb
15:26 awt nope no fields are updated
15:27 whaack awt: looks like i don't get any packets from you at all
15:29 * whaack thinks he may have found the bug
15:29 whaack or atleast, a bug
15:31 whaack awt: in, you have a function is_duplicate which checks to see if a peer already exists in a current list of peers, the way you check to see if peers are the same is you check the address and port, but for peers that have not made 'first contact', the address and port are always set to 'None'
15:32 awt whaack: yes signpost posted a patch for this
15:32 whaack so this likely why i had no trouble adding peers when i was doing the job one by one, but when i dispatched an invite to 4 peers, i started having issues
15:33 awt Also I have logs of outgoing messages to you: DEBUG 2022-01-12 07:34:54,274: [whaacksip:6670] <- 3001237d76c66f2b
15:33 awt will paste full ip if you don't mind
15:34 awt whaack:
15:34 bitbot Logged on 2022-01-08 00:13:26 signpost[billymg]: billymg: here's a draft patch
15:35 whaack awt: aye did you get my new msg? my port is 7780
15:36 * billymg has that patch applied on his station already ^
15:37 awt ok whaack you should be getting rubbish from me at 7780 now. have yet to receive an immediate message from you
15:38 whaack awt: yes, and did you add the key i sent you in the new msg as well?
15:39 awt whaack: key starts with: G3gcLMF
15:40 PeterL awt: that post from signpost looks like it expired, do you have the patch available?
15:41 awt PeterL:
15:41 whaack awt: that's not it,
15:41 bitbot Logged on 2022-01-09 18:11:38 whaack[asciilifeform]: awt:
15:42 awt whaack: ok will update
15:43 whaack awt: ty!
15:44 awt ok updated
15:47 PeterL awt: that one didn't load for me either?
15:48 awt PeterL: both work on my end
15:49 awt PeterL:
15:49 whaack howdy, just restarted my blatta,
15:49 whaack oh hey awt: we're peered
15:49 awt ok whaack now I'm getting immediate messages from you
15:49 PeterL awt: thanks, that one worked
15:49 whaack peterl: we're peered now as well
15:50 whaack i'm pretty certain that the bug that signpost posted a fix for was the problem for me
15:50 whaack awt had the lowest pid and had the wrong key for me, and it was only the peers below him in the table that weren't working
15:51 awt hopefully I can incorporate these various fixes into a release when I get back from CR later this month.
15:51 PeterL hey, look at that!
~ 27 minutes ~
16:18 billymg jonsykkel: i just noticed i don't have a key for you, can you try adding this one?
16:24 PeterL billymg: I think you are the only one I have not managed to connect with yet that I have a key for
16:24 billymg for the other users that i haven't yet successfully peered with i have: PeterL -- "G9qAwv"; signpost -- "OqlnKL"; mod6 -- "3j6a8x"; shinohai -- "KuU4cz"
16:25 billymg PeterL: does that key look right for you?
16:25 billymg (although i don't suspect is the key causing my issue for anyone but jonsykkel, since he's the only one i've received martian packets from)
16:25 billymg it's*
16:26 billymg for those i can't peer with, do your logs show that you're sending packets to me at least? (
16:33 PeterL billymg: key looks right
16:33 billymg PeterL: and your station is sending packets to mine?
16:34 PeterL hmm, I have a different port for you
16:34 billymg aha
16:34 billymg yeah, possibly in early days i was giving out my IRC port, not the UDP
16:35 billymg PeterL: i got a packet from you now
16:35 billymg looks like that was it
16:35 PeterL ok, I updated my port, fixed!
16:38 PeterL so to make blatta work with others (we decided that the other commands were causing it to crash, right?) would we just patch line 219 to treat everything besides DIRECT and BROADCAST as having IGNORE command, or would we have to change somewhere else too?
~ 44 minutes ~
17:23 PeterL something like ?
~ 1 hours 48 minutes ~
19:12 jonsykkel billymg: added
~ 17 minutes ~
19:30 whaack nice jonsykkel, looks like we're peered
19:30 whaack great to see <-> implementations working
19:30 jonsykkel cool, restart is what did trick?
19:31 whaack err problem was from a bug i found that was first found by signpost
19:31 jonsykkel ah
19:32 asciilifeform soo, anyone still have a mysteriously failing peering? or does this cover errything?
19:34 * whaack has successfully peered with erry1 he tried to.
19:34 asciilifeform and billymg ?
~ 1 hours 54 minutes ~
21:28 signpost looks like not yet peered with billymg, but we should retry from the top. billymg lmk when available to give it a go
21:29 signpost meanwhile lol @ finally leaking this
21:29 signpost tldr: yes, NIH et al made sars-cov-2, as we all knew.
21:30 signpost << corporate press already in gear
21:31 signpost and I'm sure the exhaustion mechanism I wrote about on my blog just days ago means precisely fuck-all will happen. the cows by now believe "of course we lied about it!1!!"
~ 1 hours 5 minutes ~
22:36 billymg jonsykkel: i appear to be peered with you now, nice
22:36 billymg that just leaves signpost, shinohai, and mod6
22:38 billymg signpost: i have a key beginning in "OqlnKL" for you, and according to my logs i'm sending packets to you, but don't see any received from the ip:port that i have for you
22:39 billymg in your logs do you see any packets being sent to my station (
~ 15 minutes ~
22:54 signpost lookin
22:56 signpost billymg: believe I see me sending to that, but I don't see packets coming from it
22:57 billymg signpost: your port is 7778?
22:57 signpost yep, and ip
22:58 billymg yeah, that's what i have
22:59 billymg and `/wot signpost` yields that key from above
22:59 signpost do you have martian packets from me?
22:59 billymg nope
23:00 signpost just tried to send you a DM
23:00 billymg yeah, nothing in logs
23:00 billymg only outgoing packets *to* that address:port
23:00 signpost yeah I have the key you listed too
23:01 signpost hmmm
23:01 * signpost mucks around in the sqlite deeb
23:03 signpost nothing weird about your db entries compared to others
23:08 billymg signpost: likewise, i checked yesterday every table in my db and found nothing different between the peers that work and those that don't
23:10 signpost made sure I had the IP and port exactly right via search through blatta logs
23:10 billymg signpost: wanna try a new key?
23:13 billymg just stabbing in the dark at this point, not sure what it coudl be
23:13 signpost billymg: removed the old key and added that one
23:13 billymg could*
23:13 signpost yep me either
23:13 signpost still seeing ya via bounces atm
23:13 signpost restarted my blatta too for shits and giggles
23:14 signpost << looks like it's trying to send you that packet
23:14 billymg lemme try that too, one sec
23:14 billymg yeah, i've got entries like that as well
23:15 billymg e.g.
23:15 billymg INFO 2022-01-12 23:14:39,330: [ signpost] <- lemme try that too, one sec 0 2719a77678cf55bcc6f673f057a00d26a0cfe7ecf25aa2d2a3e9160d1354da32
23:16 signpost yep might need to attach a debugger to this thing to figure out what's going on
23:16 * signpost brb
23:18 billymg ok, restarted
23:19 billymg still nothing, but that's fine, can try another day
23:29 signpost yep, probably good that there's a reproducible bug here to inspect
23:30 signpost I'll get intellij's python debugger attached to this thing later and see what it's stepping through.
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