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00:37 awt asciilifeform: noted
~ 15 hours 24 minutes ~
16:02 asciilifeform helloworld
16:16 PeterL hello asciilifeform!
16:16 asciilifeform wb PeterL
16:16 asciilifeform wb PeterL
16:16 asciilifeform asciilifeform[4] | wb PeterL << loldupe
16:17 PeterL are you trying out a new version today or just saying hi?
16:21 asciilifeform PeterL: smoketest
16:22 PeterL aha
~ 31 minutes ~
16:53 shinohai ping billymg .... testing rekey
16:54 billymg shinohai: working?
16:54 billymg i'm still seeing you as hearsay
16:54 shinohai same I still see you via whaack
16:55 shinohai and asciilifeform
16:55 billymg weird, dunno
16:55 shinohai ^ dupe
16:55 shinohai imma restart blatta one sec
17:03 billymg shinohai: so in my logs i see lines where i'm sending you packets, but none where i've received any directly from you
17:03 billymg can you see in your logs if you've sent anything to me?
17:03 * shinohai looks
17:03 asciilifeform worth looking at yer clocks too
17:04 asciilifeform iirc already 1 observed case of 2 peers not w/in +/- 15min of ea. other
17:04 billymg "Tue Jan 11 17:04:20 -00 2022"
17:04 asciilifeform billymg: you want date +"%s"
17:04 whaack looks like a lot of people are having trouble peering
17:04 asciilifeform i.e. epochal utc time
17:05 billymg "1641920698"
17:06 PeterL looks like you are about 10 minutes fast
17:06 * shinohai ran `date -s "$(curl -sD - | grep '^Date:' | cut -d' ' -f3-6)Z"` and keeps time synced to own www server ...
17:07 whaack PeterL: What's the time on your clock?
17:07 whaack i have 1641920375
17:08 PeterL I had 1641920180 when you posted above
17:08 asciilifeform iirc whaack aint behind a nat. PeterL are you behind a nat?
17:08 asciilifeform so it aint the clox
17:08 asciilifeform hm billymg the logger still aint loggin pestnet
17:08 asciilifeform defo <15m diff there
17:08 asciilifeform (still oughta work if only 1 peer is)
17:08 asciilifeform a
17:08 asciilifeform the 1 behind a nat needs to be the 1 who adds the other's ip:port to his at tho
17:08 asciilifeform ohey hole in log
17:08 asciilifeform oh yea from this, aite
17:08 asciilifeform err, billymg
17:08 asciilifeform loox like it was billymg <-> whaack peering that dunwork, correct?
17:08 asciilifeform aa ok
17:08 whaack no, we peered successfully
17:08 whaack i've successfully peered in both directions, receiving and giving info
17:08 PeterL I don't think I've connected with whaack yet though
17:08 PeterL I think so?
17:08 whaack PeterL<-> whaack, i sent peterL my info
17:08 whaack PeterL: did you successfully peer to someone who has sent you info? or have all your peers been obtained by you sending them your info?
17:09 billymg asciilifeform: whaack and i were able to peer
17:10 asciilifeform billymg: hm what turned out to be the cure ?
17:10 billymg no idea, whaack sent me some updated peering info yesterday or the day before and that did it
17:11 asciilifeform billymg: so, wait, yer peered, but occasionally missing lines, or wat
17:11 billymg << it's logging
17:11 bitbot Logged on 2022-01-11 17:08:39 asciilifeform: hm billymg the logger still aint loggin pestnet
17:12 asciilifeform ( we dunhave 'getdata' yet so i'd expect this'll happen periodically )
17:12 asciilifeform billymg: aha
17:12 billymg hrm, no echo though, i probably need to restart that one too after the date change
17:13 billymg test
17:13 billymg !. uptime
17:13 bitbot billymg: time since my last reconnect : 0d 0h 0m
17:13 billymg ok cool
17:13 whaack billymg and i never had trouble peering. i gave him the wrong info at first, that was all
17:14 asciilifeform hm interestingly, on asciilifeform's console, billymg , saw the bitbot output just prior to your cmd
17:14 asciilifeform (which i'd expect would happen moar often given as current blatta doesn't look at selfchain/netchain iirc)
17:14 asciilifeform i suppose bot output is close enuff timewise to the trigger ln
17:14 billymg asciilifeform: i've seen out of order echos from the bot in my console before too
17:15 * asciilifeform wonders whether bot output oughta have a small deliberate delay to avoid chain forkage
17:16 asciilifeform 1/2s oughta suffice 100%
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