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00:01 vex best thing about a motorcycle is, even if you rall of the tallest bridge, you can still push off it at the last moement. only once
00:10 vex those rodeo boys on bucking broncos tho, that's a whole thought process
00:10 vex you've got rotational motion and a mad thing you maybe met once before
00:18 vex a fence here, a cliff there, better keep galloping, give him his head
00:19 vex there was movement at the station, for the word had got around; that the colt from old regret had got away
00:21 vex and every cunt for miles around had heard those hodln truffs, £1000, well fuck me dead; I'll fuckin have a look
00:23 vex they've never told the tale you see, of the ones that wondered off, or fell off on the first downhill, whose garret met a rock
00:25 vex shitblokes! every one of them, left out by the bard
00:27 vex but every stupid fuckwit had really tried so hard
00:28 vex there was mircea from romania, who thought he knew the surf
00:33 vex the stupid prick had no idea exactyl of his firth
00:34 vex now jonsykkel thought he was swole, but left with pangs of haste
00:39 vex the deathly toungue of phf whi never got his steak
00:46 vex gabrirel went to mexico, was never seen again
00:48 vex it's no great loss, he paid the cost, it happens to some men
00:54 vex I could go on, but I shouldn't like to summon any other shitblokes by rhyming
00:59 vex i'm only joking jonsykkel. i love you man
01:03 vex
~ 20 minutes ~
01:23 vex
~ 22 minutes ~
01:45 jonsykkel love u 2
~ 1 hours 1 minutes ~
02:47 vex comes correct. mebbe I pump it in the unimog and save some ppl from slendour. what was that extinguisher for hot babes again alf?
02:51 vex linked it wrong
02:53 vex pinger refugees everywhere
02:56 vex blowing a gale, just have two. shonhai
03:07 vex ok phf, ithis is the best 808 I ever did hear
03:08 vex I can't even. must swamp
03:08 vex my eyes' the goggles do nothing
~ 7 hours 16 minutes ~
10:25 billymg << no, no whitelisting required, just as long as your messages make it to bitbot they'll be written to the logs
10:25 bitbot Logged on 2022-07-21 20:38:45 gregorynyssa: billymg: you are the author of the logger, is that right? can you confirm whether this is the case?
10:26 billymg it's interesting because i don't see your message in my pest console either (where awt and jonsykkel say 'hi' i'm guessing)
10:27 billymg and they're both peered directly with bitbot and myself, so not sure why that is
~ 55 minutes ~
11:22 gregorynyssa billymg: can I try peering with you?
11:23 billymg gregorynyssa: yeah, let's try it
11:23 gregorynyssa thanks.
~ 24 minutes ~
11:47 asciilifeform !q uptime
11:47 dulapbot asciilifeform: time since my last reconnect : 401d 12h 44m
~ 3 hours 25 minutes ~
15:13 gregorynyssa billymg:
~ 1 hours 18 minutes ~
16:31 billymg gregorynyssa: ack. added your key. my ip is the same that resolves to, port is 7778
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