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00:08 asciilifeform << base64 -i
00:08 a111 Logged on 2016-08-08 02:15 mod6: because i can't decode those files with the base64 binary.
00:09 asciilifeform << you dun have to remove'em, just -i
00:09 a111 Logged on 2016-08-08 02:47 mod6: once removed, works as expected. seems like i can just alter my sed command and should be ok.
00:11 asciilifeform base64 -d -i foo.uu > bar.baz
00:22 mod6 asciilifeform: hey thanks.
00:22 mod6 let me try that out
00:24 mod6 hrm, didn't seem to work on my end:
00:25 mod6 i tried the -i, ignore garbage, during my earlier tour ; didn't seem to do what i hoped.
~ 25 minutes ~
00:50 BingoBoingo
00:53 BingoBoingo Bad News for the Arabs
00:54 mircea_popescu onoes.
00:55 ben_vulpes << your highly log-referential humour has not gone unnoticed
00:55 a111 Logged on 2016-08-08 02:01 BingoBoingo: And the water eggogs out
00:56 BingoBoingo Not safe for Life, if you look all you have to blame is yourself
01:02 BingoBoingo ben_vulpes: ty
~ 27 minutes ~
01:29 ben_vulpes << the spin continues
01:29 ben_vulpes annoying theme of the article: "according to documents seen by the guardian"
01:30 ben_vulpes bitch shut the fuck up or publish
01:30 ben_vulpes i don't take shit on anyone's word anymore
01:30 ben_vulpes you either bring scans and let them stand or you bring unsubstantiated claims
01:31 mircea_popescu aww, you don't take the agitprop at face value, terrorist ?
01:31 ben_vulpes and you're the guaaaardian you backed greenwald gtfo
01:31 mircea_popescu heh.
01:32 ben_vulpes actually greenwald schmeenwald you backed *anyone* who suggested the use of anything other than RSA.
01:36 mircea_popescu according to documents seen by mp, the guardian publishes anything for a double hamburger.
01:36 ben_vulpes jeez
01:36 ben_vulpes the thing features stock photos of leo from the movie and the obligatory noble j-school ho
01:38 mats << microsoft delivers
01:38 a111 Logged on 2016-03-30 22:30 mats: i look forward to moar attack surface
01:39 mircea_popescu lol
01:41 ben_vulpes oh man the thing even has a "sign the papers" moment
01:42 ben_vulpes man the weak shit on display
01:43 ben_vulpes oh sorry am i distracting from the fiddy cents of btc bitfinex lost?
01:45 mircea_popescu no it was a billion!
01:54 BingoBoingo Covered By ObamaKoin Insurance
~ 8 hours 53 minutes ~
10:48 asciilifeform << lulzy.
10:49 mircea_popescu "rouge" ? nm.
10:50 asciilifeform it's a gag, but subj crossed 'parody horizon' long ago.
10:51 mircea_popescu aok
10:52 asciilifeform ('brittanica' is not in fact included in that lib, but i found myself checking...)
10:54 deedbot [Trilema] My Rather Sad Breakfast, or Fuck You "Smart Food Company SRL" and Fuck You "Industria Argentina". -
10:59 asciilifeform and here i was, thinking mircea_popescu had his phood flown in
11:00 mircea_popescu sometimes.
11:01 mircea_popescu what i do dun excuse the localtards, though.
~ 1 hours ~
12:01 mircea_popescu and in other lulz, check out how people made 1 btc back in 2012 :
12:02 phf simpler times
12:04 shinohai i always miss these opportunities to make easy BTC, i knew that one xD
12:06 mircea_popescu funny thing being, at the time i was running a sort of digg (well, much better, but anyway) in romanian, and people could actually cash out, via btc. a few did, not massive sums at the time, but massive sums in btc.
12:09 deedbot [Trilema] The Husewife at the ATM -
12:10 asciilifeform unrelated, and - possibly at this point, unsurprising - lelz:
12:11 asciilifeform '...employees of the DFAS were routinely told by superiors to take “unsubstantiated change actions” commonly referred to as “plugging” the numbers. These “plugs” – which amounted to falsifying financial records – were then used to create the appearance that the military’s financial data matched that of the U.S. Treasury Department’s numbers when discrepancies in the financial data couldn’t be accounted for, acco
12:11 asciilifeform rding to the Reuters investigation.'
12:11 mircea_popescu sooo, is lybia going to bomb the us now, to put obama in a cage, and hang himlater, while "giving a chance to democracy" in that country ?
12:13 asciilifeform hyperborea, and atlantis, in coalition.
12:13 mircea_popescu seems the us is pretty ripe for giving the people a voice etc.
12:14 asciilifeform 'regime change begins at home' -- popular picket sign in bush II era
12:16 phf trinque: so your bot has a bunch of string matches for things that come back from nickserv, but they are all stripped of special characters. like "nick has been ghosted." what i get back is "^Anick^A has been ghosted." is that some setting i'm missing? or something else?
12:16 deedbot [Trilema] The Huswife at the ATM -
12:19 trinque phf: did the paster eat those? I have them too
12:20 phf paster ates them
12:20 mircea_popescu in other "stripping the special chars" news,
12:21 trinque lol
12:21 trinque phf: probably better to just get sasl in there
12:21 phf sasl is made of fail
12:22 mircea_popescu ^
12:22 trinque and nickserv isn't?
12:22 mircea_popescu it's literally, "fail" read out by the wodewick roman guy
12:22 phf sasl doesn't ghost, it renames you, and when you rename back, it asks you to identify
12:22 trinque ah fucker
12:22 trinque who made all this
12:24 phf eh, i'm not too worried about it, i'm playing "spot the eastern european" game at the ocean city board walk. tall check, skinny check, fit check, not surrounded by 4 bros check. there are some easy matches though. fat +100 to american. not busted, but with a black guy +100 slav.
12:26 mircea_popescu what's busted ?
12:30 * asciilifeform found that it is ~impossible to visit a museum of whatever kind in washington, or beach in delaware/md coast, without hearing spoken ru in the crowd at least once
12:33 mats 'Not even the ones managed and attented* by ethically* Asian people' << is this intentional or?
12:35 mats i am not surprised DFAS is fucked up, i'd guess 1 in 10 soldiers see pay issues during their enlistment
12:36 mats some - don't see them resolved until they exit service
12:38 mats i didn't see a deposit clear until 3 months into training (good thing i didn't really need it, had enough cash to buy running shoes and what not)
12:38 asciilifeform mats: i'd be rather surprised if missing $T had anything to do with soldiers' pay.
12:39 mircea_popescu mats sort-of yeah.
12:39 asciilifeform does their collective pay even add up to $B, or the cost of 1 magic airplane.
12:39 mircea_popescu nah.
12:39 mircea_popescu 50k people making 100k a year that's 5bn
12:40 mircea_popescu add in all the various tax and "education" easements + medical care etc.
12:40 asciilifeform mircea_popescu: 100k is a colonel's pay
12:40 asciilifeform how many colonels?
12:40 mircea_popescu and 50k is meta-usa army. but anywya.
12:40 mats too many colonels.
12:40 mircea_popescu when doing degree of magnitude evaluation we do degree of magnitude.
12:40 phf mircea_popescu: various signs of often irreversible degradation, corn rows, track marks, gaudy tattoos
12:41 mircea_popescu ie, "appearance in according to greater russian code" ? :P
12:41 mats also endemic problems with the travel system and reimbursements
12:42 mircea_popescu also endemic problems with procurement. weren't famblies sending silly string over because dod can't afford ?
12:42 phf mircea_popescu: "busted" == "not approved by phf"
12:42 mats NCOs would routinely get fucked and have to cover out of pocket because the vouchers wouldn't clear fast enough
12:42 mircea_popescu i got that concept too phf ! :D
12:42 asciilifeform mircea_popescu: wasn't 'couldn't afford', but 'not in protocol'
12:42 asciilifeform different disease.
12:42 mircea_popescu asciilifeform hardly.
12:42 mats yes, i also heard about the silly string
12:42 mats and batteries
12:42 mats and polymer magazines
12:43 asciilifeform they can 'afford' 10k shitanium rifle where you can't even club a man with the butt
12:43 mats and ... its a long list
12:43 mircea_popescu asciilifeform the pretence that "it's not because we're poor, it's because of the sandbugs" is ENTIRELY rural belle ego protection and naught else.
12:43 asciilifeform this'd be one of those poor folk in hanbot's story
12:44 asciilifeform who is only poor because he has 25 ipnojes
12:44 mircea_popescu that's the dod, dude.
12:44 asciilifeform one for each dog.
12:44 mircea_popescu yes, obviously the sputniks made a plane that could fly for 1/100 the "cost".
12:45 * asciilifeform perenially wonders what felipelalli uses for a modem
12:45 mircea_popescu in other news, i'm somewhat puzzled that NOBODY said a single word re new trilema header.
12:46 asciilifeform mircea_popescu: mega-hassan-i sabbah win.
12:47 mircea_popescu because we collectively lost our shit hiar while making it and kept laughing convulsively for many hours.
12:51 asciilifeform in other noose, krebs ( ) has definitely been awake since i wrote to him (he has new material on his site) but never answered re phuctor/khadeer/etc.
12:51 asciilifeform so we learn, now, where he stands.
12:52 mircea_popescu hey check you out, you can raise teh ded
12:53 asciilifeform eh wat
12:54 mircea_popescu " has definitely been awake since i wrote to him (he has new material on his site)" << i took this to mean site was ded previously ?
12:54 asciilifeform nono
12:54 asciilifeform just that there is no 'he was at the beach' excuse available.
12:54 mircea_popescu ah i c.
12:57 mircea_popescu in other lulz : hano bock (the deceitful shitbag) drives slightly less traffic via his twitter / than phuctor does via its faq page.
12:57 mircea_popescu from which we infer shitbags lose and phuctor > twitter.
~ 18 minutes ~
13:16 asciilifeform mircea_popescu: waiwat, he linked it from ~own~ page?!
13:16 mircea_popescu what's "own" mean when discussing vermin ?
13:17 asciilifeform meant to say, vermin linked to mircea_popescu's article ? dun they have a rule against this?!
13:18 mircea_popescu they also have a rule about bombing rogue states that steal $5bn out of people's wealth to pay cronies.
13:19 asciilifeform only when uppity orc
13:20 mircea_popescu in perhaps related, perhaps interesting to amateur historian sources, here's the 1950 act that confiscated various houses of "the enemies of the regime" in Romania :
13:21 asciilifeform mircea_popescu: how were the particular kulaks picked ?
13:21 mircea_popescu perhaps notable for the device : a) the ~rights~ without any encumberances of real estate named goes on to new owner ; b) anyone currently living there is now renting from new owner, no matter what title they thought they had ; c) anyone fucking with this gets 10 years hard labour.
13:21 mircea_popescu asciilifeform judging by the fact that 99% of it is bucharest, it's entirely certain they were picked by personal invidy.
13:22 mircea_popescu otherwise, bucharest scarcely accounted for a fifth of the country's real estate ; and most of it was shit anyway when compared with the 3-5 century old stuff in transylvania.
13:23 mircea_popescu anyway, by the workings of that thing, if you took out a loan + mortgage to buy a house ; the house did go on to be owned by X, but you kept the mortgage.
13:24 asciilifeform we have this right here in usaschwitz, if house confiscated as part of 'dope warz' (requires no conviction in any court) chumper ~also~ gets to keep the mortgage.
13:24 mircea_popescu the principle is fundamental to any such activity. the usg will obviously still owe on all its obligations, such as social security. it will however not have any right to perceive any income. and anyone involved is personally responsible - with their own fat, personally - of the exact execution of this.
13:25 mircea_popescu asciilifeform yeah, gotta make sure one expropriates the socialists in the proper manner such is done. ie, as they themselves do it.
13:27 asciilifeform 'грабь награбленное' (tm) (r)
13:27 asciilifeform (lenin.)
13:27 mircea_popescu quite.
~ 40 minutes ~
14:08 PeterL << idea: transfer random series a and b of length A and B where A and B are co-prime, session key is the series {(a[i%A] XOR b[i%B]) for i in [0, AxB]}
14:08 a111 Logged on 2016-08-06 14:22 mircea_popescu: asciilifeform what's your call, because the matter is quite acute : is it a safer system to demand 8kb entropy/second and hash 12 times ? or to demand say 128bytes/second and hash 768 times ?
14:08 asciilifeform holy fuck why
14:08 asciilifeform ?
14:08 PeterL would be better than just reusing the one otp over a bunch of times?
14:09 asciilifeform no one suggested reusing an otp !!
14:09 asciilifeform the idiot reservation is the next door
14:09 PeterL maybe I misunderstood what MP was suggesting?
14:09 asciilifeform quite definitely.
14:09 PeterL ok, nevermind then
14:10 asciilifeform PeterL: mircea_popescu's original suggestion was to transfer properly random messages, via rsa, continuously, thereby keeping a supply of otp warm on both sides
14:10 asciilifeform which is then tapped into when actually sending payloads.
14:11 asciilifeform quite like what, e.g., gpg does, but in ~batches~ ahead of time.
14:24 PeterL Anybody else watch olympic opening ceremony? There was about a minute of fun brazillian dancing and hours of boringness and a stupid tribute to global warming. Bleh.
~ 21 minutes ~
14:46 asciilifeform $up b-a_alum
14:46 deedbot b-a_alum voiced for 30 minutes.
14:57 mircea_popescu $up dfgg_
14:57 deedbot dfgg_ voiced for 30 minutes.
15:01 mircea_popescu PeterL seems pretty wasteful neh?
15:03 PeterL wasteful to pass N bytes of otp for each N bytes of message?
15:03 mircea_popescu PeterL reusing an otp straight makes bothering with the whole scheme kinda pointless ; hashing an old otp to generate a new otp is perhaps dubious, but in widespread use. (it's more or less what a "deterministic" wallet is, for instance)
15:05 mircea_popescu asciilifeform you understand that if you never hash them, you might as well not use them at all and simply rsa the actual message back and forth. as appealing as the idea is in theory, it's not workable in practice because even with a game as relaxed as eulora, it'll still be too laggy.
15:06 asciilifeform mircea_popescu: 'rsa the actual message back and forth' << not same. for instance, if you have the pump going at all times, it can be cache-local.
15:07 mircea_popescu yeah there are some advantages. but half second is too much to delay a game message for encryption, and you won't be able to fit two passes in .5 s
15:07 asciilifeform the only aspect of rsa that actually takes palpable time on a modern box is key gen.
15:08 mircea_popescu got any benchmarks ?
15:09 asciilifeform not handily.
15:09 mircea_popescu worth checking this, if you have an actual c implementation anywhere.
15:09 asciilifeform i'ma put this in the pipe.
15:10 mircea_popescu anyway : the rsa/otp scheme is also bw-wasting, up to a factor of 2 if no hashing, or otherwise depending on how many hash passes, with 20 it's just 1.05 ie 5% more bw etc.
15:10 asciilifeform incidentally gmp (what ~everybody, at least gpg users, use) is braindamaged in a certain important way
15:10 asciilifeform i.e. it allocates.
15:10 mircea_popescu myeah.
15:10 mircea_popescu there's also a subtle point here, which is : that if we indeed use a otp-and-hash scheme, this in fact puts whatever hash scheme we use to work.
15:11 mircea_popescu ie, it'd be silly to correctly engineer this system in the sense of minimalism, as we're more interested in it testing our tools.
15:12 mircea_popescu afaik nobody to date deployed keccak on any sort of large scale anything for any purpose over any duration. unless someone else knows ?
15:16 mircea_popescu (and for the governance-minded log reader : yeah, the above is literally me in my capacity as ceo making a strategic choice that puts the best interest of shareholders second, after the interest of the republic. it literally subsidizes republican research at the expense of's bottom line. not only is this common in my practice - i hold it to be both required and unavoidable, and if "that's not how you'd run a corp" you're
15:16 mircea_popescu either an ashole or an idiot. but in any case if oyu don't like it you can get stuffed. bitbet pays for miner cartelisation detection and minigame pays for hash research and so on and so forth.)
15:22 asciilifeform the unfortunate bit is that 'hash research' is presently not even yet at alchemy level, and stuck somewhere between haruspicy and astrology.
15:23 mircea_popescu it won't get out of it unless and until we start putting it in things.
15:23 mircea_popescu at least that's my best guess atm.
15:23 asciilifeform eh folks have been 'putting it in things' since '80s
15:23 mircea_popescu management ; an inexact science.
15:23 mircea_popescu name one.
15:23 asciilifeform mircea_popescu knows that this is not how crypto strength is established.
15:23 mircea_popescu i do. but it is how people are enticed to read code , and think about what they read.
15:24 asciilifeform (the depressing part is that the way it ~is~ established, is claude shannon's otp paper, and it happened exactly ONCE, afaik, to date.)
15:24 asciilifeform afaik we do not have any theoretical support whatsoever for the strength of any known hash algo.
15:24 asciilifeform just as for block ciphers.
15:25 mircea_popescu possibly not.
15:25 asciilifeform (we have support for ~weakness~ and this confuses people)
15:25 * asciilifeform brb
~ 28 minutes ~
15:54 asciilifeform cryptography is a 'meat market' where, after sobering up, one notices that 100% of the 'girls' are actually pigs.
15:54 asciilifeform and then you go, again, to the bottle.
15:54 asciilifeform rinse, repeat.
15:58 asciilifeform phun phakt: the uncensored, full-length version of shannon's otp paper was released only in 2013 !
15:59 asciilifeform << pdf only.
15:59 mircea_popescu fucking adobe.
16:00 asciilifeform << apparently a thing
16:00 shinohai ;;later tell mod6 2 tests complete both passed
16:00 gribble The operation succeeded.
16:04 mircea_popescu in juicier news,
16:10 deedbot [Trilema] Respiro -
16:23 asciilifeform mircea_popescu: liberation of the dogs ??
16:29 mod6 shinohai: sweet!
16:29 mod6 thanks for checking that out
16:29 mircea_popescu yeah.
~ 1 hours ~
17:29 mircea_popescu in other lulz, " finally shut down. - Niggermania.NET" << apparently there was a detroit lafond.
17:30 asciilifeform did he get, i wonder, 'unamusement park'-ed ?
17:30 asciilifeform or was it 'through difficult country'-d
17:30 mircea_popescu apparently "litigation based on dmca"
17:30 asciilifeform (.za blogger fella who got 'accidentally' beaten to death in police station one time)
17:33 thestringpuller rumors of lucifer
~ 1 hours 39 minutes ~
19:12 mircea_popescu $google cacastecherita
19:12 deedbot << Cum sa fii peste - ghid simplu, pe inteles si exhaustiv on Trilema - A ... | << Cae Dorel ? on Trilema - A blog by Mircea Popescu.
19:13 mircea_popescu da fuck is with these people.
~ 1 hours 47 minutes ~
21:00 mircea_popescu "Today, on February 3rd, 2015, ends." << the "internet" in the sense of "world wide web" contracts right on schedule.
21:01 mircea_popescu fewer sites today than in 1996, for sure.
~ 1 hours 18 minutes ~
22:20 * asciilifeform has never so much as heard of ''
22:23 mircea_popescu yeah well. they were a major yahoo sorta thing, years ago. aol-owned outfit.
22:24 mircea_popescu "The search for the reason behind the declining PCU in EVE Online continues." << how about "the game fucking sucks".
~ 52 minutes ~
23:16 mircea_popescu and in other camping news,
~ 28 minutes ~
23:44 BingoBoingo Yeah, eve's downfall was transitioning from spreadsheets in space to MS Excel specifically in space
23:56 BingoBoingo Listen to your elders
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