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08:34 unpx <<< Looks like Parkinson's law applied to computer programs.
08:34 bitbot Logged on 2023-03-30 16:33:26 asciilifeform[6]: has boxen w/ e.g. 256G ram, 24core cpu, etc. and the fucking shitware reliably guzzles up ~all of it
08:41 unpx I'm currently trying to sort code I wrote over the time for alchemy, it is silly I get stuck on such trivial task
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09:51 phf << i quite like plan9's mothra, which is imho the level of "html" that is sufficient. there are equivalents (for some definition of) on posix, dillo, netsurf. just enough to render bold/italic, tables, links, inline images
09:51 bitbot Logged on 2023-03-30 16:46:06 unpx[jonsykkel|deedbot|signpost]: PeterL, asciilifeform: indeed, but what then? I may have a comfy machine for working and then a machine for specific bank/gov stuff, but then what would you have in that work machine? wget, lynx port, Konqueror, Pale Moon? Or would you reduce documents to TXT and forget HTML rendering?
09:53 phf i have a script that produces my weekly rss/atom. it just dumps everything into one giant html. (it's got some clever filters, like if it's a wordpress, it downloads the original article and inlines everything inside <article>...</article>)
09:55 phf the html that i get opens fine in a variety of 90s browsers, including mothra. it's a sufficiently "multimedia" experience, that is it provides the periodic dopamine hit, like i'm fully interacting with the world wide web. things that are broken tend to be things that one should avoid anyway.
09:57 phf
09:58 phf a lot of other "standard web shit" is scripted anyway, like i don't ever open youtube anymore, youtubedown/youtube-dl covers whatever streaming services
10:01 phf the things for which i need modern browser are banks and other web presence of various service providers. car payments, utilities, etc.
10:04 phf 􏿽considering that they are the babylon, i don't see any reason to try and shoehorn them into some kind of purity system. e.g. my bank doesn't open in any browsers on openbsd. just tells me "try another browser". i think the only solution for something like that is to have a good boy
10:04 phf 􏿽 machine, on the analogy with toilet machine. a machine that has all the trappings of participation with the minimal exposure. you pick it up if you need to send a message to facebook boomer, or check your bank or whatever.
10:08 phf in general i think that asciilifeform is too pesimistic about the whole browser thing, considering that compartmenalization ("if you're poor you should only have one machine, through which the system fucks you" etc) is a tmsr foundational principle
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11:38 asciilifeform phf defo has a point. asciilifeform tho fwiw remembers when could 'errything on 1 box'. and as it happens suffers from a rather fantastic overproliferation of compartments (1 box per client, 'human' box, buncha others... is getting unwieldy)
11:42 * asciilifeform remembers '1st swallow of spring' there, when ~decade ago finally gave up on printing from linux
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14:04 asciilifeform meanwhile, in waterfall lulz.
14:06 asciilifeform 'It goes without saying that a drug dealer’s crime proceeds, here Ulbricht’s, do not exist in a lawless, grey area whereby they are free to be stolen, invested, and spent by criminals with no repercussions. Indeed, the Government regularly prosecutes robberies of drug dealers, notwithstanding that the victims of such c
14:06 asciilifeform rimes are, definitionally, engaged in criminal activity themselves.'
14:07 asciilifeform ( d00d accused of scamming ye olde silkroad. disgorged coinz in torture room, these are nao being waterfalled )
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19:44 unpx <<< Looks like symbolic computation fits best near the end user since one may prefer some laws over some others. Moreover some algorithms do not work with symbols, since they require numbers or vectors...
19:44 bitbot Logged on 2023-03-31 08:41:00 unpx[jonsykkel|deedbot|signpost]: I'm currently trying to sort code I wrote over the time for alchemy, it is silly I get stuck on such trivial task
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20:10 asciilifeform meanwhile, in wholly unrelated olds.
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