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05:58 crtdaydreams merry christmas all
06:00 crtdaydreams and happy new year (I'm a bit late lol)
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11:34 awt $ticker btc usd
11:34 busybot Current BTC price in USD: $17318.57
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13:51 awt Fun Costa Rican catch-22: You can only drive on your foreign license for 90 days AND You can't apply for a Costa Rican license unless you've been in country for 91 days.
13:52 asciilifeform awt: consecutively ?
13:52 awt asciilifeform: yes
13:52 asciilifeform lulzy
13:52 signpost by day 91 they expect you to have a pack of bitches driving you around, or consider you failed.
13:53 awt signpost: yeah well my bitch's visa expires soon
13:53 signpost lol, damn!
13:54 * signpost just making jokes over here.
13:54 asciilifeform seems par for the course in bananistans -- yer expected to 'follow 11th commandment' & pay bakshish if stopped by police
13:54 asciilifeform rather like uruguay customs
13:54 asciilifeform ( i.e. if you actually insist on having 'all paperwork in order' you'll pay over9000 )
13:55 asciilifeform a sort of 'fool tax' on reich escapees
13:55 awt asciilifeform: I was in fact already stopped a few days after the limit. For some reason they let me off and gave me a fist bump.
13:56 * asciilifeform recalls his fool's errand of trying to get a 'legit' bank acct in ro
13:56 signpost ticos are pretty cool. awt are you making a permanent relocation down there?
13:56 asciilifeform (spoiler: impossible)
14:01 awt << it was a funny joke I loled
14:01 bitbot Logged on 2023-01-09 13:54:02 signpost: just making jokes over here.
14:03 awt << I wouldn't say permanant but certainly indefinite and likely at least a year so I can take advantage of the foreign earned income exclusion while while I have a contract.
14:03 bitbot Logged on 2023-01-09 13:56:43 signpost: ticos are pretty cool. awt are you making a permanent relocation down there?
14:11 awt asciilifeform: As I'm sure you know all the foreign banks report on you to the IRS. There's some sort of reward system. That said here at least having a local account makes everything payment related 10x easier.
14:12 asciilifeform awt: not only report, but this appears to be enuff of a headache for'em that in many places they simply tell you to fuckoff if you've only us passport.
14:12 asciilifeform (afaik they get no rewards, only buncha paperwork to fill at own expense, per reich treaty obligation)
14:14 awt asciilifeform: I definitely read somewhere that some of the massive fines you pay if caught goes to reward local snitches.
14:17 asciilifeform awt: would make sense, but asciilifeform has nfi ; not actively followed subj since '17 expedition
~ 18 minutes ~
14:36 * signpost notices that asciilifeform's packets are coming from a new port
14:36 signpost pulled the updated port from deedbot's AT, but still hearing as hearsay from this station
14:36 signpost !!help
14:36 deedbot
14:37 signpost asciilifeform: did you receive that deedbot message directly?
~ 1 hours 44 minutes ~
16:21 asciilifeform signpost: nope, recvd via awt
16:22 signpost weird, because you looked current in deedbot's AT
16:22 * asciilifeform not, apparently, switched dynamic ip here
16:24 asciilifeform signpost: and deedbot seems to be current on this end
16:24 asciilifeform nfi
~ 6 hours 40 minutes ~
23:04 * asciilifeform meanwhile, lulzily, found that the wx widget most suited to displaying log lines is atrociously slow on gtk/linux (blazing fast on crapple, for all the good that does asciilifeform) so will have to 'draw' that one (and handle text sel., etc somehow) after
23:04 asciilifeform * after all
23:07 asciilifeform how 'drawing' worx ftr. moar or less 'naked' x11-style, tho you do get a font renderer.
23:07 * asciilifeform considers a log view where can't select/copypasta quite useless
23:09 asciilifeform the usual way to display 'civilized' word-wrapped/selectable/pastable text in wx ftr. dunwork with the 'fast' scrolled window thing tho, cuz creates objects, no longer 'fast'.
23:10 asciilifeform this is why os-supplied gui widgets are ugh. (and aint a wx-specific issue at all for that matter) -- can't meaningfully compose them in arbitrary way
23:11 * asciilifeform encountered this kinda horror before.
23:11 bitbot (asciilifeform) 2022-01-04 asciilifeform: cgra: that aint the hard part. the hard (and seemingly impossible part) is permitting ~clickable~ links in edit box ~while it is editable~, none of the existing gui kits for x11 seem to support it.
23:13 * asciilifeform has notion that he can 'cheat' by 'floating' a wxtextctrl on top of log line when clicked, where can then select etc
23:13 asciilifeform ugly tho.
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