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00:03 * crtdaydreams is still unsure what is going on with AT, whaack, billymg, et al. are still hearsay, blatta 9974 didn't patch, I didn't find the time to look at it last week, but if anyone has any ideas, perhaps someone willing to try a re-peer?
00:05 crtdaydreams << I'm tickled by that notion; the guy that made that particular mix also did:
00:06 crtdaydreams !!deed
00:06 crtdaydreams !!help
00:06 deedbot
00:07 crtdaydreams oo, snappy
~ 32 minutes ~
00:40 crtdaydreams signpost: holy moly, the new wot visualizer is beautiful
~ 9 hours 34 minutes ~
10:14 shinohai << I think I posted in logs here somewhere that this was head-scratcher for me at first but "makes sense" you will occasionally see messages as hearsay from others you are peered with.
10:14 bitbot Logged on 2022-07-17 00:03:30 crtdaydreams[signpost]: is still unsure what is going on with AT, whaack, billymg, et al. are still hearsay, blatta 9974 didn't patch, I didn't find the time to look at it last week, but if anyone has any ideas, perhaps someone willing to try a re-peer?
10:14 shinohai gm #pest btw
10:14 shinohai $ticker btc usd
10:25 shinohai Also damn Russia bringing the bants this morning:
10:40 awt crtdaydreams: try renaming the sig file extensions for 9975, 9974 from .sig to .thimbronion.sig
10:49 awt crtdaydreams: add this to your AT:
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12:02 shinohai $vwap
12:09 busybot Current BTC price in USD: $21164.7
12:09 busybot The 24-Hour VWAP for BTC is $ 21154.20 USD
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15:32 billymg i generated a bunch of peering keys for bitbot and crawler bot, sharing them for anyone who would like to peer with the bots
15:32 billymg asciilifeform:
15:33 billymg awt:
15:33 billymg crtdaydreams:
15:34 billymg jonsykkel:
15:34 billymg mod6:
15:34 billymg PeterL:
15:35 billymg phf:
15:35 billymg shinohai:
15:35 billymg signpost:
15:36 billymg whaack:
15:39 billymg i don't have IPs for phf, dulapbot, busyboy, and trbexplorer. so if you'd like to peer with one of those please send me the IP
15:40 billymg i'd also like to peer billymg with the bots in here but i plan to move that station soon and rekey for all existing peers anyway so i didn't include peering keys for that handle yet
15:40 billymg and also for phf, since we're not peered yet
15:51 phf billymg: my multipeer is not implemented yet. i'll reach out to everyone whose keys i don't have as soon as it's operational. i've mostly just didn't have time to hack…
15:53 billymg phf: ah, got it, sounds good
16:03 whaack !e view-height
16:03 trbexplorer block_height: 745399
16:03 trbexplorer mins_since_last_block: 13
~ 1 hours 57 minutes ~
18:01 awt billymg: successfully peered with your bots thx
~ 2 hours 39 minutes ~
20:41 asciilifeform << ty, added
20:41 bitbot Logged on 2022-07-17 15:32:51 billymg: asciilifeform:
20:42 * asciilifeform still wishes there were a way to issue % cmds to a bot w/out unplugging its irc end
20:49 billymg awt: indeed showing you as directly peered with bitbot now:
20:49 bitbot Logged on 2022-07-17 18:01:58 awt: billymg: successfully peered with your bots thx
20:50 billymg asciilifeform: for some reason you're now showing up in the logs as hearsay:
20:50 bitbot Logged on 2022-07-17 20:42:33 asciilifeform[5]: still wishes there were a way to issue % cmds to a bot w/out unplugging its irc end
20:52 billymg happened somewhere between these two messages:
20:52 bitbot Logged on 2022-07-02 19:30:38 asciilifeform: lol
20:52 bitbot Logged on 2022-07-04 11:18:10 asciilifeform[billymg|signpost]: billymg: asciilifeform only hosted with ukrs once before; your mileage may vary
~ 1 hours 39 minutes ~
22:32 signpost thanks billymg! I've added those peerings.
~ 51 minutes ~
23:23 phf i suspect if one's keeping a set of "canonical" packets, one ought to replace slowly replace ones if higher bounce with lower bounce, until one gets a 0 bounce, which implies direct, authorative communication
23:24 phf *replace ones with higher bounce
23:25 phf but i suspect blatta doesn't have a mechanism like that, or even if it does the irc nature of the irc compatible version of protocol means that packet traveling faster/shorter path will win, as far as representative packet
23:27 phf so if you have a faster packet path that goes through intermediaries, than direct from originating station, you'll end up with "hearsay" packets for things that you might've gotten direct few us later
23:28 asciilifeform phf: see re how this (is supposed to) work
23:28 asciilifeform err,
23:28 asciilifeform (link is correct)
23:31 asciilifeform tldr, hearsays are interned to give 1) hearsays with lower 'bounce' 2) immediate copies -- a chance to be received; then 'canonical' msg is either the subset of hearsay copy(s) with min. bounce, or the immediate (if the latter was received during the embargo interval)
23:31 phf ah
23:32 phf well, then
23:32 asciilifeform on top of this, nuffin (per spec) is bounced to any place from where was already received; nor is anyffin but the min-bounce copy relayed
23:32 asciilifeform in theory, gives 'least surprising' propagation behaviour.
23:33 asciilifeform ... whether blatta 100% behaves as described in link, asciilifeform presently cannot say, still in the process of making sense of the src
23:35 phf do you know what Te values is in blatta? it's essentially a lower bound on hello-yes-hello roundtrip
23:36 * asciilifeform not recalls; q for awt ^ when he wakes up
23:36 phf also am i reading this right, one doesn't really see a message earlier than Te seconds after receipt?
23:36 asciilifeform phf: is only round-trip lower bound on hearsays tho
23:37 asciilifeform phf: a hearsay msg, strictly
23:37 asciilifeform immediates and directs are considered prima facie authentic and forwarded to console (per spec) right away
23:38 asciilifeform (there's 0 reason to intern an immediate or direct msg)
23:38 phf right, but also thread started because i was considering unequal packet travel times
23:38 asciilifeform aha
23:39 asciilifeform it aint uncommon for a hearsay copy to arrive coupla 100 msec prior to original (immediate) copy
23:39 asciilifeform hence the internment mechanism
23:39 asciilifeform receiver does not know when (or if) original will arrive, hence after Te elapses, will treat msg as hearsay
23:40 asciilifeform in principle, in a dedicated client, oughta retro the db if receive immed. copy at some future time
23:40 phf also kind of neat because in non-spec compliant non-irc version Te is only relevant for retransmit. can e.g. render hearsay right away, mark it direct once that information is available…
23:40 asciilifeform aha, precisely
23:40 asciilifeform irc oughta be an annex to spec, rather than in spec proper, iirc already mentioned this notion
23:41 asciilifeform phf's thing afaik is the 1st 'general purpose' client w/out ircism
23:43 asciilifeform good % of gnarl in current spec comes outta the constraint where db is considered 'write once'
23:44 asciilifeform (because console 'is teletype')
23:45 asciilifeform tbf, would be surprised if with any regularity the immediate in fact dun make it to receiver within a reasonable (e.g. 1s) Te
23:45 asciilifeform (while hearsaid copies do)
23:46 asciilifeform (in certain cases, elementarily, none of'em make it, in e.g. the case of a transmitter whose cable had been uplugged while he was sending)
23:47 phf proper pest of course ought to keep a running p on counterparty's avg roundtrip by running stats on past packet information :>
23:54 asciilifeform phf: not that it wouldn't be interesting, but not clear to asciilifeform what if anyffin machine oughta do with this stat other than to display it on req. of operator
23:55 * asciilifeform must bbl
23:56 * phf foo^A
23:58 * phf scratches head
23:58 phf lol, this is actually a glitch
23:58 bitbot Logged on 2022-07-17 23:56:32 phf[awt]: foo^A
23:59 * phf foo_^_A_” but without the underscore
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