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00:25 * shinohai looks forward to trying nyoo smalpest ...
00:32 jonsykkel gona b fukn insane
~ 30 minutes ~
01:03 awt jonsykkel does the best mispellings: "upcuming"
01:04 jonsykkel just evolving lang in most natural direction
~ 31 minutes ~
01:36 shinohai Well if Merriam-Webster can make up words, why not everyone else?
~ 18 minutes ~
01:54 jonsykkel lol
~ 2 hours 16 minutes ~
04:10 jonsykkel ok puted here 97K
~ 12 hours 35 minutes ~
16:46 u0_a185 test
16:48 u0_a185 \o/
16:49 shinohai Appears there is some clock skew from local pest station and remote one, ima try and sync.
16:54 u0_a185 looks to be working now jonsykkel
16:55 jonsykkel u0_a185: good stuf, pesting from droidpnoje?
16:59 u0_a185 Not currently, just tested from x86 box, will try to cross-compile for arm later this afternoon.
17:02 jonsykkel roger that
17:04 jonsykkel might try also for lolz
17:16 shinohai jonsykkel: Minor item - might want to add `rm -f src/otherpplgode/*.o` to makefile clean section ... but otherwise I was able to compile for armv7
17:16 shinohai gonna test shortly
17:30 jonsykkel shinohai: yeah lol noticed 1sec after published patch
17:31 jonsykkel will make note on site
17:33 shinohai My resulting cross binary won't run on phone tho, gonna hafta find the proper tuple in crossdev first.
17:33 shinohai (So will circle back to it)
~ 22 minutes ~
17:56 shinohai Well I tried building natively in termux, runs but check this out lol:
17:56 shinohai 2022-03-05 12:55:18 listening on TCP port 0
17:56 shinohai 2022-03-05 12:55:18 listening on UDP port 7778
17:57 jonsykkel lol
17:58 jonsykkel runnign with -i arg?
17:59 shinohai Yup, but if you go in `data` dir and manually set it and restart, it worx on proper port.
17:59 jonsykkel das weird
18:01 shinohai Just termux thing I'm sure, since a lot of trickery goes on to make *that* work
18:01 jonsykkel entirely pasibel
18:06 awt jonsykkel: assuming you're running the latest smalpest, looks like blatta isn't crashing, so that's good
18:06 jonsykkel awt: nice
18:06 jonsykkel teh stale ignore packets shud be gone also, u see those still?
18:06 awt haven't checked but you show up as online in my nicklist, so I think that's fixed
18:06 shinohai I was talking here on blatta, and u0_a185 from smalpest, seems to work a++
18:07 awt shinohai: excellent
18:07 jonsykkel cool
~ 33 minutes ~
18:40 awt Noticing that GETDATA hasn't been triggered for me all week. Obviously traffic here is quite low, but perhaps an indicator that UDP has been quite reliable during that time.
18:51 shinohai jonsykkel if you get smalpest working on droid, am interested in yer recipe. My station keeps crashing with "bus error" errytime receives packet.
18:51 * shinohai will switch back to x86_64 for testing it.
18:52 jonsykkel shinohai: i can hazard guess that its the snerpent implementation
18:52 jonsykkel it does unaligned loads and stores
18:52 jonsykkel which doesnt work on arm afaik
18:54 shinohai Well noow we know what *doesn't* work xD
18:54 jonsykkel will replace that thing at som point, i can bake quick patch that repairs that thing if wana try
18:54 shinohai Am happy to test all
18:54 jonsykkel heehe
18:54 jonsykkel aight
19:09 jonsykkel shinohai:
19:18 shinohai tyvm
19:28 shinohai $ticker
19:29 shinohai $vwap
19:29 shinohai lol
19:35 u0_a185 $vwap
19:37 u0_a185 $blocks btc
~ 47 minutes ~
20:24 awt_thule $wot
20:25 awt_thule Hello
20:25 awt welcome awt_thule
20:29 awt_thule sync complete.
20:30 awt wen threads
~ 43 minutes ~
21:13 billymg should i be seeing bot responses to those $ticker, $vwap, or $wot commands?
21:18 shinohai billymg, negative to first 2, was testing bot
21:20 billymg kk
21:21 shinohai still no love connect bot to station, either blatta or smalpest
21:36 jonsykkel dose bot send al the required USER,PASS,NICK,JOIN stuf? cud chek with netcat listener
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