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15:41 signpost anyone recall what'd be the most recent source of "vtools" patches?
15:46 signpost << I've got just about all the vpatches cut, except for the few patches there that need to be converted and vtools.
~ 18 minutes ~
16:04 * shinohai sadly doesn't remember the link to diana_coman's v starter kit ....
16:07 signpost hm I thought it was bvt
16:08 signpost << believe this is the one I've been using.
16:08 signpost in fact, mostly phf, looks like
16:08 * signpost has an aggressive gc between ears.
16:09 signpost anyway phf's site works for me
16:10 whaack the link to diana_coman's v kit,i believe
16:11 signpost whaack: any idea how this diverges from the one I linked?
16:11 * signpost reads
16:12 signpost ah, this is the perl v
16:13 signpost I'm gonna stick with the shell one, and folks are welcome to then build whichever alternative they like.
16:13 * signpost intends to lop off the perl dependency for building gcc if possible.
16:20 PeterL reduction of dependencies is a noble goal
16:21 signpost yeah, going for minimizing that, and maximizing operator choice.
16:21 signpost I don't need to tell you how to run your life; we just need a basis for sharing the traditions of our own houses.
16:22 signpost "we make bread thus" and etc, civilization atop that.
16:31 asciilifeform signpost: the 1 asciilifeform currently uses
16:32 asciilifeform ( the vtools thereof )
16:32 asciilifeform << nifty
16:32 bitbot Logged on 2022-01-28 15:46:00 signpost[asciilifeform]: << I've got just about all the vpatches cut, except for the few patches there that need to be converted and vtools.
16:33 signpost hesitant to pull python into base set either
16:33 asciilifeform makes sense
16:33 signpost though python pbuild's welcome later, for blatta
16:33 PeterL with no python or perl, are you just doing everything in Bash?
16:33 * asciilifeform historically sat on gentoos and assumed the presence of 1 python or anuther. but it's a hog indeed
16:35 * asciilifeform after misadventures in attempting serious proggies in bash rather pessimistic re 'replace perlisms w/ bash'
16:35 signpost PeterL: yeah, pretty simple script is turning the crank here. if more complicated tools are needed, would like them to be ada.
16:36 signpost asciilifeform: yep, shell scripts aren't any place to do serious programming. I've been laboriously grinding the script smaller, weighs about 400 loc atm
16:36 signpost but gotta not haul in the whole world as a dependency to get started.
16:37 * signpost will probably cut that ~400 into separate items too. pretty clear perforations in there.
16:40 asciilifeform this is one reason for asciilifeform's interest in small schemes (e.g. 'tinyscheme') -- as potential replacements for perlism/bashism for bringup
16:41 signpost << wip item in question. squashfs/overlayfs-related stuff likely to be carved off into a separate script, as they're only relevant to embedded hardware dev or the distributed job-runner system I've discussed.
16:41 signpost asciilifeform: yep, would gladly port the whole thing to a saner language in time.
16:41 * asciilifeform has a # of boxen w/ squashfsisms, but indeed they're 'toasters'
16:43 asciilifeform btw fwiw 'litmus' worx, in principle if you have a gnat, dun need ye olde gpg for vtronics (for read-only vtronics, that is)
16:44 asciilifeform as of the most recent vpatch, is 100% edible afaik
16:44 signpost defo intend to build ffa on this.
16:45 signpost and to rip out heathen items and replace with allied items as can be done.
16:45 * asciilifeform in fact has coad for several unpublished ch's worth of ffa written, debugged, etc. and collecting dust, sadly lacking time for aeons nao to touch it
16:46 asciilifeform spent what little spare cycles had in recent times on pestronics.
16:46 * signpost has been grunting in his shitwaders in pentacle for what, 2yrs now, and fountaintron about same.
16:46 signpost good things in time or not at all.
16:47 * signpost appreciates the hell out of the pest spec, eager to turn more attention to it, just loathe to put down items already loaded into my skull just yet.
16:47 * asciilifeform hopes to live to finish not only ffa but e.g this
16:48 asciilifeform signpost: ty. imho is important to carry on the thing that's loaded into head, otherwise gotta reload, and lotsa wasted sweat.
16:51 awt asciilifeform: I see no reference to checking the version of packets in the common prologue. Is it intentionally left out?
16:53 asciilifeform awt: thus far
16:53 asciilifeform awt: in 0xfa, supposing we go with some or all of the proposed format-breaking changes, will need to check ver
16:54 awt In blatta it's step 5.
16:54 asciilifeform current draft, quite reworked from 0xfb but not yet including any of the things discussed this wk
16:56 awt asciilifeform: also I definitely like step 5. Removes some duplication in my working version.
16:57 asciilifeform which 5 ?
16:57 awt asciilifeform: your step 5:
16:58 asciilifeform ah that's 0xfb
16:58 asciilifeform the current one
17:01 awt billymg: thanks for the key mapping snippet, btw - haven't had a chance to try it yet.
~ 25 minutes ~
17:26 awt asciilifeform: regarding the order buffer, what if two or more messages have the same timestamp?
17:29 asciilifeform awt: ordering is by chain
17:30 asciilifeform possibly awt is asking re the 'The Order Buffer may contain packets bearing duplicate messages, and is indexed by Time of message receipt.' text
17:31 awt << yes
17:31 bitbot Logged on 2022-01-28 17:30:47 asciilifeform: possibly awt is asking re the 'The Order Buffer may contain packets bearing duplicate messages, and is indexed by Time of message receipt.' text
17:31 asciilifeform that subsection does need massage
17:31 * asciilifeform welcomes suggestions
17:32 asciilifeform the order buffer is req'd for dealing w/ out-of-order msg arrivals and losses (i.e. missing msgs which create chain gaps)
17:33 * asciilifeform ambivalent re: whether a whole buffer is even needed, it uncomfortably resembles the old pre-trb trb's 'orphanage'
17:46 awt asciilifeform: perhaps could index by timestamp -> message_hash.
17:49 asciilifeform aha
17:50 asciilifeform (in original, implied that can have 1:1 index by timestamp, which is obv. not the case, as awt pointed out)
17:50 awt yeah - got burned by that already
18:02 awt meh can just store the messages in an arbitrarily ordered array by timestamp.
~ 4 hours 3 minutes ~
22:06 awt lol right alk key doesn't even report a key code using xev
~ 15 minutes ~
22:21 awt asciilifeform: reading the order buffer section and step 10 of the common prologue it appears that a packet may loop in and out of the order buffer indefinitely if the packet requested via GETDATA never arrives.
~ 28 minutes ~
22:50 asciilifeform awt: this is entirely good point
22:50 asciilifeform awt: what prolly oughta happen to packets which drop outta that buffer w/out getting reconnected chainwise is /dev/null
22:51 asciilifeform (rather than reentry into order buffer, which, lol, yes infinite carousel)
~ 48 minutes ~
23:39 shinohai $vwap
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23:42 shinohai hmm
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23:49 shinohai test
23:49 shinohai $help
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