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16:34 awt So I have a server with an external IP on my home net. I find that I can't access the server via the external ip from my home net, only via the internal ip. This is somewhat annoying. Is there a way to access (via ssh) the external ip from inside my home net that anyone is aware of?
~ 16 minutes ~
16:51 asciilifeform awt: pfsense's knob. may have to find equiv. for your particular system.
16:51 asciilifeform generally tends to be gnarly, as req's support from your natron.
16:51 asciilifeform (by default routers won't do this)
17:04 awt asciilifeform: ty will investigate. just a pain to have to switch console tabs when I come back home/go out, etc.
17:12 asciilifeform awt: a traditional headache w/ e.g. irc bouncers
~ 44 minutes ~
17:57 billymg made some progress with building the musl gnat. i followed ave1's instructions and ran the `./ </install/directory> > build.output 2>&1` successfully on my other, glibc based, machine
17:57 billymg using the same 2016 bin from asciilifeform's mirror as the bootstrap
17:58 billymg this produced what looks like a complete gnat directory, but i'm not sure what i'm supposed to do next (instructions unclear)
18:02 billymg i tried copying that dir (the one produced by ./ over to my musl-based system but they still suffer from bad links (e.g. output of ldd shows errors)
~ 36 minutes ~
18:38 billymg if anyone can help me out i have three main questions right now (to sanity check that i'm even attempting to do the right things) -- 1) should the 2016 gnat bin work on a musl system? 2) are ave1's instructions meant to be followed on a musl machine or glibc mac
18:39 billymg i'm looking at this step in his instructions and wondering if perhaps this is what i want: "4) build x86_64 native compilers"
18:40 billymg << also, yes
18:40 bitbot (asciilifeform) 2021-09-03 asciilifeform: ftr finds the 'v depends on gnat' thing to be an epic barf, courtesy of mp & diana ; really oughta be corrected
18:41 * billymg looks forward to signpost's republican OS
~ 28 minutes ~
19:09 PeterL the depends on gnat was just for the ksum, right? didn't somebody make a ksum in c at some point?
19:10 asciilifeform PeterL: the jfw fella baked one in ansi c. haven't tried it tho iirc
19:13 billymg ah, i might give that a shot then
19:14 PeterL I vaguely remember trying it when he released it, but I am not sure
19:14 PeterL note to self: keep better notes
19:16 billymg PeterL: are you operating on a musl-based system currently?
~ 16 minutes ~
19:32 whaack i've used jfw's c ksum, worked great iirc
19:35 PeterL no, don't have one at the moment
19:41 billymg whaack: nice
19:42 billymg whaack: do you also have gnat on your system? is it musl-based or glibc?
19:47 whaack billymg: tbh i'm not sure, iirc though i had some old version of gnat that couldn't run some other keksum and that's why i went with jfw's tool
19:51 billymg whaack: my past experiences with getting the republican build system to work have always been a series of stumbles, trying this and that, until it finally somehow works and then i just go with it and forget how i got there until i have to do it again
19:53 billymg with this build i've been documenting the steps, so that i can hopefully compile it into a single guide, that even noobs can follow
~ 29 minutes ~
20:22 whaack billymg: awesome, that's the way to do it
20:22 whaack problem is that often when you are doing something you don't know until after you've stumbled 5 times that it's something worth documenting
~ 40 minutes ~
21:02 * asciilifeform has a half-finished asm 'keksum', maybe in peacetime will finish..
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