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15:35 dorion -- meant to ask, did your search yield any attractive deals ? my father's been buying a side per year of grass fed beef from one of his oldest friends for over a decade by now. it's fucking delicious and they've managed to make a booming business (as far as fiat businesses go) out of it, delivering from
15:35 bitdashbot Logged on 2021-05-14 18:22:39 billymg: i took a few days off this week on the crawler / site. checked out a few land purchase opportunities (want to be able to raise my own beef for when the supermarkets are only selling bugs)
15:35 dorion maine to new jersey.
~ 34 minutes ~
16:10 billymg dorion: i think the best one i saw was 29 hectares, about half flat enough to farm, half up a hill, includes a small tico farmhouse (as well as everything else, a couple cows, pigs, chickens, horses)
16:10 billymg he was 6MM/hectare but could probably be had for 3MM/hectare
16:11 billymg he was saying*
16:12 thimbronion billymg: I also considered such a purchase but I have concerns about cattle rustlers.
16:12 billymg it's got a good water source (2 of them) and the hill/mountain serves as the back border/wall (no through traffic, dirt road leads up to the property and stops)
16:13 billymg thimbronion: you'd have to have someone you trust living there to run it
16:14 thimbronion btw I'll be back in early June.
16:14 billymg nice, guanacaste too this time?
16:14 thimbronion billymg: perhaps! Staying at my apartment is extremely cost effective tho :)
16:15 billymg awesome, congrats on that
16:15 billymg thimbronion: oh yeah, been meaning to ask, so you found a good colo provider somewhere here?
16:15 thimbronion Ever been to Doris in Santa Ana? Amazing steak place.
16:16 billymg was thinking of renting space to run a trb node, figured it's not super decentralized if we all just run em out of ascii's rack
16:16 thimbronion billymg: I don't know if I can say if they're good or bad yet, but I got my box installed with them really easily. Costs me 130/mo.
16:16 billymg thimbronion: yeah, that's my favorite restaurant in san jose now lol
16:17 thimbronion billymg: I can walk there from my cheapo apt.
16:17 billymg ah, so you're in santa ana?
16:17 thimbronion yeah
16:17 billymg you'll probably bump into mp one of these days then
16:17 thimbronion billymg: I suspect.
16:18 billymg thimbronion: for the box, what form factor?
16:19 thimbronion 1U. The company is Run by some kind of shitcoiner named Edgar.
16:19 billymg does he take btc too then?
16:20 thimbronion He only accepts btc for payment, afaics.
16:20 billymg lol
16:20 thimbronion Other than CRC and USD.
16:20 billymg but why not shitcoins??
16:21 thimbronion I do not know - probably just not available in his management software.
16:21 billymg for dorion and any other steak enjoyers that may see this thread, Doris also has locations in houston and new orleans
16:23 thimbronion I had the wagyu. Very nice. The sides were amazing.
~ 59 minutes ~
17:22 dorion AMAZING COMPANY !!!
17:24 billymg dorion: is that a meme or something? i feel like i've seen it before
17:24 billymg but can't remember where/what context
17:25 dorion billymg, assbot, lol.
17:25 dorion -- how many head of cattle would that support ?
17:25 bitdashbot Logged on 2021-05-18 16:10:37 billymg: dorion: i think the best one i saw was 29 hectares, about half flat enough to farm, half up a hill, includes a small tico farmhouse (as well as everything else, a couple cows, pigs, chickens, horses)
17:26 dorion -- what's the units, crc ?
17:26 bitdashbot Logged on 2021-05-18 16:10:55 billymg: he was 6MM/hectare but could probably be had for 3MM/hectare
17:26 billymg yeah, crc. not sure how much cattle it would support (that's something i need to learn though)
17:27 billymg so at the 3MM/hectare price about $140k or so for the whole thing
17:27 dorion
17:27 billymg dorion: lol yeah, now i see. for some reason i searched google first instead of the logs, need to rid myself of that habit
17:27 dorion ~3.5 BTC then if you pulled trigger ahorita.
17:28 billymg yeah but this guy ain't taking btc
17:28 billymg probably doesn't know what it is
17:28 billymg doubt he's got a computer other than his phone
17:28 dorion I'm sure, but that's your opportunity cost, n'est pas ?
17:29 billymg yeah, in 5 years (maybe in 5 months) would feel like the worst trade deal in the history of trade deals
17:31 dorion billymg, maybe you get him down to 140k and and find a btc buyer willing to pay a premium for discreet acquisition..
17:33 dorion billymg, did you ever take a shot at sonofawitch usage ?
17:33 billymg dorion: it's on my conveyor
17:35 billymg my rough personal roadmap is: 1) style this current logger i just uploaded and publish a patch with the improved html/css organization, 2) get my crawler website live at and publish the genesis, 3) take a look at mp-wp again (finally) to address jfw's comment as well as look into thimbronion's spec list
17:36 dorion cool, cool.
17:41 dorion I'm workin on d-m articles, organizing a local educational social hour, jwrd deliveries, eulora and gearing up to return to panama first week of july. my own little july 4th, if you will.
17:46 billymg nice
17:47 billymg dorion: there's a referral program for jwrd, right?
~ 5 hours 40 minutes ~
23:27 billymg still WIP but took a pass at styling the logger a bit differently:
23:29 billymg i made having the /log at the end configurable (i prefer it without since it's already in the subdomain), and i fixed a bug (which you'll notice on ascii's) where the server eggogs with any search query less than 3 characters
23:30 billymg the first time load for me was a bit sluggish while it loaded up the custom fonts (though they really aren't that big, maybe 400k in total)
23:30 billymg that's only a onetime thing, after that the browser caches them
23:30 * billymg just realized i forgot the bot output styling
23:41 billymg ok, added that. looks like shit on mobile right now. will fix that a bit later
23:42 billymg going to bbl but would appreciate design feedback and/or bug reports anyone has in the meantime
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