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00:07 vex hey cdd, how's it going mate?
00:08 crtdaydreams vex man, not too bad, how about you?
00:08 crtdaydreams I expect you've been on a little voyage past few weeks?
00:08 vex yeah good. yer blog's looking good
00:08 vex yeah put down the whiskey for a bit
00:09 crtdaydreams thanks, I have a few ideas in the works
00:09 crtdaydreams that's great mate, feeling better overall?
00:10 vex yes, it's different
00:10 crtdaydreams you back on mainland?
00:11 vex I actually just went for a roadtrip
00:11 crtdaydreams ah, righto
00:11 crtdaydreams where to?
00:13 vex Just swaggin around, got a motel in Longreach one night
00:16 vex looking at the stars and riding straight past every pub
00:16 crtdaydreams riding? you go on a 2-wheeler?
00:16 vex yeah
00:17 crtdaydreams can't imagine taking a car, now I think about it. too expensive to run.
00:19 crtdaydreams where else did you go?
00:20 vex I camped by a river one night, pretty fucking speccy, didn't look at the map much
00:21 vex You'd just chuck a few drums of farm diesel on the back, wouldn't you? You'd get to Perth
00:22 crtdaydreams yeah, actually the ute got cooked.
00:22 crtdaydreams radiator hose blew out at the bottom
00:22 vex didn't notice?
00:22 crtdaydreams not until the engine light came on
00:23 vex is it fucked?
00:23 crtdaydreams nah, took her out wandoan way for a couple weeks helping a relly, no problems
00:24 crtdaydreams then took her all the back to ippy for easter with some other rellys
00:24 crtdaydreams I was driving home and it was misfiring
00:24 vex yeah nice.
00:25 crtdaydreams so got her towed back home, might be loosing water, can't really tell
00:25 crtdaydreams s/loosing/losing/
00:29 vex just drive it into a hole and tell the boss you need a new cruiser
00:32 crtdaydreams haha, nah we'll do some work on it
00:33 crtdaydreams it's worth fixing
00:33 vex yeah, there's somthin g to be said for a familiar machine
00:35 crtdaydreams besides, I wouldn't want to touch any of this new crap anyway
00:35 crtdaydreams pain in the behind to service, and everything's designed to break, be it electronic or wear.
00:37 vex I was dreaming about a 40 series, then I looked at the prices
00:37 crtdaydreams could easily get half a mil on the clock for some of these old engines, but you'd be lucky to get a quarter nowadays
00:38 crtdaydreams yeah, the 40 series just keep going, but you do get injector pump troubles on 'em
00:40 crtdaydreams I'd still be inclined to get one and do it up
00:40 vex Any old rusty pile is worth coin
00:40 crtdaydreams "One mans trash is anothers treasure"
00:41 crtdaydreams Yeah, when you see what some of these ancient car resto guys pull off and work from.
00:43 vex have you driven the recent v8 toyota? fuck they're nice when they're not in the shop
00:43 crtdaydreams nah, I don't get to play with new stuff often
00:44 crtdaydreams what's the trouble with 'em?
00:44 vex just too complicated I think. don't know much about them
00:46 crtdaydreams I imagine they also chew through fuel
00:46 vex yeah, but they haul arse
00:47 crtdaydreams 430Nm torque @ 1,200
00:47 crtdaydreams bloody hell
00:48 vex what's a silverado?
00:48 crtdaydreams chevy?
00:48 crtdaydreams 6.6L
00:49 crtdaydreams V8
00:49 vex it'd get wedged between the first two trees it saw tho
00:49 crtdaydreams Bwahahahaha
00:50 crtdaydreams I know a guy who got one of the new 2021 rangers, pretty flash, I don't think he's had much trouble with it _yet_
00:50 vex they look pretty nice
00:51 crtdaydreams A beaut to ride in, I didn't get a chance to drive her.
00:51 vex getting pretty popular, they must be okay
00:52 crtdaydreams I don't like the tub though.
00:52 vex why not?
00:52 crtdaydreams It's too deep (which might be a boon for some) but it makes getting anything up the back hell.
00:53 crtdaydreams It wouldn't be a problem if it was lower
00:53 verisimilitude ``if it were lower''
00:53 crtdaydreams But it's really designed for >=5'9" guys
00:54 vex chuck a tufftray on it, they make an integrated ramp
00:54 crtdaydreams It also comes with default support bars going up to the cab which just add to the nightmare. You can't reach anything.
00:55 crtdaydreams Sides also don't come down, so don't count on storing your tools on the back.
00:55 crtdaydreams Yep. But some of those trays go in the order of >$8000 bucks starting
00:56 vex the truck ain't cheap to begin with
00:56 crtdaydreams Yeah, but it's not like you can sell the default tub back to em.
00:56 vex they don't sell em without?
00:56 crtdaydreams mebbe, not sure.
00:57 crtdaydreams I still wouldn't touch em. In the contract you're not allowed to sell it for ~3 years?
00:58 vex dafuq?
00:58 vex I heard toyota were trying something like that actually
00:59 crtdaydreams ah it's 2022 edition. and for 1yr
00:59 crtdaydreams supposed to stop scalpers
01:00 crtdaydreams which is a pretty BS excuse imo
01:01 vex I think I read that the contracts were more guidelines than actual rules
01:02 crtdaydreams all fun and games until you're taken to court for selling your 2025 edition 2 years into your 5 year contract
01:03 crtdaydreams might be more applicable to denizens of the USG though. not sure how well it'll fare over here
01:03 vex toyota australia siad they won't sell you another cruiser if you onsell
01:04 crtdaydreams that's a far more reasonable approach
01:05 vex you're prolly gonna hodl it for 3 yrs anyway, but if you come with another 100k, I'm guessing you're good
01:05 vex hey, you've got a fab shop, you should do trays
01:05 crtdaydreams eh, you'd be surprised. I know people who use cars for a year or so, sell it while it's above exponential depreciation point and buy another
01:07 crtdaydreams Steel's pretty hard going right now.
01:07 vex 8k sounds like a good deal
01:09 crtdaydreams Yeah, I guess. Gotta be that market though. I know a few places around here that've filled it.
01:10 vex what about styleside conversions? use all those wasted tubs
01:11 crtdaydreams mind if I DM?
01:11 vex dogbox for the poodle etc
01:11 crtdaydreams I've seen some cool mods where the taillights are mounted on rollers and you've got your toolset in behind the taillight
01:12 vex lol, you're right mate, no worries
01:12 vex logs don't wanna hear 10 pages of ute talk
01:12 crtdaydreams might be surprised
01:13 vex phf will be creaming his jocks
01:13 crtdaydreams bwahahaha
~ 33 minutes ~
01:46 crtdaydreams err how to segue into #a
01:48 vex I'm thinging about fitting out a case with some new hardware
01:48 crtdaydreams vex: what's your existing case form factor?
01:49 vex its a mini itx I suppose but it'll fit a proper motherboard i think
01:49 vex it can go in the bin
01:50 crtdaydreams you got an acc with umart?
01:50 vex are they good?
01:51 vex i'm familiar with mwave, scorptech and msy
01:51 crtdaydreams from my experience, yep. though compared to other places might be a little more expensive
01:51 vex I like msy. for the soup nazi experience
01:52 crtdaydreams never heard of msy til now
01:53 vex they don't ship, you line up
01:53 crtdaydreams well, what's your price range?
01:53 crtdaydreams bwahahaha
01:54 vex nothings ever in stock, so you need a 9 dimensional backup plan
01:55 vex Ideally I don't wanna spend more than 500 aud
02:00 vex you should experience msy
02:01 vex they won't tell you whats compatible, and the overworked man at the counter has a `no refunds' face
02:03 vex talk fast and know your shit, they'll start finding parts
02:10 crtdaydreams sorry was soldering
02:11 crtdaydreams lol
02:11 crtdaydreams the one time I went to umart in brisbane, I rocked up at the place looking to buy an SSD
02:11 vex is umart chinesey?
02:12 crtdaydreams (the same nvme drive which I have not used since I brought it, awaiting a working gentoo build)
02:12 crtdaydreams nah, its just fast
02:12 crtdaydreams but I went to there place, and lo and behold, there's nothing
02:12 crtdaydreams the store is an empty shell
02:12 crtdaydreams apparently they no longer have a "store" as such, it's all online
02:13 crtdaydreams the building is just a warehouse/dropoff point
02:20 vex msy has shit on the shelves, gotta make friends with the checkout chang, or he won't look
02:23 crtdaydreams lmfao
02:23 crtdaydreams bet they got loads of ASRock stock
02:23 vex nothing rong with some asrock
02:24 vex cat fur, salt spray, that shit is built tuff
02:24 crtdaydreams ye
02:24 crtdaydreams got DOA board once
02:24 crtdaydreams 11th gen i7
02:25 crtdaydreams tiger lake or sumthin
02:25 crtdaydreams mobo bios was bricked
02:26 crtdaydreams new board of the same, and would freeze up windows
02:26 crtdaydreams bios update fixed it
02:26 crtdaydreams apparently run smooth eva since
02:26 vex I haven't got one recently
02:26 crtdaydreams not my pc btw, just one I put together for a folk
02:28 crtdaydreams vex: what'd ya say yer case was?
02:28 vex lemme look
02:29 vex nope it's dusty as fuck, it going in the bin
02:29 crtdaydreams not gonna grab out the compressor?
02:30 crtdaydreams it's probably 1/5th of ya budget for a new case
02:30 vex ok, it's a half height, I dunno how to describe
02:30 crtdaydreams midget case, ok ok
02:30 crtdaydreams well, er. depends if ya wanna upgrade in the near future
02:31 vex probably, I don't wanna change everything everytime
02:31 crtdaydreams aight, so worth splurging a little on the case
02:32 vex i did see teenage engineering has a flatpack orange thing
02:32 vex their motto is bend once
02:33 vex the case doesn't matter, i'll bolt it to a bit of plywood if I need to
02:34 crtdaydreams mebbe "fuck it" and throw it in a fishtank of mineral oil. no coolers, nothin'
02:34 vex I do like quiet
02:35 crtdaydreams does heat up over time, so rec to buy radiator and just circulate oil
02:36 vex can I fit 2 Xenons in this?
02:37 crtdaydreams bwahahaha, if you made your own board stack it'd be possible
02:38 crtdaydreams stick a block in the middle and bolt two boards with a bus together for m-atx form
02:39 crtdaydreams vex: white or black
02:40 vex black obvo, if orange isn' an oftion
02:40 vex option
02:41 vex I think we're gonna need more coin
02:43 vex i think i've got a ryzen 5 and 64 gigs, just need a mobo
02:46 crtdaydreams oh lol, why'd ya not say sooner
02:47 crtdaydreams need to know specs for ryzen 5 && ram
02:47 vex i pulled the stickers off and it won't boot. i forget
02:48 vex ok, say money is no object and spec me out at machine
02:49 vex how much memory can i run on an i7 for instance?
02:52 crtdaydreams vex: that specsheet i mentioned is nomore
02:52 crtdaydreams lost to bitrot
02:52 vex perhaps I should bin the ram. if i recall its 2666
02:53 crtdaydreams woulda sent you that specsheet, I don't really have any more time to throw at it
02:53 vex nevermind, i'll throw some cycles at it
02:53 crtdaydreams righto, lemme know how it goes will ya
02:53 crtdaydreams gotta head o/
02:54 vex will do
02:55 vex verisimilitude, have you ever lined up at the chinese computer shop for a battle of wits?
02:56 verisimilitude No.
02:56 vex buy online?
02:56 verisimilitude I do, rarely.
03:04 vex do you smoke weed verisimilitude ?
03:08 vex me niether
03:11 vex can you imagine getting corralled liek this. you'd need uncle vex
03:11 dulapbot Logged on 2022-05-01 19:26:11 thimbronion: not actually spandrell but lol
03:16 verisimilitude No.
03:16 vex or uncle adlai; he's been to the drunk tank once or twice
03:17 verisimilitude I prefer sobriety at all times, lest I do something foolish.
03:18 vex a nobel endeavour in my book
03:21 vex you'll never fight 4 cops
03:25 vex you might get locked in a nuthouse forever tho; consider measured violence
03:28 verisimilitude Okay.
03:29 vex don't listen to me
03:30 vex do get a speedball tho
03:31 vex it's good work
03:32 vex and the muscle moemory will bang a guy onn the nose so you can escape
03:37 vex life is hard, dont be a victim
03:40 vex accidental caps
03:43 vex BingoBoingo, proof of life pls
03:44 vex it's been too long.
03:45 vex the sadness when you're getting off the bottle
03:46 vex i hope he's not hanging from the rafters
03:47 vex check the topic BingoBoingo
03:49 vex
03:49 * asciilifeform tuned in but still hands full atm
03:49 dulapbot Logged on 2022-04-29 10:52:26 asciilifeform: up to neck in commercial liquishit, will surface in day or 2
03:50 vex soz alfie
03:51 verisimilitude Explain ``soz''.
03:51 vex new speak for sorry
03:51 vex sorry not sorry
03:54 vex tv here is playing the fifth element 5 times on the fifth of may
03:54 vex 5 times in a row from midday
03:55 vex I'm hoping BingoBoingo is spooked by the war, still alive
03:56 vex I'm spooked too
~ 20 minutes ~
04:17 vex
~ 22 minutes ~
04:39 vex
~ 25 minutes ~
05:05 vex chicks don't know about the sambo
05:06 vex police chief gets a liverpool nod
~ 28 minutes ~
05:35 vex big bada boom in the cab
~ 11 hours 53 minutes ~
17:28 * signpost still enjoying the crush-porn in the markets.
17:30 signpost greatest comedy so far is the only thing performing well in the "portfolio" is my pressed-shitboard house, but I'm sure that'll catch... down, before long.
17:31 signpost volatility bet's doing marginally ok.
~ 59 minutes ~
18:31 thimbronion my shack keeps going up too
~ 27 minutes ~
18:58 * signpost happy to let folks fleeing san francisco buy me acreage in NH.
19:00 signpost austin might be held up by the immigration, who knows.
19:00 signpost in a depression san francisco's only going to get more dangerous.
~ 31 minutes ~
19:32 asciilifeform signpost: hm wai would that be ?
~ 40 minutes ~
20:13 signpost asciilifeform: mega-tech has been relocating to austin for the last few years.
20:13 signpost by immigration I mean of derps fleeing californistan
~ 58 minutes ~
21:11 verisimilitude I just came across something interesting.
21:12 verisimilitude I've now seen someone mention a rumor: Chinese lockdowns may have nothing to do with any virus, but to hide dire food shortages instead.
21:18 verisimilitude On the topic of China, I saw a Chinese food chain I'll reproduce here.
21:19 verisimilitude rat -> bird -> cat -> dog; rat, bird, cat, dog, bat -> Chinaman; Chinaman -> escalator
21:19 verisimilitude From this, we can conclude the escalator is the apex predator of this food chain.
~ 20 minutes ~
21:40 verisimilitude For some reason, eshell ate an asterisk I gave it; while I knew I'd typed it, C-h l solidified my certainty beyond any doubt.
21:40 verisimilitude Every program should have something akin to C-h l.
~ 23 minutes ~
22:04 * signpost could 100% believe that the other soviet empires are doing as poorly as this one.
22:04 signpost what else do adjacent failing empires do but go to war?
22:04 verisimilitude They write novels, right?
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