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02:08 lobbes so right now, the only irc server I seem to be able to connect my server irssi to is dulapnet. 'chat.freenode' outright refuses connection; weird
02:09 lobbes anyways, I gotta knock some other things out, but I'll get my bots back online sometime in the next two days (logbot and auctionbot)
02:16 asciilifeform welcome, lobbes !
~ 1 hours 47 minutes ~
04:03 asciilifeform meanwhile, in kicked wasp nests. (snapshot)
~ 9 hours 27 minutes ~
13:31 asciilifeform !w poll
13:31 watchglass Polling 16 nodes...
13:31 watchglass : Could not connect!
13:31 watchglass : Could not connect!
13:31 watchglass : ( Alive: (0.081s) V=99999 (/ Jumpers=0x1 (TRB-Compat.) Blocks=687942
13:31 watchglass : Alive: (0.087s) V=99999 (/ Jumpers=0x1 (TRB-Compat.) Blocks=687942
13:31 watchglass : ( Alive: (0.107s) V=99999 (/ Jumpers=0x1 (TRB-Compat.) Blocks=687942 (Operator: asciilifeform)
13:31 watchglass : Alive: (0.094s) V=99999 (/ Jumpers=0x1 (TRB-Compat.) Return Addr= Blocks=687942 (Operator: whaack)
13:31 watchglass : ( Alive: (0.144s) V=70001 (/ Jumpers=0x1 (TRB-Compat.) Blocks=687942
13:31 watchglass : ( Alive: (0.173s) V=99999 (/ Jumpers=0x1 (TRB-Compat.) Blocks=687942
13:31 watchglass : Alive: (0.
13:31 watchglass : Alive: (0.213s) V=70001 (/ Jumpers=0x1 (TRB-Compat.) Blocks=687942
13:31 watchglass : ( Alive: (0.337s) V=99999 (/ Jumpers=0x1 (TRB-Compat.) Blocks=412055 (Operator: jurov)
13:31 watchglass : ( Alive: (0.326s) V=88888 (/ Jumpers=0x1 (TRB-Compat.) Blocks=687942
13:31 watchglass : Alive: (0.299s) V=70001 (/ Jumpers=0x1 (TRB-Compat.) Blocks=687942
13:31 watchglass : Alive: (0.336s) V=99999 (/ Jumpers=0x1 (TRB-Compat.) Blocks=687942
13:31 watchglass : ( Alive: (0.349s) V=99999 (/ Jumpers=0x1 (TRB-Compat.) Blocks=687942
13:31 watchglass : ( Alive: (0.544s) V=99999 (/ Jumpers=0x1 (TRB-Compat.) Blocks=687942
13:32 * asciilifeform will be moving watchglass to dulapnet in near future.
~ 50 minutes ~
14:22 signpost ohey, it used my old nick. I think I'll keep it that way.
14:23 signpost asciilifeform: lmk if/when you want deedbot to join here
~ 16 minutes ~
14:40 asciilifeform signpost: when you get a chance, hook it up plz. lemme know if needs special handling on my end.
14:42 * asciilifeform pictures that we'll at least need a unique login for it, otherwise 'screen door in submarine'
14:43 asciilifeform (alternatively, hardcoded ip as a temp. measure)
14:51 asciilifeform on second thought! errything i just said, is entirely wrong algo. there is no need for it :
14:51 asciilifeform ... every bot should connect strictly to owner's relay, via localhost.
14:52 asciilifeform this eliminates any need for magical auth for bots themselves.
14:52 asciilifeform let's not build the centralized hell of fleanode again. centralization sucks, no matter who's doing it.
14:53 asciilifeform individual people operate relays; peer by mutual agreement; like in '89.
~ 31 minutes ~
15:25 asciilifeform soo, signpost, let's get a 2nd relay in this net (yours) and then plug deedbot into ~that~ plz. (similarly to how i plugged dulapbot in here)
15:26 asciilifeform this will solve a number of problems, incl. syncing loggers (the netsplit handler will do it automagically)
15:28 asciilifeform signpost: for this pilot box i used this irctron. if you know of a cleaner one, we can switch to that; otherwise as i understand all relays will have to live with this one.
15:30 billymg i still haven't figured out how to maintain two connections in my znc
15:30 asciilifeform signpost: item may be in fact catastrophically buggy in known and unknown ways. so open to suggestions for replacement.
15:30 billymg for now i just connected direct as a sanity check to make sure i had the pw right
15:30 asciilifeform billymg: wb. i haven't tried znc yet with this
15:30 billymg two networks* in znc
15:30 asciilifeform billymg: consider to post detail when you get it going
15:31 billymg asciilifeform: ah ok
15:31 billymg if anyone else managed to get znc working please let me know the proper hoops to jump through
15:32 billymg supposedly possible to have multiple networks in a single znc instance
15:33 billymg also possible to have multiple znc users, i haven't tried this route yet but may do that next
15:42 thestringpuller lol Mark Cuban is now fuel for the chumpatron
15:44 asciilifeform thestringpuller: link goes before title
15:44 shinohai I'm loving he got rug pulled
15:45 shinohai (now is crying "moar regulations!" this morning)
15:46 thestringpuller buddy of mine who made a bit of money on eth pump and dump, was trynna convince me "yo just put your btc in yield farming". um no thanks, i think i'll just have it sit in this safe for a few more years.
15:59 shinohai <<< lulzy read, proud to mention he worked for "coinapult" the multisig wallet with shitcoin integration tucked within.
15:59 snsabot Logged on 2021-06-17 00:03:43 asciilifeform: meanwhile, in kicked wasp nests. (snapshot)
15:59 shinohai Can't wait to see what bits of that wind up in future jfw wallet release.
~ 17 minutes ~
16:16 asciilifeform shinohai: recall, for no less a spamfigure than vorhees.
16:18 shinohai Voorhees outright scammer that blows the SEC, as far as I'm concerned.
16:19 asciilifeform iirc in fact professional spammer, a la nigeria, in the end.
16:20 asciilifeform 'we thought we hit bottom, then heard a knock from below'
16:24 shinohai He started a twitter-spam-as-a-service site, sold shares on GLBSE, then closed shop when sec came knockin'.
16:24 shinohai (not to mention "satoshi dice" spam on the blockchain)
~ 17 minutes ~
16:42 thestringpuller Dice games are profitable tho. jdice allowed for outside investment but feds came and forced dooglus to shut it down.
16:42 thestringpuller just dice or whatever it was called
~ 34 minutes ~
17:16 asciilifeform thestringpuller: collectively profitable; individually rounds to zero.
17:16 snsabot Logged on 2021-06-10 19:58:56 asciilifeform: does anyone even know which of the 1e8 clones of sdice is 'king' atm ? or why ?
17:17 asciilifeform sorta why sdice folded as soon as the other php monkeys mustered the $smallint consecutive days of sobriety required to write reasonable clones of it.
17:19 asciilifeform btw thestringpuller , if you haven't read the log, i'ma move outta fleanode in not too long.
17:19 snsabot Logged on 2021-06-15 22:10:18 asciilifeform: i'ma leave this going for nao, ought to suffice for keeping the flame going. will sit in also in fleanode, of course, until the latter is entirely dead.
~ 17 minutes ~
17:36 asciilifeform it's rather funny, thestringpuller , asciilifeform didn't give a flying fuck about mark cubans, their shitcoins, vorheeses, their scamologies, in '11, and still 'for some reason' can't muster a fuck to give about'em
17:37 asciilifeform the principal sin of these folx isn't even swindling (swindles can be interesting) but ~tedium~. they're tedious and unimaginative.
17:39 shinohai But using Ethereum shrimp farming nodes to ddos the network and liberate the BTC within is SO MUCH FUN.
17:39 asciilifeform the promise is always ~exactly the same -- 'money for nuffin' -- and the result also same.
17:39 asciilifeform shinohai: what's a 'shrimp' in this context ?
17:41 shinohai asciilifeform: ( see also: )
17:42 asciilifeform lol, they still do the faucets thing?!
17:43 shinohai This was the early form of "defi farming" but the geth client allowed anyone to run whatever the fuck rpc call they wanted remotely, could easily empty the wallet into your own.
17:43 asciilifeform ... on 2nd reading, seems more similar to the auto-pyramid thing shinohai linked a while ago
17:44 asciilifeform shinohai: they never invented password or anyffin of the kind?
17:44 shinohai Only after it it was discovered "Hey maybe we shouldn't use default configs on this stuff!"
17:45 * asciilifeform still strongly suspects that the ev of picking up coins at train stations is higher than of any dealings with the described public
17:45 shinohai PASSWORD=hunter2
17:47 asciilifeform shinohai: 1 of the reasons why scammers of this type are an 'attractive nuisance' is that folx come to believe -- quite mistakenly -- that e.g. 'next time i!!! might be the one to pick up that $mil as the thief drops it on its way out of a chump's pocket'.
17:47 asciilifeform this is how most spammers, for instance, were created.
17:47 asciilifeform (they heard that someone, somewhere, 'friend of friend', made profit from spamming)
17:47 shinohai I'd say 95% of the Indian economy based off above
17:48 asciilifeform whereas in reality, 10 times outta 10, it won't be ~you~ , 3rd party, who picks up anyffin, but the fella who organized the theft, he will be in the correct time and place. to believe otherwise is rather like to try to live off the spurts of blood from the necks of vampire victims post-bite.
17:49 asciilifeform shinohai: based on ~the belief~, aha
17:49 asciilifeform but not on the reality. at one time asciilifeform pwned a group of ro spammers/malware artists. their net take in ~2y of working round the clock, was around u.s. 600 $.
17:50 asciilifeform it was difficult not to feel sorry for these people.
17:50 shinohai You have more empathy than I.
17:51 asciilifeform dunno, i'd feel at least a little for even a pickpocket if somehow every pocket he ever picked had only lint
17:53 shinohai At some point, do these folx see the -ev in what they are doing and ever think "Maybe I should look into something *else*" ?
17:53 shinohai Or is this just how human evolution worx.
17:53 asciilifeform 'properly socialized' (as they like to call themselves) people live under a cruel curse, they mindlessly play back taped behaviours copied from one another (and handed down from 'above') and then wonder why 'live under a curse', 'so much effort but achieve 0'
17:54 asciilifeform the criminals (for broadest possible def. of the word) aren't exempt somehow, are not nietzschean supermen as e.g. mp would have you think; they simply copied and play different tapes.
~ 1 hours ~
18:55 asciilifeform !q uptime
18:55 snsabot asciilifeform: time since my last reconnect : 1d 8h 28m
18:55 asciilifeform !q uptime
18:55 dulapbot asciilifeform: time since my last reconnect : 1d 15h 52m
18:57 PeterL asciilifeform: what was the longest it has been connected on FreeNode?
18:58 asciilifeform PeterL: dulapbot aint on fleanode. the old bot on various occasions sat for coupla months
18:58 shinohai $uptime
18:58 busybot The bot has been up for: 1 days 19 hours 5 minutes and 17 seconds
18:59 asciilifeform btw for folx who don't intend to inhabit heathen irc nets -- instead of znc, would do far better to run a dulapnet relay. you get same functionality, plus a place to plug in own bots, proper syncing, etc
19:00 PeterL how big of a computer would running a relay require?
19:00 asciilifeform PeterL: almost arbitrarily small box suffices -- considering the # of expected users
19:00 asciilifeform need static ip tho.
19:02 asciilifeform (and reasonably stable connection, naturally)
19:04 verisimilitude I could, but would rather not. This is one protocol I still don't run a server for, and I'd rather stay that way.
19:04 * asciilifeform aims to persuade all the folx he regularly speaks to in #a to set up relays. that way never again anyone has to give a fuck about 'ohnoez, fleanode sux', 'moderators fascists', etc
19:04 asciilifeform verisimilitude: why, outta curiosity ? irc is ultra-cheap re cpu, disk, bw vs just about anything else
19:07 verisimilitude I already run HTTP, Gophher, SMTP, and help with other venues.
19:08 * asciilifeform has wider political aims, here as elsewhere -- to show folx, even 'seen through a keyhole', what decentralization looks like -- in contrast to the typical 'star-topology' systems peddled by dependence-culturing sociopaths
19:08 verisimilitude IRC, and most such protocols, are more pleasant when the server is the issue of another.
19:09 asciilifeform verisimilitude: seems like you already understand the cost of having yer http served by 3rd parties, tho
19:09 asciilifeform w/ irc -- similar, in spades.
19:10 verisimilitude Sure.
19:11 verisimilitude I already have a channel for myself on another network, which I help run, but don't handle the server itself.
19:11 asciilifeform verisimilitude: this, as you can observe with naked eye now, worx -- until it doesn't.
19:12 asciilifeform if you're content to be a plaything of the wind, and to be blown here and there as it changes -- who am i to argue.
19:13 verisimilitude I don't even like IRC.
19:13 asciilifeform verisimilitude: then why here??
19:15 verisimilitude I like discussing things with some here.
19:15 verisimilitude That doesn't mean I like the protocol.
19:15 asciilifeform verisimilitude: just about all the folx here have www comments, etc. otherwise contactable other than by irc. so if verisimilitude is here, must prefer sumthing about ircism ? or what am i missing?
19:16 asciilifeform verisimilitude: what do you dislike about the protocol?
19:16 * signpost hates, also, the protocol, but hasn't a replacement yet
19:16 * asciilifeform suspects that no one ~likes~ , as such , the protocol. but it is ~simple~ and so lives on.
19:16 signpost at least this situation of peered servers among WoT is better than freenode
19:17 asciilifeform really folx oughta have returned (it's the historic shape of irc) to this loong ago.
19:17 signpost << this sounds great
19:17 dulapbot Logged on 2021-06-17 11:25:13 asciilifeform: soo, signpost, let's get a 2nd relay in this net (yours) and then plug deedbot into ~that~ plz. (similarly to how i plugged dulapbot in here)
19:17 asciilifeform but erryone somehow always has sumthing more interesting to do..
19:17 verisimilitude It's closer to real-time.
19:18 signpost << I haven't developed a preference among these, so this one's fine by me.
19:18 dulapbot Logged on 2021-06-17 11:28:20 asciilifeform: signpost: for this pilot box i used this irctron. if you know of a cleaner one, we can switch to that; otherwise as i understand all relays will have to live with this one.
19:18 asciilifeform signpost: aapparently the 4.x that actually builds on gentoo, all are remotely crashable via the (non-disableable) sslism. which is ugh.
19:19 signpost lemme see what I put on the deedbot server as an experiment at some point
19:19 asciilifeform pretty gnarly setup, too, the file permissions are wildly wrong outta the box, had to fix manuall..
19:19 signpost ircd-ratbox
19:19 signpost I don't recall whether I liked it, seemed to work
19:20 asciilifeform signpost: didja experiment with multi-serverism w/ that one ?
19:22 asciilifeform typically this is the trickiest bit (and where most of the subtle bombs lie)
19:23 signpost nah didn't try that yet
19:24 asciilifeform signpost: if you can spare the cycles, do me favour : link up two own boxen w/ that irctron. then we can swap out this 1 (i'd like to keep 1 warm at all times if possible.)
19:24 * asciilifeform suspects that if 'ratbox' built on signpost's box, will likely build on asciilifeform's w/out coughing
~ 28 minutes ~
19:53 signpost sure, will let ya know when I've tried that out
19:53 signpost can either this evening or tomorrow evening
19:56 asciilifeform signpost: a++ !
~ 45 minutes ~
20:41 verisimilitude Freenode disconnected me, earlier.
20:42 verisimilitude Are we still bothering to reconnect?
20:44 asciilifeform verisimilitude: i'm still sitting there, to stay in touch with the several folk who haven't moved here. i expect that after we get an actual net (vs. '1 box w/ hardcoded pw' barrel organ) going, will check outta fleanode permanently.
20:45 asciilifeform snsabot is also there, sitting in the various chans where folx requested it, incl. mine, and logging in parallel.
20:45 dulapbot Logged on 2021-06-16 13:40:57 asciilifeform: Aerthean: welcome. please keep in mind that the only bridge b/w dulapnet and fleanode is my log www; messages spoken here will appear in the latter but not in fleanode.
20:45 asciilifeform watchglass is for the time being also there.
20:45 asciilifeform verisimilitude: 1 of the uses of #a is for asciilifeform to inform isp subscribers re outages; which i still cannot do if the sole relay lives in my own rack.
20:47 asciilifeform another use is to receive guests via asciilifeform's www. and i still don't have a means for doing this here; while the fleanode webirc thing sorta worx (for nao.. who knows for how long)
20:47 verisimilitude Letting the informing node itself go down is good enough for large corporations.
20:48 asciilifeform verisimilitude: i aint running 1 of those, tho, lol
20:48 verisimilitude I'm joking about low standards.
20:49 asciilifeform verisimilitude: when undiscerning clientele -- sadly only half-joke, folx accept idiocy that their grandfathers would have never conceived of as 'business as usual'
20:50 asciilifeform for instance, asciilifeform recently made a 5fig $ purchase via www, and it silently unhappened; call to vendor revealed 'oops, db glitch, these happen all the time now'
20:51 verisimilitude What's also disconcerting is when a man realizes his grandfather is just repeating old memes without knowing this.
20:51 asciilifeform verisimilitude: see also.
20:51 dulapbot Logged on 2021-06-17 13:53:14 asciilifeform: 'properly socialized' (as they like to call themselves) people live under a cruel curse, they mindlessly play back taped behaviours copied from one another (and handed down from 'above') and then wonder why 'live under a curse', 'so much effort but achieve 0'
20:51 verisimilitude Yes.
20:51 verisimilitude I prefer to think my tape is custom.
20:52 asciilifeform verisimilitude: only way to find out is to see whether result of the tape is also custom.
20:52 asciilifeform typically takes a while tho.
20:53 verisimilitude The deeply unusual have the benefit of seeing the oddities of normal people, at least in some cases.
20:54 asciilifeform oddity imho aint the word here; see also.
20:56 asciilifeform and see also, algo, fits in 1 line, for 'custom', for those to whom not clear.
20:57 verisimilitude The end of line 232 has an improper </p> tag.
20:57 asciilifeform where the hell even is ln 232.
20:57 verisimilitude This is the HTML.
20:58 asciilifeform 1 day, after the war, i'ma fix, lol
20:58 asciilifeform ... or not. life is short, verisimilitude .
21:00 verisimilitude Life is too short for good things and too long for bad things.
21:00 asciilifeform verisimilitude: i recall, you recently said, aha
21:00 dulapbot Logged on 2021-06-08 16:09:13 verisimilitude: I was told ``Life is too short to hate.''; I responded ``It's too long not too.''.
21:01 verisimilitude Yes.
21:06 * asciilifeform will bbl.
~ 50 minutes ~
21:56 thimbronion I will set up an ircd. May take a bit of time.
22:05 signpost life is certainly too short for html validity autism
22:11 thimbronion As I mentioned on fleanode, I will stand up an ircd.
22:15 signpost asciilifeform: just built an ircd-ratbox 3.0.10 on standard-issue dulap, no problems
22:15 signpost will let y'all know later how peering more than one together goes
22:18 * signpost went to this one because efnet apparently uses, btw
22:23 asciilifeform signpost: a++ !
22:24 signpost needed no special deps btw
22:24 asciilifeform thimbronion: btw you don't need to repeat, necessarily, lines, log readers will see items said in either
22:25 asciilifeform signpost: pretty surprising, tbh erry irctron i came across was either a massive deps hog or barebones to the point of 'i could write this in a day, but it won't even peer b/w machines..'
22:26 asciilifeform ( among the latter, best i found was this item, a looong while back. it actually runs. missing a great many pieces, tho)
22:29 signpost yep, that stood out to me, and also that it's been used to run an "adult" net
22:31 asciilifeform signpost: 'unrealircd' was supposedly popular, i remembered it from earlier times, but actually setting it up was a 1st class bitch, and it seems to force sslism in 'over 9000' places, and overall maximally byzantine config
22:31 asciilifeform ^ the item we're presently talking into
22:34 asciilifeform thimbronion: (if you did not already know) -- in practice, to make a net, seems to require errybody to use same breed of ircd.
22:35 thimbronion asciilifeform: didn't know, but was just going to used what y'all were going to use anyway.
22:36 asciilifeform thimbronion: this q is still up in the air. i picked moar or less at random for the pilot box, simply to have where to continue conversation when fleanode finally gives up the ghost for good.
22:36 asciilifeform e.g. the discussion w/ signpost re 'which ircd' would , i expect, be considerably more time-consuming over www comments.
22:38 asciilifeform observe, folx, that no one had to retreat to 'platforms', or libertardera, etc.
22:39 asciilifeform didn't skip a beat, because in fact using the net as if yr were 1989 'isn't actually rocket surgery', it is still entirely doable.
22:40 signpost doable and far more pleasant.
22:40 thimbronion Oh wat? You're not moving to Slack?
22:41 asciilifeform thimbronion: lulzy that you mention it, i have commercial clients who live in it. thing eats coupla GB!!
22:42 thimbronion Hard to get away from it.
22:42 asciilifeform at one co., chairman in fact threatens to resurrect irc.
22:43 asciilifeform 'was good enuff in 1995 to do 100% of biz in' etc
22:44 signpost blows my mind the so-called valuable trade secrets / security credentials / etc that people hand to slack et al willingly
22:44 asciilifeform signpost: to google, to microshit, it's rather like the old fiction with the catholic confession
22:44 asciilifeform 'they wouldn't, would they' etc
22:46 asciilifeform ( spoiler : when $bits are connected w/ 9-10fig$ operation -- they 'would' and in fact do )
22:47 thimbronion Their apps run on amzn so why not?
22:47 signpost see also : what traffic cone?
22:47 asciilifeform apparently even usg.cia on lulazon nao. (tho afaik notyet on same iron as commoners)
22:48 asciilifeform in '17 was epic wank re whether microshit or lulazon would get the contract.
22:50 asciilifeform in re security of a ~public~ chat, however, asciilifeform's pov is that it ought to suffice to keep outsiders from actually obstructing the net, but no more.
22:50 dulapbot Logged on 2021-06-16 10:23:16 asciilifeform: the authenticity and privacy 'promises' of whatever irc net are an illusion, and what better way to remind people of it than by replacing all auth with a toy lock w/ plastic key.
22:50 asciilifeform for actual crypto/authentication, one oughta be using external softs.
22:51 asciilifeform and aside from this, errything oughta be sufficiently loose as to remind people at all times that they are doing the equiv. of shouting between ships in the open sea.
22:51 asciilifeform anyone could be anyone else, and any message can be heard by absolutely anyone, incl. at any point in future.
22:52 signpost yep, IRC's a public commons, nothing private about it, and "channels" are so much masking tape boxes on the floor
22:53 asciilifeform see also how this was done in the old days.
22:54 asciilifeform ( we had e.g. this . same thing. )
23:02 asciilifeform ... in related photolulz.
23:06 asciilifeform << btw i was wundering whether even makes sense to have the pretense of 'channels' on dulapnet.
23:06 dulapbot Logged on 2021-06-17 18:52:15 signpost: yep, IRC's a public commons, nothing private about it, and "channels" are so much masking tape boxes on the floor
23:06 asciilifeform possibly oughta simply have #dulapnet.
23:06 asciilifeform (or similar.)
23:07 asciilifeform realistically there were never, even in heyday of mpism, enuff people simult. to justify separate doors.
23:12 asciilifeform ... i'm reminded of an ancient sovok joke, where crew of a plane gets stranded each on separate island, and the american d00d when rescued is found to have built a 'whites' and 'coloureds' mess hall on his etc
23:17 signpost lol
23:17 * signpost sees no use for separate channels
23:18 asciilifeform signpost: i can ~maybe~ picture having one for unauthed guests, and another for actual people. that's more or less it
23:24 * asciilifeform bbl.
23:25 signpost alrighty, I've got two of these things peered, was easy
23:25 signpost will clean up configs tomorrow and share here
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