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14:08 unpx jonsykkel: I found this very interesting
14:13 unpx related: gist: History of APL, J, K, BQN. K has 9 variants. K5 later became Q, sold for 53 millions cuz trasactions goes brr and they can query their db faster. 50KB of binary. yikes
14:13 unpx I hope I'll have time to explore different ways to compute from the classic desk calculator
14:15 asciilifeform unpx: asciilifeform seen 'j' prior, found interesting (but never fired in anger, to date) ; not seen this impl. before, loox interestingly compact, will read
14:16 unpx Here they fixed On Lisp pictures:
14:16 asciilifeform unpx: at 1 time we had an apl aficionado here; if yer deeply into the subj, may want to write to him
14:17 unpx For K see also
14:17 * asciilifeform had nfi 'on lisp' was outta print again
14:18 * asciilifeform fwiw has the 1st ed., bought in flea market when was an undergrad
14:18 unpx asciilifeform I think verisimilitudes is writing his own pest client
14:19 asciilifeform iirc he did once say he was attempting it
14:19 * unpx currently in an internship writing Android applications for payments -- mostly bored
14:22 * asciilifeform on a lengthy (possibly permanent..) sabbatical from commercial worx; presently trying to catch up on maffs reading; aims to resume various long-neglected projs in coming months
14:25 awt_akris congrats asciilifeform
14:25 asciilifeform awt_akris: arguably too early for congrats, but ty
14:26 asciilifeform atm still in 'detox' from 3+y of abject salt mine hell
~ 3 hours 54 minutes ~
18:20 jonsykkel impresting unpx
18:20 jonsykkel to bad the src is 100%unreadabl
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