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00:39 awt_akris << Would like to add that I DO understand that pentacle solves this problem. Still working on getting pentacle to work on my system. Hopefully the solution will be helpful to others.
00:39 bitbot Logged on 2023-07-02 21:37:10 awt_akris[awt]: The difficulty with Diana's version is that ADA keccac is a pita to produce.
00:45 awt_akris << am planning on this.
00:45 bitbot Logged on 2023-07-02 12:22:43 signpost: to put a finer point on it, if awt wants to package his thing for normies, I'd build a static bin of it, and sign that. nobody's going to be enrolled in the religion that doesn't already have the inclination. and probably no one that happens to use it will check the signature.
00:54 awt_akris Also want to add that phf's unicode fuzzing, multipart message spamming, as well as sharing of his own experiments has been very helpful in spurring me to continue iterating on my pest station.
~ 9 hours 48 minutes ~
10:43 billymg << not commercial works, but since around feb/march have been buried in a renovations project. saving money by working directly with a crew instead of a flashy contracting company but it means i'm overseeing everything to make sure it's done correctly. even learned how to use
10:43 bitbot Logged on 2023-07-02 16:05:02 asciilifeform[4]: ( 6? billymg also emerges , but iirc is buried similarly to asciilifeform in commercial shite )
10:44 asciilifeform wb billymg
10:45 billymg ty asciilifeform
10:46 billymg and ty for the praise re logger, though it's really just a modification on top of your work. i also still owe some patches on that for the pg full-text search functionality, i think that's all that's missing from my tree
10:49 * asciilifeform was ftr taking off hat to the folx who in past yr managed to publish sumthing interesting, even in the midst of building houses, growing children, etc. -- vs. asciilifeform who not finished anyffin interesting in rather long time
10:49 billymg << imo a big opportunity, considering the darkening has been accelerating to the point where even normies are noticing (twitter restrictions, subreddit shutdowns, etc.)
10:49 bitbot Logged on 2023-07-02 12:23:29 signpost: oughta make the thing into distributed telegram.
10:49 bitbot Logged on 2023-07-02 16:19:53 signpost: the darkening is going to get worse.
11:03 billymg the rest of the above message that got cut off in the logger: ...even learned how to use blender for creating the designs
11:04 billymg which btw has been pretty fun, a lot carries over from 2d UI design actually, both in using the 3d application's interface, and in the principles applied to what you're doing
~ 2 hours 37 minutes ~
13:41 signpost by way of zerohedge, but skipped to the meat:
13:42 signpost 37% of non-financial companies are nearing default on their loans.
13:42 signpost splatsville as far as the eye can see.
13:43 asciilifeform signpost: did their brrprinter run outta paper or wat
13:43 awt_akris printer <-> vacuum
13:44 asciilifeform awt_akris: elaborate?
13:44 awt_akris Money supply is decreasing
13:45 asciilifeform sooo they'll increase ( as recently with the splat banks ) neh
13:45 * signpost wont even hypothesize about cause(s) because the stats are all lies.
13:45 signpost but yes, would think this means stimmies inbound galore
13:46 signpost splat first, like during covid, then massive liquidity dump so the regime banks can eat.
13:46 awt_akris Good time to be rich. With about 4 mil you can get like 200k/year for free.
13:47 asciilifeform while that still buys sumthing
13:48 awt_akris !!ticker btc usd
13:48 deedbot $31,007
13:49 asciilifeform ( in asciilifeform's pov, 'rich' is when you own actual physical 'means of production'(tm) in multiple jurisdictions, to the point where you dun give any measurable fuck re printing presses etc )
13:50 awt_akris my definition is sleep ad libitum.
13:50 asciilifeform many hobos 'sleep ad libitum' neh
13:50 asciilifeform ( is what they usually seem to be doing when asciilifeform encounters them )
13:51 awt_akris Subjective I guess. I couldn't sleep well on a tent on the sidewalk.
13:51 asciilifeform appears to be a learnable skill
13:54 signpost tbh I did a 1.5yr hiatus, slept, partied, fucked wife, was merry.
13:54 signpost it's fun; but can do some of that in parallel with works.
13:54 awt_akris I am incapable of not working on something
13:55 asciilifeform fair point re subjective/psychological tho. asciilifeform for instance would only 'feel rich' if 1) not had to work 2) not need to reduce consumption to maintain (1) 3) 'chance of again having to work' were <= 'chance of flattened by asteroid'
13:55 awt_akris So I guess I would adjust my definition to "and also be able do do works"
13:55 asciilifeform ( work for dough, that is )
13:56 signpost yeah, right now I'm hedging the total blackrock-ification of corn with fiat works.
14:02 awt_akris Gotta keep in mind that as you age, you'll likely have health problems. So get some fun in while your health is still good. Of course many take this to mean you should work your ass off *until* health problems.
~ 25 minutes ~
14:27 * asciilifeform recalls a ru crackpot (name presently escapes) who came across coupla 100k $ and his plan was 'carouse in thailand until dough runs out, then eat pistol' and he did exactly that
14:30 awt I mean that's the extreme take on it. I used to read expat autobiographies and heard about old expats offing themselves in Thailand when their money ran out.
14:34 asciilifeform arguably just about errybody does some variant of this, but simply counts on old age rather than pistol
14:35 awt Meanwhile from someone running nostr:
14:36 asciilifeform ^ link goes to eggog
14:36 asciilifeform ( paste ? )
14:39 awt hmm goes to a tweet for me. Anyway someone is paying $600/mo to run their nostr relay
14:39 asciilifeform << asciilifeform fwiw not had voluntary hiatus ( and errytime found that the ugh of looking for new work mostly destroys his ability to think )
14:39 bitbot Logged on 2023-07-03 13:54:05 signpost: tbh I did a 1.5yr hiatus, slept, partied, fucked wife, was merry.
14:40 asciilifeform awt: sumbody sumehwere is prolly paying xxx/mo for hosting prb or whatever nonsense
14:40 asciilifeform awt: iirc twatter no longer loads for folx w/out account
14:41 signpost this thing is a fake decentralized social network where volunteers are expected to foot the bill to host nodes that serve arbitrary numbers of phonefags
14:42 signpost exactly the kind of thing pest should stomp to death.
14:42 asciilifeform thread
14:42 dulapbot Logged on 2023-02-01 20:16:17 awt[asciilifeform]: Anyone had a look at nostr?
14:43 asciilifeform in particular.
14:43 dulapbot Logged on 2023-02-01 21:42:36 asciilifeform: reich will keep twatter (which apparently essential component of the edifice) alive at whatever cost; incl. aggressively peddling 'alternatives' sprayed with faux-decentralization perfume 'until sumthing sticks'
14:45 asciilifeform signpost: pestronics requires very diff psychology vs twatterism (in the latter, casual 0effort users visit allcomers watering holes) so not sure how 'stomp'
14:47 signpost yeah, that topology is the problem. but I see no problem with information propagating over a wot-topology letting me see France burn.
14:48 signpost e.g. distributed usenet has been discussed
~ 54 minutes ~
15:42 asciilifeform signpost: rright, can have anyffin you like once in the wot. but asciilifeform suspects that most of the 'ohnoez twatter censored' folx aint clearing that 'this tall to ride'
15:43 * asciilifeform also (and iirc discussed at length) notes that broadcast nets over ~100 nodes prolly not physically practical
15:44 asciilifeform no reason you can't have arbitrarily many separate ones, tho (sporadically connected to 1 anuther)
15:44 asciilifeform + folx with overlapping linkages
15:45 asciilifeform this kinda thing not fully explored yet, asciilifeform's pov is that one 1st oughta get the basics 100% right
15:48 asciilifeform orthogonally to the above tho, bitcoinism seems to have shown that the req of 'seekoorely generate and keep keys' imposes much higher 'iq cut' than anybody anticipated
15:49 asciilifeform ( resulting in most participants simply play-acting at participation, goxes and even this sorta lul )
15:49 bitbot Logged on 2023-07-03 14:39:14 awt: hmm goes to a tweet for me. Anyway someone is paying $600/mo to run their nostr relay
~ 30 minutes ~
16:19 signpost I suspect the generative AI spam problem is going to put more pressure on this, but we’ll find out.
16:32 phf signpost, you took offense, where none was meant or intended. normally we'd talk it out, but i was literally walking out when i stopped talking, and then i was in transit since then
16:32 phf 􏿽the comment was a historic perspective on why the sorry state of canonical vtools source: it was conformant with the particular tmsr perspective that was being violated even as tmsr was still around. the only judgement call there was about tar-balls of vtools specifically, particul
16:32 phf 􏿽arly by the people who ought to know better, and i had diana comman in mind. this is how it came to be that vtools doesn't have canonical source, one was supposed to pull them patch-by-patch, but in reality everyone was rolling tarballs
16:33 phf 􏿽the only reason i mentioned pentacle is because pentacle's approach is one other alternative to tarballs, and the people who are just tuning in might misunderstand the original intent. whether or not your approach is the valid one, from historic tmsr perspective, it's different, an
16:33 phf 􏿽d it does "hide" the patches from user, compared to the "carefully download patch one by one, read and sign" of the original design
16:33 phf we could further discuss if that's actually the case and the why's and the who's, but that's not to be, because i basically had a day of quite mulling over the things you said about me, and i have no interest or desire to be communicate with you any further
16:34 signpost yep we can manage that. enough said all around.
~ 46 minutes ~
17:20 asciilifeform sadly pest proto offers no way for 2 d00dz to duke it out and then drink & 'be brothers', eh. ( asciilifeform not 100% understands the conflict , but aint his biz , by all indications it aint about fine points of vtronics )
17:21 * asciilifeform not grasped it the prev 3 (?) times either
17:22 asciilifeform << this, must say, is imho 100% factual. even at 'peak tmsr' folx were not consistently 'eating the dog food'
17:22 bitbot Logged on 2023-07-03 16:32:46 phf[jonsykkel|deedbot|awt]: 􏿽the comment was a historic perspective on why the sorry state of canonical vtools source: it was conformant with the particular tmsr perspective that was being violated even as tmsr was still around. the only judgement call there was about tar-balls of vtools specifically, particul
17:24 asciilifeform << personally looking fwd to watching the allcomer derps drown in own shit
17:24 bitbot Logged on 2023-07-03 16:19:46 signpost: I suspect the generative AI spam problem is going to put more pressure on this, but we’ll find out.
17:26 asciilifeform ( they'll try to swim, via sumthing like this, but in the end ~will~ drown )
17:29 asciilifeform ( concretely )
~ 16 minutes ~
17:46 signpost yeah, in practice a derp uses maybe 5 websites, and those via app-wrapper, so this part exists. don't need orwell's force when huxley's pulling your dick.
17:46 signpost musk has explicitly stated "copy weechat" in terms of twatter aspiration.
17:46 signpost *wechat
17:47 signpost probably the "5 websites" all end up verifying the equiv of govt ID. his paid tier already does that.
~ 55 minutes ~
18:43 asciilifeform mtgox also 'verified id' lel
18:43 asciilifeform signpost: their latest orwellism seems to be this
18:44 asciilifeform ( recall... slavecoin ! )
18:44 dulapbot (trilema) 2013-09-14 asciilifeform: damn it all, i'm still waiting for SlaveCoin.
18:56 signpost takes a san francisco mentality to not immediately go to eye gouging with this.
18:57 asciilifeform signpost: gouged eye generally not worx with eye lock (demands pulse) hence popularity of eye locks in usg hells etc
18:57 signpost ah
18:57 asciilifeform simpler to capture & crack the lock, which reportedly actually contains privkey
18:57 asciilifeform ( in most contexts where 'retina lock' is used, this is tricky on acct of 2 d00dz with rifles standing next to subj )
18:58 asciilifeform but here seems to be precisely the ticket (if anybody could be arsed)
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