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08:54 billymg << i have the black one with 24gb of ram. it's a great machine, can actually use on your lap without burning your legs
08:54 bitbot Logged on 2022-11-23 13:32:55 asciilifeform[5]: phf: moar re new crapples : on 'm2' fanless lappy, built ffa, and this benchmark ran in 1min 41s.
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10:39 asciilifeform billymg: so happens is same box asciilifeform bought (24G ram , 1TB disk)
10:40 asciilifeform complete with the black paint (that possibly flakes off), is what they had in stock lol
~ 32 minutes ~
11:12 billymg ha, yup, exact same specs
11:14 billymg like they did with the m1 they'll eventually have the 'max' and 'ultra' (moar cores) versions out soon
11:14 billymg soon more so than eventually i think
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11:42 asciilifeform billymg: moar cores, eat moar battery, tho
11:42 asciilifeform so prolly not for the micro fanless lappy. but whoknows.
11:43 billymg asciilifeform: yeah, meant for the larger laptops and even desktops
11:43 asciilifeform iirc they already sell a 2-cpu desktop variant
11:43 asciilifeform brick-shaped thing
11:43 billymg possibly this one?
11:44 billymg with the M1
11:44 asciilifeform aha that
11:44 billymg yeah, will switch over to M2 soon enough
11:44 * asciilifeform would even buy it and try e.g. bsd on it, if the thing ate standard ssd
11:45 asciilifeform (as it is, reportedly has proprietary disk, socketed but boobytrapped to work only with given machine, i.e. not replaceable)
11:45 billymg supposedly even their configurable-to-cost-of-new-BMW mac pro will switch over to the M2 next year (currently still intel xeon)
11:46 asciilifeform 'cheese grater'(tm) aha
11:46 asciilifeform afaik that's their 1 remaining box that takes standard parts
11:46 asciilifeform (but imho uninteresting, who wants xeon knows where to get it without 'new bmw')
11:49 asciilifeform non-replaceable ssd's on multi-$k 'pro' machines are a mega-lol imho.
11:50 asciilifeform sorta like hypothetical 'bmw' where can't change tyres.
11:50 asciilifeform got a flat? 'dun worry, it's recyclable, get 5% off new bmw when you send back the scrap heap'
11:52 billymg yeah, i think the cheese grater mac pro is really their last machine where you can drop in your own sticks of ram, m.2 ssds, maybe even GPUs
11:52 billymg sad about the 'pro' laptops losing swappable m.2 ssds
11:53 billymg was fairly recently that that happened
11:53 asciilifeform with laptops at least excuse where 'most lusers smash the lcd before disk has chance to wear through'
11:53 billymg asciilifeform: unless they make the mistake of not upgrading the ram config and the thing swaps to disk 24/7
11:54 asciilifeform or that.
11:55 asciilifeform in 'good ol' days' of slow mech disks, at least would immediately notice if yer swapping
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13:47 asciilifeform $ticker btc usd
13:47 busybot Current BTC price in USD: $16542.33
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14:04 billymg speaking of btc price suppression, the criminal behind ftx not only not in handcuffs, but in fact speaking at some nytimes 'dealbook summit'
14:06 billymg only adding for the log record, not because it's any surprise
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15:06 asciilifeform lol
15:06 asciilifeform karpeles iirc also walking around as if were a normal human
15:07 asciilifeform (to prolly nobody's surprise. they're both working for the reich and did a++ work)
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18:03 shinohai oh snap busybot down?
18:06 shinohai Anywho got my lilygo watch in the post, am coding up a horrid bash script to assist with serial functions then gonna shove ulisp into it.
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