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06:55 PeterL awt: just updated to 9973. Error message "blatta: error: Please specify a handle", tried to fix it and the got "blatta: error: no such option: --handle". Could you make the first message say station-handle, or name the option --handle instead of --station-handle?
07:00 PeterL s/and the got/and then got
07:09 shinohai $vwap
07:09 busybot The 24-Hour VWAP for BTC is $ 21417.03 USD
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09:40 shinohai << does trinque have an academic interest in 3D/CAD firearms and such?
09:40 bitbot Logged on 2022-08-22 18:05:04 signpost: wave-of-meat has its place, but I'd rather have the defense distributed guys in here, folks teaching el salvadorean abuelitas bitcoin, etc.
~ 1 hours 25 minutes ~
11:06 phf in minecraft
11:07 phf hmm, i hate that saying as much as i hate the “boating accident”. “hur hur i lost my guns in a BOATING ACCIDENT … IN MINECRAFT!11”
11:18 awt PeterL: yeah I can change that.
~ 3 hours 27 minutes ~
14:45 shinohai Move over blatta, unicode coming to awk
14:45 shinohai pest-o-tron in awk soon
14:49 awt shinohai: I never learned how to use awk. <<awkward>>
14:57 shinohai awk wasn't the shittiest waste of my time. You can make udp clients and servers with it! :D
~ 3 hours 54 minutes ~
18:51 phf i wrote a bunch of awk, but every system seems to have non-standard, incompatible extensions. gnu awk had unicode since forever, but it's also the only one that supports networking. openbsd has its own version. kernighan is fixing "one true awk", which is what comes stock with debian and macos
18:57 phf << jesus christ, man, that's trash tier intellectuals
18:57 bitbot (asciilifeform) 2022-08-23 gregorynyssa: the professors Leonard Shlain, Marshall McLuhan, and Carrolll Quigley all attest to this 20th century "nonverbal communication" skyrocketing.
18:59 phf strongly correlated with the inability to bring up a pest station :}
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19:27 awt lol
~ 39 minutes ~
20:06 phf << on account of dugin and his connection to letov, suddenly everything in current ru situation is expressable with GrOb songs
20:06 bitbot Logged on 2022-08-22 12:07:22 phf[awt]: yegor letov specifically was a frontman of a punk band (for lack of better term, because it's not really western style punk, more like heavy take on bard music, with heady lyrics)
20:07 phf looking forward to asciilifeform attempting a translation of that one :>
20:13 shinohai <<< lmao
20:13 bitbot Logged on 2022-08-23 18:59:33 phf[awt]: strongly correlated with the inability to bring up a pest station :}
20:14 shinohai billymg I really appreciate your choice of background color for pest logs btw, makes night reading so much more enjoyable.
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22:09 phf test
~ 1 hours 45 minutes ~
23:54 billymg ty shinohai, happy to hear that
23:55 billymg i have to ask, is it the light theme or dark theme you're using? (or maybe you have your OS set to change based on the time of day)
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