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09:45 whaack morning
09:46 whaack !e view-height
09:46 trbexplorer block_height: 744757
09:46 trbexplorer mins_since_last_block: 2394
09:47 whaack wedged, damn. the frequency at which trb gets wedged really makes any block explorer that uses trb as its source of truth at a disadvantage for 'normal day use'
09:49 whaack i have my NZ explorer syncing now. It's trb base is fully sync'd. So i'll have a second place where trbexplorer is hosted, increasingly the likelihood that there is at least 1 trbexporer sync'd up to the block tip
09:50 whaack Its* trb base
09:55 asciilifeform hm whaack does yours suffer from bona fide wedges, or simply slow ?
10:03 phf << this has been my goto. i'm not much into whisky appreciation, so when i find a good work horse..
10:03 bitbot (asciilifeform) 2022-07-14 vex: alf shino signpost phf vex gregor. who else like pounding whiskey?
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11:12 whaack !e view-height
11:12 trbexplorer block_height: 744757
11:12 trbexplorer mins_since_last_block: 2480
11:12 whaack asciilifeform: dunno exactly what to call it, my node falls behind every1 elses 1-2 times a week or so
11:17 asciilifeform whaack: when falls behind, does it 'catch up' without manipulation, or you end up rebooting it ?
11:17 asciilifeform 'wedge' in traditional trb parlance is when the thing is actually hung, i.e. won't come back to life no matter how long you wait
11:18 asciilifeform ( see e.g. cgra's exposition re various causes for the latter )
11:24 whaack wedge would be the wrong term the, yes it manages to catch up without intervention
11:24 asciilifeform aok
11:25 whaack !e view-height
11:25 trbexplorer block_height: 744757
11:25 trbexplorer mins_since_last_block: 2493
11:25 whaack come to think of it, it may be related to its interaction with trbexplorer
11:25 whaack the frequency of it getting stuck, that is
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12:14 scoopbot New post on Blog of Peter Lambert: Update to Scoopbot
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13:02 phf test
13:08 phf an accomplished man of means kind of problem
13:08 bitbot (asciilifeform) 2022-07-14 signpost: vex: I'm more of a brandy guy these days. wrecks my gut less.
~ 23 minutes ~
13:31 signpost it is nice to have a stocked bar.
13:32 signpost I've also been getting immunotherapy shots to turn down the reactions to everything.
13:32 signpost lifetime of living up to my eyeballs in plastic and smog
13:33 asciilifeform signpost: did it work?
13:34 signpost yeah, breathing waaay better. and not to overshare, but superior shits also.
13:34 * signpost figures been in a steady state immune reaction for a while.
13:34 asciilifeform interesting
13:34 asciilifeform i suppose makes sense, allergy on both ends of tract
13:34 signpost lol, yup
13:36 * asciilifeform still suffers permanent allergy 'to usa' (vanishes when goes to europistan, half-vanishes in south a) and nfi wtf
13:36 bitbot (asciilifeform) 2022-04-08 asciilifeform: signpost: at one pt asciilifeform had 'allergy test', where 100+ pins stuck in his back, 'which turns red', none did
13:36 signpost curious
13:36 signpost *curious if it's the smog
13:36 signpost for which they do not test.
13:36 asciilifeform doubt it, 0 smog on coast of delaware but still snot
13:37 asciilifeform it's likely sumthing in the building materials
13:38 signpost only way to scientifically confirm is to start crushing and snorting varieties of pressed shitboard.
13:38 asciilifeform lol
13:38 * signpost has his allergies abate in northern new england.
13:38 asciilifeform prolly would choke anybody
13:39 phf i gave up on the whole idea of allergies
13:39 phf just accepted that i'm allergic to everything, and power wheez my way through it
13:40 asciilifeform ^ asciilifeform's way, lol
13:40 asciilifeform tho vacation from snot was great (last in '17)
13:40 phf on the plus side, comes with perks: stables ladies will tack and clean the horse for me
13:41 asciilifeform phf: how's that work? sumthing like a datacenter for horse?
13:41 signpost it's a sensible cut of the knot. demands for comfort only ratchet one direction.
13:41 asciilifeform (subscribe & get 24u of horse, lol)
13:41 shinohai I should sell horse nft's then.
13:43 * asciilifeform in datacenter gets rather spartan 'stable ladies', lol. night man: 'i took off padlock, you go open the gate and the dock, back in yer truck, wheelbarrow is over there, say when yer done'
13:43 phf asciilifeform: with horses almost always board, unless you're interested in daily mucking, cleaning, feeding, cleaning, mucking
13:44 phf so you it's more like a colo
13:45 asciilifeform makes sense
13:46 phf if you board in e.g. potomac village, i suspect it's potomac village prices (i stopped by a tack shop there couple of weeks ago, it's all eeenglish riding), but out here in the deplorable land everything's pretty reasonable
13:48 asciilifeform signpost: re: 'ratchet', yes, but asciilifeform still remembers how neat was to actually sleep entire night w/out waking up from snot. and funnily enuff technically no longer stuck in usa, could go anywhere with fiber. but puzzle remains 'where' lol
13:49 phf but likewise normally nobody's going to tack your horse for you, that's a high end service (presumably something you'd get in the potomac village, again), unless you're allergic. that doesn't stop the jokes though, "your stalion awaits you, sire", etc.
13:50 asciilifeform signpost: currently considering expedition to kakobreklastan. (supposedly among least polluted forgotten shitholes in eureich)
13:51 phf where's kakobreklastan?
13:51 asciilifeform slovenia
13:52 signpost yeah my nose doesn't close up anymore unless I'm actually sick.
13:52 * signpost realized after this was fixed how fucking agitating not breathing can be.
13:52 signpost recipe for inner peace is starting from a shitty life and gradually improving.
13:55 signpost asciilifeform: might try azelastine and see if it fixes snot
13:55 asciilifeform signpost: tried ^ + just about erry pill known to man
13:55 signpost ah, bummer
13:55 asciilifeform 0 effect
13:55 asciilifeform the 1 pill that seems to work errytime is plane ticket..
13:56 signpost your hindbrain is just programming you to gtfo.
13:56 asciilifeform nfi
13:58 asciilifeform 'hey have you got a different globe?'(tm)(r)(su)
13:59 signpost meanwhile, in other collapse news, the fact that USD is appreciating against most other currencies even as inflation rages is hysterical.
14:00 asciilifeform 'A KGB officer summons Rabinovich: “Listen, Citizen Rabinovich, you’re annoying us. First, you complained to the UN that you are denied the right to emigrate., and now how do you act? We gave you an exit visa, and first you went to Argentina. Soon you came back and said you didn’t like it there. Then you went to
14:00 asciilifeform Israel, also only to come back. Enough is enough! Here’s our final chance: take this globe and point to any country of your choice. You’ll go there and that’s it! We won’t see you anymore.” Rabinovich picks up the globe, makes it turn again and again, sighs, puts it back on the officer’s desk: “Well, do y
14:10 phf looks like you need one of them packet splitters, partner
14:12 asciilifeform lolwat
14:18 PeterL asciilifeform: cut off at "Well, do y ...
14:18 asciilifeform PeterL: loox ok in log
14:19 phf asciilifeform: on both bitdash and nosuchlabs your joke ends with "Well, do y"
14:19 PeterL
14:20 asciilifeform a
14:20 asciilifeform “Well, do you have another globe?”
14:20 asciilifeform ty PeterL
14:27 phf that truncate looks like an octet count issue. like you have some characters there like left_double_quotation_mark, which is 3 bytes in utf-8. so whatever machinery, probably wheechat, is miscounting the breaks, because it's doing per-character, rather than per-octet
14:28 asciilifeform interesting
14:28 asciilifeform there's no end to the uniturd clusterfuck is there
14:29 phf there's that, but also just general incompetence. n-articles have been written on the subject of utf and encoding and various concerns like that, yet somehow rune==byte
14:30 asciilifeform a dedicated client oughta reattach these frags
14:31 asciilifeform (but otherwise wouldn't giveafuck re uniturd internals)
14:32 phf you still have to unitard, at the point where you convert string to bytes. even if you're doing native client. and you can't just `truncate on byte`, because that'll fuck with legacy irc clients. truncate on byte is obviously broken, because you might truncate in the middle of 3-byte sequence or whatever, losing a characte
14:32 phf r
14:32 asciilifeform ^ point
14:33 phf no character left behind!
14:33 asciilifeform lol
14:34 phf but yeah first thing to do in grownup pest logger, is to add split message merge
14:34 phf (or second, fist one being message rearrange
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18:15 awt flonase ftw
~ 1 hours ~
19:16 awt
19:17 awt ^ for those with interests in centroamerica
~ 1 hours 41 minutes ~
20:58 signpost seems like people doing business in USD are starting to regret it.
~ 23 minutes ~
21:22 awt America really is a great place for migrants. No passport needed. Free healthcare. No taxes. I'd do it.
21:24 awt (linked article mentioned a bus full of Colombian "migrants" crossing the border into Costa Rica)
~ 17 minutes ~
21:42 asciilifeform lol health care ?
21:43 asciilifeform re tax, by far biggest tax in usa is realestate inflatola. which the mexicans pay by having to live 10 to a room
21:43 asciilifeform so not quite 'no tax'
21:44 asciilifeform << did 0 for asciilifeform fwiw
21:44 bitbot Logged on 2022-07-14 18:15:57 awt[signpost|billymg]: flonase ftw
21:54 whaack !e view-height
21:54 trbexplorer block_height: 744776
21:54 trbexplorer mins_since_last_block: 2885
21:54 * whaack sighs
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