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14:08 asciilifeform $ticker btc usd
14:08 asciilifeform ... bot awol ?
~ 1 hours 11 minutes ~
15:20 awt shinohai seems not to have recovered from the emotibomb
15:20 asciilifeform a
15:20 awt I have a ticker bot as well. I'll bring it in at some point.
15:22 awt Currently price is $19014 - was < 19k minutes ago
15:22 asciilifeform cheapcoinz!
15:23 awt Indeed.
~ 26 minutes ~
15:49 * asciilifeform unrelatedly, considered 'wainot rebake pest spec in latex, iirc can shit edible html, embedding diagrams etc' but not found any clean mechanism for this
15:50 asciilifeform seems like all the pertinent tools work by shitting pdf and mechanically htmlizing same
15:50 asciilifeform which -- ugh
15:50 awt Haven't ever worked with latex.
15:51 * asciilifeform worked for many yrs, but never attempted htmlism w/ subj
15:52 * asciilifeform would like option for printer-friendly output of spec, but has 0 intention of maintaining 2 parallel copies
15:53 * asciilifeform would also like to bake illustrations, but again put off by idea of juggling over9000 gifs etc
15:54 billymg asciilifeform: you can't embed images with markdown?
15:54 asciilifeform latex worx a++, and doesn't suffer from the idiocy of 'markdown' where can't reorder sections without doctoring over9000 links etc
15:54 billymg and svg would probably be the best format for diagrams, like you used for your pest logo
15:54 asciilifeform billymg: can't ~generate~ images with same
15:54 * asciilifeform wants a single-source spec as currently 4evah
15:55 asciilifeform not over9000 binturds
15:55 billymg svgs aren't binary
15:55 asciilifeform latex theoretically gives this. but apparently still , as 20y ago, not gives edible, linkable html
15:55 asciilifeform billymg: indeed not binary. but also not palatable to create by hand.
15:56 billymg create in graphics program, copy/paste the svg into spec source
15:56 asciilifeform svg may as well be a binary format, for all the readability of it
15:56 asciilifeform billymg: never used latex e.g. dag generators ? the source 'exists in the form preferred for editing'
15:56 asciilifeform rather than turd shat out by graphics editor
15:57 billymg asciilifeform: never used latex. example?
15:57 asciilifeform e.g.
15:58 asciilifeform and moar
15:58 asciilifeform over9000 of these, historically
15:58 asciilifeform nobody there sits and sweats in an image editor like microshit victim
16:01 asciilifeform observe that crapola like svg is extremely unfriendly from vtronic pov
16:01 asciilifeform just about any change turns into kilometre of liquishit in the diff
16:01 billymg in the first link, this is what the generated svg looks like: view-source:
16:02 billymg looks about the same as spit out by any "microshit graphics program"
16:02 asciilifeform billymg: right, but no need to hardbake the output into vdiff, if ~generates~ it from meaningful source
16:02 billymg per asciilifeform: "might as well be binary"
16:02 asciilifeform obv. the ~output~ is soup
16:03 asciilifeform ( in fact the typical output of latex is a megatonne of postscript soup )
16:03 billymg ok, so it's "press vpatch of pest spec, and also download this third party dependency to generate the graphs"
16:03 billymg and if that's the idea could use e.g. matplotlib also
16:04 asciilifeform billymg: traditional down side of latex. but it aint as if there even is, afaik, a latex system that spits usable, linkable html.
16:04 billymg or d3js
16:04 asciilifeform billymg: if req's js to ~read~ the output, asciilifeform won't use
16:04 * billymg suggested a python lib also
16:04 asciilifeform output must be a standard html + dir of whatever images
16:05 asciilifeform but, importantly, optionally a printer-edible ps with correct pagination etc
16:05 asciilifeform which afaik only in latex .
16:05 asciilifeform afaik no off-shelf solution atm.
16:06 * asciilifeform brb
16:17 asciilifeform fugheting about illustrations for a moment, what asciilifeform was looking for is an item which generates something maximally approximating the current html form but from latex src, rather than the enfuriatingly moronic markdown
16:18 asciilifeform ( which wastes over9000 hours to change even most simple thing )
16:18 bitbot Logged on 2022-06-18 15:54:31 asciilifeform: latex worx a++, and doesn't suffer from the idiocy of 'markdown' where can't reorder sections without doctoring over9000 links etc
16:20 asciilifeform ... somehow thought it existed for 20y, turns out -- not at all
16:21 billymg asciilifeform: could ask jonsykkel about the one he's working on
16:21 bitbot Logged on 2022-06-06 19:55:08 jonsykkel[asciilifeform|billymg]: wokring on a markdown replacment soon redy but i dont have a name for it so canot release - plz someone invent
16:22 asciilifeform won't to jack for printer
16:22 asciilifeform *do
16:24 * asciilifeform not expects, in his lifetime, to see anyffin resembling a replacement for latex for cranking out printer-friendly output
16:26 asciilifeform this is ultimately why e.g. maffs world is fulla incurable pdfism
16:26 bitbot (asciilifeform) 2022-06-09 phf: asciilifeform: i'm less and less sharing your dislike for pdfs. i think it's a maligned format, because of its incompetent custodian adobe. i'm just looking at the variety of pdf documents, and their corresponding crossplatform support i.e. can render noaa's naval chart which is all shapes as well as mit ai note which is just tiff wrapper equally well on e.g. plan9
16:30 asciilifeform for billymg & other folx who not used latex : 'printer sanity' aint simply about 'nifty fonts' etc., but actually very simple things that htmlism pisses on, e.g. allowing author to force sections to start at top of a page, paragraphs not to break in half by page boundary, sane handling of toc, etc
16:32 asciilifeform ... it also includes vector graphics getting rasterized to the resolution of the printer, rather than some arbitrary sad vga res
16:32 asciilifeform ( and wrapped by text correctly, and not broken up by page boundaries )
16:44 asciilifeform ( see also : interesting piece re the sheer brokenness of extant proggies purporting to solve $problem )
~ 54 minutes ~
17:38 signpost those printing requirements are actually present in recent revisions of css, though this'd marry you to recent browsers.
17:38 * asciilifeform reaches for barf bag
17:40 asciilifeform betcha output wouldn't look anyffin like a civilized, white man latex print either.
17:42 signpost oh, they probably have a page-layout: pls-no-page-numbers-plspls; and so on.
17:43 signpost and somewhere some autist is very proud that he knows them all.
17:43 signpost omg: srsly-no-crapping-the-url-onto-every-page;
17:44 * signpost was amused to learn that JS accreted destructuring-bind recently (sorta)
17:52 pest helloworld
17:52 asciilifeform grr plox to ignore ^, bot tst
17:59 asciilifeform awt: in replays on new bot test, seeing oddities like '13:56 < awt[asciilifeform|asciilifeform|asciilifeform]> Indeed.'
17:59 asciilifeform ^ bug
18:04 asciilifeform awt: in misc. bugreports, bot has been syncing for ~10min nao (and carrying on) but asciilifeform's station still displays 'no packets received...' in 'at' output for same
18:05 asciilifeform also peculiarly, the replays seem to come in bursts , where in given burst -- in order, but the bursts per se in ~random order
18:06 asciilifeform ( evidently the 'reorder' mechanism not worx... )
18:08 asciilifeform billymg: how do you issue wot/at/etc config cmds to your bot w/out disconnecting the logotron from same ?
18:09 billymg asciilifeform: i don't, i start the bot with the --address-table-path flag pointing to file
18:09 asciilifeform billymg: ... and, given that blatta dun seem to support 'slave' -- how do you strip the hearsayism from the logged msgs in your logotron ?
18:10 billymg i mean i start the bot's pest station with that flag
18:11 asciilifeform there dun seem to be a 'keys table path'
18:13 billymg asciilifeform: you'll need this patch for pest network compatibility:
18:14 billymg asciilifeform: if you press from my latest you'll be good to go
18:15 asciilifeform hm so it zaps ~all~ hearsay annotations ??
18:15 billymg asciilifeform: no
18:15 billymg they are stored in the db, and they are displayed in the html in the title tag
18:15 billymg just suppressed from the main html printout
18:16 asciilifeform grr so demands mod to ?
18:16 asciilifeform ugh
18:16 * asciilifeform was gonna use his good ol' unchanged
18:16 billymg asciilifeform: what's bad about that?
18:17 billymg asciilifeform: your theme won't be displayed any differently if that's what you're worried about
18:17 asciilifeform was gonna simply plug in bot to throw msgs in db, not open up the hood on
18:17 * billymg posted those patches back in january, never heard anything from anyone
18:18 * billymg also mentioned several times in the logs about the hearsay annotations being in the title tags
18:19 billymg asciilifeform: btw, the keys are embedded in the file, that's how blatta handles it
18:22 billymg asciilifeform: looks like this for ref:
18:23 asciilifeform billymg: right, just finally nao asciilifeform got around to testing these w/ own hands, lol
18:24 asciilifeform it aint billymg's fault that asciilifeform made hand-tweaks to own and so nao can't simply swap out for billymg's w/out headache
18:24 billymg ah, i see
18:25 billymg asciilifeform: could be that applying the patch manually just werks
18:27 billymg ah, here's the part about the hearsay annotations
18:28 asciilifeform aha, saw
~ 23 minutes ~
18:51 asciilifeform !q uptime
18:52 asciilifeform grr
18:54 billymg asciilifeform: you've got 'is_pest' set to 1 in the bot's config?
18:54 asciilifeform bitbot: absolutely sure
18:55 asciilifeform bot saw the trigger, too. but somehow not seeing its answr on pestnet
18:55 asciilifeform (only in its local blatta log)
18:56 billymg !. uptime
18:56 bitbot billymg: time since my last reconnect : 1d 16h 56m
18:56 billymg (just making sure not some general weather related issue)
18:56 asciilifeform nah 'weather' seems a++
18:57 billymg speaking of, brb, gonna go for a swim
18:57 asciilifeform << fwiw at least eats
18:58 asciilifeform may have to stop there for nao
18:58 asciilifeform awt ^ the hearsay marking issue from earlier, visible there
19:02 asciilifeform !q uptime
19:02 dulapbot asciilifeform: time since my last reconnect : 0d 0h 2m
19:02 asciilifeform there we go
19:02 asciilifeform ( apparently join delay in my cfg still )
19:03 * asciilifeform will import old msgs from billymg into the thing at some pt
19:06 asciilifeform folx who want to peer directly w/ dulapbot -- plox to gpggram key/at !
19:10 * asciilifeform still annoyed that one can't issue pest ctrl cmds to a pestron with bot sitting on it
~ 1 hours 1 minutes ~
20:12 billymg << test
20:12 dulapbot Logged on 2022-06-18 14:55:36 asciilifeform: << fwiw at least eats
20:13 billymg yeah, will be good to have this soon, as of now nsa log links on bitdash will tunnel to the wrong line
20:13 bitbot Logged on 2022-06-18 19:03:59 asciilifeform: will import old msgs from billymg into the thing at some pt
20:14 asciilifeform yea
20:14 * asciilifeform recs not to rely on the indices from dulapbot atm
20:14 asciilifeform in #p
20:26 billymg $ticker btc usd
20:27 billymg c'mon shinohai, i need my busybot fix
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