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00:57 awt_thule nice shinohai I wish I'd claimed it
~ 2 hours 23 minutes ~
03:21 jonsykkel oh inded dosnt work in peechat
03:21 jonsykkel useles peace of crap
03:23 awt_thule lol
03:27 jonsykkel does seem to wokr if u put teh guys name as the server name
03:29 jonsykkel :peechat_destination NOTICE irssi_destination :message
03:29 jonsykkel lol
~ 2 hours 46 minutes ~
06:15 signpost << super srs denial of DoD bioweapon labs in ukraine.
06:16 signpost from no less than
~ 7 hours 36 minutes ~
13:52 PeterL good morning'
~ 1 hours 10 minutes ~
15:03 awt_thule gm
15:04 awt all news might as well come straigt from the DoD. No need for reporters.
15:04 PeterL awt: my client seems to think there is nobody here, isn't it supposed to mark people as here when it sees the rubbish packets from people?
15:05 awt PeterL: yes it should
15:08 awt PeterL: blatta keeps track of presence in a hash in memory, so if somethiing is messed up (which sucks and I'd like to figure out what happened) a restart of your station will likely help.
15:17 PeterL I did restart a few minutes ago, and it came up with messages saying each of my peers had joined the channel, and then it gave me messages saying each of them are set as away (no recent messages)
15:26 awt PeterL: ok so as written pest marks handles as away if there haven't been any messages from them within a configurable amount of time.
15:28 PeterL is that only message-messages, or does it include ignore messages?
15:35 awt PeterL: Broadcast/Direct messages
~ 37 minutes ~
16:12 awt jonsykkel: yes that works, nice!
16:23 awt Not sure what's gonna happen in other IRC clients though
~ 2 hours 20 minutes ~
18:43 awt pestbot: echo sup
18:43 pestbot sup
~ 45 minutes ~
19:28 awt
19:28 * asciilifeform pressed awt's 9978
19:29 awt nice
19:29 asciilifeform so far seems to work
19:29 awt hopefully you shouldn't notice any difference until you need to sync via GETDATA
19:29 asciilifeform awt: seems to fix the 5min delay thing
19:30 awt meh that's still there only now the default is 2:00 minutes. still only happens if your chain is broken.
19:30 asciilifeform a
19:31 awt bbl home maintenance
~ 42 minutes ~
20:13 shinohai [OK]
20:20 shinohai $vwap
20:21 shinohai The 24-Hour VWAP for BTC is $ 38854.66 USD
20:22 shinohai \o/
20:30 signpost probably about time I pulled deedbot in too
20:30 signpost nice job shinohai
20:32 shinohai Well it's an ugly bash script hacked onto weechat but first thing I've got working.
20:33 * shinohai now gotta press awt's updates and copy to 2nd station ....
20:38 PeterL awt: you have a create_directory function defined at the bottom of, would that be better placed in the file?
20:39 signpost seems like that oughta be in something called e.g.,, etc
20:39 signpost fs, w/e
20:40 * signpost typically does the generic names too until obvious groupings emerge in refactoring.
20:46 * PeterL upgraded to 9978 now
20:47 asciilifeform signpost: seems like our peering is still broken somehow
20:47 asciilifeform err, shinohai
20:47 asciilifeform signpost's worx 100%
20:48 * asciilifeform can't even tabcomplete to shinohai, he doesn't appear in list..
20:48 shinohai Yeah I'm still seeing you as hearsay asciilifeform ... imma press to latest shortly and try (yet again!)
20:49 shinohai Now you appear in my peers list, so can tabcomplete, but otherwise borked.
20:57 shinohai $info
20:57 shinohai This is a weechat bot hacked together with bash
20:58 shinohai This is a weechat bot hacked together with bash
20:58 shinohai oops
21:00 shinohai test #2
21:00 signpost chortle
21:00 signpost "What is my function?" "You munge the bashballs." "...oh my god"
21:03 shinohai xD
~ 1 hours 38 minutes ~
22:42 awt asciilifeform: likely the reason you can't see shinohai in the nick list is because blatta considers him offline due not finding any recent IGNORE messages from him.
22:43 awt PeterL: probably yes. Left over from the orig IRC server code which was, yes, entirely contained in a single file.
22:45 awt $vwap
22:45 PeterL I was going to check to see if the function actually gets called anywhere, but then I got distracted with other stuff
22:46 awt PeterL: haven't checked but possibly used to create an irc server log directory
22:52 PeterL !s help
22:52 PeterL seeing if I can get scoopbot running here ...
22:55 PeterL awt/asciilifeform: when a getdata returns with an old message, is it supposed to be broadcast to everybody?
23:02 PeterL !s uptime
23:12 PeterL !s uptime
23:14 PeterL !s uptime
23:15 PeterL hmm, it looks like it sees me but is not responding ...
~ 41 minutes ~
23:56 awt PeterL: my understanding is that getdata responses should not be rebroadcast
23:56 shinohai Running blatta-9978
23:57 awt i see you shinohai
23:59 PeterL trying to wrap my head around regular expressions, anybody see what is wrong with """^:([^!]+)\!\S+\s+PRIVMSG\s+\#(\S+)\s+\:(.*)""" trying to match ':PeterL PRIVMSG #pest :!s uptime' ?
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