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14:07 whaack does anyone else see join/part spam from billymg?
14:08 asciilifeform whaack: not visible on my end
14:08 shinohai Nah I finally turned on weechat smart filtering.
14:10 PeterL I turned my knob for part way up, so I don't really see join/part messages for anybody
14:10 whaack also, in planned obsolescence stories, i took a 2012 macbook pro to an apple reseller here to replace a dead battery, after paying $100 for a diagnostic i learned that Apple does not replace batteries for "vintage" computers
14:10 PeterL that's 10 years old, only a terrorist would use such an ancient machine!
14:11 whaack lol
14:11 asciilifeform whaack: do it by hand. e.g..
14:11 dulapbot (asciilifeform) 2022-06-24 asciilifeform: http://logs.nosuchlabs.com/log/asciilifeform/2022-06-23#1108781 << fwiw the 'teardown' folx apparently found that nope, still hotglued as in the old one and comes out after syringing with 99% etoh.
14:11 asciilifeform takes maybe an hour, tops
14:12 whaack asciilifeform: will do
14:16 whaack it looks like the replay is done for me, but i randomly get some messages from the past.
14:16 * asciilifeform thought 'replay done' wk ago, but yest. kilometre of replay
14:20 billymg whaack: i see join/part spam from various users from time to time
14:31 billymg btw whaack, i saw in the logs you had a bad experience with pcgamingcr.com, was wondering if you ever went back and tried them again
~ 16 minutes ~
14:48 whaack billymg: nope, never went back to them
15:01 billymg whaack: yeah, kind of figured lol
15:05 billymg i might try ordering a cheap part from them as a test, will post here if i have better luck
15:06 whaack billymg: for sure, go for it, you just need to deal with it in the standard way here
15:10 whaack when i ordered my computer parts from them i had less experience living here, i've come to learn that their method of 'oh i thought this would help' 'we actually found a better part for you then you ordered so we just swapped it' etc. is SOP here, so anything i complained about in the logs you will probably see from most c
15:10 whaack and fwiw my comp is still running strong 2 years later (should probably reapply thermal paste soon/now)
15:12 billymg whaack: yeah, i also remember some of the issue was with you trying to find some "vintage" (AM3+) parts. they probably though "why doesn't he want ryzen?" "nfi, just give him something from the used bin then"
15:12 billymg thought*
15:20 billymg i recently dealt with a customs seizure at the airport (carryon full of 2k+ of parts), not fun at all
15:21 billymg and a complete scam, not only required to pay tax but also pay a broker and the warehouse -- both separate, private entities
15:22 billymg "pay tax to gov directly" not even an option
~ 24 minutes ~
15:47 whaack billymg: did you at least get your shit back?
15:49 whaack dunno if i told you this story, but i went on a mission to get some rare wood from Guatemala (rosa de madera, it's bark that is infected with a fungus that slowly contorts itself over 50 years) we had about 5-6 bags of it between 4 of us, they took it all and burnt it because we didn't have the right papers saying it was t
16:02 whaack billymg: also did this happen in Liberia or SJ? I am going to take a guess that it happened in SJ, the customs agents seem to be a little more uptight there
16:03 billymg http://logs.bitdash.io/pest/2022-06-27#1008049 << some of your messages are getting cut off (in my console and in logs)
16:03 bitbot Logged on 2022-06-27 15:49:59 whaack[asciilifeform|signpost|billymg]: dunno if i told you this story, but i went on a mission to get some rare wood from Guatemala (rosa de madera, it's bark that is infected with a fungus that slowly contorts itself over 50 years) we had about 5-6 bags of it between 4 of us, they took it all and burnt it because we didn't have the right papers saying it was t
16:04 billymg whaack: this happened in liberia actually. and yes, usually they're more lax, which is why i wasn't more prepared
16:05 billymg you're supposed to have a printed invoice showing that the items add up to less than $500
16:06 billymg never been bothered before so got lazy, didn't bother having a fortified invoice ready
16:12 billymg whaack: bummer what happened to your contraband
16:14 billymg also, for whaack and awt: if you find yourself in the same situation, where they're hassling you about items you brought, best option is convince them they add up to less than $500, second best option is to claim you don't remember how much any of it costs
16:14 whaack billymg: $500??? isn't it supposed to be $10k?
16:15 billymg whaack: this is for "products/things" not cash
16:15 whaack if you wear a nice suit to you have to strip?
16:15 whaack lol
16:15 whaack $500 of weird looking hacker things only, sir
16:16 billymg whaack: or clothes, or books, or anything
16:16 billymg with clothes and books easier to say "these are mine -- not new"
16:17 billymg but yes, $500 technically the limit
16:18 billymg but anyway, if the items do get seized (worst case), then the customs broker you find will assess the value of the items in your favor, but if you give them any kind of actual dollar amount > $500 at the airport, that amount is the floor
16:22 whaack gotcha, good to know,was thinking about bringing a couple of laptops here
16:22 billymg the assessment / clearing happens, btw, between the broker and the government clerk. in my case the warehouse (again, separate entity), wasn't informed until the items were already cleared by the gov clerk
16:23 billymg so at no point did the gov clerk call up or visit the warehouse to see if the items listed in the broker's assessment matched up with what was seized
16:24 billymg whaack: two laptops, with no signs of retail anything, probably fine
16:24 billymg "my personal and work laptops"
16:24 billymg maybe even a 3rd is fine, "i work in tech"
16:32 * asciilifeform traditionally would comment, but suspects that at this pt billymg & whaack have moar experience with bananistan smuggling lol
16:33 * asciilifeform suspects that his old observations still apply tho (e.g. 'take pains to make the goodies not look retail-saleable' etc)
16:35 asciilifeform ... i.e. avoid original vendor packagings of any kind, shrinkwraps, etc.
16:35 billymg asciilifeform: that was definitely what i think tripped the alarm this time
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