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13:54 asciilifeform achtung, asciilifeform's l1!
13:54 snsabot (asciilifeform) 2021-06-15 asciilifeform: folx from asciilifeform's l1 who intend to register channels, plox to pgpgram. (here, or in comments to this post, ideally)
13:56 shinohai asciilifeform: will pgpgram re: this chan when I'm back near key. (Unfortunately still haven't made a travel key for this toilet of a phone)
13:57 asciilifeform shinohai: the pressing issue here is to dig up jurov . (i'm still hosting a box for him, incidentally)
13:58 asciilifeform he still runs the tbf www. and if he cannot be found, we'll have to make a new one.
13:58 shinohai I sent *him* a gpgram damn near 6 months ago I think, haven't heard a thing from him.
13:59 asciilifeform mirror ftr.
13:59 * shinohai spoke with mod6 over the weekend, guy is still alive and well .....
13:59 asciilifeform !q seen-anywhere jurov
13:59 snsabot jurov last seen in #asciilifeform on 2021-05-17 08:03:15: slackware?
13:59 asciilifeform ^ not dead
14:00 shinohai Well that's encouraging, hope the guy stays tuned in.
14:00 asciilifeform ftr i would like jurov to appoint a new treasurer (if absolutely no one else stands up -- then asciilifeform will do it) and new www maintainer (ditto)
14:01 asciilifeform the current situation is untenable, if it carries on i'ma have to stand up a parallel tbf.
14:03 shinohai I know we all have irl things to take care of, but still don't want tbf to wither. Am more than happy to help with any www things that need doing/updating.
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