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00:01 hanbot !Qauction 76M 72 500usd via WU
00:01 lobbesbot AUCTION # 367 STARTED by hanbot: 500usd via WU Opening: 76M coppers Ending: 2018-10-10 04:01:52 UTC (72 hours)
~ 11 hours 37 minutes ~
11:39 BingoBoingo And fat forehead party has come up with their response to #vivirsinmiedo... it is #UruguaySinViolenciaEnGenero
11:39 BingoBoingo Very catchy
~ 1 hours 49 minutes ~
13:28 deedbot << Trilema - How Anthony Kiedis killed Louise Ciccone
13:28 mod6 mircea_popescu: That seems at least like a decent place to start; some sort of greeting and gathering of contact information.
13:29 mod6 If the idea is for nicoleci to go further and answer questions from persons herself, yeah, we probably aught to have a list of pre-canned responses.
13:39 * mod6 bbiab
13:54 mircea_popescu will be happy to halp.
~ 21 minutes ~
14:15 mircea_popescu meanwhile in lulz, "A Banksy was left in shreds before an shocked audience moments after it was auctioned off at Sotheby’s in London for a record $1.4 million. The British artist, whose identity is still unknown, timed his painting, Girl With Balloon, to self-destruct via a shredder hidden in the artwork’s frame."
~ 20 minutes ~
14:35 BingoBoingo But what bigger Lulz is he distracting from? Trump got his judge, Bolnasaro is going to the beach tomorrow before beginning his run off campaign, and is Mosul still there or is it another six weeks?
14:49 mod6 !!ledger
14:49 deedbot
14:54 mircea_popescu six tweaks.
14:55 BingoBoingo sink twinks?
14:59 mod6 mircea_popescu: Cool, thanks. Was thinking that maybe nicoleci would start with a simple small set of pre-canned responses, and also collect contact information. And during the call, any questions not covered by set of canned responses, can be written down and handed back to the forum or Co-chairs for answsering.
14:59 mod6 Probably via email if that seems alright.
14:59 mod6 In a timely fashion of course, figure what, 48 hours? 72?
15:01 mod6 Also, unrelated to that... S.MG's UY3 invoice is still open (for september). Just a heads up - obviously no big worry or anything. Just saw that the S.MG statement is out there, didn't want ya to overlook that.
15:02 mod6 BingoBoingo: Please to bid 76M for hanbot's auction -- between this one and trinque's, we're already half-way there to next month. Not bad!
15:02 mod6 I'll send you the coins here in just a bit.
15:04 BingoBoingo !Qbid 367 76M
15:04 lobbesbot AUCTION # 367: 500usd via WU Heard: 76mn from BingoBoingo Ending: 2018-10-10 04:01:52 UTC (56 hours 57 mins)
15:04 mod6 Perfect, thank you.
15:06 mod6 !Qcalc 500/6400
15:06 lobbesbot mod6: 0.078125
15:07 mod6 !Qcalc 2000/6100
15:07 lobbesbot mod6: 0.327868852459
15:07 mircea_popescu mod6 a sorry, will get to it presently!
15:08 mod6 no problem, Sir. :]
15:08 diana_coman is uy3 the test server?
15:08 mod6 !Qcalc (0.078125 + 0.32786885)
15:08 lobbesbot mod6: 0.40599385
15:08 mod6 diana_coman: Yeah.
15:09 diana_coman aha, ok
15:09 mod6 mircea_popescu: To save you extra digging, it would have been an invoice from BingoBoingo.
15:10 mod6 !!pay BingoBoingo 0.40599385
15:10 deedbot Get your OTP:
15:10 mircea_popescu diana_coman we keeping that open still are we ?
15:10 diana_coman mircea_popescu, yes; atm it's anyway used for the udp
15:12 diana_coman and it's the one running the proto-cuntoo; I think it's needed at least until we can migrate to cuntoo+gnat
15:14 mod6 !!v AB6CC90080B25F923650C9B30F6C717CF5ABA18538BA68029FAC3C5F86EC9949
15:14 deedbot mod6 paid BingoBoingo 0.40599385
15:14 mod6 Alright BingoBoingo that's more than enough, but leaves you some wiggle room to make some counter-bids, should they be required.
15:15 BingoBoingo ty, will also keep my eyes open for other new auctions that pop up
15:15 mod6 Any left over, can be simply retained by you, and accounted for next cycle, or you can send me back the remainder, if that's how you'd like to handle it.
15:15 mircea_popescu alright.
15:15 mod6 Ok, if any others pop up, that I don't (for whatever reason) see, just holler. Will get ya the coins.
15:18 mircea_popescu !!pay-invoice BingoBoingo 1
15:18 deedbot Get your OTP:
15:26 mod6 Thank you, mircea_popescu
15:26 mircea_popescu *thumbsup*
~ 18 minutes ~
15:45 mod6 mircea_popescu asciilifeform hanbot : Here's a stab at just the introduction part of the call-sheet:
15:46 mod6 Beyond this, a list of answers to some obvious first questions can be added. Other questions not covered can be written down and sent to us for answering, emailing resposnes.
16:00 mircea_popescu just in case anyone else's making audio cd's for the car, for i in *.mp3; do ffmpeg -i "$i" -f wav "${i%}.wav"; done
16:01 mircea_popescu piece of shit does not know what ffmpeg -i *.x *.y could POSSIBLY mean
16:02 BingoBoingo In other news from insanity land:
16:02 mircea_popescu BingoBoingo hey, restitution's a powerful tool.
16:02 BingoBoingo "Este artículo lo puede ver en este link: "
16:03 BingoBoingo mircea_popescu: resitution is powerful, but the mitigating factor was... kleptomania
16:03 mircea_popescu heh
16:03 BingoBoingo A clinical disposition to continue stealing
16:05 BingoBoingo I mean 25 to 35 percent unemployment and the Banco Central is stuck with a klepto because "public employee"
16:06 mircea_popescu in other news i fucking hate the manner in which windows tards create directories.
16:07 mircea_popescu 60% spaces paranthesis quotes and other reserved signs by mass.
16:07 mircea_popescu these people never fucking used a computer, have none of the habits of computer use, no implicit semantics, nada.
16:07 mircea_popescu at least if they stuck to smileys and bs.
16:10 deedbot << Trilema - The lolz inflation continues unabated.
16:10 BingoBoingo Kinda what the pnoje movement is coraling them into. Directory structure free containment
16:16 BingoBoingo Related: Can't make a fist? Want to punch Nazis? No Problem!
16:16 * mod6 bbl
~ 24 minutes ~
16:40 mircea_popescu bwhaahahah
16:40 mircea_popescu dude not a single one of those schmucks looks like they could stand their ground.
16:42 BingoBoingo At this point whether someone looks like they can throw arespectable punch is a pretty good heruistic for sorting white trump voters from terminal pantsuits cucks
16:43 mircea_popescu i believe.
16:44 mircea_popescu the very feminine attitude, too, "here's my cunt, come find me". what the fuck ?! nobody's going anywhere looking for dorky boys.
16:44 BingoBoingo Well, Frank the ditch might accidentally into some
16:45 mircea_popescu and whenever that happens...
16:53 BingoBoingo In still other news, Conner McDayofFailure lost a match in a his rules fight league. His opponent went on to apparently jump the cage and beat McDayofFail's corner while the victor's corner hopped in the cage and beat up on McDayofFail some more
~ 1 hours 16 minutes ~
18:10 deedbot << Qntra - Facebook Today Nothing But Cops, Narcs, and Idiots
~ 1 hours 19 minutes ~
19:30 asciilifeform << ugh 'cannot unsee!111'
19:30 a111 Logged on 2018-10-07 20:10 deedbot: << Trilema - The lolz inflation continues unabated.
19:31 asciilifeform meanwhile in trb observatory,
19:41 phf << picking up previous code, patcher already works (which is the easy part), but differ is not there yet. i should be able to get it working in the next week
19:41 a111 Logged on 2018-10-06 23:58 phf: i have couple of hours tomorrow, so i'll pick up the deletions and renames code either way, and either release it, or give an estimate for how long it will take me to bake it
19:41 phf ^ asciilifeform, mircea_popescu
19:44 phf differ is also c code, i wanted to figure out how to make the rename tracking algo pure ada, and then have it drive the differ, rather than writing more c code, but i'll see if i can manage it
19:45 asciilifeform phf: neato, lemme know if you need a hand
19:47 asciilifeform << will need to be instructed re basic trb doctrine
19:47 a111 Logged on 2018-10-07 18:59 mod6: mircea_popescu: Cool, thanks. Was thinking that maybe nicoleci would start with a simple small set of pre-canned responses, and also collect contact information. And during the call, any questions not covered by set of canned responses, can be written down and handed back to the forum or Co-chairs for answsering.
19:47 phf ty
19:47 phf it was left behind on the x60, and picking up x60 again reminds me just how nice of machine it is
19:48 asciilifeform phf: it is, innit.
19:48 asciilifeform all but for the lcd
19:48 asciilifeform ( i fucking hate the lcd on that thing )
19:48 asciilifeform and the battery ( i've bought 4 types of replacement, incl. supposedly 'original', none lasted > 6 mo. )
19:49 asciilifeform and none good for >3h when new
19:49 phf right, i basically treat the battery as a ups, i.e. hold it long enough for me to move it from place to place
19:50 asciilifeform i had to actually use it as a battery-powered box on pizarro voyage, and it sucked
19:51 asciilifeform ( mass budget allowed for 2 batteries, and i ended up tossing one right there in BingoBoingostan )
19:53 BingoBoingo asciilifeform: I might have seen it at the feria recently on a table that also had a Macbook Air...
19:55 phf i've traveled with it before, but yeah, i'd turn it off, plug it in somewhere, turn it on. c101pa on the other hand has an insane battery life: i've been running it in pure console mode, and it will last a day or two
19:55 asciilifeform phf: << subj. no mains socket on that roof.
19:55 asciilifeform phf: c101pa would last ~week if power management thing worked...
19:56 asciilifeform BingoBoingo: 'crapple air' suxx ballz, i wrote mine off long ago
19:57 asciilifeform BingoBoingo: on top of crappleism -- actually ~slower~ than x60, and smaller battery, and shit kbd
19:57 BingoBoingo asciilifeform: Likely how it made it to the feria. Feria is powered by dumpster finds and sticky fingers
19:57 asciilifeform and for its cost you can buy 4 or 5 x60
19:59 asciilifeform phf: i drained the battery in ~2h on airplane (putting finishing touches on rk gentoo), then again in the rack (1st usa->orc mains plug brick fell apart) then again on roof...
19:59 phf what's kind of silly and i think mp made that point a while ago, that none of the manufacturers of that vintage attempted to do a swapable battery. a dual battery slot, or a smaller internal battery that would keep the thing powered for ~60 seconds it takes to switch the battery
19:59 asciilifeform phf: thought about soldering a supercap in there
19:59 asciilifeform but not much room
20:00 asciilifeform phf: i have a massive lenovo tank lappy that takes 2 batts. but it was out of the question on acct of mass
20:01 phf gut the x60 chassis, put rk in there, though you're still stuck with the screen
20:01 asciilifeform ( lenovo w540, if anybody cares )
20:01 asciilifeform phf: screen is the big sad
20:02 asciilifeform phf: at one time there were rumours of a ips panel that could be stuffed into x60 and had compatible connector/timings , but afaik it's just that, rumour, i was never able to get close to one
20:03 phf i'm weird in that respect, i don't mind seeing pixels, reminds me of better times as far as computing. i make it extra ugly too, e.g. i run windowmaker, aliased fonts, the works
20:03 asciilifeform mine's on ratpoison, and has iirc 9pix fixed width font.
20:04 phf i forgot do you wear glasses?
20:04 asciilifeform oh yes
20:05 asciilifeform and i suspect the x60 is at least partly answerable for their getting thicker
20:05 phf i have this terminal at 16px :>
20:06 phf i could read 9pix, but fuck that
20:06 asciilifeform if i cant fit 80col , machine aint usable, per my lights
20:08 * asciilifeform would happily pay a coin or 2 for a sane lappy -- <1kg, readable panel, day of battery . but it dun exist.
20:09 asciilifeform even if i finally crack the puzzler of c101pa boot and encuntooation -- thing's palpably small.
20:09 asciilifeform for gurl it'd be ok lappy. but not for folx with full size hands, i suspect
20:10 asciilifeform x60 was just about ideal, if on minimal size, for kbd size.
20:11 phf eink screen, 4:3 aspect ratio, old thinkpad keyboard, 1 week battery life :p
20:11 * BingoBoingo has been surviving on an X120e since before we started calling this thing TMSR
20:11 phf serial port, obviously ethernet, etc.
20:12 asciilifeform phf: incidentally i found that sharp inc makes b&w lcd's that run on 0power when holding picture, and beautiful 100% reflector-powered picture. but their biggest is iirc 4 in. and 336 × 536 .
20:12 BingoBoingo The hands adjust
20:12 asciilifeform LS032B7DD02 .
20:12 asciilifeform i ordered a sample recently , just for the hell of it.
20:14 asciilifeform BingoBoingo: i've got pretty big hands, had to learn '8 fingers' typing on ye olde toshiba libretto back when had it
20:14 BingoBoingo Aha, 8 fingers is part of the trick
20:14 asciilifeform it sucks.
20:15 BingoBoingo I dunno, I think my hands have the stockholm syndrome pretty good on this issue
20:15 asciilifeform i can easily see why mircea_popescu doesn't do lappies, and i wouldn't either if i didn't regularly get meself into adventures that require'em
20:16 asciilifeform esp. pizarro voyages, these will always call for lightest available lappy, erry gram costs.
20:17 * asciilifeform bbl,meat
20:28 mircea_popescu << uterly indefensible choice, "we make lappy with ONE battery". all lappies of all time should have had two. so what if smaller two ? hotswappable!
20:28 a111 Logged on 2018-10-07 23:59 phf: what's kind of silly and i think mp made that point a while ago, that none of the manufacturers of that vintage attempted to do a swapable battery. a dual battery slot, or a smaller internal battery that would keep the thing powered for ~60 seconds it takes to switch the battery
20:28 mircea_popescu but, by the time lappies started, thinking was long out of us process.
20:29 mircea_popescu << afaik, also made this point. why the fuck bother with anything under 16 bold, what, they've won me at poker ?
20:29 a111 Logged on 2018-10-08 00:05 phf: i have this terminal at 16px :>
20:30 mircea_popescu << not mine, wtf. let the kbds adjust.
20:30 a111 Logged on 2018-10-08 00:12 BingoBoingo: The hands adjust
20:31 BingoBoingo At this point, untraining the hands is likely to be a challenge
20:33 BingoBoingo In other local new, Make Brasil Great Again appears to have nearly outright won the presidency. Still waiting on official results, but instead of the 27-30% take he was supposedly polling now it is looking like a 45-50% take
20:36 BingoBoingo But naturally all of the pantsuit flavored publications are painting this as "Candidate Underwhelms By Failing To Avoid Runoff" instead of embarrassing overperformance versus their polls
~ 35 minutes ~
21:11 mircea_popescu o noes, pantsuit wank off by 20% as per usual ?!
21:12 BingoBoingo Looks like it
~ 2 hours 14 minutes ~
23:27 deedbot << Trilema - ffytche
23:33 trinque << this wasn't you calculating the btc value of my auction, was it?
23:33 a111 Logged on 2018-10-07 19:07 mod6: !Qcalc 2000/6100
23:38 trinque << figure's there, just pop a 0. on the front end.
23:38 a111 Logged on 2018-10-05 19:34 BingoBoingo: !QBid 366 310080001
23:39 * trinque just got in from a wedding in rural oklahoma, wasn't bad.
23:40 trinque oh also BingoBoingo, pls to shoot me WU deets again at your convenience.
23:40 trinque << glad to see working it's.. working!
23:40 a111 Logged on 2018-10-07 19:02 mod6: BingoBoingo: Please to bid 76M for hanbot's auction -- between this one and trinque's, we're already half-way there to next month. Not bad!
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