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00:46 awt ugh reloading blatta into my brain has been a bitch.
00:46 asciilifeform how's that
00:47 awt one particular function is almost 100 lines long
00:47 awt loaded with conditional logic
00:48 awt proving very difficult to take apart
00:48 asciilifeform imho would muchly benefit from e.g. cl's clos
00:49 asciilifeform (or similar sane abstraction kit)
00:49 awt it handles every type of message
00:55 awt logic for direct and broadcast messages is substantially different and should be separate
00:56 awt same goes for getdata and ignore messages.
00:57 asciilifeform awt: asciilifeform considering to make current draft into 0xfa, even tho strongly dissatisfied w/ the fork logic
00:57 asciilifeform given asciilifeform's present inability to come up w/ a substantially improved one
00:57 asciilifeform afaik fixed 100% of the obvious gaffes
00:57 asciilifeform ( if not -- plox to write in )
00:58 asciilifeform for ref, current 0xfa draft.
~ 1 hours 11 minutes ~
02:09 TCL-A2 hai shinohai
02:09 TCL-A2 testing blatta from Android phone weechat.
02:10 shinohai ack TCL-A2
~ 15 minutes ~
02:25 shinohai TCL-A2: ping
02:30 TCL-A2 Linux localhost 4.9.190+ #1 SMP PREEMPT Thu Oct 21 09:35:33 CST 2021 armv7l Android
02:32 TCL-A2 hue
~ 2 hours 35 minutes ~
05:07 shinohai NOTICE: test
05:10 shinohai testing pingback
05:19 u0_a185 >.>
05:22 shinohai now to get bot reworked
~ 9 hours 48 minutes ~
15:10 shinohai nn
~ 1 hours 4 minutes ~
16:15 billymg ok, if literally all i do is unpack the 2016 gnat bin (no ./doinstall or anything) and run ldd on the gnatmake that's included, i get missing libraries
16:16 billymg so i only have one question, should those binaries in that linked gnat tarball run on a musl system? i have musl 1.2.2 (perhaps that's the issue, i assume others here are on older versions)
16:17 billymg also my system doesn't have a /lib64 directory, only /lib
16:17 u0_a185 I forgot how I did that billymg lol
16:18 billymg is that you, shinohai?
16:18 billymg i read through all of ave1's old articles on this and i didn't see any mention of this
16:18 shinohai oh hey yeah that's me, im experimenting with blatta from android lol
16:18 billymg nice
16:19 billymg shinohai: but you followed ave1's instructions on a musl-based system, correct?
16:19 u0_a185 Funny in this station I see you as heresay of shinohai billymg, but as self see you as heresay of awt
16:20 shinohai billymg: yup I was using musl profile from eselect, ran `ldconfig` and built fine iirc
16:20 billymg ah, i did neither of those things
16:21 billymg i mean i'm guessing my profile is probably set to musl, but i didn't do the `ldconfig` thing
16:22 billymg `ldconfig`: Updating links is not implemented
16:22 shinohai well fuq
16:22 billymg alright, will google this path and see what i can find
16:23 billymg my profile is set to "default/linux/amd64/17.0/musl/hardened (exp)
16:23 billymg "
16:24 shinohai yeah that should be correct
16:24 * shinohai is terrible about documenting precise recipes for things like this ......
16:27 billymg i mean it sounds like i'm just in a weird state, i'm sure if you or others had run into the 2016 gnat bootstrap bins simply *not working* it would've been mentioned somewhere
16:28 billymg probably cause i started from a bleeding edge 2022 stage3 tarball
16:28 billymg probably cause i started from a bleeding edge 2022 stage3 tarball
16:28 billymg and somewhere something broke along the way
16:30 * shinohai hangs head because using glibc on daily driver atm ....
16:39 u0_a185 >testing greentext in weechat
16:41 asciilifeform shinohai: fwiw asciilifeform currently only has traditional glibc boxen
16:41 asciilifeform (it's what 'dulap gentoo')
16:42 * asciilifeform so far only has muslism in individual proggies, e.g. trb, ffa builds
16:42 shinohai I have a chroot with signpost 's cuntoo from times past still
16:42 shinohai and an experimental profile of own, but nothing to write about
16:52 billymg i probably should've made this a glibc system
~ 22 minutes ~
17:14 shinohai $dice
17:16 shinohai .dice
17:19 shinohai .dice
17:19 u0_a185 6
17:19 shinohai .dice
17:19 u0_a185 1
17:19 shinohai \o/
17:24 shinohai $vwap
17:37 awt Anyone know how to remap right alt to ctrl in X?
17:44 asciilifeform xbindkeys
17:53 shinohai .vwap
17:53 u0_a185 The 24-Hour VWAP for BTC is $ 37917.30 USD
17:53 shinohai >.>
~ 17 minutes ~
18:11 billymg awt: i use xmodmap, with this in .Xmodmap:
18:12 billymg and then `[[ -f ~/.Xmodmap ]] && xmodmap ~/.Xmodmap` inside .xinitrc to load it when xorg starts
~ 43 minutes ~
18:55 awt asciilifeform: xbindkeys only seems to map keys to commands
18:59 awt asciilifeform: not sure how to handle versioning of blatta. I've been releasing incomplete implementations so far, which seems to have been useful.
19:00 awt But that leaves me unsure as to what version of pest I should report in the packets
19:00 awt and also how to handle version differences
19:08 billymg awt: yeah, i use xbindkeys for mapping some of my function keys to things like screen brightness
19:08 billymg the xmodmap thing works for remapping caps to control though
~ 1 hours 6 minutes ~
20:15 asciilifeform oh hm, didn't realize it couldn't remap alt
20:15 asciilifeform awt: btw if we go with this, defo will need to reject packets from >0xfa (breaks format)
20:15 * asciilifeform still waiting for comments re proposed algo before writing it up
20:22 asciilifeform awt: in general, the Right Thing re ver. to report is 'whichever ver. of spec nominally conforms to' i.e. w/out barfing
20:22 asciilifeform version only becomes 'playing character' when actually breaking the format (as asciilifeform proposed today)
~ 2 hours 25 minutes ~
22:47 signpost shinohai: grunting out this next one before long, just taking the time to do it right.
22:48 signpost fuck was I infurated at the "hurrr hanbot can't run this, trash" after months of putting cuntoo together.
22:48 signpost dunno what I expected.
22:49 * signpost has vpatches for src and separate vpatches for musl compatibility for the items going into "pentacle"
22:49 signpost incidentally still haven't named the thing to my satisfaction, ended up "pentacle" because asciilifeform noticed the ansi art in a readme of early cut.
22:50 signpost farting around with a segfault in the flex build, details here
22:56 * asciilifeform thinks 'pentacle' is a mighty fine title
22:56 asciilifeform 1337666
22:58 asciilifeform << to asciilifeform loox like a 'smoking gun' gcc5ism (but unsurprisingly author dun fess up to it)
22:58 bitbot Logged on 2022-01-26 22:50:27 signpost[asciilifeform]: farting around with a segfault in the flex build, details here
22:59 asciilifeform ( see also similar !)
23:02 asciilifeform << heh, but wasn't infuriated when asciilifeform was stumped in attempt to replicate..?
23:02 bitbot Logged on 2022-01-26 22:48:32 signpost[asciilifeform|billymg]: fuck was I infurated at the "hurrr hanbot can't run this, trash" after months of putting cuntoo together.
23:02 * asciilifeform iirc couldn't make it go on (what was to turn into) dulap-gentoo, ran into debianisms
23:03 * asciilifeform didn't have a debian box handy, went to bake one but ran outta cycles
23:03 signpost alrighty, will keep pentacle.
23:04 asciilifeform this is a perennial plague btw that is quite difficult to escape -- even asciilifeform's 'rotor' iirc still bombs on some boxes, and not erryone got to the bottom of just why
23:04 signpost asciilifeform: cuntoo script wasn't debian-based, but I did add a dulap bootstrap script for ya on pentacle.
23:05 signpost environment variable leakage seems to have been one significant source of non-determinism in my latest item.
23:05 signpost fixed all by reinvoking the scripts with env -i at top.
23:05 asciilifeform ( the 'how the fuck do we get a repeatable environment on all boxen' thing was why asciilifeform ended up doing the 'M' experiment )
23:05 signpost indeed, M's this in the limit.
23:06 * signpost atm drinking in the airport, otw back from new england excursion.
23:06 asciilifeform even 'M' relies on sitting on x64 box w/ a linux from some time in last 15y or so
23:06 asciilifeform signpost: oh yea iirc you were terraforming a pad in ne ?
23:07 signpost yeah, haven't yet encountered an oddball problem with a statically compiled binary on any linuxen I use.
23:07 signpost asciilifeform: still scouting a spot
23:07 asciilifeform a.
23:07 signpost likely to be new hampshire woods, quite enjoy them.
23:08 signpost cheap enough acreage, and quick drive to higher elevation for proper snow.
23:08 asciilifeform sounds a++
23:08 signpost how are you finding your new place?
23:09 asciilifeform signpost: still not moved in, slowly terraforming , almost '1 anchor bolt at a time'
23:09 asciilifeform e.g.
23:10 asciilifeform still gotta bolt ^ down, get the fiber in, various similar chores
23:11 * signpost definitely emplacing a rack in the new place once acquired too.
23:11 * asciilifeform had lulzy chat w/ local telco re 'biznis fiber'
23:11 asciilifeform 'yes you can get static ip! it'll only cost 2.5x yer current rate!'
23:12 * asciilifeform has this conv ~erry yr, lol
23:12 signpost "yes but what about dhcp with infinite lease?" (crickets)
23:12 signpost no idea why they're precious about this
23:12 asciilifeform that's what asciilifeform has nao
23:13 asciilifeform 'infinite', dies when they change battery in their rack by the train station
23:13 asciilifeform 1-2x/y
23:14 asciilifeform ... or on no less than 2 occasions, when the psu in the fibertron they issued, gave up its bluesmoke
23:15 asciilifeform monkey:'it must've been ac spike' asciilifeform:'mno, it's on this-here doubleconverting clean sine psu, and the other gear's happy'
23:16 asciilifeform if the 'biznis' subscr. at least came w/ a spare fibertron, might take it. as it is, only offers some promisetronium re 'same-day repair'
23:16 asciilifeform (that, and, promisetronically, +5 vorpal packet priority, and static)
23:17 asciilifeform is actually 3x cheaper to subscribe to local cable shithole as fallback
23:17 signpost can't bring own gear with these? (only ever used the ISPs fiber box myself, but often use own cable modem)
23:17 signpost incidentally looks like there's a fiber ISP where I'm headed in south NH, lovely.
23:18 asciilifeform signpost: own router, but the optic terminal is theirs (ethernet-to-glass thing)
23:18 signpost yeah, I figure anything I'll be hosting at home, I'll just do the pirate-bay-style proxy from w/e boxen outside
23:18 signpost ah
23:18 asciilifeform afaik this is typical
23:20 * asciilifeform laying pipe to at least bring the fiber into machine room, tired of the nonsense where by default the fibertron mounted on exterior and gets rain, ice, wasp nests in it
23:20 * asciilifeform opens, in spring, 'zzzz'
23:22 asciilifeform last yr 1 burned out, tech brings new one, tears guts outta old, shoves in a box the size of 'pogo', duct tapes in. asciilifeform:'can get rack ears for this?' d00d:'what are those'
23:23 asciilifeform at least they stopped asking 'where's yer tv coax'
23:25 asciilifeform signpost: asciilifeform investigated, and lulzily seems that most 'biz' subscribers in 'human' streets are folx who were exiled into it from overeating mystery bw quota. but oddly enuff asciilifeform not stepped on this mine just yet
23:25 asciilifeform (if yer in a 'biz' tower, they won't even give 'human' subsc.)
23:26 asciilifeform nfi what you gotta do to overeat; e.g. asciilifeform regularly backs up multi-TB turds offsite & not eaten
23:27 signpost yeah, I figure by now they're overrun with dorks torrenting from the obvious sources, anyone with even remotely unconventional bit-sources aren't worth chasing.
23:27 asciilifeform may depend on the 'oversoldness' of yer particular sector (the upstream cabinet gets e.g. fixed 10g/s pipe, this in turn sat on by n streets)
23:27 signpost "load" here is bitching from w/e copyright enforcement firms, not necessarily bw
23:28 asciilifeform ^ oddly enuff not encountered to date
23:28 * signpost gets about 980mbps consistently from coax in austin
23:29 asciilifeform hypothetically similar here, tho the dusty old apu1/pfsense maxes out in 700s
23:29 signpost (after new line ran to house; old was conducting partially through the bracket holding wire to the fence before)
23:29 signpost 650mbps through nail!
23:29 asciilifeform notbad
23:29 asciilifeform then again a ground is a ground
23:30 * signpost running apu2 router on your recommendation
23:30 signpost great box
23:30 asciilifeform great from asciilifeform's pov, but wouldn't hurt if could go over ~700, or at least not run at 65c
23:30 asciilifeform by far warmest clothes iron in asciilifeform's rack atm
23:31 asciilifeform (core atm at ~87c)
23:31 signpost I might've gotten a later variant, pulling that 980 through him
23:31 signpost not sure, could also be doing less packet fiddling
23:31 asciilifeform pfsense?
23:31 signpost pretty simple iptables setup
23:31 asciilifeform a
23:32 * asciilifeform might replace w/ e.g. garden variety netbsd in new one
23:33 * asciilifeform annoyed that to this day one can't buy an 'iron' router (i.e. w/ accel. nics) + clean linux
23:33 asciilifeform or at any rate not in a 'fanless brick' shape
23:35 signpost not terribly surprised that all of these are corrupted with cloudware, suspect chips, or etc., either by design or by way of fallen culture.
23:35 asciilifeform ^ would be pretty handy basis for 'iron pestron', incidentally
23:36 asciilifeform signpost: can buy 'iron router' so 'plentiful can eat with arse', but 0 afaik w/ clean support in (mainline or otherwise) kernel, hence shitware
23:37 asciilifeform (concretely referring to 'not just nic, but can offload packet munging from cpu to this-here fpga' items)
23:37 * signpost even bought a domain with the idea of doing sane router kits with cuntoo derivative.
23:38 asciilifeform on heavy enuff (fan-blown) irons, entirely doable
23:38 asciilifeform on apu1 will go like asciilifeform's pfsense goes
23:38 signpost but didn't figure the market depth was there
23:39 signpost neckbeards that might otherwise be customers seem to have huge boners for mikrotik and ubiquiti
23:39 * asciilifeform learned on own skin 'depth of markets' for sane irons
23:40 signpost yep indeed.
23:40 * asciilifeform could be persuaded to piss on that 1000volt rail again, but would take sumthing actually persuasive
23:41 * signpost also open to future developments if worth it.
23:42 asciilifeform atm asciilifeform can't picture what this'd look like, fwiw
23:43 asciilifeform upfront cost of making even FG today would be prolly in 'mid mercedes' range.
23:43 asciilifeform (i.e. for 1st board!)
23:44 signpost when I'm done tilting at the "motherfuckers I will have an operating system where I can read all the parts in one lifetime that runs on obtainable iron", will grunt at w/e is the next most useful thing.
23:45 asciilifeform aand that's with 'oh hey you want smt resistors? they'll get in q3 of 2023 maybe'
23:45 signpost quite interested in the pestnet wareztron.
23:45 asciilifeform luckily bakeable outta shelf irons
23:46 * signpost bbl, hopping in the flugentube
23:46 asciilifeform laters
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