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13:56 billymg ah, there it is
13:56 shinohai Buenas dias billymg
13:57 billymg blatta server went down overnight so hard to restart that. now running with --debug
13:57 billymg morning shinohai
13:57 billymg had* to restart
13:57 shinohai Mine crashed too billymg .... got some spambot sending out GET requests to open ports.
13:58 * shinohai will save stacktrace next time, wasn't thinking before coffee this a.m.
13:58 shinohai $ticker btc usd
14:01 billymg busybot napping?
14:02 shinohai nah I see the price, did you not get the response?
14:02 billymg no, no response here or for bitbot
14:02 shinohai hmmmm
14:02 shinohai I saw bitbot join
14:05 awt I see the response
14:06 billymg oh, btw, now that i have debug logs, PeterL i'm seeing some "rejected black packet with bad signature for G9qAwv", they key i have for you
14:06 billymg the*
14:07 awt billymg: that doesn't mean much - just means you prolly got a packt from someone else. It's possibly that all keys are tried before a match is found.
14:07 billymg ah ok
14:08 awt Reposting some stuff from earlier since the logger was down:
14:08 awt Regarding the cpu pegging issue, the original code passed a value of 10 as the timeout parameter to select:
14:09 awt I at some point changed that to 0 - not sure why exactly, possibly because I noticed some delays in receiving or sending.
14:09 awt
14:12 awt I think to debug these issues were certain people are not seeing certain messages I will add logging of outgoing packet with associated handle and ip/port.
14:13 awt *where. jesus typo city this morning.
14:14 awt Also, plox to report bugs on article on that corresponds to the version you're using.
14:15 awt Having trouble keeping track of them all
14:15 billymg awt: will do re: bug reporting
14:16 billymg $ticker btc usd
14:17 awt *
14:18 billymg << my bot and i still can't see the response (i tried adding busybot as a peer)
14:18 bitbot Logged on 2021-11-10 14:16:51 billymg: $ticker btc usd
14:18 awt lol billymg busybot can't see you either
14:18 billymg ah, no response?
14:18 awt yes, no response
14:19 awt would be intersting to know exactly how i and shinohai are seeing your messages
14:20 billymg do you see bitbot's messages too?
14:20 awt billymg: I do
14:20 billymg yeah, weird
14:20 awt $ticker btc usd
14:20 awt and it responds to my commands
14:20 awt Price is 68.6k btw
14:20 shinohai im not seeing bitbot messages :/
14:21 billymg d'oh
14:21 billymg haha
14:21 awt I don't see anything from bitbot. What's a command I can try?
14:22 awt billymg: one thing you could try is blowing away your db and adding methodically adding back in keys to see what you can see using which
14:23 billymg !. uptime
14:23 bitbot billymg: time since my last reconnect : 0d 0h 30m
14:23 billymg nothing?
14:24 awt !. uptime
14:24 bitbot awt: time since my last reconnect : 0d 0h 31m
14:24 billymg ah, that worked for me, i see his response to your command
14:24 awt I saw it too
14:25 billymg ok i'll try purging/repopulating the db later
14:29 awt Should be easier to debug things once I get proper hearsay reporting working
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