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anotheruser: Guten abend
anotheruser: Is there anybody out there?
whaack: anotheruser: i'm here now
anotheruser: whaak: Is this whaack who lives in Costa Rica?
whaack: yessir
whaack: anotheruser: I actually responded to your question before, idk if you saw but there are logs here
sourcerer: 2021-05-26 14:05:26 (#jwrd) cai: hello
anotheruser: whaak: Are you still disconfiguring people's mouse settings?
whaack: disconfiguring people's mouse settings?? Am I forgetting something we talked about?
anotheruser: whaak: I didn't see your response. This is my first experience using irc/yrc so I am still learning.
whaack: cool, happy to help :)
anotheruser: whaak: This is Chad. We met here in Panama, right?
whaack: yup I remember, I was there for your presentation on music theory
whaack: how's composing going?
anotheruser: To my uunderstading, upi said that one of your first adventures in high school was disconfiguring mouse settings to confuse users.
anotheruser: you said*
anotheruser: composing is going well. I am making progress, step by step
anotheruser: How about you? What are you working on these days?
whaack: I'm working on a bitcoin block explorer, and through that I've been trying to get a grasp on the mathematics behind various functions used in the bitcoin protocol
whaack: anotheruser: i have a demo bot in my channel #whaacked
bitdashbot: (whaacked) 2021-05-27 whaack: !e view-block 199384
whaack: anotheruser: hm no only mischief I can remember that is close to messing with mouse settings was a failed attempt to make an aimbot for halo 1
anotheruser: Interesting. I will check it out the demo. Since there are other block explorers out there, what do you hope to achieve by creating a new one?
whaack: anotheruser: I have a short article that answers your question pretty directly
anotheruser: Alright!
whaack: anotheruser: Do you have anything you've composed that you can share? And are you composing for a specific instrument or for an ensemble / orchestra?
whaack: I've been studying the classical guitar regularly, although I've taken a break the past two weeks because I've developed some strain in my wrists.
whaack: anotheruser: Also are you using yrc or another client atm? It may be a good time to figure out some questions you have with yrc
anotheruser: I am having difficulty viewing the demo. What format is the demo in?
whaack: anotheruser: First you have to join the channel #whaacked
whaack: with /join #whaacked
anotheruser: gotcha
whaack: (the interface is through irc, if that wasn't clear)
anotheruser: I love learning new information and asking kindergardern questions
anotheruser: kindergardener
anotheruser: Alright. Gotcha
anotheruser: I am glad to hear that have continued studying classical guitar. I hope to hear you in the new future.
anotheruser: And taking breaks can be good thing sometimes.
anotheruser: On my side, yes, I have alternated my focus between learning a DAW and Music Theory.
whaack: what's a DAW?
anotheruser: Digital Audio Workstation
anotheruser: Due to my specific situation, I have decided to learn a DAW and write electronic music, too.
anotheruser: I have some finished songs but I prefer to share one with you that I finished a few days ago.
whaack: awesome
anotheruser: However, I need to master before sharing it. I will share it with you in a week or two. I have noticed that it is better to wait a few weeks before sharing music because I always end of hearing some small thing in the song that I want to change.
anotheruser: always end up*
whaack: alright I'll be here heh
anotheruser: I need to get back to work! Talk to you soon. I am connected here now. I will also join your channel
whaack: anotheruser: sounds good, enjoy
anotheruser: You too
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