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00:27 asciilifeform << another famous example: film 'home alone'
00:27 snsabot Logged on 2021-06-06 19:15:23 billymg: think of the beginning of GTA IV. if you're not played, it's where niko's cousin is telling him about how great life is in america. the women, the cars, etc. niko comes to finally meet him and discovers he's living in a run down apartment next to train tracks in brooklyn
00:35 billymg asciilifeform: i think i started noticing it in movies in my late teen years / early 20s. as a kid always thought "oh, yeah, that's normal middle class just like me" -- then later, "hey wait a minute, that's a reallyyyy big yard, and what zip code is this supposed to be?"
00:35 asciilifeform aaha. iirc the house in 'home alone' was already worth coupla $mil at the time of the filming.
00:36 billymg asciilifeform: wasn't even referring to that movie specifically, just all of them
00:36 asciilifeform (yet presented as 'middle class'; or where the father of the protagonist buys tickets to fr for his + friend's entire family.. )
00:36 asciilifeform billymg: right, simply this one is perhaps most discussed example in orcistan (where folx very muchly aware of the fraud)
00:37 asciilifeform in 1990s folx went overseas, but pretended over phone to have 'made it'. by now many came back; and many others have went and seen for selves what 'america'(tm)(r)(c) actually looks like
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16:34 thimbronion billymg: that makes sense.
16:34 thimbronion welcome thestringpuller
16:35 thimbronion BTW The 13th Warrior is a great action film.
16:36 thimbronion Great portrayal of the battle between the invading Indo-aryans and the aboriginal Europeans.
16:40 billymg thimbronion: nice, been looking for new movies lately (released prior to 2010)
16:40 thimbronion billymg: I've been watching nearly all of the movies mp has been reviewing.
16:41 thimbronion Which do not include the above, btw.
16:42 billymg will look there too then
16:50 billymg thimbronion: how was the conference?
16:52 billymg the el salvador thing is interesting
16:52 thimbronion billymg: I didn't actually attend much of it honestly. Just a few talks of the morning session on the 2nd day, including a talks by Tony Hawk and a panel Preston Pysh.
16:52 billymg especially for me with its proximity to cr
16:52 thimbronion billymg: same. I'm in CR rn btw.
16:52 billymg ah cool, only san jose again?
16:53 thimbronion Probably yeah.
16:53 thimbronion Don't feel like blowing a bunch of money on a hotel just now.
16:53 billymg i'll probably be due for a trip down there soon again
16:53 billymg yeah, makes sense
16:54 * asciilifeform has never been to a 'bitcoinism' convention etc. other than mp-2 and -3
16:54 asciilifeform anything even theoretically interesting at these?
16:54 thimbronion asciilifeform: It's a good snapshot of the state of the scene.
16:55 thimbronion If that sort of thing interests you.
16:55 billymg thimbronion: i saw on twatter from paraguay's president something that hinted they may follow el savlador's lead
16:55 thimbronion Which I suspect not since the scene now is all about lightning and taproot.
16:55 asciilifeform thimbronion: historically 'scene' had ~0 to do with any aspec of bitcoin asciilifeform at any pt found of interest
16:55 billymg hopefully it becomes a trend in central/south america
16:55 asciilifeform *aspect
16:55 thimbronion billymg: I saw that too. Wai no Uruguay?
16:55 asciilifeform billymg: what happened in salvador?
16:56 billymg asciilifeform:
16:57 asciilifeform rright, but what does this 'do' ?
16:58 billymg asciilifeform: see also
16:59 billymg well, nothing if you're tagged inmate of the US (where required to pay tax until your dead no matter where you live)
16:59 billymg but others could move there and spend their stash without triggering taxes
16:59 billymg you're a*
16:59 asciilifeform spend on what, though. orc pesos ?
16:59 thimbronion asciilifeform: No cap gains tax, allows financial infrastructure to be built on top of btc. Idea is to leapfrog shit like ach transfers and sepa.
17:00 billymg asciilifeform: a nice house and chica to go with it, idk
17:00 billymg asciilifeform: over time their country develops, cheese selection in grocery stores gets better
17:00 billymg at least in theory
17:00 thimbronion i.e. everyone has ipnoes, but 70% don't havea a bank account.
17:00 asciilifeform how many btc for passport?
17:01 billymg asciilifeform: afaik not mentioned
17:01 asciilifeform aite.
17:02 thimbronion I will have to do a trip to El Salvador soon. Been planning to go to Nicaragua as well.
17:03 billymg thimbronion: i would like to, but i'm also content in staying put as long as the noserape is required
17:03 * thimbronion tears up thinking about it
17:04 * billymg waiting for guide on trilema of how to avoid, but likely reduces to one step: be mp
17:04 asciilifeform 1) travel by uboat
17:07 asciilifeform re salvador -- would be 10x moar interesting if their fuhrer were to also announce withdrawal from any and all tax stoolie treaties w/ usg
17:08 * asciilifeform 'not holding breath' for this or any similar
17:09 thimbronion Will be interesting to see how USG attempts to characterize 39 y/o hipster as the next Saddam.
17:10 thimbronion I mean I guess he is middle eastern so there's that...
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