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11:37 asciilifeform oh hey fixed the glyph in the earlier item ? what was the underlying bug ?
11:37 snsabot Logged on 2020-09-20 22:12:47 lekythion: Lekythion Search Bot Source « Thimbron
11:37 snsabot Logged on 2020-09-20 14:44:24 lekythion: Lekythion Search Bot Source �� Thimbron
~ 37 minutes ~
12:15 thimbronion asciilifeform: My understanding of the issue is fuzzy, but I had to explicitly specify the encoding as UTF-8 when rendering strings, which I guess implies the default encoding is not that.
12:15 asciilifeform a. was curious what the default was.
12:18 thimbronion When I get the chance I will do a little debugging and see what the original encoding was.
12:19 asciilifeform thimbronion: ty. and lemme know if again notice unibarf artifacts in log. ( tho i'm quite certain all encodings that actually occur on reasonably-configured box in fact render properly -- could be wrong )
12:21 asciilifeform thimbronion: is most chinesium utf8-compat.? (afaik -- is, all of the examples i've dug up from old logs appear to render)
12:24 thimbronion asciilifeform: Most of the chinesium I see is in either the browser or on a mobile device. I haven't ever had to select some weird encoding from the view menu (or wherever it was) in many years, so I suspect yes.
12:24 asciilifeform aite.
~ 17 minutes ~
12:41 thimbronion adlai: this is the origin of, which is still very much a work in progress:
~ 1 hours 5 minutes ~
13:47 thimbronion !s junger
13:47 lekythion 8 results
13:47 lekythion
13:47 lekythion Bernstein v. United States
13:47 lekythion D. J. Bernstein Bernstein v. United States Introduction Internet security Summary of the regulations Summary of the case status...
13:47 lekythion ...includes information on Karn and *Junger*, two court cases similar...
13:47 lekythion
13:47 lekythion Das Lied vom Deutschen U-Boot Mann / Wer hat auf dieser Erde free midi mp3 download Strand Hotel Sechelt bed breakfast
13:47 lekythion der Blockade an. Ja denkste *junger* Mann, wie man sich täuschen...
13:47 lekythion ...einfach kaufen kann. Ja denkste *junger* Mann, wie man sich täuschen...
13:47 lekythion ...ihn retten kann. Ja denkste *junger* Mann, wie man sich täuschen kann...
13:47 lekythion All results can be found at
13:48 thimbronion adlai: The index is fully built as of now. Still not sure how it was deleted last time, but I'll be making a backup.
13:49 thimbronion !s poettering
13:49 lekythion 100 results
13:49 lekythion
13:49 lekythion SystemD's Poettering Wants To Break Linux User Management To Suspend His Laptop | Qntra
13:49 lekythion SystemD wrecking artist Lennart *Poettering* has proposed a substantial...
13:49 lekythion ...ssh authentication. Typical of *Poettering* efforts this latest...
13:49 lekythion ...purely constructed dilemmas, like *Poettering's* supposed aversion...
13:49 lekythion
13:49 lekythion Lennart Poettering on systemd’s Tumultuous Ascendancy – The New Stack
13:49 lekythion ...Development / Open Source Lennart *Poettering* on systemd’s...
13:49 lekythion ...sense to me.” — Lennart *Poettering* In part, *Poettering* wrote...
13:49 lekythion ...bullshit thing.” — Lennart *Poettering* *Poettering*, as usual...
13:49 lekythion All results can be found at
~ 5 hours 36 minutes ~
19:26 adlai !s aletheometry
19:26 lekythion 0 results
19:26 adlai !s golden AND compass
19:26 lekythion 22 results
19:26 lekythion
19:26 lekythion Potato Salad: By the Numbers — Kickstarter KickstarterLine iconalert iconArtboard Copy 8arrow-down iconarrow-downarrow-left iconarrow-leftarrow-point-left iconFill 1 Copy 5arrow-point-right iconFill 1arrow-right iconarrow-rightarrow-up-right iconicon--arrow-up-right copybanner iconRectangle 2bar-chart iconArtboard Copy 6bell iconCombined Shape Copy 5book iconArtboard Copy 3bookmark iconFill 1brand-assets iconArtboard Copy 13cart ...
19:26 lekythion ... iconArtboard Copy 4chat iconchatcheck iconFill 1 Copy 6circle-back iconFill 1 Copy 13circle-forward iconFill 1 Copy 16circle-k iconcircle-kcircle-left iconcircle-leftcircle-right iconcircle-rightclipboard iconArtboard Copy 12clock iconCombined Shapeclose iconcloseclosed-caption iconFill 1compass iconCombined Shape Copy 2conversion iconconversiondelta-down iconFill 1delta-left icondelta-right iconFill 1delta-up iconFill 1duplicate ...
19:26 lekythion ... iconduplicateembed iconCombined Shape Copy 6eye iconCombined Shape Copy 12facebook-contained iconFacebook Containedfacebook iconFacebook logoflag iconFill 1 Copy 3gear iconFill 1 Copy 14global-africa iconFill 1 Copy 9global-america iconFill 1 Copy 10global-asia ic
19:26 lekythion ... iconicon--alerticon--arrow-down iconicon--arrow-downicon--arrow-left iconicon--arrow-lefticon--arrow-right iconicon--arrow-righticon--arrow-up-right iconicon--arrow-up-righticon--arrow-up iconicon--arrow-upicon--backer-badge iconicon--backer-badgeicon--bell iconicon--bellicon--bolt iconicon--bolticon--bookmark-outline iconicon--bookmark-outlineicon--bookmark iconicon--bookmarkicon--calculator iconicon--calculatoricon--calendar-check ...
19:26 lekythion ... iconicon--calendar-checkicon--calendar iconicon--calendaricon--campaign-outline iconicon--campaign-outlineicon--check iconicon--checkicon--chevron-down iconicon--chevron-downicon--chevron-left iconicon--chevron-lefticon--chevron-right iconicon--chevron-righticon--chevron-up iconicon--chevron-upicon--circle-around iconicon--circle-aroundicon--circle-back iconicon--circle-backicon--circle-forward iconicon--circle-forwardicon--circle-loader ...
19:26 lekythion ... iconPage 1icon--circle iconicon--clipboard iconicon--clipboardicon--clock iconicon--clockicon--closed-caption iconicon--closed-captionicon--code iconicon--codeicon--collapse iconicon--collapseicon--commissions iconicon--commissionsicon--compass iconicon--compassicon--confirmation iconicon--confirmationicon--conversion iconicon-conversionicon--cpu iconicon--curve-right iconicon--curve-righticon--cross iconicon--crossicon--delta-down ...
19:26 lekythion ... iconicon--delta-downicon--delta-left iconicon--delta-lefticon--delta-right iconicon--delta-righticon--delta-up iconicon--delta-upicon--download iconicon--downloadicon--ellipsis iconicon--expand iconicon--expandicon--external iconicon--externalicon--eye iconicon--eyeicon--facebook iconicon--facebookicon--filter iconicon--filtericon--flag iconicon--flagicon--frown-filled iconicon--frown iconicon--gear iconicon--gearicon--globe-africa ...
19:26 lekythion ... iconicon--globe-africaicon--globe-america iconicon--globe-americaicon--globe-asia iconicon--globe-asiaicon--graph-bar iconicon--graph-baricon--graph-line iconicon--graph-lineicon--happy-filled iconicon--happy iconicon--heart-outline iconicon--heart outlineicon--heart-thin-outline iconFill 1icon--heart iconicon--hearticon--home iconicon--homeicon--home-with-door iconicon--human iconicon--humanicon--humans iconicon--humansicon--image ...
19:26 lekythion ... iconicon--imageicon--inbox iconicon--inboxicon--info iconicon--infoicon--instagram iconicon/instagramicon--lightbulb iconicon--lightbulbicon--link iconicon--linkicon--lock-black-bg iconlock-iconicon--lock iconicon--lockicon--mail iconicon--mailicon--meh-filled iconicon--meh iconicon--menu iconicon--menuicon--message iconicon--messageicon--mobile iconicon--mobileicon--overflow iconicon--overflowicon--pause iconicon--pauseicon--pencil ...
19:26 lekythion ... iconicon--pencilicon--pin iconicon--pinicon--pinterest iconicon--pinteresticon--play iconicon--playicon--plus-human iconicon--plus-humanicon--plus iconicon--plusicon--prohibit iconicon--prohibiticon--project-budget iconicon--pull-quote iconicon--pull-quoteicon--question-filled iconicon--question-filledicon--question iconicon--questionicon--reorder iconicon-reordericon--reply iconicon--replyicon--save iconicon--saveicon--saved ...
19:26 lekythion ... iconicon--savedicon--search iconicon--searchicon--section-break iconicon--section-breakicon--small-k iconicon--sound-hi iconicon--sound-hiicon--sound-lo iconicon--sound-loicon--sound-mute iconicon--sound-muteicon--star-outline iconStar Outlineicon--star iconicon--staricon--subtitles-captions iconicon--subtitles-captionsicon--text-bold iconicon--text-boldicon--text-bullet iconicon--text-bulleticon--text-italic ...
19:26 lekythion ... iconicon--text-italicicon--textalign-centered iconicon--textalign-centeredicon--textalign-right iconicon--textalign-righticon--thumbs-down iconicon--thumbs-downicon--thumbs-up iconicon--thumbs-upicon--thumbsdown-outline iconicon--thumbsdown-outlineicon--thumbsup-outline iconicon--thumbsup-outlineicon--trash iconicon--trashicon--tumblr iconicon--tumblricon--twitter iconicon--twittericon--unlink iconArtboardicon--unlock ...
19:26 lekythion ... iconicon--unlockicon--update-freeform-round iconicon--update-freeform-roundicon--update-freeform iconicon--update-freeformicon--update-pinned iconArtboardicon--update-qa-round iconicon--update-qa-roundicon--update-qa iconicon--update-qaicon--upload iconicon--uploadicon--video iconicon--videoicon--youtube iconicon--youtubeicon-imagealign-center iconicon-imagealign-centericon-imagealign-left iconicon-imagealign-lefticon-imagealign-right ...
19:26 lekythion ... iconicon-imagealign-rightinfo iconCombined Shape Copyinstagram iconinstagram copykickstarter iconArtboard Copy 5leaf iconleaflightbulb iconicon--lightbulblink iconCombined Shape Copy 8loading-spin iconlock iconCombined Shape Copy 4mail iconCombined Shapemap-pin iconFill 1menu iconGroupmessage iconFill 1 Copy 12mobile iconPage 1 Copy 2pause iconpause copypencil iconCombined Shape Copy 3pin iconCombined Shape Copy 11pinterest ...
19:26 lekythion ... iconpinterestplay iconplay copyplus-human iconicon--plus-humanplus iconFill 1 Copy 7question iconCombined Shape Copy 14search iconFill 1 Copy 11shapeshift iconshare iconFill 1 Copyslash iconsolid-arrow iconsolid-arrowsound-hi iconCombined Shapesound-lo iconCombined Shapesound-mute iconCombined Shapestar iconFill 1 Copy 2stopwatch iconGroup 2thumbs-up iconShapetools iconShapetrash iconCombined Shapetumblr icontumblr copytwitter icontwitter ...
19:26 lekythion ... copyuser iconArtboard Copy 10volume-up iconArtboard Copy 9warning iconCombined Shape Copy 10write iconArtboard Copy 11x iconFill 1 Copy 4youtube iconCombined Shape
19:26 lekythion ...keeps doing that, everything is *golden*. Besides, it was *my* $25...
19:26 lekythion ...close closed-caption icon Fill 1 *compass* icon Combined Shape Copy 2...
19:26 lekythion ...icon--commissions icon--*compass* icon icon--*compass* icon--confirmation...
19:26 lekythion
19:26 lekythion Group On Voucher Settlement - We set you thinking
19:26 lekythion project. The *Golden* *Compass* The *Golden* *Compass* is the latest...
19:26 lekythion ...prominently in the story, The *Golden* *Compass* is a passable adventure...
19:26 lekythion ...great future in film. The *Golden* *Compass* ends with an obvious intro...
19:26 lekythion All results can be found at
19:28 adlai !s aletheometer
19:28 lekythion 0 results
19:28 adlai !s "electric sheep"
19:28 lekythion 4 results
19:28 lekythion
19:28 lekythion Mondo 2000 - Issue 03 : Mondo 2000 : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet ArchiveInternet Archive logoSearch iconSearch iconUpload iconUser iconWeb iconTexts iconVideo iconAudio iconSoftware iconImages iconDonate iconEllipses iconHamburger iconDonate icon
19:28 lekythion Skip to main content See what's new with book lending at the Internet Archive Internet Archive logo A line drawing of the Internet Archive...
19:28 lekythion ...Nick HerbertDo G-men Dream of *Electric Sheep*? - R. U. Sirius & George...
19:28 lekythion
19:28 lekythion The Guy I Almost Was | Graphic Novel by Patrick Sean Farley
19:28 lekythion The Guy I Almost Was Loading images... Chapter 1: If This Van's a-Rockin' Don't Bother Knockin' Friday Night, October 1978 This much I knew...
19:28 lekythion ...Farley First published in *Electric Sheep* Comix, October 1998. Revised...
19:28 lekythion All results can be found at
19:29 * adlai wonders where, between 'one line of icon spam' and 'screenfull of wwwwhatthefuck', is a plausible cutoff
19:30 adlai !s sheeple
19:30 lekythion 59 results
19:30 lekythion
19:30 lekythion Sex in the city of sheeple on Trilema - A blog by Mircea Popescu.
19:30 lekythion
19:30 lekythion Idiots and socialists kill people. Armed citizens save lives. on Trilema - A blog by Mircea Popescu.
19:30 lekythion Simple story : dumbass goes into movie theater looking for his girlfriend. He doesn't find her, so he pulls a gun and starts firing...
19:30 lekythion place filled with no-gun *sheeple*, some other idiot butchered...
19:30 lekythion All results can be found at
19:35 adlai eh, I guess that one is a little unfair, since the software in question is nearly linkrot to death, and it is perhaps unreasonable to expect the crawler to detect that a redirect is not malicious.
~ 23 minutes ~
19:59 thimbronion adlai: there is a huge amount of linkrot.
20:00 thimbronion and has blocked my crawler.
20:06 adlai after retrospect, I am mildly surprised that a github repository showed up so high for that query... although the precise mistake is quite amusing
20:11 thimbronion adlai: this is the query syntax:
20:12 thimbronion The url field is called host, I think - don't remember atm
20:14 adlai for 'WoT search', that might be less relevant than 'boosting', or deprecating, the promoter
20:15 thimbronion adlai: hm yes - indeed.
~ 22 minutes ~
20:37 * adlai is unsure how orthogonal that is, to , and to the protocol context ( e.g. irc, blogs - posts and comments are different contexts, etc )
20:37 snsabot (asciilifeform) 2020-09-21 thimbronion: asciilifeform: no frequency counting currently. Easy enough to ignore search urls though.
20:40 thimbronion adlai: I assume asciilifeform's search already allows some way to limit searches to a specific nick. lekythion could potentially improve results by associating the nick with the urls indexed in lines containing the nick.
20:41 thimbronion Could also associate identities with urls indexed from blogs belonging to said identities.
20:41 thimbronion As of now, only blogs themselves are indexed, not outgoing links, to be clear, but this is easy to change.
20:43 adlai since you already plan to index the irc channels at some frequency, I will stand by my earlier decision, and will only link to that site if I consider a specific page relevant.
20:43 snsabot (asciilifeform) 2020-05-29 adlai: seriously, read yourself to death in the the NYTimes tech blogs before you go looking for anything 'tech' in my site. it is, and always will be, almost entirely bounded by mathematics of no practical utility on one side, regrets from my own mistakes on a second side, and possibly a few different forms of fiction in the remaining hyperplanes
20:49 adlai the wot is currently quite small, and almost entirely devoid of schism ; judging from the past decade, although it is unlikely to grow rapidly, there could often be situations where distrust can lead to sharply differing results, when searching for concepts close to it
20:51 * adlai suspects that will not happen, as long as there is a common forum, even if that forum includes fueds of the 'vow to kill upon sight' variety
20:55 adlai thimbronion: there is
~ 55 minutes ~
21:50 adlai thimbronion: I am going to toss a few more search terms in #exusiae, intentionally outside the logged channel to reduce clutter
~ 16 minutes ~
22:06 thimbronion adlai: you can directly message the bot
~ 21 minutes ~
22:27 adlai good to know, thank you
22:29 adlai thimbronion: contains yet another example of headache due to the reduction of html to plain text, i.e. the list of channels becoming one word
22:29 * adlai has no good solution for this, other than "doctor doctor, it hurts everywhere I touch // yes, your finger is broken"
~ 31 minutes ~
23:00 thimbronion adlai: I was able to customize the configurations for the blogs to only index articles, and not everything surrounding. I can likewise customize the indexer for I am puzzled as to how those links got in the index though, since I'm not yet indexing
23:05 thimbronion Oh - hm yeah those links must be from #trilema, makes sense - there must have been some links to before #trilema was closed.
23:07 thimbronion Anyway, for, or any log presented by the same underlying logger, this won't be a problem later on. I'm going to switch to those logs as a top level source and customize the indexer for them specifically. As far as rando sites go - that is tough.
23:15 thimbronion I suspect the readability can also be improved with better presentation via a custom website for displaying results.
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